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1"""Cpuset class and cpuset graph, importing module will create model2"""3from __future__ import unicode_literals4from __future__ import print_function5from future.utils import lrange6import io7from builtins import str8from builtins import object9__copyright__ = """10Copyright (C) 2007-2010 Novell Inc.11Copyright (C) 2013-2017 SUSE12Author: Alex Tsariounov <>13This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify14it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as15published by the Free Software Foundation.16This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,17but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of18MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU 19General Public License for more details.20You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License21along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software22Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA23"""24import os, re, sys, logging25if __name__ == '__main__': 26 sys.path.insert(0, "..")27 logging.basicConfig()28from cpuset.util import *29log = logging.getLogger('cset')30RootSet = None31class CpuSet(object):32 # sets is a class variable dict that keeps track of all 33 # cpusets discovered such that we can link them in properly.34 # The basepath is it's base path, the sets are indexed via35 # a relative path from this basepath.36 sets = {}37 basepath = ''38 cpus_path = '/cpus'39 mems_path = '/mems'40 cpu_exclusive_path = '/cpu_exclusive'41 mem_exclusive_path = '/mem_exclusive'42 tasks_path = '/tasks'43 def __init__(self, path=None):44 log.debug("initializing CpuSet")45 if (path == None):46 # recursively find all cpusets and link together47 # note: a breadth-first search could do this in one48 # pass, but there are never many cpusets, so49 # that optimization is left for the future50 log.debug("finding all cpusets")51 path = self.locate_cpusets()52 CpuSet.basepath = path53 log.debug("creating root node at %s", path)54 self.__root = True55 = 'root'56 self.path = '/'57 self.parent = self58 if (CpuSet.sets): 59 del CpuSet.sets60 CpuSet.sets = {}61 CpuSet.sets[self.path] = self62 # if mounted as a cgroup controller, switch file name format63 if not os.access(path + CpuSet.cpus_path, os.F_OK):64 CpuSet.cpus_path = '/cpuset.cpus'65 CpuSet.mems_path = '/cpuset.mems'66 CpuSet.cpu_exclusive_path = '/cpuset.cpu_exclusive'67 CpuSet.mem_exclusive_path = '/cpuset.mem_exclusive'68 # bottom-up search otherwise links will not exist69 log.debug("starting bottom-up discovery walk...")70 for dir, dirs, files in os.walk(path, topdown=False):71 log.debug("*** walking %s", dir)72 node = self if dir == CpuSet.basepath else CpuSet(dir)73 node.subsets = []74 for sub in dirs:75 relpath = (os.path.join(dir,sub).replace(CpuSet.basepath, '')76 if len(sub) > 0 else '/')77 node.subsets.append(CpuSet.sets[relpath])78 log.debug("%s has %i subsets: [%s]", dir, 79 len(node.subsets), '|'.join(dirs))80 log.debug("staring top-down parenting walk...")81 for dir, dirs, files in os.walk(path):82 dir = dir.replace(CpuSet.basepath, '')83 if len(dir) == 0: dir = '/'84 node = CpuSet.sets[dir]85 log.debug("~~~ walking %s", node.path)86 if dir == '/':87 log.debug("parent is self (root cpuset), skipping")88 else:89 parpath = dir[0:dir.rfind('/')]90 log.debug('parpath decodes to: %s from dir of: %s', parpath, dir)91 if parpath in CpuSet.sets:92 log.debug("parent is %s", parpath)93 node.parent = CpuSet.sets[parpath]94 else:95 log.debug("parent is root cpuset")96 node.parent = CpuSet.sets['/']97 log.debug("found %i cpusets", len(CpuSet.sets))98 else:99 # one new cpuset node100 log.debug("new cpuset node absolute: %s", path)101 path = (path.replace(CpuSet.basepath, '')102 if len(path) > len(CpuSet.basepath) else '/')103 log.debug(" relative: %s", path)104 if path in CpuSet.sets:105 log.debug("the cpuset %s already exists, skipping", path)106 self = CpuSet.sets[path] # questionable....107 return108 cpus = CpuSet.basepath + path + CpuSet.cpus_path109 if not os.access(cpus, os.F_OK):110 # not a cpuset directory111 str = '%s is not a cpuset directory' % (CpuSet.basepath + path)112 log.error(str)113 raise CpusetException(str)114 self.