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1#!/usr/bin/env python2"""3Copyright (c) 2006-2021 sqlmap developers ( the file 'LICENSE' for copying permission5"""6from __future__ import division7import codecs8import functools9import glob10import inspect11import logging12import os13import random14import re15import socket16import sys17import tempfile18import threading19import time20import traceback21from lib.controller.checks import checkConnection22from lib.core.common import Backend23from lib.core.common import boldifyMessage24from lib.core.common import checkFile25from lib.core.common import dataToStdout26from lib.core.common import decodeStringEscape27from lib.core.common import fetchRandomAgent28from lib.core.common import filterNone29from lib.core.common import findLocalPort30from lib.core.common import findPageForms31from lib.core.common import getConsoleWidth32from lib.core.common import getFileItems33from lib.core.common import getFileType34from lib.core.common import getPublicTypeMembers35from lib.core.common import getSafeExString36from lib.core.common import intersect37from lib.core.common import normalizePath38from lib.core.common import ntToPosixSlashes39from lib.core.common import openFile40from lib.core.common import parseRequestFile41from lib.core.common import parseTargetDirect42from lib.core.common import paths43from lib.core.common import randomStr44from lib.core.common import readCachedFileContent45from lib.core.common import readInput46from lib.core.common import resetCookieJar47from lib.core.common import runningAsAdmin48from lib.core.common import safeExpandUser49from lib.core.common import safeFilepathEncode50from lib.core.common import saveConfig51from lib.core.common import setColor52from lib.core.common import setOptimize53from lib.core.common import setPaths54from lib.core.common import singleTimeWarnMessage55from lib.core.common import urldecode56from lib.core.compat import cmp57from lib.core.compat import round58from lib.core.compat import xrange59from lib.core.convert import getUnicode60from import conf61from import kb62from import logger63from import mergedOptions64from import queries65from lib.core.datatype import AttribDict66from lib.core.datatype import InjectionDict67from lib.core.datatype import OrderedSet68from lib.core.defaults import defaults69from lib.core.dicts import DBMS_DICT70from lib.core.dicts import DUMP_REPLACEMENTS71from lib.core.enums import ADJUST_TIME_DELAY72from lib.core.enums import AUTH_TYPE73from lib.core.enums import CUSTOM_LOGGING74from lib.core.enums import DUMP_FORMAT75from lib.core.enums import HTTP_HEADER76from lib.core.enums import HTTPMETHOD77from lib.core.enums import MKSTEMP_PREFIX78from lib.core.enums import MOBILES79from lib.core.enums import OPTION_TYPE80from lib.core.enums import PAYLOAD81from lib.core.enums import PRIORITY82from lib.core.enums import PROXY_TYPE83from lib.core.enums import REFLECTIVE_COUNTER84from lib.core.enums import WIZARD85from lib.core.exception import SqlmapConnectionException86from lib.core.exception import SqlmapDataException87from lib.core.exception import SqlmapFilePathException88from lib.core.exception import SqlmapGenericException89from lib.core.exception import SqlmapInstallationException90from lib.core.exception import SqlmapMissingDependence91from lib.core.exception import SqlmapMissingMandatoryOptionException92from lib.core.exception import SqlmapMissingPrivileges93from lib.core.exception import SqlmapSilentQuitException94from lib.core.exception import SqlmapSyntaxException95from lib.core.exception import SqlmapSystemException96from lib.core.exception import SqlmapUnsupportedDBMSException97from lib.core.exception import SqlmapUserQuitException98from lib.core.exception import SqlmapValueException99from lib.core.log import FORMATTER100from lib.core.optiondict import optDict101from lib.core.settings import CODECS_LIST_PAGE102from lib.core.settings import CUSTOM_INJECTION_MARK_CHAR103from lib.core.settings import DBMS_ALIASES104from lib.core.settings import DEFAULT_GET_POST_DELIMITER105from lib.core.settings import DEFAULT_PAGE_ENCODING106from lib.core.settings import DEFAULT_TOR_HTTP_PORTS107from lib.core.settings import DEFAULT_TOR_SOCKS_PORTS108from lib.core.settings import DEFAULT_USER_AGENT109from lib.core.settings import DUMMY_URL110from lib.core.settings import IGNORE_CODE_WILDCARD111from lib.core.settings import IS_WIN112from lib.core.settings import KB_CHARS_BOUNDARY_CHAR113from lib.core.settings import KB_CHARS_LOW_FREQUENCY_ALPHABET114from lib.core.settings import LOCALHOST115from lib.core.settings import MAX_CONNECT_RETRIES116from lib.core.settings import MAX_NUMBER_OF_THREADS117from lib.core.settings import NULL118from lib.core.settings import PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX119from lib.core.settings import PRECONNECT_CANDIDATE_TIMEOUT120from lib.core.settings import PROXY_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLES121from lib.core.settings import SOCKET_PRE_CONNECT_QUEUE_SIZE122from lib.core.settings import SQLMAP_ENVIRONMENT_PREFIX123from lib.core.settings import SUPPORTED_DBMS124from lib.core.settings import SUPPORTED_OS125from lib.core.settings import TIME_DELAY_CANDIDATES126from lib.core.settings import UNION_CHAR_REGEX127from lib.core.settings import UNKNOWN_DBMS_VERSION128from lib.core.settings import URI_INJECTABLE_REGEX129from lib.core.threads import getCurrentThreadData130from lib.core.threads import setDaemon131from lib.core.update import update132from lib.parse.configfile import configFileParser133from lib.parse.payloads import loadBoundaries134from lib.parse.payloads import loadPayloads135from lib.request.basic import checkCharEncoding136from lib.request.basicauthhandler import SmartHTTPBasicAuthHandler137from lib.request.chunkedhandler import ChunkedHandler138from lib.request.connect import Connect as Request139from lib.request.dns import DNSServer140from lib.request.httpshandler import HTTPSHandler141from lib.request.pkihandler import HTTPSPKIAuthHandler142from lib.request.rangehandler import HTTPRangeHandler143from lib.request.redirecthandler import SmartRedirectHandler144from lib.utils.crawler import crawl145from lib.utils.deps import checkDependencies146from lib.utils.har import HTTPCollectorFactory147from lib.utils.purge import purge148from import search149from thirdparty import six150from thirdparty.keepalive import keepalive151from thirdparty.multipart import multipartpost152from thirdparty.six.moves import collections_abc as _collections153from thirdparty.six.moves import http_client as _http_client154from thirdparty.six.moves import http_cookiejar as _http_cookiejar155from thirdparty.six.moves import urllib as _urllib156from thirdparty.socks import socks157from xml.etree.ElementTree import ElementTree158authHandler = _urllib.request.BaseHandler()159chunkedHandler = ChunkedHandler()160httpsHandler = HTTPSHandler()161keepAliveHandler = keepalive.HTTPHandler()162proxyHandler = _urllib.request.ProxyHandler()163redirectHandler = SmartRedirectHandler()164rangeHandler = HTTPRangeHandler()165multipartPostHandler = multipartpost.MultipartPostHandler()166# Reference: WindowsError169except NameError:170 WindowsError = None171def _loadQueries():172 """173 Loads queries from 'xml/queries.xml' file.174 """175 def iterate(node, retVal=None):176 class DictObject(object):177 def __init__(self):178 self.__dict__ = {}179 def __contains__(self, name):180 return name in self.__dict__181 if retVal is None:182 retVal = DictObject()183 for child in node.findall("*"):184 instance = DictObject()185 retVal.__dict__[child.tag] = instance186 if child.attrib:187 instance.__dict__.update(child.attrib)188 else:189 iterate(child, instance)190 return retVal191 tree = ElementTree()192 try:193 tree.parse(paths.QUERIES_XML)194 except Exception as ex:195 errMsg = "something appears to be wrong with "196 errMsg += "the file '%s' ('%s'). Please make " % (paths.QUERIES_XML, getSafeExString(ex))197 errMsg += "sure that you haven't made any changes to it"198 raise SqlmapInstallationException(errMsg)199 for node in tree.findall("*"):200 queries[node.attrib['value']] = iterate(node)201def _setMultipleTargets():202 """203 Define a configuration parameter if we are running in multiple target204 mode.205 """206 initialTargetsCount = len(kb.targets)207 seen = set()208 if not conf.logFile:209 return210 debugMsg = "parsing targets list from '%s'" % conf.logFile211 logger.debug(debugMsg)212 if not os.path.exists(conf.logFile):213 errMsg = "the specified list of targets does not exist"214 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)215 if checkFile(conf.logFile, False):216 for target in parseRequestFile(conf.logFile):217 url, _, data, _, _ = target218 key = re.sub(r"(\w+=)[^%s ]*" % (conf.paramDel or DEFAULT_GET_POST_DELIMITER), r"\g<1>", "%s %s" % (url, data))219 if key not in seen:220 kb.targets.add(target)221 seen.add(key)222 elif os.path.isdir(conf.logFile):223 files = os.listdir(conf.logFile)224 files.sort()225 for reqFile in files:226 if not"([\d]+)\-request", reqFile):227 continue228 for target in parseRequestFile(os.path.join(conf.logFile, reqFile)):229 url, _, data, _, _ = target230 key = re.sub(r"(\w+=)[^%s ]*" % (conf.paramDel or DEFAULT_GET_POST_DELIMITER), r"\g<1>", "%s %s" % (url, data))231 if key not in seen:232 kb.targets.add(target)233 seen.add(key)234 else:235 errMsg = "the specified list of targets is not a file "236 errMsg += "nor a directory"237 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)238 updatedTargetsCount = len(kb.targets)239 if updatedTargetsCount > initialTargetsCount:240 infoMsg = "sqlmap parsed %d " % (updatedTargetsCount - initialTargetsCount)241 infoMsg += "(parameter unique) requests from the "242 infoMsg += "targets list ready to be tested"243 _adjustLoggingFormatter():245 """246 Solves problem of line deletition caused by overlapping logging messages247 and retrieved data info in inference mode248 """249 if hasattr(FORMATTER, '_format'):250 return251 def format(record):252 message = FORMATTER._format(record)253 message = boldifyMessage(message)254 if kb.get("prependFlag"):255 message = "\n%s" % message256 kb.prependFlag = False257 return message258 FORMATTER._format = FORMATTER.format259 FORMATTER.format = format260def _setRequestFromFile():261 """262 This function checks if the way to make a HTTP request is through supplied263 textual file, parses it and saves the information into the knowledge base.264 """265 if conf.requestFile:266 for requestFile in re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.requestFile):267 requestFile = safeExpandUser(requestFile)268 url = None269 seen = set()270 if not checkFile(requestFile, False):271 errMsg = "specified HTTP request file '%s' " % requestFile272 errMsg += "does not exist"273 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)274 infoMsg = "parsing HTTP request from '%s'" % requestFile275 for target in parseRequestFile(requestFile):277 url = target[0]278 if url not in seen:279 kb.targets.add(target)280 if len(kb.targets) > 1:281 conf.multipleTargets = True282 seen.add(url)283 if url is None:284 errMsg = "specified file '%s' " % requestFile285 errMsg += "does not contain a usable HTTP request (with parameters)"286 raise SqlmapDataException(errMsg)287 if conf.secondReq:288 conf.secondReq = safeExpandUser(conf.secondReq)289 if not checkFile(conf.secondReq, False):290 errMsg = "specified second-order HTTP request file '%s' " % conf.secondReq291 errMsg += "does not exist"292 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)293 infoMsg = "parsing second-order HTTP request from '%s'" % conf.secondReq294 try:296 target = next(parseRequestFile(conf.secondReq, False))297 kb.secondReq = target298 except StopIteration:299 errMsg = "specified second-order HTTP request file '%s' " % conf.secondReq300 errMsg += "does not contain a valid HTTP request"301 raise SqlmapDataException(errMsg)302def _setCrawler():303 if not conf.crawlDepth:304 return305 if not conf.bulkFile:306 if conf.url:307 crawl(conf.url)308 elif conf.requestFile and kb.targets:309 target = next(iter(kb.targets))310 crawl(target[0], target[2], target[3])311def _doSearch():312 """313 This function performs search dorking, parses results314 and saves the testable hosts into the knowledge base.315 """316 if not conf.googleDork:317 return318 = None319 def retrieve():320 links = search(conf.googleDork)321 if not links:322 errMsg = "unable to find results for your "323 errMsg += "search dork expression"324 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)325 for link in links:326 link = urldecode(link)327 if"(.*?)\?(.