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...195 {'' : 'You cannot abort part of a synchronous job execution '196 '(%d/%s), %d included, %d expected'197 % (, queue_entry.execution_subdir,198 execution_count, queue_entry.job.synch_count)})199def check_atomic_group_create_job(synch_count, host_objects, metahost_objects,200 dependencies, atomic_group, labels_by_name):201 """202 Attempt to reject create_job requests with an atomic group that203 will be impossible to schedule. The checks are not perfect but204 should catch the most obvious issues.205 @param synch_count - The job's minimum synch count.206 @param host_objects - A list of models.Host instances.207 @param metahost_objects - A list of models.Label instances.208 @param dependencies - A list of job dependency label names.209 @param atomic_group - The models.AtomicGroup instance.210 @param labels_by_name - A dictionary mapping label names to models.Label211 instance. Used to look up instances for dependencies.212 @raises model_logic.ValidationError - When an issue is found.213 """214 # If specific host objects were supplied with an atomic group, verify215 # that there are enough to satisfy the synch_count.216 minimum_required = synch_count or 1217 if (host_objects and not metahost_objects and218 len(host_objects) < minimum_required):219 raise model_logic.ValidationError(220 {'hosts':221 'only %d hosts provided for job with synch_count = %d' %222 (len(host_objects), synch_count)})223 # Check that the atomic group has a hope of running this job224 # given any supplied metahosts and dependancies that may limit.225 # Get a set of hostnames in the atomic group.226 possible_hosts = set()227 for label in atomic_group.label_set.all():228 possible_hosts.update(h.hostname for h in label.host_set.all())229 # Filter out hosts that don't match all of the job dependency labels.230 for label_name in set(dependencies):231 label = labels_by_name[label_name]232 hosts_in_label = (h.hostname for h in label.host_set.all())233 possible_hosts.intersection_update(hosts_in_label)234 if not host_objects and not metahost_objects:235 # No hosts or metahosts are required to queue an atomic group Job.236 # However, if they are given, we respect them below.237 host_set = possible_hosts238 else:239 host_set = set(host.hostname for host in host_objects)240 unusable_host_set = host_set.difference(possible_hosts)241 if unusable_host_set:242 raise model_logic.ValidationError(243 {'hosts': 'Hosts "%s" are not in Atomic Group "%s"' %244 (', '.join(sorted(unusable_host_set)),})245 # Lookup hosts provided by each meta host and merge them into the246 # host_set for final counting.247 for meta_host in metahost_objects:248 meta_possible = possible_hosts.copy()249 hosts_in_meta_host = (h.hostname for h in meta_host.host_set.all())250 meta_possible.intersection_update(hosts_in_meta_host)251 # Count all hosts that this meta_host will provide.252 host_set.update(meta_possible)253 if len(host_set) < minimum_required:254 raise model_logic.ValidationError(255 {'atomic_group_name':256 'Insufficient hosts in Atomic Group "%s" with the'257 ' supplied dependencies and meta_hosts.' %258 (,)})259def get_motd():260 dirname = os.path.dirname(__file__)261 filename = os.path.join(dirname, "..", "..", "motd.txt")262 text = ''263 try:264 fp = open(filename, "r")265 try:266 text = finally:268 fp.close()269 except:270 pass271 return text272def _get_metahost_counts(metahost_objects):273 metahost_counts = {}274 for metahost in metahost_objects:275 metahost_counts.setdefault(metahost, 0)276 metahost_counts[metahost] += 1277 return metahost_counts278def get_job_info(job, preserve_metahosts=False, queue_entry_filter_data=None):279 hosts = []280 one_time_hosts = []281 meta_hosts = []282 atomic_group = None283 queue_entries = job.hostqueueentry_set.all()284 if queue_entry_filter_data:285 queue_entries = models.HostQueueEntry.query_objects(286 queue_entry_filter_data, initial_query=queue_entries)287 for queue_entry in queue_entries:288 if ( and (preserve_metahosts or289 not queue_entry.meta_host)):290 if queue_entry.deleted:291 continue292 if one_time_hosts.append( else:295 hosts.append( else:297 meta_hosts.append(queue_entry.meta_host)298 if atomic_group is None:299 if queue_entry.atomic_group is not None:300 atomic_group = queue_entry.atomic_group301 else:302 assert ==, (303 'DB inconsistency. HostQueueEntries with multiple atomic'304 ' groups on job %s: %s != %s' % (305 id,, meta_host_counts = _get_metahost_counts(meta_hosts)307 info = dict(dependencies=[ for label308 in job.dependency_labels.all()],309 hosts=hosts,310 meta_hosts=meta_hosts,311 meta_host_counts=meta_host_counts,312 one_time_hosts=one_time_hosts,313 atomic_group=atomic_group)314 return info315def create_new_job(owner, options, host_objects, metahost_objects,316 atomic_group=None):317 labels_by_name = dict((, label)318 for label in models.Label.objects.all())319 all_host_objects = host_objects + metahost_objects320 metahost_counts = _get_metahost_counts(metahost_objects)321 dependencies = options.get('dependencies', [])322 synch_count = options.get('synch_count')323 # check that each metahost request has enough hosts under the label324 for label, requested_count in metahost_counts.iteritems():325 available_count = label.host_set.count()326 if requested_count > available_count:327 error = ("You have requested %d %s's, but there are only %d."328 % (requested_count,, available_count))329 raise model_logic.ValidationError({'meta_hosts' : error})330 if atomic_group:331 check_atomic_group_create_job(332 synch_count, host_objects, metahost_objects,333 dependencies, atomic_group, labels_by_name)334 else:335 if synch_count is not None and synch_count > len(all_host_objects):336 raise model_logic.ValidationError(337 {'hosts':338 'only %d hosts provided for job with synch_count = %d' %339 (len(all_host_objects), synch_count)})340 atomic_hosts = models.Host.objects.filter(341 id__in=[ for host in host_objects],342 labels__atomic_group=True)343 unusable_host_names = [host.hostname for host in atomic_hosts]344 if unusable_host_names:345 raise model_logic.ValidationError(...

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