How to use _schedule_non_metahost method in autotest

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...225 self._check_atomic_group_labels(host_labels, queue_entry))226 def _is_host_invalid(self, host_id):227 host_object = self._hosts_available.get(host_id, None)228 return host_object and host_object.invalid229 def _schedule_non_metahost(self, queue_entry):230 if not self.is_host_eligible_for_job(queue_entry.host_id, queue_entry):231 return None232 return self._hosts_available.pop(queue_entry.host_id, None)233 def is_host_usable(self, host_id):234 if host_id not in self._hosts_available:235 # host was already used during this scheduling cycle236 return False237 if self._hosts_available[host_id].invalid:238 # Invalid hosts cannot be used for metahosts. They're included in239 # the original query because they can be used by non-metahosts.240 return False241 return True242 def schedule_entry(self, queue_entry):243 if queue_entry.host_id is not None:244 return self._schedule_non_metahost(queue_entry)245 for scheduler in self._metahost_schedulers:246 if scheduler.can_schedule_metahost(queue_entry):247 scheduler.schedule_metahost(queue_entry, self)248 return None249 raise SchedulerError('No metahost scheduler to handle %s' % queue_entry)250 def find_eligible_atomic_group(self, queue_entry):251 """252 Given an atomic group host queue entry, locate an appropriate group253 of hosts for the associated job to run on.254 The caller is responsible for creating new HQEs for the additional255 hosts returned in order to run the actual job on them.256 @returns A list of Host instances in a ready state to satisfy this257 atomic group scheduling. Hosts will all belong to the same258 atomic group label as specified by the queue_entry....

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