+)", link) or conf.forms:328 kb.targets.add((link, conf.method,, conf.cookie, None))329 elif, link, re.I):330 if is None and is None and not conf.googleDork:331 message = "do you want to scan only results containing GET parameters? [Y/n] "332 = readInput(message, default='Y', boolean=True)333 if not or conf.googleDork:334 kb.targets.add((link, conf.method,, conf.cookie, None))335 return links336 while True:337 links = retrieve()338 if kb.targets:339 infoMsg = "found %d results for your " % len(links)340 infoMsg += "search dork expression"341 if not conf.forms:342 infoMsg += ", "343 if len(links) == len(kb.targets):344 infoMsg += "all "345 else:346 infoMsg += "%d " % len(kb.targets)347 infoMsg += "of them are testable targets"348 break350 else:351 message = "found %d results " % len(links)352 message += "for your search dork expression, but none of them "353 message += "have GET parameters to test for SQL injection. "354 message += "Do you want to skip to the next result page? [Y/n]"355 if not readInput(message, default='Y', boolean=True):356 raise SqlmapSilentQuitException357 else:358 conf.googlePage += 1359def _setStdinPipeTargets():360 if isinstance(conf.stdinPipe, _collections.Iterable):361 infoMsg = "using 'STDIN' for parsing targets list"362 class _(object):364 def __init__(self):365 self.__rest = OrderedSet()366 def __iter__(self):367 return self368 def __next__(self):369 return def next(self):371 try:372 line = next(conf.stdinPipe)373 except (IOError, OSError):374 line = None375 if line:376 match ="\b(https?://[^\s'\"]+|[\w.]+\.\w{2,3}[/\w+]*\?[^\s'\"]+)", line, re.I)377 if match:378 return (, conf.method,, conf.cookie, None)379 elif self.__rest:380 return self.__rest.pop()381 raise StopIteration()382 def add(self, elem):383 self.__rest.add(elem)384 kb.targets = _()385def _setBulkMultipleTargets():386 if not conf.bulkFile:387 return388 conf.bulkFile = safeExpandUser(conf.bulkFile)389 infoMsg = "parsing multiple targets list from '%s'" % conf.bulkFile390 if not checkFile(conf.bulkFile, False):392 errMsg = "the specified bulk file "393 errMsg += "does not exist"394 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)395 found = False396 for line in getFileItems(conf.bulkFile):397 if conf.scope and not, line, re.I):398 continue399 if re.match(r"[^ ]+\?(.+)", line, re.I) or kb.customInjectionMark in line or found = True401 kb.targets.add((line.strip(), conf.method,, conf.cookie, None))402 if not found and not conf.forms and not conf.crawlDepth:403 warnMsg = "no usable links found (with GET parameters)"404 logger.warn(warnMsg)405def _findPageForms():406 if not conf.forms or conf.crawlDepth:407 return408 if conf.url and not checkConnection():409 return410 found = False411 infoMsg = "searching for forms"412 if not any((conf.bulkFile, conf.googleDork)):414 page, _, _ = Request.queryPage(content=True, ignoreSecondOrder=True)415 if findPageForms(page, conf.url, True, True):416 found = True417 else:418 if conf.bulkFile:419 targets = getFileItems(conf.bulkFile)420 elif conf.googleDork:421 targets = [_[0] for _ in kb.targets]422 kb.targets.clear()423 else:424 targets = []425 for i in xrange(len(targets)):426 try:427 target = targets[i].strip()428 if not"(?i)\Ahttp[s]*://", target):429 target = "http://%s" % target430 page, _, _ = Request.getPage(url=target.strip(), cookie=conf.cookie, crawling=True, raise404=False)431 if findPageForms(page, target, False, True):432 found = True433 if conf.verbose in (1, 2):434 status = '%d/%d links visited (%d%%)' % (i + 1, len(targets), round(100.0 * (i + 1) / len(targets)))435 dataToStdout("\r[%s] [INFO] %s" % (time.strftime("%X"), status), True)436 except KeyboardInterrupt:437 break438 except Exception as ex:439 errMsg = "problem occurred while searching for forms at '%s' ('%s')" % (target, getSafeExString(ex))440 logger.error(errMsg)441 if not found:442 warnMsg = "no forms found"443 logger.warn(warnMsg)444def _setDBMSAuthentication():445 """446 Check and set the DBMS authentication credentials to run statements as447 another user, not the session user448 """449 if not conf.dbmsCred:450 return451 debugMsg = "setting the DBMS authentication credentials"452 logger.debug(debugMsg)453 match ="^(.+?):(.*?)$", conf.dbmsCred)454 if not match:455 errMsg = "DBMS authentication credentials value must be in format "456 errMsg += "username:password"457 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)458 conf.dbmsUsername = conf.dbmsPassword = _setMetasploit():461 if not conf.osPwn and not conf.osSmb and not conf.osBof:462 return463 debugMsg = "setting the takeover out-of-band functionality"464 logger.debug(debugMsg)465 msfEnvPathExists = False466 if IS_WIN:467 try:468 __import__("win32file")469 except ImportError:470 errMsg = "sqlmap requires third-party module 'pywin32' "471 errMsg += "in order to use Metasploit functionalities on "472 errMsg += "Windows. You can download it from "473 errMsg += "''"474 raise SqlmapMissingDependence(errMsg)475 if not conf.msfPath:476 for candidate in os.environ.get("PATH", "").split(';'):477 if all(_ in candidate for _ in ("metasploit", "bin")):478 conf.msfPath = os.path.dirname(candidate.rstrip('\\'))479 break480 if conf.osSmb:481 isAdmin = runningAsAdmin()482 if not isAdmin:483 errMsg = "you need to run sqlmap as an administrator "484 errMsg += "if you want to perform a SMB relay attack because "485 errMsg += "it will need to listen on a user-specified SMB "486 errMsg += "TCP port for incoming connection attempts"487 raise SqlmapMissingPrivileges(errMsg)488 if conf.msfPath:489 for path in (conf.msfPath, os.path.join(conf.msfPath, "bin")):490 if any(os.path.exists(normalizePath(os.path.join(path, "%s%s" % (_, ".bat" if IS_WIN else "")))) for _ in ("msfcli", "msfconsole")):491 msfEnvPathExists = True492 if all(os.path.exists(normalizePath(os.path.join(path, "%s%s" % (_, ".bat" if IS_WIN else "")))) for _ in ("msfvenom",)):493 kb.oldMsf = False494 elif all(os.path.exists(normalizePath(os.path.join(path, "%s%s" % (_, ".bat" if IS_WIN else "")))) for _ in ("msfencode", "msfpayload")):495 kb.oldMsf = True496 else:497 msfEnvPathExists = False498 conf.msfPath = path499 break500 if msfEnvPathExists:501 debugMsg = "provided Metasploit Framework path "502 debugMsg += "'%s' is valid" % conf.msfPath503 logger.debug(debugMsg)504 else:505 warnMsg = "the provided Metasploit Framework path "506 warnMsg += "'%s' is not valid. The cause could " % conf.msfPath507 warnMsg += "be that the path does not exists or that one "508 warnMsg += "or more of the needed Metasploit executables "509 warnMsg += "within msfcli, msfconsole, msfencode and "510 warnMsg += "msfpayload do not exist"511 logger.warn(warnMsg)512 else:513 warnMsg = "you did not provide the local path where Metasploit "514 warnMsg += "Framework is installed"515 logger.warn(warnMsg)516 if not msfEnvPathExists:517 warnMsg = "sqlmap is going to look for Metasploit Framework "518 warnMsg += "installation inside the environment path(s)"519 logger.warn(warnMsg)520 envPaths = os.environ.get("PATH", "").split(";" if IS_WIN else ":")521 for envPath in envPaths:522 envPath = envPath.replace(";", "")523 if any(os.path.exists(normalizePath(os.path.join(envPath, "%s%s" % (_, ".bat" if IS_WIN else "")))) for _ in ("msfcli", "msfconsole")):524 msfEnvPathExists = True525 if all(os.path.exists(normalizePath(os.path.join(envPath, "%s%s" % (_, ".bat" if IS_WIN else "")))) for _ in ("msfvenom",)):526 kb.oldMsf = False527 elif all(os.path.exists(normalizePath(os.path.join(envPath, "%s%s" % (_, ".bat" if IS_WIN else "")))) for _ in ("msfencode", "msfpayload")):528 kb.oldMsf = True529 else:530 msfEnvPathExists = False531 if msfEnvPathExists:532 infoMsg = "Metasploit Framework has been found "533 infoMsg += "installed in the '%s' path" % envPath534 conf.msfPath = envPath536 break537 if not msfEnvPathExists:538 errMsg = "unable to locate Metasploit Framework installation. "539 errMsg += "You can get it at ''"540 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)541def _setWriteFile():542 if not conf.fileWrite:543 return544 debugMsg = "setting the write file functionality"545 logger.debug(debugMsg)546 if not os.path.exists(conf.fileWrite):547 errMsg = "the provided local file '%s' does not exist" % conf.fileWrite548 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)549 if not conf.fileDest:550 errMsg = "you did not provide the back-end DBMS absolute path "551 errMsg += "where you want to write the local file '%s'" % conf.fileWrite552 raise SqlmapMissingMandatoryOptionException(errMsg)553 conf.fileWriteType = getFileType(conf.fileWrite)554def _setOS():555 """556 Force the back-end DBMS operating system option.557 """558 if not conf.os:559 return560 if conf.os.lower() not in SUPPORTED_OS:561 errMsg = "you provided an unsupported back-end DBMS operating "562 errMsg += "system. The supported DBMS operating systems for OS "563 errMsg += "and file system access are %s. " % ', '.join([o.capitalize() for o in SUPPORTED_OS])564 errMsg += "If you do not know the back-end DBMS underlying OS, "565 errMsg += "do not provide it and sqlmap will fingerprint it for "566 errMsg += "you."567 raise SqlmapUnsupportedDBMSException(errMsg)568 debugMsg = "forcing back-end DBMS operating system to user defined "569 debugMsg += "value '%s'" % conf.os570 logger.debug(debugMsg)571 Backend.setOs(conf.os)572def _setTechnique():573 validTechniques = sorted(getPublicTypeMembers(PAYLOAD.TECHNIQUE), key=lambda x: x[1])574 validLetters = [_[0][0].upper() for _ in validTechniques]575 if conf.technique and isinstance(conf.technique, six.string_types):576 _ = []577 for letter in conf.technique.upper():578 if letter not in validLetters:579 errMsg = "value for --technique must be a string composed "580 errMsg += "by the letters %s. Refer to the " % ", ".join(validLetters)581 errMsg += "user's manual for details"582 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)583 for validTech, validInt in validTechniques:584 if letter == validTech[0]:585 _.append(validInt)586 break587 conf.technique = _588def _setDBMS():589 """590 Force the back-end DBMS option.591 """592 if not conf.dbms:593 return594 debugMsg = "forcing back-end DBMS to user defined value"595 logger.debug(debugMsg)596 conf.dbms = conf.dbms.lower()597 regex ="%s ([\d\.]+)" % ("(%s)" % "|".join(SUPPORTED_DBMS)), conf.dbms, re.I)598 if regex:599 conf.dbms = Backend.setVersion( if conf.dbms not in SUPPORTED_DBMS:602 errMsg = "you provided an unsupported back-end database management "603 errMsg += "system. Supported DBMSes are as follows: %s. " % ', '.join(sorted(_ for _ in DBMS_DICT))604 errMsg += "If you do not know the back-end DBMS, do not provide "605 errMsg += "it and sqlmap will fingerprint it for you."606 raise SqlmapUnsupportedDBMSException(errMsg)607 for dbms, aliases in DBMS_ALIASES:608 if conf.dbms in aliases:609 conf.dbms = dbms610 break611def _listTamperingFunctions():612 """613 Lists available tamper functions614 """615 if conf.listTampers:616 infoMsg = "listing available tamper scripts\n"617 for script in sorted(glob.glob(os.path.join(paths.SQLMAP_TAMPER_PATH, "*.py"))):619 content = openFile(script, "rb").read()620 match ='(?s)__priority__.+"""(.+)"""', content)621 if match:622 comment = dataToStdout("* %s - %s\n" % (setColor(os.path.basename(script), "yellow"), re.sub(r" *\n *", " ", comment.split("\n\n")[0].strip())))624def _setTamperingFunctions():625 """626 Loads tampering functions from given script(s)627 """628 if conf.tamper:629 last_priority = PRIORITY.HIGHEST630 check_priority = True631 resolve_priorities = False632 priorities = []633 for script in re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.tamper):634 found = False635 path = safeFilepathEncode(paths.SQLMAP_TAMPER_PATH)636 script = safeFilepathEncode(script.strip())637 try:638 if not script:639 continue640 elif os.path.exists(os.path.join(path, script if script.endswith(".py") else "" % script)):641 script = os.path.join(path, script if script.endswith(".py") else "" % script)642 elif not os.path.exists(script):643 errMsg = "tamper script '%s' does not exist" % script644 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)645 elif not script.endswith(".py"):646 errMsg = "tamper script '%s' should have an extension '.py'" % script647 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)648 except UnicodeDecodeError:649 errMsg = "invalid character provided in option '--tamper'"650 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)651 dirname, filename = os.path.split(script)652 dirname = os.path.abspath(dirname)653 infoMsg = "loading tamper module '%s'" % filename[:-3]654 if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(dirname, "")):656 errMsg = "make sure that there is an empty file '' "657 errMsg += "inside of tamper scripts directory '%s'" % dirname658 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)659 if dirname not in sys.path:660 sys.path.insert(0, dirname)661 try:662 module = __import__(safeFilepathEncode(filename[:-3]))663 except Exception as ex:664 raise SqlmapSyntaxException("cannot import tamper module '%s' (%s)" % (getUnicode(filename[:-3]), getSafeExString(ex)))665 priority = PRIORITY.NORMAL if not hasattr(module, "__priority__") else module.__priority__666 for name, function in inspect.getmembers(module, inspect.isfunction):667 if name == "tamper" and inspect.getargspec(function).args and inspect.getargspec(function).keywords == "kwargs":668 found = True669 kb.tamperFunctions.append(function)670 function.__name__ = module.