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...269 def get_host_diagnosis_interval(self, host_id, end_time, success):270 return'get_host_diagnosis_interval',271 host_id=host_id, end_time=end_time,272 success=success)273 def create_job_by_test(self, tests, kernel=None, use_container=False,274 kernel_cmdline=None, **dargs):275 """276 Given a test name, fetch the appropriate control file from the server277 and submit it.278 @param kernel: A comma separated list of kernel versions to boot.279 @param kernel_cmdline: The command line used to boot all kernels listed280 in the kernel parameter.281 Returns a list of job objects282 """283 assert ('hosts' in dargs or284 'atomic_group_name' in dargs and 'synch_count' in dargs)285 if kernel:286 kernel_list = re.split('[\s,]+', kernel.strip())287 kernel_info = []288 for version in kernel_list:289 kernel_dict = {'version': version}290 if kernel_cmdline is not None:291 kernel_dict['cmdline'] = kernel_cmdline292 kernel_info.append(kernel_dict)293 else:294 kernel_info = None295 control_file = self.generate_control_file(296 tests=tests, kernel=kernel_info, use_container=use_container)297 if control_file.is_server:298 dargs['control_type'] = control_data.CONTROL_TYPE_NAMES.SERVER299 else:300 dargs['control_type'] = control_data.CONTROL_TYPE_NAMES.CLIENT301 dargs['dependencies'] = dargs.get('dependencies', []) + \302 control_file.dependencies303 dargs['control_file'] = control_file.control_file304 if not dargs.get('synch_count', None):305 dargs['synch_count'] = control_file.synch_count306 if 'hosts' in dargs and len(dargs['hosts']) < dargs['synch_count']:307 # will not be able to satisfy this request308 return None309 return self.create_job(**dargs)310 def create_job(self, control_file, name=' ', priority='Medium',311 control_type=control_data.CONTROL_TYPE_NAMES.CLIENT, **dargs):312 id ='create_job', name=name, priority=priority,313 control_file=control_file, control_type=control_type, **dargs)314 return self.get_jobs(id=id)[0]315 def run_test_suites(self, pairings, kernel, kernel_label=None,316 priority='Medium', wait=True, poll_interval=10,317 email_from=None, email_to=None, timeout_mins=10080,318 max_runtime_mins=10080, kernel_cmdline=None):319 """320 Run a list of test suites on a particular kernel.321 Poll for them to complete, and return whether they worked or not.322 @param pairings: List of MachineTestPairing objects to invoke.323 @param kernel: Name of the kernel to run.324 @param kernel_label: Label (string) of the kernel to run such as325 '<kernel-version> : <config> : <date>'326 If any pairing object has its job_label attribute set it327 will override this value for that particular job.328 @param kernel_cmdline: The command line to boot the kernel(s) with.329 @param wait: boolean - Wait for the results to come back?330 @param poll_interval: Interval between polling for job results (in mins)331 @param email_from: Send notification email upon completion from here.332 @param email_from: Send notification email upon completion to here.333 """334 jobs = []335 for pairing in pairings:336 try:337 new_job = self.invoke_test(pairing, kernel, kernel_label,338 priority, timeout_mins=timeout_mins,339 kernel_cmdline=kernel_cmdline,340 max_runtime_mins=max_runtime_mins)341 if not new_job:342 continue343 jobs.append(new_job)344 except Exception, e:345 traceback.print_exc()346 if not wait or not jobs:347 return348 tko = TKO()349 while True:350 time.sleep(60 * poll_interval)351 result = self.poll_all_jobs(tko, jobs, email_from, email_to)352 if result is not None:353 return result354 def result_notify(self, job, email_from, email_to):355 """356 Notify about the result of a job. Will always print, if email data357 is provided, will send email for it as well.358 job: job object to notify about359 email_from: send notification email upon completion from here360 email_from: send notification email upon completion to here361 """362 if job.result == True:363 subject = 'Testing PASSED: '364 else:365 subject = 'Testing FAILED: '366 subject += '%s : %s\n' % (, text = []368 for platform in job.results_platform_map:369 for status in job.results_platform_map[platform]:370 if status == 'Total':371 continue372 for host in job.results_platform_map[platform][status]:373 text.append('%20s %10s %10s' % (platform, status, host))374 if status == 'Failed':375 for test_status in job.test_status[host].fail:376 text.append('(%s, %s) : %s' % \377 (host, test_status.test_name,378 test_status.reason))379 text.append('')380 base_url = 'http://' + self.server381 params = ('columns=test',382 'rows=machine_group',383 "condition=tag~'%s-%%25'" %,384 'title=Report')385 query_string = '&'.join(params)386 url = '%s/tko/compose_query.cgi?