__root = False115 self.read_cpuset(path)116 CpuSet.sets[path] = self117 def locate_cpusets(self):118 log.debug("locating cpuset filesystem...")119 cpuset_mount_regex = re.compile(r"^[^ ]+ (/.+) (?:cpuset |cgroup (?:[^ ]*,)?cpuset[, ])")120 path = None121 f ="/proc/mounts",encoding="iso8859-1")122 for line in f:123 res = if res:125 path = break127 f.close()128 if not path:129 # mounted cpusets not found, so mount them130 if not os.access(config.mountpoint, os.F_OK):131 os.mkdir(config.mountpoint)132 ret = os.system("mount -t cpuset none " + config.mountpoint)133 if ret:134 raise CpusetException(135 'mount of cpuset filesystem failed, do you have permission?')136 path = config.mountpoint137 log.debug("cpusets mounted at: " + path)138 return path139 def read_cpuset(self, path):140 log.debug("reading cpuset passed relpath: %s", path)141 self.path = path142 log.debug("...path=%s", path)143 = path[path.rfind('/')+1:]144 log.debug("", def read_first_line_from(self, file_to_read):146 f =, encoding="iso8859-1")147 retval = f.readline().strip()148 f.close()149 return retval150 def write_value_to(self, file_to_write, value):151 log.debug("-> prop_set %s.%s = %s", self.path, file_to_write, value)152 f =, 'w', encoding="iso8859-1")153 f.write(str(value))154 f.close()155 def write_01_to(self, file_to_write, value):156 self.write_value_to(file_to_write, '1' if value else '0')157 # Properties of cpuset node158 def delprop(self):159 raise AttributeError("deletion of properties not allowed")160 def getcpus(self): 161 return self.read_first_line_from(CpuSet.cpus_path)162 def setcpus(self, newval):163 cpuspec_check(newval)164 self.write_value_to(CpuSet.cpus_path, newval)165 cpus = property(fget=getcpus, fset=setcpus, fdel=delprop, doc="CPU specifier")166 def getmems(self): 167 return self.read_first_line_from(CpuSet.mems_path)168 def setmems(self, newval): 169 # FIXME: check format for correctness170 self.write_value_to(CpuSet.mems_path, newval)171 mems = property(getmems, setmems, delprop, "Mem node specifier")172 173 def getcpuxlsv(self): 174 return self.read_first_line_from(CpuSet.cpu_exclusive_path) == '1'175 def setcpuxlsv(self, newval):176 self.write_01_to(CpuSet.cpu_exclusive_path, newval)177 cpu_exclusive = property(getcpuxlsv, setcpuxlsv, delprop, 178 "CPU exclusive flag")179 def getmemxlsv(self): 180 return self.read_first_line_from(CpuSet.mem_exclusive_path) == '1'181 def setmemxlsv(self, newval):182 self.write_01_to(CpuSet.mem_exclusive_path, newval)183 mem_exclusive = property(getmemxlsv, setmemxlsv, delprop, 184 "Memory exclusive flag")185 def gettasks(self):186 f =,encoding="iso8859-1")187 lst = map(lambda line: line.strip(), f.readlines())188 f.close()189 return list(lst)190 def settasks(self, tasklist):191 notfound = []192 unmovable = []193 if len(tasklist) > 3:194 pb = ProgressBar(len(tasklist), '=')195 tick = 0196 prog = True197 else:198 prog = False199 for task in tasklist:200 try:201 f =,'w',encoding="iso8859-1")202 f.write(task)203 f.close()204 except Exception as err:205 if str(err).find('No such process') != -1:206 notfound.append(task)207 elif str(err).find('Invalid argument'):208 unmovable.append(task)209 else: 210 raise211 if prog:212 tick += 1213 pb.progress(tick)214 if len(notfound) > 0:215'**> %s tasks were not found, so were not moved', len(notfound))216 log.debug(' not found: %s', notfound)217 if len(unmovable) > 0:218'**> %s tasks are not movable, impossible to move', len(unmovable))219 log.debug(' not movable: %s', unmovable)220 log.debug("-> prop_set %s.tasks set with %s tasks", self.path, 221 len(tasklist)) 222 tasks = property(gettasks, settasks, delprop, "Task list")223#224# Helper functions225#226def lookup_task_from_proc(pid):227 """lookup the cpuset of the specified pid from proc filesystem"""228 log.debug("entering lookup_task_from_proc, pid = %s", str(pid))229 path = "/proc/"+str(pid)+"/cpuset"230 if