__name__671 if check_priority and priority > last_priority:672 message = "it appears that you might have mixed "673 message += "the order of tamper scripts. "674 message += "Do you want to auto resolve this? [Y/n/q] "675 choice = readInput(message, default='Y').upper()676 if choice == 'N':677 resolve_priorities = False678 elif choice == 'Q':679 raise SqlmapUserQuitException680 else:681 resolve_priorities = True682 check_priority = False683 priorities.append((priority, function))684 last_priority = priority685 break686 elif name == "dependencies":687 try:688 function()689 except Exception as ex:690 errMsg = "error occurred while checking dependencies "691 errMsg += "for tamper module '%s' ('%s')" % (getUnicode(filename[:-3]), getSafeExString(ex))692 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)693 if not found:694 errMsg = "missing function 'tamper(payload, **kwargs)' "695 errMsg += "in tamper script '%s'" % script696 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)697 if kb.tamperFunctions and len(kb.tamperFunctions) > 3:698 warnMsg = "using too many tamper scripts is usually not "699 warnMsg += "a good idea"700 logger.warning(warnMsg)701 if resolve_priorities and priorities:702 priorities.sort(key=functools.cmp_to_key(lambda a, b: cmp(a[0], b[0])), reverse=True)703 kb.tamperFunctions = []704 for _, function in priorities:705 kb.tamperFunctions.append(function)706def _setPreprocessFunctions():707 """708 Loads preprocess function(s) from given script(s)709 """710 if conf.preprocess:711 for script in re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.preprocess):712 found = False713 function = None714 script = safeFilepathEncode(script.strip())715 try:716 if not script:717 continue718 if not os.path.exists(script):719 errMsg = "preprocess script '%s' does not exist" % script720 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)721 elif not script.endswith(".py"):722 errMsg = "preprocess script '%s' should have an extension '.py'" % script723 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)724 except UnicodeDecodeError:725 errMsg = "invalid character provided in option '--preprocess'"726 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)727 dirname, filename = os.path.split(script)728 dirname = os.path.abspath(dirname)729 infoMsg = "loading preprocess module '%s'" % filename[:-3]730 if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(dirname, "")):732 errMsg = "make sure that there is an empty file '' "733 errMsg += "inside of preprocess scripts directory '%s'" % dirname734 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)735 if dirname not in sys.path:736 sys.path.insert(0, dirname)737 try:738 module = __import__(safeFilepathEncode(filename[:-3]))739 except Exception as ex:740 raise SqlmapSyntaxException("cannot import preprocess module '%s' (%s)" % (getUnicode(filename[:-3]), getSafeExString(ex)))741 for name, function in inspect.getmembers(module, inspect.isfunction):742 try:743 if name == "preprocess" and inspect.getargspec(function).args and all(_ in inspect.getargspec(function).args for _ in ("req",)):744 found = True745 kb.preprocessFunctions.append(function)746 function.__name__ = module.__name__747 break748 except ValueError: # Note: pass750 if not found:751 errMsg = "missing function 'preprocess(req)' "752 errMsg += "in preprocess script '%s'" % script753 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)754 else:755 try:756 function(_urllib.request.Request("http://localhost"))757 except:758 tbMsg = traceback.format_exc()759 if conf.debug:760 dataToStdout(tbMsg)761 handle, filename = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix=MKSTEMP_PREFIX.PREPROCESS, suffix=".py")762 os.close(handle)763 openFile(filename, "w+b").write("#!/usr/bin/env\n\ndef preprocess(req):\n pass\n")764 openFile(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(filename), ""), "w+b").write("pass")765 errMsg = "function 'preprocess(req)' "766 errMsg += "in preprocess script '%s' " % script767 errMsg += "appears to be invalid "768 errMsg += "(Note: find template script at '%s')" % filename769 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)770def _setPostprocessFunctions():771 """772 Loads postprocess function(s) from given script(s)773 """774 if conf.postprocess:775 for script in re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.postprocess):776 found = False777 function = None778 script = safeFilepathEncode(script.strip())779 try:780 if not script:781 continue782 if not os.path.exists(script):783 errMsg = "postprocess script '%s' does not exist" % script784 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)785 elif not script.endswith(".py"):786 errMsg = "postprocess script '%s' should have an extension '.py'" % script787 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)788 except UnicodeDecodeError:789 errMsg = "invalid character provided in option '--postprocess'"790 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)791 dirname, filename = os.path.split(script)792 dirname = os.path.abspath(dirname)793 infoMsg = "loading postprocess module '%s'" % filename[:-3]794 if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(dirname, "")):796 errMsg = "make sure that there is an empty file '' "797 errMsg += "inside of postprocess scripts directory '%s'" % dirname798 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)799 if dirname not in sys.path:800 sys.path.insert(0, dirname)801 try:802 module = __import__(safeFilepathEncode(filename[:-3]))803 except Exception as ex:804 raise SqlmapSyntaxException("cannot import postprocess module '%s' (%s)" % (getUnicode(filename[:-3]), getSafeExString(ex)))805 for name, function in inspect.getmembers(module, inspect.isfunction):806 if name == "postprocess" and inspect.getargspec(function).args and all(_ in inspect.getargspec(function).args for _ in ("page", "headers", "code")):807 found = True808 kb.postprocessFunctions.append(function)809 function.__name__ = module.__name__810 break811 if not found:812 errMsg = "missing function 'postprocess(page, headers=None, code=None)' "813 errMsg += "in postprocess script '%s'" % script814 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)815 else:816 try:817 _, _, _ = function("", {}, None)818 except:819 handle, filename = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix=MKSTEMP_PREFIX.PREPROCESS, suffix=".py")820 os.close(handle)821 openFile(filename, "w+b").write("#!/usr/bin/env\n\ndef postprocess(page, headers=None, code=None):\n return page, headers, code\n")822 openFile(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(filename), ""), "w+b").write("pass")823 errMsg = "function 'postprocess(page, headers=None, code=None)' "824 errMsg += "in postprocess script '%s' " % script825 errMsg += "should return a tuple '(page, headers, code)' "826 errMsg += "(Note: find template script at '%s')" % filename827 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)828def _setThreads():829 if not isinstance(conf.threads, int) or conf.threads <= 0:830 conf.threads = 1831def _setDNSCache():832 """833 Makes a cached version of socket._getaddrinfo to avoid subsequent DNS requests.834 """835 def _getaddrinfo(*args, **kwargs):836 if args in kb.cache.addrinfo:837 return kb.cache.addrinfo[args]838 else:839 kb.cache.addrinfo[args] = socket._getaddrinfo(*args, **kwargs)840 return kb.cache.addrinfo[args]841 if not hasattr(socket, "_getaddrinfo"):842 socket._getaddrinfo = socket.getaddrinfo843 socket.getaddrinfo = _getaddrinfo844def _setSocketPreConnect():845 """846 Makes a pre-connect version of socket.create_connection847 """848 if conf.disablePrecon:849 return850 def _thread():851 while kb.get("threadContinue") and not conf.get("disablePrecon"):852 try:853 for key in socket._ready:854 if len(socket._ready[key]) < SOCKET_PRE_CONNECT_QUEUE_SIZE:855 s = socket.create_connection(*key[0], **dict(key[1]))856 with kb.locks.socket:857 socket._ready[key].append((s, time.time()))858 except KeyboardInterrupt:859 break860 except:861 pass862 finally:863 time.sleep(0.01)864 def create_connection(*args, **kwargs):865 retVal = None866 key = (tuple(args), frozenset(kwargs.items()))867 with kb.locks.socket:868 if key not in socket._ready:869 socket._ready[key] = []870 while len(socket._ready[key]) > 0:871 candidate, created = socket._ready[key].pop(0)872 if (time.time() - created) < PRECONNECT_CANDIDATE_TIMEOUT:873 retVal = candidate874 break875 else:876 try:877 candidate.shutdown(socket.SHUT_RDWR)878 candidate.close()879 except socket.error:880 pass881 if not retVal:882 retVal = socket._create_connection(*args, **kwargs)883 return retVal884 if not hasattr(socket, "_create_connection"):885 socket._ready = {}886 socket._create_connection = socket.create_connection887 socket.create_connection = create_connection888 thread = threading.Thread(target=_thread)889 setDaemon(thread)890 thread.start()891def _setHTTPHandlers():892 """893 Check and set the HTTP/SOCKS proxy for all HTTP requests.894 """895 with kb.locks.handlers:896 if conf.proxyList:897 conf.proxy = conf.proxyList[0]898 conf.proxyList = conf.proxyList[1:] + conf.proxyList[:1]899 if len(conf.proxyList) > 1:900 infoMsg = "loading proxy '%s' from a supplied proxy list file" % conf.proxy901 elif not conf.proxy:903 if conf.hostname in ("localhost", "") or conf.ignoreProxy:904 proxyHandler.proxies = {}905 if conf.proxy:906 debugMsg = "setting the HTTP/SOCKS proxy for all HTTP requests"907 logger.debug(debugMsg)908 try:909 _ = _urllib.parse.urlsplit(conf.proxy)910 except Exception as ex:911 errMsg = "invalid proxy address '%s' ('%s')" % (conf.proxy, getSafeExString(ex))912 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)913 hostnamePort = _.netloc.rsplit(":", 1)914 scheme = _.scheme.upper()915 hostname = hostnamePort[0]916 port = None917 username = None918 password = None919 if len(hostnamePort) == 2:920 try:921 port = int(hostnamePort[1])922 except:923 pass # drops into the next check block924 if not all((scheme, hasattr(PROXY_TYPE, scheme), hostname, port)):925 errMsg = "proxy value must be in format '(%s)://address:port'" % "|".join(_[0].lower() for _ in getPublicTypeMembers(PROXY_TYPE))926 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)927 if conf.proxyCred:928 _ ="\A(.*?):(.*?)\Z", conf.proxyCred)929 if not _:930 errMsg = "proxy authentication credentials "931 errMsg += "value must be in format username:password"932 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)933 else:934 username = password = if scheme in (PROXY_TYPE.SOCKS4, PROXY_TYPE.SOCKS5):937 proxyHandler.proxies = {}938 if scheme == PROXY_TYPE.SOCKS4:939 warnMsg = "SOCKS4 does not support resolving (DNS) names (i.e. causing DNS leakage)"940 singleTimeWarnMessage(warnMsg)941 socks.setdefaultproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5 if scheme == PROXY_TYPE.SOCKS5 else socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS4, hostname, port, username=username, password=password)942 socks.wrapmodule(_http_client)943 else:944 socks.unwrapmodule(_http_client)945 if conf.proxyCred:946 # Reference: proxyString = "%s@" % conf.proxyCred948 else:949 proxyString = ""950 proxyString += "%s:%d" % (hostname, port)951 proxyHandler.proxies = {"http": proxyString, "https": proxyString}952 proxyHandler.__init__(proxyHandler.proxies)953 if not proxyHandler.proxies:954 for _ in ("http", "https"):955 if hasattr(proxyHandler, "%s_open" % _):956 delattr(proxyHandler, "%s_open" % _)957 debugMsg = "creating HTTP requests opener object"958 logger.debug(debugMsg)959 handlers = filterNone([multipartPostHandler, proxyHandler if proxyHandler.proxies else None, authHandler, redirectHandler, rangeHandler, chunkedHandler if conf.chunked else None, httpsHandler])960 if not conf.dropSetCookie:961 if not conf.loadCookies:962 conf.cj = _http_cookiejar.CookieJar()963 else:964 conf.cj = _http_cookiejar.MozillaCookieJar()965 resetCookieJar(conf.cj)966 handlers.append(_urllib.request.HTTPCookieProcessor(conf.cj))967 # Reference: if conf.keepAlive:969 warnMsg = "persistent HTTP(s) connections, Keep-Alive, has "970 warnMsg += "been disabled because of its incompatibility "971 if conf.proxy:972 warnMsg += "with HTTP(s) proxy"973 logger.warn(warnMsg)974 elif conf.authType:975 warnMsg += "with authentication methods"976 logger.warn(warnMsg)977 else:978 handlers.append(keepAliveHandler)979 opener = _urllib.request.build_opener(*handlers)980 opener.addheaders = [] # Note: clearing default "User-Agent: Python-urllib/X.Y"981 _urllib.request.install_opener(opener)982def _setSafeVisit():983 """984 Check and set the safe visit options.985 """986 if not any((conf.safeUrl, conf.safeReqFile)):987 return988 if conf.safeReqFile:989 checkFile(conf.safeReqFile)990 raw = readCachedFileContent(conf.safeReqFile)991 match ="\A([A-Z]+) ([^ ]+) HTTP/[0-9.]