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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2"""3(c) 2012-2022 Martin Wendt; see under the MIT license:"""6import os7from datetime import datetime8from posixpath import join as join_url9from posixpath import normpath as normpath_url10from posixpath import relpath as relpath_url11from ftpsync.util import DEBUG_FLAGS, eps_compare, write12ENTRY_CLASSIFICATIONS = frozenset(13 ["existing", "unmodified", "modified", "new", "deleted"]14)15# PAIR_CLASSIFICATIONS = frozenset([16# "conflict", "equal", "other"17# ])18PAIR_OPERATIONS = frozenset(19 [20 "conflict",21 "copy_local",22 "copy_remote",23 "delete_local",24 "delete_remote",25 "equal",26 "need_compare",27 ]28)29operation_map = {30 # (local, remote) => operation31 ("missing", "missing"): None, # Not allowed32 ("missing", "new"): "copy_remote",33 ("missing", "unmodified"): "copy_remote",34 ("missing", "modified"): "copy_remote",35 ("missing", "deleted"): True, # Nothing to do (only update metadata)36 ("new", "missing"): "copy_local",37 ("new", "new"): "need_compare",38 ("new", "unmodified"): "need_compare",39 ("new", "modified"): "need_compare",40 ("new", "deleted"): "conflict",41 ("unmodified", "missing"): "copy_local",42 ("unmodified", "new"): "need_compare",43 ("unmodified", "unmodified"): "equal",44 ("unmodified", "modified"): "copy_remote",45 ("unmodified", "deleted"): "delete_local",46 ("modified", "missing"): "copy_local",47 ("modified", "new"): "need_compare",48 ("modified", "unmodified"): "copy_local",49 ("modified", "modified"): "conflict",50 ("modified", "deleted"): "conflict",51 ("deleted", "missing"): True, # Nothing to do (only update metadata)52 ("deleted", "new"): "conflict",53 ("deleted", "unmodified"): "delete_remote",54 ("deleted", "modified"): "conflict",55 ("deleted", "deleted"): True, # Nothing to do (only update metadata)56 # No meta data available: treat as 'unmodified' in general:57 ("existing", "missing"): "copy_local",58 ("missing", "existing"): "copy_remote",59 ("existing", "existing"): "need_compare",60}61# ===============================================================================62# EntryPair63# ===============================================================================64class EntryPair:65 """"""66 def __init__(self, local, remote):67 self.local = local68 self.remote = remote69 any_entry = local or remote70 assert any_entry71 if local and remote:72 assert == remote.name73 assert local.get_rel_path() == remote.get_rel_path()74 assert local.is_dir() == remote.is_dir()75 #: str:76 = any_entry.name77 #: str:78 self.rel_path = any_entry.get_rel_path()79 #: bool:80 self.is_dir = any_entry.is_dir()81 #: str:82 self.local_classification = None83 #: str:84 self.remote_classification = None85 #: str:86 self.operation = None87 #: str:88 self.re_class_reason = None89 # #: bool:90 # self.was_skipped = None91 def __str__(self):92 s = "<EntryPair({})>: ({}, {}) => {}".format(93 "[{}]".format(self.rel_path) if self.is_dir else self.rel_path,94 self.local_classification,95 self.remote_classification,96 self.operation,97 )98 return s99 @property100 def any_entry(self):101 """Return the local entry (or the remote entry if it is None)."""102 return self.local or self.remote103 def is_conflict(self):104 assert self.operation105 return self.operation == "conflict"106 def is_same_time(self):107 """Return True if local.mtime == remote.mtime."""108 return (109 self.local110 and self.remote111 and FileEntry._eps_compare(self.local.mtime, self.remote.mtime) == 0112 )113 def override_operation(self, operation, reason):114 """Re-Classify entry pair."""115 # prev_class = (self.local_classification, self.remote_classification)116 prev_op = self.operation117 assert operation != prev_op118 assert operation in PAIR_OPERATIONS119 if "classify" in DEBUG_FLAGS:120 write(121 "override_operation {} -> {} (reason: '{}')".format(122 self, operation, reason123 ),124 debug=True,125 )126 self.operation = operation127 self.re_class_reason = reason128 def classify(self, peer_dir_meta):129 """Classify entry pair."""130 assert self.operation is None131 # Note: We pass False if the entry is not listed in the metadata.132 # We pass None if we don't have metadata all.133 peer_entry_meta = peer_dir_meta.get(, False) if peer_dir_meta else None134 if self.local:135 self.local.classify(peer_dir_meta)136 self.local_classification = self.local.classification137 elif peer_entry_meta:138 self.local_classification = "deleted"139 else:140 self.local_classification = "missing"141 if self.remote:142 self.remote.classify(peer_dir_meta)143 self.remote_classification = self.remote.classification144 elif peer_entry_meta:145 self.remote_classification = "deleted"146 else:147 self.remote_classification = "missing"148 c_pair = (self.local_classification, self.remote_classification)149 self.operation = operation_map.get(c_pair)150 if not self.operation:151 raise RuntimeError(152 "Undefined operation for pair classification {}".format(c_pair)153 )154 if "classify" in DEBUG_FLAGS:155 write(156 "Classified pair {}, meta={}".format(self, peer_entry_meta),157 debug=True,158 )159 # if not entry.meta:160 # assert self.classification in PAIR_CLASSIFICATIONS161 assert self.operation in PAIR_OPERATIONS162 return self.operation163# ===============================================================================164# _Resource165# ===============================================================================166class _Resource:167 """Common base class for files and directories."""168 def __init__(self, target, rel_path, name, size, mtime, unique):169 """170 Args:171 target:172 rel_path (str):173 name (str): base name174 size (int): file size in bytes175 mtime (float): modification time as UTC stamp176 uniqe (str): string177 """178 #: :class:`_Target`: Parent target object.179 = target180 #: str: Path relative to :attr:`target`181 self.rel_path = rel_path182 #: str: File name.183 = name184 #: int: Current file size185 self.size = size186 #: float: Current file modification time stamp187 #: (for FTP targets adjusted using metadata information).188 self.mtime = mtime189 # #: datetime: Converted version of :attr:`mtime`.190 # self.dt_modified = datetime.fromtimestamp(self.mtime)191 #: float: Modification time stamp (as reported by source FTP server).192 self.mtime_org = mtime193 # #: datetime: Converted version of :attr:`mtime_org`.194 # self.dt_modified_org = self.mtime_org195 #: str: Unique id of file/directory.196 self.unique = unique197 # #: dict: Additional metadata (set by target.get_dir()).198 # self.meta = None199 #: int: File size at the time of last sync operation200 self.ps_size = None201 #: float: File modification time stamp at the time of last sync operation202 self.ps_mtime = None203 #: float: Time stamp of last sync operation204 self.ps_utime = None205 #: str: (set by synchronizer._classify_entry()).206 self.classification = None207 #: bool: May be set to true by synchronizer208 self.was_deleted = None209 def __str__(self):210 dt_modified = datetime.fromtimestamp(self.mtime)211 path = os.path.join(self.rel_path, if self.is_dir():213 res = "{}([{}])".format(self.__class__.__name__, path)214 else:215 res = "{}('{}', size:{}, modified:{})".format(216 self.__class__.__name__,217 path,218 "{:,}".format(self.size) if self.size is not None else self.size,219 dt_modified,220 )221 # + " ## %s, %s" % (self.mtime, time.asctime(time.gmtime(self.mtime)))222 if self.classification:223 res += " => {}".format(self.classification)224 return res225 def as_string(self, other_resource=None):226 # dt = datetime.fromtimestamp(self.get_adjusted_mtime())227 dt = datetime.fromtimestamp(self.mtime)228 res = "{}, {:>8,} bytes".format(dt.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"), self.size)229 if other_resource:230 comp = []231 if self.mtime < other_resource.mtime:232 comp.append("older")233 elif self.mtime > other_resource.mtime:234 comp.append("newer")235 if self.size < other_resource.size:236 comp.append("smaller")237 elif self.size > other_resource.size:238 comp.append("larger")239 if comp:240 res += " ({})".format(", ".join(comp))241 return res242 def __eq__(self, other):243 raise NotImplementedError244 def get_rel_path(self):245 path = relpath_url(, return normpath_url(join_url(path, def is_file(self):248 return False249 def is_dir(self):250 return False251 def is_local(self):252 return def get_sync_info(self, key=None):254 return None255 def set_sync_info(self, local_file):256 raise NotImplementedError257 def classify(self, peer_dir_meta):258 """Classify this entry as 'new', 'unmodified', or 'modified'."""259 assert self.classification is None, "{}, {}".format(self, peer_dir_meta)260 peer_entry_meta = None261 if peer_dir_meta:262 # Metadata is generally available, so we can detect 'new' or 'modified'263 peer_entry_meta = peer_dir_meta.get(, False)264 if self.is_dir():265 # Directories are considered 'unmodified' (would require deep266 # traversal to check otherwise)267 if peer_entry_meta:268 self.classification = "unmodified"269 else:270 self.classification = "new"271 elif peer_entry_meta:272 # File entries can be classified as modified/unmodified273 self.ps_size = peer_entry_meta.get("s")274 self.ps_mtime = peer_entry_meta.get("m")275 self.ps_utime = peer_entry_meta.get("u")276 if (277 self.size == self.ps_size278 and FileEntry._eps_compare(self.mtime, self.ps_mtime) == 0279 ):280 self.classification = "unmodified"281 else:282 self.classification = "modified"283 else:284 # A new file entry285 self.classification = "new"286 else:287 # No metadata available:288 if self.is_dir():289 # Directories are considered 'unmodified' (would require deep290 # traversal to check otherwise)291 self.classification = "unmodified"292 else:293 # That's all we know, but EntryPair.classify() may adjust this294 self.classification = "existing"295 if "classify" in DEBUG_FLAGS:296 write("Classified {}, meta={}".format(self, peer_entry_meta), debug=True)297 assert self.classification in ENTRY_CLASSIFICATIONS298 return self.classification299# ===============================================================================300# FileEntry301# ===============================================================================302class FileEntry(_Resource):303 # 2 seconds difference is considered equal.304 # mtime stamp resolution depends on filesystem: FAT32. 