os.access(path, os.F_OK):231 f =,encoding="iso8859-1")232 set = f.readline().strip()233 f.close()234 log.debug('lookup_task_from_proc: found task %s cpuset: %s', str(pid), set)235 return set236 # FIXME: add search for threads here...237 raise CpusetException("task ID %s not found, i.e. not running" % str(pid))238def lookup_task_from_cpusets(pid):239 """lookup the cpuset of the specified pid from cpuset filesystem"""240 log.debug("entering lookup_task_from_cpusets, pid = %s", str(pid))241 global RootSet242 if RootSet == None: rescan()243 gotit = None244 if pid in RootSet.tasks:245 gotit = RootSet246 else:247 for node in walk_set(RootSet):248 if pid in node.tasks:249 gotit = node250 break251 if gotit:252 log.debug('lookup_task_from_cpusets: found task %s cpuset: %s', str(pid),253 gotit.path)254 return gotit.path255 raise CpusetException("task ID %s not found, i.e. not running" % str(pid))256def unique_set(name):257 """find a unique cpuset by name or path, raise if multiple sets found"""258 log.debug("entering unique_set, name=%s", name)259 if name == None:260 raise CpusetException('unique_set() passed None as arg')261 if isinstance(name, CpuSet): return name262 nl = find_sets(name)263 if len(nl) > 1: 264 raise CpusetNotUnique('cpuset name "%s" not unique: %s' % (name,265 [x.path for x in nl]) )266 return nl[0]267def find_sets(name):268 """find cpusets by name or path, raise CpusetNotFound if not found"""269 log = logging.getLogger("cset.find_sets")270 log.debug('finding "%s" in cpusets', name)271 nodelist = []272 if name.find('/') == -1:273 log.debug("find by name")274 if name == 'root':275 log.debug("returning root set")276 nodelist.append(RootSet)277 else:278 log.debug("walking from: %s", RootSet.path)279 for node in walk_set(RootSet):280 if == name:281 log.debug('... found node "%s"', name)282 nodelist.append(node)283 else:284 log.debug("find by path")285 # make sure that leading slash is used if searching by path286 if name[0] != '/': name = '/' + name287 if name in CpuSet.sets:288 log.debug('... found node "%s"', CpuSet.sets[name].name)289 nodelist.append(CpuSet.sets[name])290 if len(nodelist) == 0:291 raise CpusetNotFound('cpuset "%s" not found in cpusets' % name)292 return nodelist293def walk_set(set):294 """ generator for walking cpuset graph, breadth-first, more or less... """295 log = logging.getLogger("cset.walk_set")296 for node in set.subsets:297 log.debug("+++ yield %s", yield node299 for node in set.subsets:300 for result in walk_set(node): 301 log.debug("++++++ yield %s", 302 yield result 303def rescan():304 """re-read the cpuset directory to sync system with data structs"""305 log.debug("entering rescan")306 global RootSet, maxcpu, allcpumask307 RootSet = CpuSet()308 # figure out system properties309 log.debug("rescan: all cpus = %s", RootSet.cpus)310 maxcpu = int(RootSet.cpus.split('-')[-1].split(',')[-1])311 log.debug(" max cpu = %s", maxcpu)312 allcpumask = calc_cpumask(maxcpu)313 log.debug(" allcpumask = %s", allcpumask)314def cpuspec_check(cpuspec, usemax=True):315 """check format of cpuspec for validity"""316 log.debug("cpuspec_check(%s)", cpuspec)317 mo ="[^0-9,\-]", cpuspec)318 if mo:319 str = 'CPUSPEC "%s" contains invalid charaters: %s' % (cpuspec, log.debug(str)321 raise CpusetException(str)322 groups = cpuspec.split(',')323 if usemax and int(groups[-1].split('-')[-1]) > int(maxcpu):324 str = 'CPUSPEC "%s" specifies higher max(%s) than available(%s)' % \325 (cpuspec, groups[-1].split('-')[-1], maxcpu)326 log.debug(str)327 raise CpusetException(str)328 for sub in groups:329 it = sub.split('-')330 if len(it) == 2:331 if len(it[0]) == 0 or len(it[1]) == 0:332 # catches negative numbers333 raise CpusetException('CPUSPEC "%s" has bad group "%s"' % (cpuspec, sub))334 if len(it) > 2:335 raise CpusetException('CPUSPEC "%s" has bad group "%s"' % (cpuspec, sub))336def cpuspec_to_hex(cpuspec):337 """convert a cpuspec to the hexadecimal string representation"""338 log.debug('cpuspec_to_string(%s)', cpuspec)339 cpuspec_check(cpuspec, usemax=False)340 groups = cpuspec.split(',')341 