+\Z", raw.split('\n')[0].strip())992 if match:993 kb.safeReq.method = kb.safeReq.url = kb.safeReq.headers = {}996 for line in raw.split('\n')[1:]:997 line = line.strip()998 if line and ':' in line:999 key, value = line.split(':', 1)1000 value = value.strip()1001 kb.safeReq.headers[key] = value1002 if key.upper() == HTTP_HEADER.HOST.upper():1003 if not value.startswith("http"):1004 scheme = "http"1005 if value.endswith(":443"):1006 scheme = "https"1007 value = "%s://%s" % (scheme, value)1008 kb.safeReq.url = _urllib.parse.urljoin(value, kb.safeReq.url)1009 else:1010 break1011 post = None1012 if '\r\n\r\n' in raw:1013 post = raw[raw.find('\r\n\r\n') + 4:]1014 elif '\n\n' in raw:1015 post = raw[raw.find('\n\n') + 2:]1016 if post and post.strip():1017 = post1018 else:1019 = None1020 else:1021 errMsg = "invalid format of a safe request file"1022 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1023 else:1024 if not"(?i)\Ahttp[s]*://", conf.safeUrl):1025 if ":443/" in conf.safeUrl:1026 conf.safeUrl = "https://%s" % conf.safeUrl1027 else:1028 conf.safeUrl = "http://%s" % conf.safeUrl1029 if (conf.safeFreq or 0) <= 0:1030 errMsg = "please provide a valid value (>0) for safe frequency ('--safe-freq') while using safe visit features"1031 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1032def _setPrefixSuffix():1033 if conf.prefix is not None and conf.suffix is not None:1034 # Create a custom boundary object for user's supplied prefix1035 # and suffix1036 boundary = AttribDict()1037 boundary.level = 11038 boundary.clause = [0]1039 boundary.where = [1, 2, 3]1040 boundary.prefix = conf.prefix1041 boundary.suffix = conf.suffix1042 if " like" in boundary.suffix.lower():1043 if "'" in boundary.suffix.lower():1044 boundary.ptype = 31045 elif '"' in boundary.suffix.lower():1046 boundary.ptype = 51047 elif "'" in boundary.suffix:1048 boundary.ptype = 21049 elif '"' in boundary.suffix:1050 boundary.ptype = 41051 else:1052 boundary.ptype = 11053 # user who provides --prefix/--suffix does not want other boundaries1054 # to be tested for1055 conf.boundaries = [boundary]1056def _setAuthCred():1057 """1058 Adds authentication credentials (if any) for current target to the password manager1059 (used by connection handler)1060 """1061 if kb.passwordMgr and all(_ is not None for _ in (conf.scheme, conf.hostname, conf.port, conf.authUsername, conf.authPassword)):1062 kb.passwordMgr.add_password(None, "%s://%s:%d" % (conf.scheme, conf.hostname, conf.port), conf.authUsername, conf.authPassword)1063def _setHTTPAuthentication():1064 """1065 Check and set the HTTP(s) authentication method (Basic, Digest, NTLM or PKI),1066 username and password for first three methods, or PEM private key file for1067 PKI authentication1068 """1069 global authHandler1070 if not conf.authType and not conf.authCred and not conf.authFile:1071 return1072 if conf.authFile and not conf.authType:1073 conf.authType = AUTH_TYPE.PKI1074 elif conf.authType and not conf.authCred and not conf.authFile:1075 errMsg = "you specified the HTTP authentication type, but "1076 errMsg += "did not provide the credentials"1077 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1078 elif not conf.authType and conf.authCred:1079 errMsg = "you specified the HTTP authentication credentials, "1080 errMsg += "but did not provide the type (e.g. --auth-type=\"basic\")"1081 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1082 elif (conf.authType or "").lower() not in (AUTH_TYPE.BASIC, AUTH_TYPE.DIGEST, AUTH_TYPE.NTLM, AUTH_TYPE.PKI):1083 errMsg = "HTTP authentication type value must be "1084 errMsg += "Basic, Digest, NTLM or PKI"1085 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1086 if not conf.authFile:1087 debugMsg = "setting the HTTP authentication type and credentials"1088 logger.debug(debugMsg)1089 authType = conf.authType.lower()1090 if authType in (AUTH_TYPE.BASIC, AUTH_TYPE.DIGEST):1091 regExp = "^(.*?):(.*?)$"1092 errMsg = "HTTP %s authentication credentials " % authType1093 errMsg += "value must be in format 'username:password'"1094 elif authType == AUTH_TYPE.NTLM:1095 regExp = "^(.*\\\\.*):(.*?)$"1096 errMsg = "HTTP NTLM authentication credentials value must "1097 errMsg += "be in format 'DOMAIN\\username:password'"1098 elif authType == AUTH_TYPE.PKI:1099 errMsg = "HTTP PKI authentication require "1100 errMsg += "usage of option `--auth-pki`"1101 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1102 aCredRegExp =, conf.authCred)1103 if not aCredRegExp:1104 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1105 conf.authUsername = conf.authPassword = kb.passwordMgr = _urllib.request.HTTPPasswordMgrWithDefaultRealm()1108 _setAuthCred()1109 if authType == AUTH_TYPE.BASIC:1110 authHandler = SmartHTTPBasicAuthHandler(kb.passwordMgr)1111 elif authType == AUTH_TYPE.DIGEST:1112 authHandler = _urllib.request.HTTPDigestAuthHandler(kb.passwordMgr)1113 elif authType == AUTH_TYPE.NTLM:1114 try:1115 from ntlm import HTTPNtlmAuthHandler1116 except ImportError:1117 errMsg = "sqlmap requires Python NTLM third-party library "1118 errMsg += "in order to authenticate via NTLM. Download from "1119 errMsg += "''"1120 raise SqlmapMissingDependence(errMsg)1121 authHandler = HTTPNtlmAuthHandler.HTTPNtlmAuthHandler(kb.passwordMgr)1122 else:1123 debugMsg = "setting the HTTP(s) authentication PEM private key"1124 logger.debug(debugMsg)1125 _ = safeExpandUser(conf.authFile)1126 checkFile(_)1127 authHandler = HTTPSPKIAuthHandler(_)1128def _setHTTPExtraHeaders():1129 if conf.headers:1130 debugMsg = "setting extra HTTP headers"1131 logger.debug(debugMsg)1132 conf.headers = conf.headers.split("\n") if "\n" in conf.headers else conf.headers.split("\\n")1133 for headerValue in conf.headers:1134 if not headerValue.strip():1135 continue1136 if headerValue.count(':') >= 1:1137 header, value = (_.lstrip() for _ in headerValue.split(":", 1))1138 if header and value:1139 conf.httpHeaders.append((header, value))1140 elif headerValue.startswith('@'):1141 checkFile(headerValue[1:])1142 kb.headersFile = headerValue[1:]1143 else:1144 errMsg = "invalid header value: %s. Valid header format is 'name:value'" % repr(headerValue).lstrip('u')1145 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1146 elif not conf.requestFile and len(conf.httpHeaders or []) < 2:1147 if conf.encoding:1148 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.ACCEPT_CHARSET, "%s;q=0.7,*;q=0.1" % conf.encoding))1149 # Invalidating any caching mechanism in between1150 # Reference: conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.CACHE_CONTROL, "no-cache"))1152def _setHTTPUserAgent():1153 """1154 Set the HTTP User-Agent header.1155 Depending on the user options it can be:1156 * The default sqlmap string1157 * A default value read as user option1158 * A random value read from a list of User-Agent headers from a1159 file choosed as user option1160 """1161 debugMsg = "setting the HTTP User-Agent header"1162 logger.debug(debugMsg)1163 if if conf.randomAgent:1165 _ = random.sample([_[1] for _ in getPublicTypeMembers(MOBILES, True)], 1)[0]1166 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.USER_AGENT, _))1167 else:1168 message = "which smartphone do you want sqlmap to imitate "1169 message += "through HTTP User-Agent header?\n"1170 items = sorted(getPublicTypeMembers(MOBILES, True))1171 for count in xrange(len(items)):1172 item = items[count]1173 message += "[%d] %s%s\n" % (count + 1, item[0], " (default)" if item == MOBILES.IPHONE else "")1174 test = readInput(message.rstrip('\n'), default=items.index(MOBILES.IPHONE) + 1)1175 try:1176 item = items[int(test) - 1]1177 except:1178 item = MOBILES.IPHONE1179 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.USER_AGENT, item[1]))1180 elif conf.agent:1181 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.USER_AGENT, conf.agent))1182 elif not conf.randomAgent:1183 _ = True1184 for header, _ in conf.httpHeaders:1185 if header.upper() == HTTP_HEADER.USER_AGENT.upper():1186 _ = False1187 break1188 if _:1189 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.USER_AGENT, DEFAULT_USER_AGENT))1190 else:1191 userAgent = fetchRandomAgent()1192 infoMsg = "fetched random HTTP User-Agent header value '%s' from " % userAgent1193 infoMsg += "file '%s'" % paths.USER_AGENTS1194 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.USER_AGENT, userAgent))1196def _setHTTPReferer():1197 """1198 Set the HTTP Referer1199 """1200 if conf.referer:1201 debugMsg = "setting the HTTP Referer header"1202 logger.debug(debugMsg)1203 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.REFERER, conf.referer))1204def _setHTTPHost():1205 """1206 Set the HTTP Host1207 """1208 if debugMsg = "setting the HTTP Host header"1210 logger.debug(debugMsg)1211 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.HOST, _setHTTPCookies():1213 """1214 Set the HTTP Cookie header1215 """1216 if conf.cookie:1217 debugMsg = "setting the HTTP Cookie header"1218 logger.debug(debugMsg)1219 conf.httpHeaders.append((HTTP_HEADER.COOKIE, conf.cookie))1220def _setHostname():1221 """1222 Set value conf.hostname1223 """1224 if conf.url:1225 try:1226 conf.hostname = _urllib.parse.urlsplit(conf.url).netloc.split(':')[0]1227 except ValueError as ex:1228 errMsg = "problem occurred while "1229 errMsg += "parsing an URL '%s' ('%s')" % (conf.url, getSafeExString(ex))1230 raise SqlmapDataException(errMsg)1231def _setHTTPTimeout():1232 """1233 Set the HTTP timeout1234 """1235 if conf.timeout:1236 debugMsg = "setting the HTTP timeout"1237 logger.debug(debugMsg)1238 conf.timeout = float(conf.timeout)1239 if conf.timeout < 3.0:1240 warnMsg = "the minimum HTTP timeout is 3 seconds, sqlmap "1241 warnMsg += "will going to reset it"1242 logger.warn(warnMsg)1243 conf.timeout = 3.01244 else:1245 conf.timeout = 30.01246 try:1247 socket.setdefaulttimeout(conf.timeout)1248 except OverflowError as ex:1249 raise SqlmapValueException("invalid value used for option '--timeout' ('%s')" % getSafeExString(ex))1250def _checkDependencies():1251 """1252 Checks for missing dependencies.1253 """1254 if conf.dependencies:1255 checkDependencies()1256def _createHomeDirectories():1257 """1258 Creates directories inside sqlmap's home directory1259 """1260 if conf.get("purge"):1261 return1262 for context in ("output", "history"):1263 directory = paths["SQLMAP_%s_PATH" % getUnicode(context).upper()] # NOTE: try:1265 if not os.path.isdir(directory):1266 os.makedirs(directory)1267 _ = os.path.join(directory, randomStr())1268 open(_, "w+b").close()1269 os.remove(_)1270 if conf.get("outputDir") and context == "output":1271 warnMsg = "using '%s' as the %s directory" % (directory, context)1272 logger.warn(warnMsg)1273 except (OSError, IOError) as ex:1274 tempDir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix="sqlmap%s" % context)1275 warnMsg = "unable to %s %s directory " % ("create" if not os.path.isdir(directory) else "write to the", context)1276 warnMsg += "'%s' (%s). " % (directory, getUnicode(ex))1277 warnMsg += "Using temporary directory '%s' instead" % getUnicode(tempDir)1278 logger.warn(warnMsg)1279 paths["SQLMAP_%s_PATH" % context.upper()] = tempDir1280def _pympTempLeakPatch(tempDir): # Cross-referenced function1281 raise NotImplementedError1282def _createTemporaryDirectory():1283 """1284 Creates temporary directory for this run.1285 """1286 if conf.tmpDir:1287 try:1288 if not os.path.isdir(conf.tmpDir):1289 os.makedirs(conf.tmpDir)1290 _ = os.path.join(conf.tmpDir, randomStr())1291 open(_, "w+b").close()1292 os.remove(_)1293 tempfile.tempdir = conf.tmpDir1294 warnMsg = "using '%s' as the temporary directory" % conf.tmpDir1295 logger.warn(warnMsg)1296 except (OSError, IOError) as ex:1297 errMsg = "there has been a problem while accessing "1298 errMsg += "temporary directory location(s) ('%s')" % getSafeExString(ex)1299 raise SqlmapSystemException(errMsg)1300 else:1301 try:1302 if not os.path.isdir(tempfile.gettempdir()):1303 os.makedirs(tempfile.gettempdir())1304 except Exception as ex:1305 warnMsg = "there has been a problem while accessing "1306 warnMsg += "system's temporary directory location(s) ('%s'). Please " % getSafeExString(ex)1307 warnMsg += "make sure that there is enough disk space left. If problem persists, "1308 warnMsg += "try to set environment variable 'TEMP' to a location "1309 warnMsg += "writeable by the current user"1310 logger.warn(warnMsg)1311 if "sqlmap" not in (tempfile.tempdir or "") or conf.tmpDir and tempfile.tempdir == conf.tmpDir:1312 try:1313 tempfile.tempdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix="sqlmap", suffix=str(os.getpid()))1314 except:1315 tempfile.tempdir = os.path.join(paths.SQLMAP_HOME_PATH, "tmp", "sqlmap%s%d" % (randomStr(6), os.getpid()))1316 kb.tempDir = tempfile.tempdir1317 if not os.path.isdir(tempfile.tempdir):1318 try:1319 os.makedirs(tempfile.tempdir)1320 except Exception as ex:1321 errMsg = "there has been a problem while setting "1322 errMsg += "temporary directory location ('%s')" % getSafeExString(ex)1323 raise SqlmapSystemException(errMsg)1324 if six.PY3:1325 _pympTempLeakPatch(kb.tempDir)1326def _cleanupOptions():1327 """1328 Cleanup configuration attributes.1329 """1330 if conf.encoding:1331 try:1332 codecs.lookup(conf.encoding)1333 except LookupError:1334 errMsg = "unknown encoding '%s'" % conf.encoding1335 raise SqlmapValueException(errMsg)1336 debugMsg = "cleaning up configuration parameters"1337 logger.debug(debugMsg)1338 width = getConsoleWidth()1339 if conf.eta:1340 conf.progressWidth = width - 261341 else:1342 conf.progressWidth = width - 461343 for key, value in conf.items():1344 if value and any(key.endswith(_) for _ in ("Path", "File", "Dir")):1345 if isinstance(value, str):1346 conf[key] = safeExpandUser(value)1347 if conf.testParameter:1348 conf.testParameter = urldecode(conf.testParameter)1349 conf.testParameter = [_.strip() for _ in re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.testParameter)]1350 else:1351 conf.testParameter = []1352 if conf.ignoreCode:1353 if conf.ignoreCode == IGNORE_CODE_WILDCARD:1354 conf.ignoreCode = xrange(0, 1000)1355 else:1356 try:1357 conf.ignoreCode = [int(_) for _ in re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.ignoreCode)]1358 except ValueError:1359 