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...510 """ % id_list)511 all_job_counts = dict((job_id, {}) for job_id in job_ids)512 for job_id, status, aborted, complete, count in cursor.fetchall():513 job_dict = all_job_counts[job_id]514 full_status = HostQueueEntry.compute_full_status(status, aborted,515 complete)516 job_dict.setdefault(full_status, 0)517 job_dict[full_status] += count518 return all_job_counts519class Job(dbmodels.Model, model_logic.ModelExtensions):520 """\521 owner: username of job owner522 name: job name (does not have to be unique)523 priority: Low, Medium, High, Urgent (or 0-3)524 control_file: contents of control file525 control_type: Client or Server526 created_on: date of job creation527 submitted_on: date of job submission528 synch_count: how many hosts should be used per autoserv execution529 run_verify: Whether or not to run the verify phase530 timeout: hours from queuing time until job times out531 max_runtime_hrs: hours from job starting time until job times out532 email_list: list of people to email on completion delimited by any of:533 white space, ',', ':', ';'534 dependency_labels: many-to-many relationship with labels corresponding to535 job dependencies536 reboot_before: Never, If dirty, or Always537 reboot_after: Never, If all tests passed, or Always538 parse_failed_repair: if True, a failed repair launched by this job will have539 its results parsed as part of the job.540 """541 DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(542 'AUTOTEST_WEB', 'job_timeout_default', default=240)543 DEFAULT_MAX_RUNTIME_HRS = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(544 'AUTOTEST_WEB', 'job_max_runtime_hrs_default', default=72)545 DEFAULT_PARSE_FAILED_REPAIR = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(546 'AUTOTEST_WEB', 'parse_failed_repair_default', type=bool,547 default=False)548 Priority = enum.Enum('Low', 'Medium', 'High', 'Urgent')549 ControlType = enum.Enum('Server', 'Client', start_value=1)550 owner = dbmodels.CharField(maxlength=255)551 name = dbmodels.CharField(maxlength=255)552 priority = dbmodels.SmallIntegerField(choices=Priority.choices(),553 blank=True, # to allow 0554 default=Priority.MEDIUM)555 control_file = dbmodels.TextField()556 control_type = dbmodels.SmallIntegerField(choices=ControlType.choices(),557 blank=True, # to allow 0558 default=ControlType.CLIENT)559 created_on = dbmodels.DateTimeField()560 synch_count = dbmodels.IntegerField(null=True, default=1)561 timeout = dbmodels.IntegerField(default=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT)562 run_verify = dbmodels.BooleanField(default=True)563 email_list = dbmodels.CharField(maxlength=250, blank=True)564 dependency_labels = dbmodels.ManyToManyField(565 Label, blank=True, filter_interface=dbmodels.HORIZONTAL)566 reboot_before = dbmodels.SmallIntegerField(choices=RebootBefore.choices(),567 blank=True,568 default=DEFAULT_REBOOT_BEFORE)569 reboot_after = dbmodels.SmallIntegerField(choices=RebootAfter.choices(),570 blank=True,571 default=DEFAULT_REBOOT_AFTER)572 parse_failed_repair = dbmodels.BooleanField(573 default=DEFAULT_PARSE_FAILED_REPAIR)574 max_runtime_hrs = dbmodels.IntegerField(default=DEFAULT_MAX_RUNTIME_HRS)575 # custom manager576 objects = JobManager()577 def is_server_job(self):578 return self.control_type == self.ControlType.SERVER579 @classmethod580 def create(cls, owner, options, hosts):581 """\582 Creates a job by taking some information (the listed args)583 and filling in the rest of the necessary information.584 """585 AclGroup.check_for_acl_violation_hosts(hosts)586 job = cls.add_object(587 owner=owner,588 name=options['name'],589 priority=options['priority'],590 control_file=options['control_file'],591 control_type=options['control_type'],592 synch_count=options.get('synch_count'),593 timeout=options.get('timeout'),594 max_runtime_hrs=options.get('max_runtime_hrs'),595 run_verify=options.get('run_verify'),596 email_list=options.get('email_list'),597 reboot_before=options.get('reboot_before'),598 reboot_after=options.get('reboot_after'),599 parse_failed_repair=options.get('parse_failed_repair'),600 job.dependency_labels = options['dependencies']602 return job603 def queue(self, hosts, atomic_group=None, is_template=False):604 """Enqueue a job on the given hosts."""605 if atomic_group and not hosts:606 # No hosts or labels are required to queue an atomic group607 # Job. However, if they are given, we respect them below.608 atomic_group.enqueue_job(self, is_template=is_template)609 for host in hosts:610 host.enqueue_job(self, atomic_group=atomic_group,611 is_template=is_template)612 def create_recurring_job(self, start_date, loop_period, loop_count, owner):613 