2 seconds, NTFS ms, OSX. 1 sec.305 EPS_TIME = 2.01306 # EPS_TIME = 0.1307 def __init__(self, target, rel_path, name, size, mtime, unique):308 super().__init__(target, rel_path, name, size, mtime, unique)309 @staticmethod310 def _eps_compare(date_1, date_2):311 return eps_compare(date_1, date_2, FileEntry.EPS_TIME)312 def is_file(self):313 return True314 def __eq__(self, other):315 same_time = self._eps_compare(self.mtime, other.mtime) == 0316 return (317 other318 and other.__class__ == self.__class__319 and == self.name320 and other.size == self.size321 and same_time322 )323 def __gt__(self, other):324 time_greater = self._eps_compare(self.mtime, other.mtime) > 0325 return (326 other327 and other.__class__ == self.__class__328 and == self.name329 and time_greater330 )331 def get_sync_info(self, key=None):332 """Get mtime/size when this resource was last synchronized with remote."""333 return, key)334 def was_modified_since_last_sync(self):335 """Return True if this resource was modified since last sync.336 None is returned if we don't know (because of missing meta data).337 """338 info = self.get_sync_info()339 if not info:340 return None341 if self.size != info["s"]:342 return True343 if self.mtime > info["m"]:344 return True345 return False346# ===============================================================================347# DirectoryEntry348# ===============================================================================349class DirectoryEntry(_Resource):350 def __init__(self, target, rel_path, name, size, mtime, unique):351 super().__init__(target, rel_path, name, size, mtime, unique)352 # Directories don't have a size (that we could reasonably use for classification)353 self.size = 0354 def is_dir(self):...

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...9# Deployment - Interface10#11config_files = [""]12machines_in_cluster = ['google_compute']13def copy_remote():14 """15 Copies a script needed on the server for executing the update of the repo!16 """17 source = os.path.join(util.OWN_PATH, 'cloud_specific_files', 'google','compute')18 for machine in machines_in_cluster:19 for file_0 in config_files :20 #scp google_compute:update_script.sh21 command = ["scp",os.path.join(source,file_0), machine+":"+file_0]22 try:23 except :25 print("> > > Copy of Deploy_script failed...")26def apply_remote():27 """28 Get repository at remote and commits our changes to the repo.29 """ 30 31 source = os.path.join(util.OWN_PATH, 'cloud_specific_files', 'google','compute')32 remote_repo = "/home/sys/environments/amos/repository"33 #Save old path34 old_path = os.getcwd()35 36 for machine in machines_in_cluster:37 try:38 39 os.chdir(source)40 41 #pull remote repository42 command = ["git","clone",machine+":"+remote_repo,os.path.join(source,"repo_google")]43 45 os.chdir(os.path.join(source,"repo"))46 47 #clean our copy of repository48 command = ["rm","-r",".git"]49 51 #copy configfiles of google_remote to our repo52 command = ["cp","-f","-r",os.path.join(source,"repo_google",".git"), os.path.join(source,"repo",".git")]53 # add everything, I mean really everything in this repo to our next commit55 command = ["git","add","*"]56 # Commit all changes58 command = ["git","commit","-a","-m\"I am log.\""]59 61 command = ["git","push"]62 64 os.chdir(source)65 66 # remove garbage repos67 command = ["rm","-r","repo"]68 70 command = ["rm","-r","repo_google"]71 except :73 print("> > > Deploy_script failed at " + machine + "...")74 75 os.chdir(old_path)76def deploy_remote():77 """78 Executes Remote script, which we copied via copy_remote79 """80 print('\n> Deploying on systems...')81 for machine in machines_in_cluster: 82 #ssh google_compute "sudo bash branch"83 command = ["ssh", machine,"sudo bash "+config_files[0]]84 try:85 except :87 print("> > > Deploy of Deploy_script failed...")88# Implement this function89def deploy():90 util.copy_repo_to_specific('google/compute')91 92 print("Pulling Remote and add changes...")93 apply_remote()94 95 print("Copy scripts to remote ...")96 copy_remote()97 print("Deploy changes...")98 deploy_remote()99# Implement this function100def all_requirements_available():101 available = True102 OWN_FOLDER = os.path.join(util.OWN_PATH, 'cloud_specific_files', 'google','compute')103 for k in config_files :104 if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(OWN_FOLDER, k)):105 available = False...

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