errMsg = "options '--ignore-code' should contain a list of integer values or a wildcard value '%s'" % IGNORE_CODE_WILDCARD1360 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)1361 else:1362 conf.ignoreCode = []1363 if conf.paramFilter:1364 conf.paramFilter = [_.strip() for _ in re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.paramFilter.upper())]1365 else:1366 conf.paramFilter = []1367 if conf.base64Parameter:1368 conf.base64Parameter = urldecode(conf.base64Parameter)1369 conf.base64Parameter = conf.base64Parameter.strip()1370 conf.base64Parameter = re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.base64Parameter)1371 else:1372 conf.base64Parameter = []1373 if conf.agent:1374 conf.agent = re.sub(r"[\r\n]", "", conf.agent)1375 if conf.user:1376 conf.user = conf.user.replace(" ", "")1377 if conf.rParam:1378 if all(_ in conf.rParam for _ in ('=', ',')):1379 original = conf.rParam1380 conf.rParam = []1381 for part in original.split(';'):1382 if '=' in part:1383 left, right = part.split('=', 1)1384 conf.rParam.append(left)1385 kb.randomPool[left] = filterNone(_.strip() for _ in right.split(','))1386 else:1387 conf.rParam.append(part)1388 else:1389 conf.rParam = conf.rParam.replace(" ", "")1390 conf.rParam = re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.rParam)1391 else:1392 conf.rParam = []1393 if conf.paramDel:1394 conf.paramDel = decodeStringEscape(conf.paramDel)1395 if conf.skip:1396 conf.skip = conf.skip.replace(" ", "")1397 conf.skip = re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.skip)1398 else:1399 conf.skip = []1400 if conf.cookie:1401 conf.cookie = re.sub(r"[\r\n]", "", conf.cookie)1402 if conf.delay:1403 conf.delay = float(conf.delay)1404 if conf.url:1405 conf.url = conf.url.strip().lstrip('/')1406 if not"\A\w+://", conf.url):1407 conf.url = "http://%s" % conf.url1408 if conf.fileRead:1409 conf.fileRead = ntToPosixSlashes(normalizePath(conf.fileRead))1410 if conf.fileWrite:1411 conf.fileWrite = ntToPosixSlashes(normalizePath(conf.fileWrite))1412 if conf.fileDest:1413 conf.fileDest = ntToPosixSlashes(normalizePath(conf.fileDest))1414 if conf.msfPath:1415 conf.msfPath = ntToPosixSlashes(normalizePath(conf.msfPath))1416 if conf.tmpPath:1417 conf.tmpPath = ntToPosixSlashes(normalizePath(conf.tmpPath))1418 if any((conf.googleDork, conf.logFile, conf.bulkFile, conf.forms, conf.crawlDepth, conf.stdinPipe)):1419 conf.multipleTargets = True1420 if conf.optimize:1421 setOptimize()1422 if conf.os:1423 conf.os = conf.os.capitalize()1424 if conf.forceDbms:1425 conf.dbms = conf.forceDbms1426 if conf.dbms:1427 kb.dbmsFilter = []1428 for _ in conf.dbms.split(','):1429 for dbms, aliases in DBMS_ALIASES:1430 if _.strip().lower() in aliases:1431 kb.dbmsFilter.append(dbms)1432 conf.dbms = dbms if conf.dbms and ',' not in conf.dbms else None1433 break1434 if conf.testFilter:1435 conf.testFilter = conf.testFilter.strip('*+')1436 conf.testFilter = re.sub(r"([^.])([*+])", r"\g<1>.\g<2>", conf.testFilter)1437 try:1438 re.compile(conf.testFilter)1439 except re.error:1440 conf.testFilter = re.escape(conf.testFilter)1441 if conf.csrfToken:1442 original = conf.csrfToken1443 try:1444 re.compile(conf.csrfToken)1445 if re.escape(conf.csrfToken) != conf.csrfToken:1446 message = "provided value for option '--csrf-token' is a regular expression? [y/N] "1447 if not readInput(message, default='N', boolean=True):1448 conf.csrfToken = re.escape(conf.csrfToken)1449 except re.error:1450 conf.csrfToken = re.escape(conf.csrfToken)1451 finally:1452 class _(six.text_type):1453 pass1454 conf.csrfToken = _(conf.csrfToken)1455 conf.csrfToken._original = original1456 if conf.testSkip:1457 conf.testSkip = conf.testSkip.strip('*+')1458 conf.testSkip = re.sub(r"([^.])([*+])", r"\g<1>.\g<2>", conf.testSkip)1459 try:1460 re.compile(conf.testSkip)1461 except re.error:1462 conf.testSkip = re.escape(conf.testSkip)1463 if "timeSec" not in kb.explicitSettings:1464 if conf.tor:1465 conf.timeSec = 2 * conf.timeSec1466 kb.adjustTimeDelay = ADJUST_TIME_DELAY.DISABLE1467 warnMsg = "increasing default value for "1468 warnMsg += "option '--time-sec' to %d because " % conf.timeSec1469 warnMsg += "switch '--tor' was provided"1470 logger.warn(warnMsg)1471 else:1472 kb.adjustTimeDelay = ADJUST_TIME_DELAY.DISABLE1473 if conf.retries:1474 conf.retries = min(conf.retries, MAX_CONNECT_RETRIES)1475 if conf.code:1476 conf.code = int(conf.code)1477 if conf.csvDel:1478 conf.csvDel = decodeStringEscape(conf.csvDel)1479 if conf.torPort and hasattr(conf.torPort, "isdigit") and conf.torPort.isdigit():1480 conf.torPort = int(conf.torPort)1481 if conf.torType:1482 conf.torType = conf.torType.upper()1483 if conf.outputDir:1484 paths.SQLMAP_OUTPUT_PATH = os.path.realpath(os.path.expanduser(conf.outputDir))1485 setPaths(paths.SQLMAP_ROOT_PATH)1486 if conf.string:1487 conf.string = decodeStringEscape(conf.string)1488 if conf.getAll:1489 for _ in WIZARD.ALL:1490 conf.__setitem__(_, True)1491 if conf.noCast:1492 DUMP_REPLACEMENTS.clear()1493 if conf.dumpFormat:1494 conf.dumpFormat = conf.dumpFormat.upper()1495 if conf.torType:1496 conf.torType = conf.torType.upper()1497 if conf.col:1498 conf.col = re.sub(r"\s*,\s*", ',', conf.col)1499 if conf.exclude:1500 regex = False1501 original = conf.exclude1502 if any(_ in conf.exclude for _ in ('+', '*')):1503 try:1504 re.compile(conf.exclude)1505 except re.error:1506 pass1507 else:1508 regex = True1509 if not regex:1510 conf.exclude = re.sub(r"\s*,\s*", ',', conf.exclude)1511 conf.exclude = r"\A%s\Z" % '|'.join(re.escape(_) for _ in conf.exclude.split(','))1512 else:1513 conf.exclude = re.sub(r"(\w+)\$", r"\g<1>\$", conf.exclude)1514 class _(six.text_type):1515 pass1516 conf.exclude = _(conf.exclude)1517 conf.exclude._original = original1518 if conf.binaryFields:1519 conf.binaryFields = conf.binaryFields.replace(" ", "")1520 conf.binaryFields = re.split(PARAMETER_SPLITTING_REGEX, conf.binaryFields)1521 envProxy = max(os.environ.get(_, "") for _ in PROXY_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLES)1522 if"\A(https?|socks[45])://.+:\d+\Z", envProxy) and conf.proxy is None:1523 debugMsg = "using environment proxy '%s'" % envProxy1524 logger.debug(debugMsg)1525 conf.proxy = envProxy1526 if any((conf.proxy, conf.proxyFile, conf.tor)):1527 conf.disablePrecon = True1528 if conf.dummy:1529 conf.batch = True1530 threadData = getCurrentThreadData()1531 threadData.reset()1532def _cleanupEnvironment():1533 """1534 Cleanup environment (e.g. from leftovers after --sqlmap-shell).1535 """1536 if issubclass(_http_client.socket.socket, socks.socksocket):1537 socks.unwrapmodule(_http_client)1538 if hasattr(socket, "_ready"):1539 socket._ready.clear()1540def _purge():1541 """1542 Safely removes (purges) sqlmap data directory.1543 """1544 if conf.purge:1545 purge(paths.SQLMAP_HOME_PATH)1546def _setConfAttributes():1547 """1548 This function set some needed attributes into the configuration1549 singleton.1550 """1551 debugMsg = "initializing the configuration"1552 logger.debug(debugMsg)1553 conf.authUsername = None1554 conf.authPassword = None1555 conf.boundaries = []1556 conf.cj = None1557 conf.dbmsConnector = None1558 conf.dbmsHandler = None1559 conf.dnsServer = None1560 conf.dumpPath = None1561 conf.hashDB = None1562 conf.hashDBFile = None1563 conf.httpCollector = None1564 conf.httpHeaders = []1565 conf.hostname = None1566 conf.ipv6 = False1567 conf.multipleTargets = False1568 conf.outputPath = None1569 conf.paramDict = {}1570 conf.parameters = {}1571 conf.path = None1572 conf.port = None1573 conf.proxyList = None1574 conf.resultsFP = None1575 conf.scheme = None1576 conf.tests = []1577 conf.trafficFP = None1578 conf.HARCollectorFactory = None1579 conf.fileWriteType = None1580def _setKnowledgeBaseAttributes(flushAll=True):1581 """1582 This function set some needed attributes into the knowledge base1583 singleton.1584 """1585 debugMsg = "initializing the knowledge base"1586 logger.debug(debugMsg)1587 kb.absFilePaths = set()1588 kb.adjustTimeDelay = None1589 kb.alerted = False1590 kb.aliasName = randomStr()1591 kb.alwaysRefresh = None1592 kb.arch = None1593 kb.authHeader = None1594 kb.bannerFp = AttribDict()1595 kb.base64Originals = {}1596 kb.binaryField = False1597 kb.browserVerification = None1598 kb.brute = AttribDict({"tables": [], "columns": []})1599 kb.bruteMode = False1600 kb.cache = AttribDict()1601 kb.cache.addrinfo = {}1602 kb.cache.content = {}1603 kb.cache.encoding = {}1604 kb.cache.alphaBoundaries = None1605 kb.cache.hashRegex = None1606 kb.cache.intBoundaries = None1607 kb.cache.parsedDbms = {}1608 kb.cache.regex = {}1609 kb.cache.stdev = {}1610 kb.captchaDetected = None1611 kb.chars = AttribDict()1612 kb.chars.delimiter = randomStr(length=6, lowercase=True)1613 kb.chars.start = "%s%s%s" % (KB_CHARS_BOUNDARY_CHAR, randomStr(length=3, alphabet=KB_CHARS_LOW_FREQUENCY_ALPHABET), KB_CHARS_BOUNDARY_CHAR)1614 kb.chars.stop = "%s%s%s" % (KB_CHARS_BOUNDARY_CHAR, randomStr(length=3, alphabet=KB_CHARS_LOW_FREQUENCY_ALPHABET), KB_CHARS_BOUNDARY_CHAR)1615,, kb.chars.dollar, kb.chars.hash_ = ("%s%s%s" % (KB_CHARS_BOUNDARY_CHAR, _, KB_CHARS_BOUNDARY_CHAR) for _ in randomStr(length=4, lowercase=True))1616 kb.choices = AttribDict(keycheck=False)1617 kb.codePage = None1618 kb.commonOutputs = None1619 kb.connErrorCounter = 01620 kb.copyExecTest = None1621 kb.counters = {}1622 kb.customInjectionMark = CUSTOM_INJECTION_MARK_CHAR1623 = AttribDict()1624 kb.dataOutputFlag = False1625 # Active back-end DBMS fingerprint1626 kb.dbms = None1627 kb.dbmsFilter = []1628 kb.dbmsVersion = [UNKNOWN_DBMS_VERSION]1629 kb.delayCandidates = TIME_DELAY_CANDIDATES * [0]1630 kb.dep = None1631 kb.disableHtmlDecoding = False1632 kb.dnsMode = False1633 kb.dnsTest = None1634 kb.docRoot = None1635 kb.droppingRequests = False1636 kb.dumpColumns = None1637 kb.dumpTable = None1638 kb.dumpKeyboardInterrupt = False1639 kb.dynamicMarkings = []1640 kb.dynamicParameter = False1641 kb.endDetection = False1642 kb.explicitSettings = set()1643 kb.extendTests = None1644 kb.errorChunkLength = None1645 kb.errorIsNone = True1646 kb.falsePositives = []1647 kb.fileReadMode = False1648 kb.fingerprinted = False1649 kb.followSitemapRecursion = None1650 kb.forcedDbms = None1651 kb.forcePartialUnion = False1652 kb.forceThreads = None1653 kb.forceWhere = None1654 kb.forkNote = None1655 kb.futileUnion = None1656 kb.fuzzUnionTest = None1657 kb.heavilyDynamic = False1658 kb.headersFile = None1659 kb.headersFp = {}1660 kb.heuristicDbms = None1661 kb.heuristicExtendedDbms = None1662 kb.heuristicMode = False1663 kb.heuristicPage = False1664 kb.heuristicTest = None1665 kb.hintValue = ""1666 kb.htmlFp = []1667 kb.httpErrorCodes = {}1668 kb.inferenceMode = False1669 kb.ignoreCasted = None1670 kb.ignoreNotFound = False1671 kb.ignoreTimeout = False1672 kb.identifiedWafs = set()1673 kb.injection = InjectionDict()1674 kb.injections = []1675 kb.jsonAggMode = False1676 kb.laggingChecked = False1677 kb.lastParserStatus = None1678 kb.locks = AttribDict()1679 for _ in ("cache", "connError", "count", "handlers", "hint", "index", "io", "limit", "liveCookies", "log", "socket", "redirect", "request", "value"):1680 kb.locks[_] = threading.Lock()1681 kb.matchRatio = None1682 kb.maxConnectionsFlag = False1683 kb.mergeCookies = None1684 kb.multipleCtrlC = False1685 kb.negativeLogic = False1686 kb.nchar = True1687 kb.nullConnection = None1688 kb.oldMsf = None1689 kb.orderByColumns = None1690 kb.originalCode = None1691 kb.originalPage = None1692 kb.originalPageTime = None1693 kb.originalTimeDelay = None1694 kb.originalUrls = dict()1695 # Back-end DBMS underlying operating system fingerprint via banner (-b)1696 # parsing1697 kb.os = None1698 kb.osVersion = None1699 kb.osSP = None1700 kb.pageCompress = True1701 kb.pageTemplate = None1702 kb.pageTemplates = dict()1703 kb.pageEncoding = DEFAULT_PAGE_ENCODING1704 kb.pageStable = None1705 kb.partRun = None1706 kb.permissionFlag = False1707 kb.postHint = None1708 kb.postSpaceToPlus = False1709 kb.postUrlEncode = True1710 kb.prependFlag = False1711 kb.processResponseCounter = 01712 kb.previousMethod = None1713 kb.processUserMarks = None1714 kb.proxyAuthHeader = None1715 kb.queryCounter = 01716 kb.randomPool = {}1717 kb.reflectiveMechanism = True1718 kb.reflectiveCounters = {REFLECTIVE_COUNTER.MISS: 0, REFLECTIVE_COUNTER.HIT: 0}1719 kb.requestCounter = 01720 kb.resendPostOnRedirect = None1721 kb.resolutionDbms = None1722 kb.responseTimes = {}1723 kb.responseTimeMode = None1724 kb.responseTimePayload = None1725 kb.resumeValues = True1726 kb.safeCharEncode = False1727 kb.safeReq = AttribDict()1728 kb.secondReq = None1729 kb.serverHeader = None1730 kb.singleLogFlags = set()1731 kb.skipSeqMatcher = False1732 kb.smokeMode = False1733 kb.reduceTests = None1734 kb.sslSuccess = False1735 kb.stickyDBMS = False1736 kb.suppressResumeInfo = False1737 kb.tableFrom = None1738 kb.technique = None1739 kb.tempDir = None1740 kb.testMode = False1741 kb.testOnlyCustom = False1742 kb.testQueryCount = 01743 kb.testType = None1744 kb.threadContinue = True1745 kb.threadException = False1746 kb.tlsSNI = {}1747 kb.uChar = NULL1748 kb.udfFail = False1749 kb.unionDuplicates = False1750 kb.unionTemplate = None1751 kb.webSocketRecvCount = None1752 kb.wizardMode = False1753 kb.xpCmdshellAvailable = False1754 if flushAll:1755 