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...933 execution_subdir = queue_entry_from_group.execution_subdir934 return list(HostQueueEntry.fetch(935 where='job_id=%s AND execution_subdir=%s',936 params=(, execution_subdir)))937 def _should_run_cleanup(self, queue_entry):938 if self.reboot_before == model_attributes.RebootBefore.ALWAYS:939 return True940 elif self.reboot_before == model_attributes.RebootBefore.IF_DIRTY:941 return return False943 def _should_run_verify(self, queue_entry):944 do_not_verify = ( ==945 host_protections.Protection.DO_NOT_VERIFY)946 if do_not_verify:947 return False948 # If RebootBefore is set to NEVER, then we won't run reset because949 # we can't cleanup, so we need to weaken a Reset into a Verify.950 weaker_reset = (self.run_reset and951 self.reboot_before == model_attributes.RebootBefore.NEVER)952 return self.run_verify or weaker_reset953 def _should_run_reset(self, queue_entry):954 can_verify = ( !=955 host_protections.Protection.DO_NOT_VERIFY)956 can_reboot = self.reboot_before != model_attributes.RebootBefore.NEVER957 return (can_reboot and can_verify and (self.run_reset or958 (self._should_run_cleanup(queue_entry) and959 self._should_run_verify(queue_entry))))960 def _should_run_provision(self, queue_entry):961 """962 Determine if the queue_entry needs to have a provision task run before963 it to provision @param queue_entry: The host queue entry in question.965 @returns: True if we should schedule a provision task, False otherwise.966 """967 # If we get to this point, it means that the scheduler has already968 # vetted that all the unprovisionable labels match, so we can just969 # find all labels on the job that aren't on the host to get the list970 # of what we need to provision. (See the scheduling logic in971 # where we discard all972 # actionable labels when assigning jobs to hosts.)973 job_labels = { for x in queue_entry.get_labels()}974 # Skip provision if `skip_provision` is listed in the job labels.975 if provision.SKIP_PROVISION in job_labels:976 return False977 _, host_labels = # If there are any labels on the job that are not on the host and they979 # are labels that provisioning knows how to change, then that means980 # there is provisioning work to do. If there's no provisioning work to981 # do, then obviously we have no reason to schedule a provision task!982 diff = job_labels - set(host_labels)983 if any([provision.Provision.acts_on(x) for x in diff]):984 return True985 return False986 def _queue_special_task(self, queue_entry, task):987 """988 Create a special task and associate it with a host queue entry.989 @param queue_entry: The queue entry this special task should be990 associated with.991 @param task: One of the members of the enum models.SpecialTask.Task.992 @returns: None993 """994 models.SpecialTask.objects.create(995 host=models.Host.objects.get(id=queue_entry.host_id),996 queue_entry=queue_entry, task=task)997 def schedule_pre_job_tasks(self, queue_entry):998 """999 Queue all of the special tasks that need to be run before a host1000 queue entry may run.1001 If no special taskes need to be scheduled, then |on_pending| will be1002 called directly.1003 @returns None1004 """1005 task_queued = False1006 hqe_model = models.HostQueueEntry.objects.get( if self._should_run_provision(queue_entry):1008 self._queue_special_task(hqe_model,1009 models.SpecialTask.Task.PROVISION)1010 task_queued = True1011 elif self._should_run_reset(queue_entry):1012 self._queue_special_task(hqe_model, models.SpecialTask.Task.RESET)1013 task_queued = True1014 else:1015 if self._should_run_cleanup(queue_entry):1016 self._queue_special_task(hqe_model,1017 models.SpecialTask.Task.CLEANUP)1018 task_queued = True1019 if self._should_run_verify(queue_entry):1020 self._queue_special_task(hqe_model,1021 models.SpecialTask.Task.VERIFY)1022 task_queued = True1023 if not task_queued:1024 queue_entry.on_pending()1025 def _assign_new_group(self, queue_entries):1026 if len(queue_entries) == 1:1027 group_subdir_name = queue_entries[0].host.hostname1028 else:1029 group_subdir_name = self._next_group_name()...

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