number = 0342 for sub in groups:343 items = sub.split('-')344 if len(items) == 1:345 if not len(items[0]):346 # two consecutive commas in cpuspec347 continue348 # one cpu in this group349 log.debug(" adding cpu %s to result", items[0])350 number |= 1 << int(items[0])351 elif len(items) == 2: 352 il = [int(ii) for ii in items]353 if il[1] >= il[0]: rng = lrange(il[0], il[1]+1)354 else: rng = lrange(il[1], il[0]+1)355 log.debug(' group=%s has cpu range of %s', sub, rng)356 for num in rng: number |= 1 << num357 else:358 raise CpusetException('CPUSPEC "%s" has bad group "%s"' % (cpuspec, sub))359 log.debug(' final int number=%s in hex=%x', number, number)360 return '%x' % number361def memspec_check(memspec):362 """check format of memspec for validity"""363 # FIXME: look under /sys/devices/system/node for numa memory node364 # information and check the memspec that way, currently we only do365 # a basic check366 log.debug("memspec_check(%s)", memspec)367 mo ="[^0-9,\-]", memspec)368 if mo:369 str = 'MEMSPEC "%s" contains invalid charaters: %s' % (memspec, log.debug(str)371 raise CpusetException(str)372def cpuspec_inverse(cpuspec):373 """calculate inverse of cpu specification"""374 cpus = [0 for x in lrange(maxcpu+1)]375 groups = cpuspec.split(',')376 log.debug("cpuspec_inverse(%s) maxcpu=%d groups=%d", 377 cpuspec, maxcpu, len(groups))378 for set in groups:379 items = set.split('-')380 if len(items) == 1:381 if not len(items[0]):382 # common error of two consecutive commas in cpuspec,383 # just ignore it and keep going384 continue385 cpus[int(items[0])] = 1386 elif len(items) == 2:387 for x in lrange(int(items[0]), int(items[1])+1):388 cpus[x] = 1389 else:390 raise CpusetException("cpuspec(%s) has bad group %s" % (cpuspec, set))391 log.debug("cpuspec array: %s", cpus)392 # calculate inverse of array393 for x in lrange(0, len(cpus)):394 cpus[x] = int(cpus[x] == 0)395 log.debug(" inverse: %s", cpus)396 # build cpuspec expression397 nspec = ""398 ingrp = False399 for x in lrange(0, len(cpus)):400 if cpus[x] == 0 and ingrp:401 nspec += str(begin)402 if x > begin+1: 403 nspec += '-' + str(x if cpus[x] else x-1)404 ingrp = False405 if cpus[x] == 1:406 if not ingrp: 407 if len(nspec): nspec += ','408 begin = x409 ingrp = True410 if x == len(cpus)-1:411 nspec += str(begin)412 if x > begin:413 nspec += '-' + str(x)414 log.debug("inverse cpuspec: %s", nspec)415 return nspec416def summary(set):417 """return summary of cpuset with number of tasks running"""418 log.debug("entering summary, set=%s", set.path)419 if len(set.tasks) == 1: msg = 'task'420 else: msg = 'tasks'421 return ('"%s" cpuset of CPUSPEC(%s) with %s %s running' %422 (, set.cpus, len(set.tasks), msg) )423 424def calc_cpumask(max):425 all = 1426 ii = 1427 while ii < max+1:428 all |= 1 << ii429 ii += 1430 return "%x" % all431# Test if stand-alone execution432if __name__ == '__main__':433 rescan()434 # first create them, then find them435 try:436 os.makedirs(CpuSet.basepath+'/csettest/one/x')437 os.mkdir(CpuSet.basepath+'/csettest/one/y')438 os.makedirs(CpuSet.basepath+'/csettest/two/x')439 os.mkdir(CpuSet.basepath+'/csettest/two/y')440 except:441 pass442 print('Max cpu on system:', maxcpu)443 print('All cpu mask: 0x%s' % allcpumask)444 print('------- find_sets tests --------')445 print('Find by root of "root" -> ', find_sets("root"))446 print('Find by path of "/" -> ', find_sets("/"))447 print('Find by path of "/csettest/one" -> ', find_sets("/csettest/one"))448 print('Find by name of "one" -> ', find_sets("one"))449 print('Find by path of "/csettest/two" -> ', find_sets("/csettest/two"))450 print('Find by name of "two" -> ', find_sets("two"))451 print('Find by path of "/csettest/one/x" -> ', find_sets("/csettest/one/x"))452 print('Find by name of "x" -> ', find_sets("x"))453 print('Find by path of "/csettest/two/y" -> ', find_sets("/csettest/two/y"))454 print('Find by name of "y" -> ', find_sets("y"))455 try:456 node = find_sets("cantfindmenoway")457 print('Found "cantfindmenoway??!? -> ', node)458 except CpusetException as err:...