kb.checkSitemap = None1756 kb.headerPaths = {}1757 kb.keywords = set(getFileItems(paths.SQL_KEYWORDS))1758 kb.lastCtrlCTime = None1759 kb.normalizeCrawlingChoice = None1760 kb.passwordMgr = None1761 kb.postprocessFunctions = []1762 kb.preprocessFunctions = []1763 kb.skipVulnHost = None1764 kb.storeCrawlingChoice = None1765 kb.tamperFunctions = []1766 kb.targets = OrderedSet()1767 kb.testedParams = set()1768 kb.userAgents = None1769 kb.vainRun = True1770 kb.vulnHosts = set()1771 kb.wafFunctions = []1772 kb.wordlists = None1773def _useWizardInterface():1774 """1775 Presents simple wizard interface for beginner users1776 """1777 if not conf.wizard:1778 return1779"starting wizard interface")1780 while not conf.url:1781 message = "Please enter full target URL (-u): "1782 conf.url = readInput(message, default=None)1783 message = "%s data (--data) [Enter for None]: " % ((conf.method if conf.method != HTTPMETHOD.GET else None) or HTTPMETHOD.POST)1784 = readInput(message, default=None)1785 if not (any('=' in _ for _ in (conf.url, or '*' in conf.url):1786 warnMsg = "no GET and/or %s parameter(s) found for testing " % ((conf.method if conf.method != HTTPMETHOD.GET else None) or HTTPMETHOD.POST)1787 warnMsg += "(e.g. GET parameter 'id' in ''). "1788 if not conf.crawlDepth and not conf.forms:1789 warnMsg += "Will search for forms"1790 conf.forms = True1791 logger.warn(warnMsg)1792 choice = None1793 while choice is None or choice not in ("", "1", "2", "3"):1794 message = "Injection difficulty (--level/--risk). Please choose:\n"1795 message += "[1] Normal (default)\n[2] Medium\n[3] Hard"1796 choice = readInput(message, default='1')1797 if choice == '2':1798 conf.risk = 21799 conf.level = 31800 elif choice == '3':1801 conf.risk = 31802 conf.level = 51803 else:1804 conf.risk = 11805 conf.level = 11806 if not conf.getAll:1807 choice = None1808 while choice is None or choice not in ("", "1", "2", "3"):1809 message = "Enumeration (--banner/--current-user/etc). Please choose:\n"1810 message += "[1] Basic (default)\n[2] Intermediate\n[3] All"1811 choice = readInput(message, default='1')1812 if choice == '2':1813 options = WIZARD.INTERMEDIATE1814 elif choice == '3':1815 options = WIZARD.ALL1816 else:1817 options = WIZARD.BASIC1818 for _ in options:1819 conf.__setitem__(_, True)1820 logger.debug("muting sqlmap.. it will do the magic for you")1821 conf.verbose = 01822 conf.batch = True1823 conf.threads = 41824 dataToStdout("\nsqlmap is running, please wait..\n\n")1825 kb.wizardMode = True1826def _saveConfig():1827 """1828 Saves the command line options to a sqlmap configuration INI file1829 Format.1830 """1831 if not conf.saveConfig:1832 return1833 debugMsg = "saving command line options to a sqlmap configuration INI file"1834 logger.debug(debugMsg)1835 saveConfig(conf, conf.saveConfig)1836 infoMsg = "saved command line options to the configuration file '%s'" % conf.saveConfig1837 setVerbosity():1839 """1840 This function set the verbosity of sqlmap output messages.1841 """1842 if conf.verbose is None:1843 conf.verbose = 11844 conf.verbose = int(conf.verbose)1845 if conf.verbose == 0:1846 logger.setLevel(logging.ERROR)1847 elif conf.verbose == 1:1848 logger.setLevel(logging.INFO)1849 elif conf.verbose > 2 and conf.eta:1850 conf.verbose = 21851 logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)1852 elif conf.verbose == 2:1853 logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)1854 elif conf.verbose == 3:1855 logger.setLevel(CUSTOM_LOGGING.PAYLOAD)1856 elif conf.verbose == 4:1857 logger.setLevel(CUSTOM_LOGGING.TRAFFIC_OUT)1858 elif conf.verbose >= 5:1859 logger.setLevel(CUSTOM_LOGGING.TRAFFIC_IN)1860def _normalizeOptions(inputOptions):1861 """1862 Sets proper option types1863 """1864 types_ = {}1865 for group in optDict.keys():1866 types_.update(optDict[group])1867 for key in inputOptions:1868 if key in types_:1869 value = inputOptions[key]1870 if value is None:1871 continue1872 type_ = types_[key]1873 if type_ and isinstance(type_, tuple):1874 type_ = type_[0]1875 if type_ == OPTION_TYPE.BOOLEAN:1876 try:1877 value = bool(value)1878 except (TypeError, ValueError):1879 value = False1880 elif type_ == OPTION_TYPE.INTEGER:1881 try:1882 value = int(value)1883 except (TypeError, ValueError):1884 value = 01885 elif type_ == OPTION_TYPE.FLOAT:1886 try:1887 value = float(value)1888 except (TypeError, ValueError):1889 value = 0.01890 inputOptions[key] = value1891def _mergeOptions(inputOptions, overrideOptions):1892 """1893 Merge command line options with configuration file and default options.1894 @param inputOptions: optparse object with command line options.1895 @type inputOptions: C{instance}1896 """1897 if inputOptions.configFile:1898 configFileParser(inputOptions.configFile)1899 if hasattr(inputOptions, "items"):1900 inputOptionsItems = inputOptions.items()1901 else:1902 inputOptionsItems = inputOptions.__dict__.items()1903 for key, value in inputOptionsItems:1904 if key not in conf or value not in (None, False) or overrideOptions:1905 conf[key] = value1906 if not conf.api:1907 for key, value in conf.items():1908 if value is not None:1909 kb.explicitSettings.add(key)1910 for key, value in defaults.items():1911 if hasattr(conf, key) and conf[key] is None:1912 conf[key] = value1913 if conf.unstable:1914 if key in ("timeSec", "retries", "timeout"):1915 conf[key] *= 21916 if conf.unstable:1917 conf.forcePartial = True1918 lut = {}1919 for group in optDict.keys():1920 lut.update((_.upper(), _) for _ in optDict[group])1921 envOptions = {}1922 for key, value in os.environ.items():1923 if key.upper().startswith(SQLMAP_ENVIRONMENT_PREFIX):1924 _ = key[len(SQLMAP_ENVIRONMENT_PREFIX):].upper()1925 if _ in lut:1926 envOptions[lut[_]] = value1927 if envOptions:1928 _normalizeOptions(envOptions)1929 for key, value in envOptions.items():1930 conf[key] = value1931 mergedOptions.update(conf)1932def _setTrafficOutputFP():1933 if conf.trafficFile:1934 infoMsg = "setting file for logging HTTP traffic"1935 conf.trafficFP = openFile(conf.trafficFile, "w+")1937def _setupHTTPCollector():1938 if not conf.harFile:1939 return1940 conf.httpCollector = HTTPCollectorFactory(conf.harFile).create()1941def _setDNSServer():1942 if not conf.dnsDomain:1943 return1944 infoMsg = "setting up DNS server instance"1945 isAdmin = runningAsAdmin()1947 if isAdmin:1948 try:1949 conf.dnsServer = DNSServer()1950 except socket.error as ex:1952 errMsg = "there was an error while setting up "1953 errMsg += "DNS server instance ('%s')" % getSafeExString(ex)1954 raise SqlmapGenericException(errMsg)1955 else:1956 errMsg = "you need to run sqlmap as an administrator "1957 errMsg += "if you want to perform a DNS data exfiltration attack "1958 errMsg += "as it will need to listen on privileged UDP port 53 "1959 errMsg += "for incoming address resolution attempts"1960 raise SqlmapMissingPrivileges(errMsg)1961def _setProxyList():1962 if not conf.proxyFile:1963 return1964 conf.proxyList = []1965 for match in re.finditer(r"(?i)((http[^:]*|socks[^:]*)://)?([\w\-.]+):(\d+)", readCachedFileContent(conf.proxyFile)):1966 _, type_, address, port = match.groups()1967 conf.proxyList.append("%s://%s:%s" % (type_ or "http", address, port))1968def _setTorProxySettings():1969 if not conf.tor:1970 return1971 if conf.torType == PROXY_TYPE.HTTP:1972 _setTorHttpProxySettings()1973 else:1974 _setTorSocksProxySettings()1975def _setTorHttpProxySettings():1976 infoMsg = "setting Tor HTTP proxy settings"1977 port = findLocalPort(DEFAULT_TOR_HTTP_PORTS if not conf.torPort else (conf.torPort,))1979 if port:1980 conf.proxy = "http://%s:%d" % (LOCALHOST, port)1981 else:1982 errMsg = "can't establish connection with the Tor HTTP proxy. "1983 errMsg += "Please make sure that you have Tor (bundle) installed and setup "1984 errMsg += "so you could be able to successfully use switch '--tor' "1985 raise SqlmapConnectionException(errMsg)1986 if not conf.checkTor:1987 warnMsg = "use switch '--check-tor' at "1988 warnMsg += "your own convenience when accessing "1989 warnMsg += "Tor anonymizing network because of "1990 warnMsg += "known issues with default settings of various 'bundles' "1991 warnMsg += "(e.g. Vidalia)"1992 logger.warn(warnMsg)1993def _setTorSocksProxySettings():1994 infoMsg = "setting Tor SOCKS proxy settings"1995 port = findLocalPort(DEFAULT_TOR_SOCKS_PORTS if not conf.torPort else (conf.torPort,))1997 if not port:1998 errMsg = "can't establish connection with the Tor SOCKS proxy. "1999 errMsg += "Please make sure that you have Tor service installed and setup "2000 errMsg += "so you could be able to successfully use switch '--tor' "2001 raise SqlmapConnectionException(errMsg)2002 # SOCKS5 to prevent DNS leaks ( socks.setdefaultproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5 if conf.torType == PROXY_TYPE.SOCKS5 else socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS4, LOCALHOST, port)2004 socks.wrapmodule(_http_client)2005def _setHttpChunked():2006 if conf.chunked and _http_client.HTTPConnection._set_content_length = lambda self, a, b: None2008def _checkWebSocket():2009 if conf.url and (conf.url.startswith("ws:/") or conf.url.startswith("wss:/")):2010 try:2011 from websocket import ABNF2012 except ImportError:2013 errMsg = "sqlmap requires third-party module 'websocket-client' "2014 errMsg += "in order to use WebSocket functionality"2015 raise SqlmapMissingDependence(errMsg)2016def _checkTor():2017 if not conf.checkTor:2018 return2019 infoMsg = "checking Tor connection"2020 try:2022 page, _, _ = Request.getPage(url="", raise404=False)2023 except SqlmapConnectionException:2024 page = None2025 if not page or "Congratulations" not in page:2026 errMsg = "it appears that Tor is not properly set. Please try using options '--tor-type' and/or '--tor-port'"2027 raise SqlmapConnectionException(errMsg)2028 else:2029 infoMsg = "Tor is properly being used"2030 _basicOptionValidation():2032 if conf.limitStart is not None and not (isinstance(conf.limitStart, int) and conf.limitStart > 0):2033 errMsg = "value for option '--start' (limitStart) must be an integer value greater than zero (>0)"2034 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2035 if conf.limitStop is not None and not (isinstance(conf.limitStop, int) and conf.limitStop > 0):2036 errMsg = "value for option '--stop' (limitStop) must be an integer value greater than zero (>0)"2037 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2038 if conf.level is not None and not (isinstance(conf.level, int) and conf.level >= 1 and conf.level <= 5):2039 errMsg = "value for option '--level' must be an integer value from range [1, 5]"2040 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2041 if conf.risk is not None and not (isinstance(conf.risk, int) and conf.risk >= 1 and conf.risk <= 3):2042 errMsg = "value for option '--risk' must be an integer value from range [1, 3]"2043 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2044 if isinstance(conf.limitStart, int) and conf.limitStart > 0 and \2045 isinstance(conf.limitStop, int) and conf.limitStop < conf.limitStart:2046 warnMsg = "usage of option '--start' (limitStart) which is bigger than value for --stop (limitStop) option is considered unstable"2047 logger.warn(warnMsg)2048 if isinstance(conf.firstChar, int) and conf.firstChar > 0 and \2049 isinstance(conf.lastChar, int) and conf.lastChar < conf.firstChar:2050 errMsg = "value for option '--first' (firstChar) must be smaller than or equal to value for --last (lastChar) option"2051 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2052 if conf.textOnly and conf.nullConnection:2053 errMsg = "switch '--text-only' is incompatible with switch '--null-connection'"2054 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2055 if conf.eta and conf.verbose > defaults.verbose:2056 errMsg = "switch '--eta' is incompatible with option '-v'"2057 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2058 if conf.secondUrl and conf.secondReq:2059 errMsg = "option '--second-url' is incompatible with option '--second-req')"2060 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2061 if and conf.url:2062 errMsg = "option '-d' is incompatible with option '-u' ('--url')"2063 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2064 if and conf.dbms:2065 errMsg = "option '-d' is incompatible with option '--dbms'"2066 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2067 if conf.titles and conf.nullConnection:2068 errMsg = "switch '--titles' is incompatible with switch '--null-connection'"2069 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2070 if conf.dumpTable and errMsg = "switch '--dump' is incompatible with switch '--search'"2072 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2073 if conf.chunked and not any((, conf.requestFile, conf.forms)):2074 errMsg = "switch '--chunked' requires usage of (POST) options/switches '--data', '-r' or '--forms'"2075 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2076 if conf.api and not conf.configFile:2077 errMsg = "switch '--api' requires usage of option '-c'"2078 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2079 if and conf.nullConnection:2080 errMsg = "option '--data' is incompatible with switch '--null-connection'"2081 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2082 if conf.string and