How to use add_boilerplate_to_nested_steps method in autotest

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...147 else:148 template = CLIENT_KERNEL_TEMPLATE149 template_args['client_kernel_list'] = repr(new_kernel_list)150 return template % template_args151def add_boilerplate_to_nested_steps(lines):152 # Look for a line that begins with 'def step_init():' while153 # being flexible on spacing. If it's found, this will be154 # a nested set of steps, so add magic to make it work.155 # See client/bin/'s step_engine for more info.156 if'^(.*\n)*def\s+step_init\s*\(\s*\)\s*:', lines):157 lines += '\nreturn locals() '158 lines += '# Boilerplate magic for nested sets of steps'159 return lines160def format_step(item, lines):161 lines = indent_text(lines, ' ')162 lines = 'def step%d():\n%s' % (item, lines)163 return lines164def get_tests_stanza(tests, is_server, prepend=None, append=None,165 client_control_file=''):166 """ Constructs the control file test step code from a list of tests.167 @param tests A sequence of test control files to run.168 @param is_server bool, Is this a server side test?169 @param prepend A list of steps to prepend to each client test.170 Defaults to [].171 @param append A list of steps to append to each client test.172 Defaults to [].173 @param client_control_file If specified, use this text as the body of a174 final client control file to run after tests. is_server must be False.175 @returns The control file test code to be run.176 """177 assert not (client_control_file and is_server)178 if not prepend:179 prepend = []180 if not append:181 append = []182 raw_control_files = [read_control_file(test) for test in tests]183 return _get_tests_stanza(raw_control_files, is_server, prepend, append,184 client_control_file=client_control_file)185def _get_tests_stanza(raw_control_files, is_server, prepend, append,186 client_control_file=''):187 """188 Implements the common parts of get_test_stanza.189 A site_control_file that wants to implement its own get_tests_stanza190 likely wants to call this in the end.191 @param raw_control_files A list of raw control file data to be combined192 into a single control file.193 @param is_server bool, Is this a server side test?194 @param prepend A list of steps to prepend to each client test.195 @param append A list of steps to append to each client test.196 @param client_control_file If specified, use this text as the body of a197 final client control file to append to raw_control_files after fixups.198 @returns The combined mega control file.199 """200 if client_control_file:201 # 'return locals()' is always appended incase the user forgot, it202 # is necessary to allow for nested step engine execution to work.203 raw_control_files.append(client_control_file + '\nreturn locals()')204 raw_steps = prepend + [add_boilerplate_to_nested_steps(step)205 for step in raw_control_files] + append206 steps = [format_step(index, step)207 for index, step in enumerate(raw_steps)]208 if is_server:209 step_template = SERVER_STEP_TEMPLATE210 footer = '\n\nstep_init()\n'211 else:212 step_template = CLIENT_STEP_TEMPLATE213 footer = ''214 header = ''.join(step_template % i for i in xrange(len(steps)))215 return header + '\n' + '\n\n'.join(steps) + footer216def indent_text(text, indent):217 """Indent given lines of python code avoiding indenting multiline218 quoted content (only for triple " and ' quoting for now)."""...

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