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1#!/usr/bin/env python32# SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-only3#4# cgconfigparser functionality test - '-a', '-d', '-f' flags5#6# Copyright (c) 2021 Oracle and/or its affiliates.7# Author: Tom Hromatka <>8#9from container import ContainerError10from run import Run, RunError11from cgroup import Cgroup12import consts13import ftests14import utils15import sys16import os17CONTROLLER = 'cpuset'18CGNAME = '019cgconfig'19CONFIG_FILE = '''group20{} {{21 {} {{22 }}23}}'''.format(CGNAME, CONTROLLER)24USER = 'cguser019'25GROUP = 'cggroup019'26DPERM = '515'27FPERM = '246'28CONFIG_FILE_NAME = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), '019cgconfig.conf')29def prereqs(config):30 result = consts.TEST_PASSED31 cause = None32 return result, cause33def setup(config):34 f = open(CONFIG_FILE_NAME, 'w')35 f.write(CONFIG_FILE)36 f.close()37 if config.args.container:38['useradd', '-p', 'Test019#1', USER])39['groupadd', GROUP])40 else:41['sudo', 'useradd', '-p', 'Test019#1', USER])42['sudo', 'groupadd', '-f', GROUP])43def test(config):44 result = consts.TEST_PASSED45 cause = None46 Cgroup.configparser(config, load_file=CONFIG_FILE_NAME, dflt_usr=USER,47 dflt_grp=GROUP, dperm=DPERM, fperm=FPERM)48 mnt_path = Cgroup.get_controller_mount_point(CONTROLLER)49 cpus_path = os.path.join(mnt_path, CGNAME, 'cpuset.cpus')50 user = utils.get_file_owner_username(config, cpus_path)51 group = utils.get_file_owner_group_name(config, cpus_path)52 if user != USER:53 result = consts.TEST_FAILED54 cause = (55 'Owner name failed. Expected {}, received {}\n'56 ''.format(USER, user)57 )58 return result, cause59 if group != GROUP:60 result = consts.TEST_FAILED61 cause = (62 'Owner group failed. Expected {}, received {}\n'63 ''.format(GROUP, group)64 )65 return result, cause66 fperm = utils.get_file_permissions(config, cpus_path)67 if fperm != FPERM:68 result = consts.TEST_FAILED69 cause = (70 'File permissions failed. Expected {}, received {}\n'71 ''.format(FPERM, fperm)72 )73 return result, cause74 dperm = utils.get_file_permissions(config, os.path.join(mnt_path, CGNAME))75 if dperm != DPERM:76 result = consts.TEST_FAILED77 cause = (78 'Directory permissions failed. Expected {}, received {}\n'79 ''.format(DPERM, dperm)80 )81 return result, cause82 return result, cause83def teardown(config):84 os.remove(CONFIG_FILE_NAME)85 try:86 if config.args.container:87['userdel', USER])88['groupdel', GROUP])89 else:90['sudo', 'userdel', '-r', USER])91['sudo', 'groupdel', GROUP])92 except (ContainerError, RunError, ValueError):93 pass94 Cgroup.delete(config, CONTROLLER, CGNAME)95def main(config):96 [result, cause] = prereqs(config)97 if result != consts.TEST_PASSED:98 return [result, cause]99 try:100 setup(config)101 [result, cause] = test(config)102 finally:103 teardown(config)104 return [result, cause]105if __name__ == '__main__':106 config = ftests.parse_args()107 # this test was invoked directly. run only it108 config.args.num = int(os.path.basename(__file__).split('-')[0])109 sys.exit(ftests.main(config))...

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