conf.nullConnection:2083 errMsg = "option '--string' is incompatible with switch '--null-connection'"2084 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2085 if conf.notString and conf.nullConnection:2086 errMsg = "option '--not-string' is incompatible with switch '--null-connection'"2087 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2088 if conf.tor and conf.osPwn:2089 errMsg = "option '--tor' is incompatible with switch '--os-pwn'"2090 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2091 if conf.noCast and conf.hexConvert:2092 errMsg = "switch '--no-cast' is incompatible with switch '--hex'"2093 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2094 if conf.crawlDepth:2095 try:2096 xrange(conf.crawlDepth)2097 except OverflowError as ex:2098 errMsg = "invalid value used for option '--crawl' ('%s')" % getSafeExString(ex)2099 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2100 if conf.dumpAll and errMsg = "switch '--dump-all' is incompatible with switch '--search'"2102 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2103 if conf.string and conf.notString:2104 errMsg = "option '--string' is incompatible with switch '--not-string'"2105 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2106 if conf.regexp and conf.nullConnection:2107 errMsg = "option '--regexp' is incompatible with switch '--null-connection'"2108 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2109 if conf.regexp:2110 try:2111 re.compile(conf.regexp)2112 except Exception as ex:2113 errMsg = "invalid regular expression '%s' ('%s')" % (conf.regexp, getSafeExString(ex))2114 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2115 if conf.paramExclude:2116 try:2117 re.compile(conf.paramExclude)2118 except Exception as ex:2119 errMsg = "invalid regular expression '%s' ('%s')" % (conf.paramExclude, getSafeExString(ex))2120 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2121 if conf.cookieDel and len(conf.cookieDel):2122 errMsg = "option '--cookie-del' should contain a single character (e.g. ';')"2123 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2124 if conf.crawlExclude:2125 try:2126 re.compile(conf.crawlExclude)2127 except Exception as ex:2128 errMsg = "invalid regular expression '%s' ('%s')" % (conf.crawlExclude, getSafeExString(ex))2129 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2130 if conf.scope:2131 try:2132 re.compile(conf.scope)2133 except Exception as ex:2134 errMsg = "invalid regular expression '%s' ('%s')" % (conf.scope, getSafeExString(ex))2135 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2136 if conf.dumpTable and conf.dumpAll:2137 errMsg = "switch '--dump' is incompatible with switch '--dump-all'"2138 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2139 if conf.predictOutput and (conf.threads > 1 or conf.optimize):2140 errMsg = "switch '--predict-output' is incompatible with option '--threads' and switch '-o'"2141 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2142 if conf.threads > MAX_NUMBER_OF_THREADS and not conf.get("skipThreadCheck"):2143 errMsg = "maximum number of used threads is %d avoiding potential connection issues" % MAX_NUMBER_OF_THREADS2144 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2145 if conf.forms and not any((conf.url, conf.googleDork, conf.bulkFile)):2146 errMsg = "switch '--forms' requires usage of option '-u' ('--url'), '-g' or '-m'"2147 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2148 if conf.crawlExclude and not conf.crawlDepth:2149 errMsg = "option '--crawl-exclude' requires usage of switch '--crawl'"2150 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2151 if conf.safePost and not conf.safeUrl:2152 errMsg = "option '--safe-post' requires usage of option '--safe-url'"2153 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2154 if conf.safeFreq and not any((conf.safeUrl, conf.safeReqFile)):2155 errMsg = "option '--safe-freq' requires usage of option '--safe-url' or '--safe-req'"2156 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2157 if conf.safeReqFile and any((conf.safeUrl, conf.safePost)):2158 errMsg = "option '--safe-req' is incompatible with option '--safe-url' and option '--safe-post'"2159 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2160 if conf.csrfUrl and not conf.csrfToken:2161 errMsg = "option '--csrf-url' requires usage of option '--csrf-token'"2162 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2163 if conf.csrfMethod and not conf.csrfToken:2164 errMsg = "option '--csrf-method' requires usage of option '--csrf-token'"2165 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2166 if conf.csrfToken and conf.threads > 1:2167 errMsg = "option '--csrf-url' is incompatible with option '--threads'"2168 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2169 if conf.requestFile and conf.url and conf.url != DUMMY_URL:2170 errMsg = "option '-r' is incompatible with option '-u' ('--url')"2171 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2172 if and conf.proxy:2173 errMsg = "option '-d' is incompatible with option '--proxy'"2174 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2175 if and conf.tor:2176 errMsg = "option '-d' is incompatible with switch '--tor'"2177 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2178 if not conf.technique:2179 errMsg = "option '--technique' can't be empty"2180 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2181 if conf.tor and conf.ignoreProxy:2182 errMsg = "switch '--tor' is incompatible with switch '--ignore-proxy'"2183 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2184 if conf.tor and conf.proxy:2185 errMsg = "switch '--tor' is incompatible with option '--proxy'"2186 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2187 if conf.proxy and conf.proxyFile:2188 errMsg = "switch '--proxy' is incompatible with option '--proxy-file'"2189 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2190 if conf.proxyFreq and not conf.proxyFile:2191 errMsg = "option '--proxy-freq' requires usage of option '--proxy-file'"2192 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2193 if conf.checkTor and not any((conf.tor, conf.proxy)):2194 errMsg = "switch '--check-tor' requires usage of switch '--tor' (or option '--proxy' with HTTP proxy address of Tor service)"2195 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2196 if conf.torPort is not None and not (isinstance(conf.torPort, int) and conf.torPort >= 0 and conf.torPort <= 65535):2197 errMsg = "value for option '--tor-port' must be in range [0, 65535]"2198 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2199 if conf.torType not in getPublicTypeMembers(PROXY_TYPE, True):2200 errMsg = "option '--tor-type' accepts one of following values: %s" % ", ".join(getPublicTypeMembers(PROXY_TYPE, True))2201 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2202 if conf.dumpFormat not in getPublicTypeMembers(DUMP_FORMAT, True):2203 errMsg = "option '--dump-format' accepts one of following values: %s" % ", ".join(getPublicTypeMembers(DUMP_FORMAT, True))2204 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2205 if conf.skip and conf.testParameter:2206 if intersect(conf.skip, conf.testParameter):2207 errMsg = "option '--skip' is incompatible with option '-p'"2208 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2209 if conf.rParam and conf.testParameter:2210 if intersect(conf.rParam, conf.testParameter):2211 errMsg = "option '--randomize' is incompatible with option '-p'"2212 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2213 if and conf.agent:2214 errMsg = "switch '--mobile' is incompatible with option '--user-agent'"2215 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2216 if conf.proxy and conf.ignoreProxy:2217 errMsg = "option '--proxy' is incompatible with switch '--ignore-proxy'"2218 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2219 if conf.alert and conf.alert.startswith('-'):2220 errMsg = "value for option '--alert' must be valid operating system command(s)"2221 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2222 if conf.timeSec < 1:2223 errMsg = "value for option '--time-sec' must be a positive integer"2224 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2225 if conf.uChar and not re.match(UNION_CHAR_REGEX, conf.uChar):2226 errMsg = "value for option '--union-char' must be an alpha-numeric value (e.g. 1)"2227 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2228 if conf.hashFile and any((, conf.url, conf.logFile, conf.bulkFile, conf.googleDork, conf.configFile, conf.requestFile, conf.updateAll, conf.smokeTest, conf.wizard, conf.dependencies, conf.purge, conf.listTampers)):2229 errMsg = "option '--crack' should be used as a standalone"2230 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2231 if isinstance(conf.uCols, six.string_types):2232 if not conf.uCols.isdigit() and ("-" not in conf.uCols or len(conf.uCols.split("-")) != 2):2233 errMsg = "value for option '--union-cols' must be a range with hyphon "2234 errMsg += "(e.g. 1-10) or integer value (e.g. 5)"2235 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2236 if conf.dbmsCred and ':' not in conf.dbmsCred:2237 errMsg = "value for option '--dbms-cred' must be in "2238 errMsg += "format <username>:<password> (e.g. \"root:pass\")"2239 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2240 if conf.encoding:2241 _ = checkCharEncoding(conf.encoding, False)2242 if _ is None:2243 errMsg = "unknown encoding '%s'. Please visit " % conf.encoding2244 errMsg += "'%s' to get the full list of " % CODECS_LIST_PAGE2245 errMsg += "supported encodings"2246 raise SqlmapSyntaxException(errMsg)2247 else:2248 conf.encoding = _2249 if conf.loadCookies:2250 if not os.path.exists(conf.loadCookies):2251 errMsg = "cookies file '%s' does not exist" % conf.loadCookies2252 raise SqlmapFilePathException(errMsg)2253def initOptions(inputOptions=AttribDict(), overrideOptions=False):2254 _setConfAttributes()2255 _setKnowledgeBaseAttributes()2256 _mergeOptions(inputOptions, overrideOptions)2257def init():2258 """2259 Set attributes into both configuration and knowledge base singletons2260 based upon command line and configuration file options.2261 """2262 _useWizardInterface()2263 setVerbosity()2264 _saveConfig()2265 _setRequestFromFile()2266 _cleanupOptions()2267 _cleanupEnvironment()2268 _purge()2269 _checkDependencies()2270 _createHomeDirectories()2271 _createTemporaryDirectory()2272 _basicOptionValidation()2273 _setProxyList()2274 _setTorProxySettings()2275 _setDNSServer()2276 _adjustLoggingFormatter()2277 _setMultipleTargets()2278 _listTamperingFunctions()2279 _setTamperingFunctions()2280 _setPreprocessFunctions()2281 _setPostprocessFunctions()2282 _setTrafficOutputFP()2283 _setupHTTPCollector()2284 _setHttpChunked()2285 _checkWebSocket()2286 parseTargetDirect()2287 if any((conf.url, conf.logFile, conf.bulkFile, conf.requestFile, conf.googleDork, conf.stdinPipe)):2288 _setHostname()2289 _setHTTPTimeout()2290 _setHTTPExtraHeaders()2291 _setHTTPCookies()2292 _setHTTPReferer()2293 _setHTTPHost()2294 _setHTTPUserAgent()2295 _setHTTPAuthentication()2296 _setHTTPHandlers()2297 _setDNSCache()2298 _setSocketPreConnect()2299 _setSafeVisit()2300 _doSearch()2301 _setStdinPipeTargets()2302 _setBulkMultipleTargets()2303 _checkTor()2304 _setCrawler()2305 _findPageForms()2306 _setDBMS()2307 _setTechnique()2308 _setThreads()2309 _setOS()2310 _setWriteFile()2311 _setMetasploit()2312 _setDBMSAuthentication()2313 loadBoundaries()2314 loadPayloads()2315 _setPrefixSuffix()2316 update()...