%s' % (base_url, query_string)387 text.append(url + '\n')388 url = '%s/afe/#tab_id=view_job&object_id=%s' % (base_url, text.append(url + '\n')390 body = '\n'.join(text)391 print '---------------------------------------------------'392 print 'Subject: ', subject393 print body394 print '---------------------------------------------------'395 if email_from and email_to:396 print 'Sending email ...'397 utils.send_email(email_from, email_to, subject, body)398 print399 def print_job_result(self, job):400 """401 Print the result of a single job.402 job: a job object403 """404 if job.result is None:405 print 'PENDING',406 elif job.result == True:407 print 'PASSED',408 elif job.result == False:409 print 'FAILED',410 elif job.result == "Abort":411 print 'ABORT',412 print ' %s : %s' % (, def poll_all_jobs(self, tko, jobs, email_from=None, email_to=None):414 """415 Poll all jobs in a list.416 jobs: list of job objects to poll417 email_from: send notification email upon completion from here418 email_from: send notification email upon completion to here419 Returns:420 a) All complete successfully (return True)421 b) One or more has failed (return False)422 c) Cannot tell yet (return None)423 """424 results = []425 for job in jobs:426 if getattr(job, 'result', None) is None:427 job.result = self.poll_job_results(tko, job)428 if job.result is not None:429 self.result_notify(job, email_from, email_to)430 results.append(job.result)431 self.print_job_result(job)432 if None in results:433 return None434 elif False in results or "Abort" in results:435 return False436 else:437 return True438 def _included_platform(self, host, platforms):439 """440 See if host's platforms matches any of the patterns in the included441 platforms list.442 """443 if not platforms:444 return True # No filtering of platforms445 for platform in platforms:446 if, host.platform):447 return True448 return False449 def invoke_test(self, pairing, kernel, kernel_label, priority='Medium',450 kernel_cmdline=None, **dargs):451 """452 Given a pairing of a control file to a machine label, find all machines453 with that label, and submit that control file to them.454 @param kernel_label: Label (string) of the kernel to run such as455 '<kernel-version> : <config> : <date>'456 If any pairing object has its job_label attribute set it457 will override this value for that particular job.458 @returns A list of job objects.459 """460 # The pairing can override the job label.461 if pairing.job_label:462 kernel_label = pairing.job_label463 job_name = '%s : %s' % (pairing.machine_label, kernel_label)464 hosts = self.get_hosts(multiple_labels=[pairing.machine_label])465 platforms = pairing.platforms466 hosts = [h for h in hosts if self._included_platform(h, platforms)]467 dead_statuses = self.host_statuses(live=False)468 host_list = [h.hostname for h in hosts if h.status not in dead_statuses]469 print 'HOSTS: %s' % host_list470 if pairing.atomic_group_sched:471 dargs['synch_count'] = pairing.synch_count472 dargs['atomic_group_name'] = pairing.machine_label473 else:474 dargs['hosts'] = host_list475 new_job = self.create_job_by_test(name=job_name,476 dependencies=[pairing.machine_label],477 tests=[pairing.control_file],478 priority=priority,479 kernel=kernel,480 kernel_cmdline=kernel_cmdline,481 use_container=pairing.container,482 **dargs)483 if new_job:484 if pairing.testname:485 new_job.testname = pairing.testname486 print 'Invoked test %s : %s' % (, job_name)487 return new_job488 def _job_test_results(self, tko, job, debug, tests=[]):489 """...

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