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...156 """157 logger.debug("HFP handshake is starting...")158 try:159 # features160 self._ag_features = yield self._send_and_wait(161 "AT+BRSF={}".format(HF_BRSF_FEATURES),162 "BRSF")163 logger.debug("AG feature set = {}".format(self._ag_features))164 # we could negotiate to mSBC if we support it later, but for now165 # only support CVSD/PCM166 self._codec = "CVSD"167 if self._ag_features["CODEC_NEG"]:168 yield self._send_and_wait("AT+BAC=1", "OK")169 # try:170 # yield self._send_and_wait("AT+BAC=2", "OK")171 # self._codec = "mSBC"172 # except TimeoutError:173 # logger.debug("Failed to negotiate to mSBC codec.")174 # indicators175 yield self._send_and_wait("AT+CIND=?", "CIND")176 yield self._send_and_wait("AT+CIND?", "CIND")177 yield self._send_and_wait("AT+CMER=3,0,0,1", "OK")178 # specific to call wait/3-way179 if self._ag_features["3WAY"]:180 self._ag_multicall = yield self._send_and_wait(181 "AT+CHLD=?", "CHLD")182 # call waiting alerts183 yield self._send_and_wait("AT+CCWA=1", "OK")184 185 # extended error handling186 yield self._send_and_wait("AT+CMEE=1", "OK")187 # CLI188 yield self._send_and_wait("AT+CLIP=1", "OK")189 # network operator format190 yield self._send_and_wait("AT+COPS=3,0", "OK")191 self._connection.send_message("AT+COPS?")192 except TimeoutError as e:193 logger.exception("HFP handshake error.")194 if self._connection:195 self._connection.close()196 return197 # handshake is complete198 self._handshake_completed = True199 logger.debug("HFP handshake is complete.")200 if self.on_connected_changed:201 self.on_connected_changed(connected=True)202 @coroutine203 def _send_and_wait(self, command, reply_code):204 """DRY helper function to send a command, wait for reply and log it.205 """206 response = yield self._connection.send_message(207 message=command,208 async_reply_code=reply_code)209 logger.debug("{} response = {}".format(command, response))210 return response211 def _raise_event(self, name, **kwargs):212 """Helper to raise an event and capture any exceptions that may bubble213 from the event processor.214 """215 if self.on_event:216 try:217 self.on_event(name=name, **kwargs)...

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...23 world_size = torch.distributed.get_world_size()24 rank = torch.distributed.get_rank()25 if world_size == 1:26 return27 def _send_and_wait(r):28 if rank == r:29 tensor = torch.tensor(0, device="cuda")30 else:31 tensor = torch.tensor(1, device="cuda")32 torch.distributed.broadcast(tensor, r)33 while tensor.item() == 1:34 time.sleep(1)35 _send_and_wait(0)36 # now sync on the main process37 _send_and_wait(1)38def reduce_loss_dict(loss_dict):39 """40 Reduce the loss dictionary from all processes so that process with rank41 0 has the averaged results. Returns a dict with the same fields as42 loss_dict, after reduction.43 """44 world_size = get_world_size()45 if world_size < 2:46 return loss_dict47 with torch.no_grad():48 loss_names = []49 all_losses = []50 for k in sorted(loss_dict.keys()):51 loss_names.append(k)...

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