rec = RecurringRun(job=self, start_date=start_date,614 loop_period=loop_period,615 loop_count=loop_count,616 owner=User.objects.get(login=owner))617 return rec.id619 def user(self):620 try:621 return User.objects.get(login=self.owner)622 except self.DoesNotExist:623 return None624 def abort(self, aborted_by):625 for queue_entry in self.hostqueueentry_set.all():626 queue_entry.abort(aborted_by)627 class Meta:628 db_table = 'jobs'629 if settings.FULL_ADMIN:630 class Admin:631 list_display = ('id', 'owner', 'name', 'control_type')632 def __str__(self):633 return '%s (%s-%s)' % (,, self.owner)634class IneligibleHostQueue(dbmodels.Model, model_logic.ModelExtensions):635 job = dbmodels.ForeignKey(Job)636 host = dbmodels.ForeignKey(Host)637 objects = model_logic.ExtendedManager()638 class Meta:639 db_table = 'ineligible_host_queues'640 if settings.FULL_ADMIN:641 class Admin:642 list_display = ('id', 'job', 'host')643class HostQueueEntry(dbmodels.Model, model_logic.ModelExtensions):644 Status = enum.Enum('Queued', 'Starting', 'Verifying', 'Pending', 'Running',645 'Gathering', 'Parsing', 'Aborted', 'Completed',646 'Failed', 'Stopped', 'Template', string_values=True)647 ACTIVE_STATUSES = (Status.STARTING, Status.VERIFYING, Status.PENDING,648 Status.RUNNING, Status.GATHERING)649 COMPLETE_STATUSES = (Status.ABORTED, Status.COMPLETED, Status.FAILED,650 Status.STOPPED, Status.TEMPLATE)651 job = dbmodels.ForeignKey(Job)652 host = dbmodels.ForeignKey(Host, blank=True, null=True)653 status = dbmodels.CharField(maxlength=255)654 meta_host = dbmodels.ForeignKey(Label, blank=True, null=True,655 db_column='meta_host')656 active = dbmodels.BooleanField(default=False)657 complete = dbmodels.BooleanField(default=False)658 deleted = dbmodels.BooleanField(default=False)659 execution_subdir = dbmodels.CharField(maxlength=255, blank=True, default='')660 # If atomic_group is set, this is a virtual HostQueueEntry that will661 # be expanded into many actual hosts within the group at schedule time.662 atomic_group = dbmodels.ForeignKey(AtomicGroup, blank=True, null=True)663 aborted = dbmodels.BooleanField(default=False)664 started_on = dbmodels.DateTimeField(null=True)665 objects = model_logic.ExtendedManager()666 def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):667 super(HostQueueEntry, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)668 self._record_attributes(['status'])669 @classmethod670 def create(cls, job, host=None, meta_host=None, atomic_group=None,671 is_template=False):672 if is_template:673 status = cls.Status.TEMPLATE674 else:675 status = cls.Status.QUEUED676 return cls(job=job, host=host, meta_host=meta_host,677 atomic_group=atomic_group, status=status)678 def save(self):679 self._set_active_and_complete()680 super(HostQueueEntry, self).save()681 self._check_for_updated_attributes()682 def execution_path(self):683 """684 Path to this entry's results (relative to the base results directory).685 """686 return self.execution_subdir687 def host_or_metahost_name(self):688 if return else:691 assert self.meta_host692 return self.meta_host.name693 def _set_active_and_complete(self):694 if self.status in self.ACTIVE_STATUSES:695, self.complete = True, False696 elif self.status in self.COMPLETE_STATUSES:697, self.complete = False, True698 else:699, self.complete = False, False700 def on_attribute_changed(self, attribute, old_value):701 assert attribute == 'status'702'%s/%d (%d) -> %s' % (,,,703 self.status))704 def is_meta_host_entry(self):705 'True if this is a entry has a meta_host instead of a host.'706 return is None and self.meta_host is not None707 def log_abort(self, user):708 if user is None:709 # automatic system abort (i.e. job timeout)710 return711 abort_log = AbortedHostQueueEntry(queue_entry=self, aborted_by=user)712 def abort(self, user):714 # this isn't completely immune to race conditions since it's not atomic,715 # but it should be safe given the scheduler's behavior.716 if not self.complete and not self.aborted:717 self.log_abort(user)718 self.aborted = True719 @classmethod721 def compute_full_status(cls, status, aborted, complete):722 if aborted and not complete:723 return 'Aborted (%s)' % status724 return status725 def full_status(self):726 return self.compute_full_status(self.status, self.aborted,727 self.complete)728 def _postprocess_object_dict(self, object_dict):729 object_dict['full_status'] = self.full_status()730 class Meta:731 db_table = 'host_queue_entries'732 if settings.FULL_ADMIN:733 class Admin:734 list_display = ('id', 'job', 'host', 'status',735 'meta_host')736 def __str__(self):737 hostname = None738 if hostname = return "%s/%d (%d)" % (hostname,,

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