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1#!/usr/bin/env python2"""3Copyright (c) 2006-2021 sqlmap developers ( the file 'LICENSE' for copying permission5"""6from __future__ import print_function7try:8 import sys9 sys.dont_write_bytecode = True10 try:11 __import__("lib.utils.versioncheck") # this has to be the first non-standard import12 except ImportError:13 sys.exit("[!] wrong installation detected (missing modules). Visit '' for further details")14 import bdb15 import distutils16 import glob17 import inspect18 import json19 import logging20 import os21 import re22 import shutil23 import sys24 import tempfile25 import threading26 import time27 import traceback28 import warnings29 warnings.filterwarnings(action="ignore", message="Python 2 is no longer supported")30 warnings.filterwarnings(action="ignore", message=".*was already imported", category=UserWarning)31 warnings.filterwarnings(action="ignore", message=".*using a very old release", category=UserWarning)32 warnings.filterwarnings(action="ignore", message=".*default buffer size will be used", category=RuntimeWarning)33 warnings.filterwarnings(action="ignore", category=UserWarning, module="psycopg2")34 if "--deprecations" not in sys.argv:35 warnings.filterwarnings(action="ignore", category=DeprecationWarning)36 from import logger37 from lib.core.common import banner38 from lib.core.common import checkIntegrity39 from lib.core.common import checkPipedInput40 from lib.core.common import createGithubIssue41 from lib.core.common import dataToStdout42 from lib.core.common import filterNone43 from lib.core.common import getDaysFromLastUpdate44 from lib.core.common import getFileItems45 from lib.core.common import getSafeExString46 from lib.core.common import maskSensitiveData47 from lib.core.common import openFile48 from lib.core.common import setPaths49 from lib.core.common import weAreFrozen50 from lib.core.convert import getUnicode51 from import cmdLineOptions52 from import conf53 from import kb54 from lib.core.common import MKSTEMP_PREFIX55 from lib.core.common import setColor56 from lib.core.common import unhandledExceptionMessage57 from lib.core.compat import xrange58 from lib.core.exception import SqlmapBaseException59 from lib.core.exception import SqlmapShellQuitException60 from lib.core.exception import SqlmapSilentQuitException61 from lib.core.exception import SqlmapUserQuitException62 from lib.core.option import init63 from lib.core.option import initOptions64 from lib.core.patch import dirtyPatches65 from lib.core.patch import resolveCrossReferences66 from lib.core.settings import GIT_PAGE67 from lib.core.settings import IS_WIN68 from lib.core.settings import LAST_UPDATE_NAGGING_DAYS69 from lib.core.settings import LEGAL_DISCLAIMER70 from lib.core.settings import THREAD_FINALIZATION_TIMEOUT71 from lib.core.settings import UNICODE_ENCODING72 from lib.core.settings import VERSION73 from lib.parse.cmdline import cmdLineParser74 from lib.utils.crawler import crawl75except KeyboardInterrupt:76 errMsg = "user aborted"77 if "logger" in globals():78 logger.critical(errMsg)79 raise SystemExit80 else:81 import time82 sys.exit("\r[%s] [CRITICAL] %s" % (time.strftime("%X"), errMsg))83def modulePath():84 """85 This will get us the program's directory, even if we are frozen86 using py2exe87 """88 try:89 _ = sys.executable if weAreFrozen() else __file__90 except NameError:91 _ = inspect.getsourcefile(modulePath)92 return getUnicode(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(_)), encoding=sys.getfilesystemencoding() or UNICODE_ENCODING)93def checkEnvironment():94 try:95 os.path.isdir(modulePath())96 except UnicodeEncodeError:97 errMsg = "your system does not properly handle non-ASCII paths. "98 errMsg += "Please move the sqlmap's directory to the other location"99 logger.critical(errMsg)100 raise SystemExit101 if distutils.version.LooseVersion(VERSION) < distutils.version.LooseVersion("1.0"):102 errMsg = "your runtime environment (e.g. PYTHONPATH) is "103 errMsg += "broken. Please make sure that you are not running "104 errMsg += "newer versions of sqlmap with runtime scripts for older "105 errMsg += "versions"106 logger.critical(errMsg)107 raise SystemExit108 # Patch for pip (import) environment109 if "sqlmap.sqlmap" in sys.modules:110 for _ in ("cmdLineOptions", "conf", "kb"):111 globals()[_] = getattr(sys.modules[""], _)112 for _ in ("SqlmapBaseException", "SqlmapShellQuitException", "SqlmapSilentQuitException", "SqlmapUserQuitException"):113 globals()[_] = getattr(sys.modules["lib.core.exception"], _)114def main():115 """116 Main function of sqlmap when running from command line.117 """118 try:119 dirtyPatches()120 resolveCrossReferences()121 checkEnvironment()122 setPaths(modulePath())123 banner()124 # Store original command line options for possible later restoration125 args = cmdLineParser()126 cmdLineOptions.update(args.__dict__ if hasattr(args, "__dict__") else args)127 initOptions(cmdLineOptions)128 if checkPipedInput():129 conf.batch = True130 if conf.get("api"):131 # heavy imports132 from lib.utils.api import StdDbOut133 from lib.utils.api import setRestAPILog134 # Overwrite system standard output and standard error to write135 # to an IPC database136 sys.stdout = StdDbOut(conf.taskid, messagetype="stdout")137 sys.stderr = StdDbOut(conf.taskid, messagetype="stderr")138 setRestAPILog()139 conf.showTime = True140 dataToStdout("[!] legal disclaimer: %s\n\n" % LEGAL_DISCLAIMER, forceOutput=True)141 dataToStdout("[*] starting @ %s\n\n" % time.strftime("%X /%Y-%m-%d/"), forceOutput=True)142 init()143 if not conf.updateAll:144 # Postponed imports (faster start)145 if conf.smokeTest:146 from lib.core.testing import smokeTest147 os._exitcode = 1 - (smokeTest() or 0)148 elif conf.vulnTest:149 from lib.core.testing import vulnTest150 os._exitcode = 1 - (vulnTest() or 0)151 elif conf.bedTest:152 from lib.core.testing import bedTest153 os._exitcode = 1 - (bedTest() or 0)154 elif conf.fuzzTest:155 from lib.core.testing import fuzzTest156 fuzzTest()157 else:158 from lib.controller.controller import start159 if conf.profile:160 from lib.core.profiling import profile161 globals()["start"] = start162 profile()163 else:164 try:165 if conf.crawlDepth and conf.bulkFile:166 targets = getFileItems(conf.bulkFile)167 for i in xrange(len(targets)):168 try:169 kb.targets.clear()170 target = targets[i]171 if not"(?i)\Ahttp[s]*://", target):172 target = "http://%s" % target173 infoMsg = "starting crawler for target URL '%s' (%d/%d)" % (target, i + 1, len(targets))174 crawl(target)176 except Exception as ex:177 if not isinstance(ex, SqlmapUserQuitException):178 errMsg = "problem occurred while crawling '%s' ('%s')" % (target, getSafeExString(ex))179 logger.error(errMsg)180 else:181 raise182 else:183 if kb.targets:184 start()185 else:186 start()187 except Exception as ex:188 os._exitcode = 1189 if "can't start new thread" in getSafeExString(ex):190 errMsg = "unable to start new threads. Please check OS (u)limits"191 logger.critical(errMsg)192 raise SystemExit193 else:194 raise195 except SqlmapUserQuitException:196 if not conf.batch:197 errMsg = "user quit"198 logger.error(errMsg)199 except (SqlmapSilentQuitException, bdb.BdbQuit):200 pass201 except SqlmapShellQuitException:202 cmdLineOptions.sqlmapShell = False203 except SqlmapBaseException as ex:204 errMsg = getSafeExString(ex)205 logger.critical(errMsg)206 os._exitcode = 1207 raise SystemExit208 except KeyboardInterrupt:209 print()210 except EOFError:211 print()212 errMsg = "exit"213 logger.error(errMsg)214 except SystemExit as ex:215 os._exitcode = ex.code or 0216 except:217 print()218 errMsg = unhandledExceptionMessage()219 excMsg = traceback.format_exc()220 valid = checkIntegrity()221 os._exitcode = 255222 if any(_ in excMsg for _ in ("MemoryError", "Cannot allocate memory")):223 errMsg = "memory exhaustion detected"224 logger.critical(errMsg)225 raise SystemExit226 elif any(_ in excMsg for _ in ("No space left", "Disk quota exceeded", "Disk full while accessing")):227 errMsg = "no space left on output device"228 logger.critical(errMsg)229 raise SystemExit230 elif any(_ in excMsg for _ in ("The paging file is too small",)):231 errMsg = "no space left for paging file"232 logger.critical(errMsg)233 raise SystemExit234 elif all(_ in excMsg for _ in ("Access is denied", "subprocess", "metasploit")):235 errMsg = "permission error occurred while running Metasploit"236 logger.critical(errMsg)237 raise SystemExit238 elif all(_ in excMsg for _ in ("Permission denied", "metasploit")):239 errMsg = "permission error occurred while using Metasploit"240 logger.critical(errMsg)241 raise SystemExit242 elif "Read-only file system" in excMsg:243 errMsg = "output device is mounted as read-only"244 logger.critical(errMsg)245 raise SystemExit246 elif "Insufficient system resources" in excMsg:247 errMsg = "resource exhaustion detected"248 logger.critical(errMsg)249 raise SystemExit250 elif "OperationalError: disk I/O error" in excMsg:251 errMsg = "I/O error on output device"252 logger.critical(errMsg)253 raise SystemExit254 elif "Violation of BIDI" in excMsg:255 errMsg = "invalid URL (violation of Bidi IDNA rule - RFC 5893)"256 logger.critical(errMsg)257 raise SystemExit258 elif "Invalid IPv6 URL" in excMsg:259 errMsg = "invalid URL ('%s')" % excMsg.strip().split('\n')[-1]260 logger.critical(errMsg)261 raise SystemExit262 elif "_mkstemp_inner" in excMsg:263 errMsg = "there has been a problem while accessing temporary files"264 logger.critical(errMsg)265 raise SystemExit266 elif any(_ in excMsg for _ in ("tempfile.mkdtemp", "tempfile.mkstemp", "")):267 errMsg = "unable to write to the temporary directory '%s'. " % tempfile.gettempdir()268 errMsg += "Please make sure that your disk is not full and "269 errMsg += "that you have sufficient write permissions to "270 errMsg += "create temporary files and/or directories"271 logger.critical(errMsg)272 raise SystemExit273 elif "Permission denied: '" in excMsg:274 match ="Permission denied: '([^']*)", excMsg)275 errMsg = "permission error occurred while accessing file '%s'" % logger.critical(errMsg)277 raise SystemExit278 elif all(_ in excMsg for _ in ("twophase", "sqlalchemy")):279 errMsg = "please update the 'sqlalchemy' package (>= 1.1.11) "280 errMsg += "(Reference: '')"281 logger.critical(errMsg)282 raise SystemExit283 elif all(_ in excMsg for _ in ("scramble_caching_sha2", "TypeError")):284 errMsg = "please downgrade the 'PyMySQL' package (=< 0.8.1) "285 errMsg += "(Reference: '')"286 logger.critical(errMsg)287 raise SystemExit288 elif "must be pinned buffer, not bytearray" in excMsg:289 errMsg = "error occurred at Python interpreter which "290 errMsg += "is fixed in 2.7. Please update accordingly "291 errMsg += "(Reference: '')"292 logger.critical(errMsg)293 raise SystemExit294 elif all(_ in excMsg for _ in ("Resource temporarily unavailable", "os.fork()", "dictionaryAttack")):295 errMsg = "there has been a problem while running the multiprocessing hash cracking. "296 errMsg += "Please rerun with option '--threads=1'"297 logger.critical(errMsg)298 raise SystemExit299 elif "can't start new thread" in excMsg:300 errMsg = "there has been a problem while creating new thread instance. 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"338 errMsg += "You should retrieve the latest development version from official GitHub "339 errMsg += "repository at '%s'" % GIT_PAGE340 logger.critical(errMsg)341 print()342 dataToStdout(excMsg)343 raise SystemExit344 elif any(_ in excMsg for _ in ("tamper/", "waf/")):345 logger.critical(errMsg)346 print()347 dataToStdout(excMsg)348 raise SystemExit349 elif any(_ in excMsg for _ in ("ImportError", "ModuleNotFoundError", "Can't find file for module", "SAXReaderNotAvailable", "source code string cannot contain null bytes", "No module named", "tp_name field")):350 errMsg = "invalid runtime environment ('%s')" % excMsg.split("Error: ")[-1].strip()351 logger.critical(errMsg)352 raise SystemExit353 elif all(_ in excMsg for _ in ("SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character", ".py on line", "but no encoding declared")):354 errMsg = "invalid runtime environment ('%s')" % excMsg.split("Error: ")[-1].strip()355 logger.critical(errMsg)356 raise SystemExit357 elif all(_ in excMsg for _ in ("No such file", "_'")):358 errMsg = "corrupted installation detected ('%s'). 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"370 errMsg += "Because of a considerable chance of false-positive case "371 errMsg += "you are advised to rerun with switch '--flush-session'"372 logger.critical(errMsg)373 raise SystemExit374 elif "bad marshal data (unknown type code)" in excMsg:375 match ="\s*(.+)\s+ValueError", excMsg)376 errMsg = "one of your .pyc files are corrupted%s" % (" ('%s')" % if match else "")377 errMsg += ". Please delete .pyc files on your system to fix the problem"378 logger.critical(errMsg)379 raise SystemExit380 for match in re.finditer(r'File "(.+?)", line', excMsg):381 file_ = try:383 file_ = os.path.relpath(file_, os.path.dirname(__file__))384 except ValueError:385 pass386 file_ = file_.replace("\\", '/')387 if "../" in file_:388 file_ = re.sub(r"(\.\./)+", '/', file_)389 else:390 file_ = file_.lstrip('/')391 file_ = re.sub(r"/{2,}", '/', file_)392 excMsg = excMsg.replace(, file_)393 errMsg = maskSensitiveData(errMsg)394 excMsg = maskSensitiveData(excMsg)395 if conf.get("api") or not valid:396 logger.critical("%s\n%s" % (errMsg, excMsg))397 else:398 logger.critical(errMsg)399 dataToStdout("%s\n" % setColor(excMsg.strip(), level=logging.CRITICAL))400 createGithubIssue(errMsg, excMsg)401 finally:402 kb.threadContinue = False403 if getDaysFromLastUpdate() > LAST_UPDATE_NAGGING_DAYS:404 warnMsg = "your sqlmap version is outdated"405 logger.warn(warnMsg)406 if conf.get("showTime"):407 dataToStdout("\n[*] ending @ %s\n\n" % time.strftime("%X /%Y-%m-%d/"), forceOutput=True)408 kb.threadException = True409 if kb.get("tempDir"):410 for prefix in (MKSTEMP_PREFIX.IPC, MKSTEMP_PREFIX.TESTING, MKSTEMP_PREFIX.COOKIE_JAR, MKSTEMP_PREFIX.BIG_ARRAY):411 for filepath in glob.glob(os.path.join(kb.tempDir, "%s*" % prefix)):412 try:413 os.remove(filepath)414 except OSError:415 pass416 if not filterNone(filepath for filepath in glob.glob(os.path.join(kb.tempDir, '*')) if not any(filepath.endswith(_) for _ in (".lock", ".exe", ".so", '_'))): # ignore junk files417 try:418 shutil.rmtree(kb.tempDir, ignore_errors=True)419 except OSError:420 pass421 if conf.get("hashDB"):422 conf.hashDB.flush(True)423 if conf.get("harFile"):424 try:425 with openFile(conf.harFile, "w+b") as f:426 json.dump(conf.httpCollector.obtain(), fp=f, indent=4, separators=(',', ': '))427 except SqlmapBaseException as ex:428 errMsg = getSafeExString(ex)429 logger.critical(errMsg)430 if conf.get("api"):431 conf.databaseCursor.disconnect()432 if conf.get("dumper"):433 conf.dumper.flush()434 # short delay for thread finalization435 _ = time.time()436 while threading.activeCount() > 1 and (time.time() - _) > THREAD_FINALIZATION_TIMEOUT:437 time.sleep(0.01)438 if cmdLineOptions.get("sqlmapShell"):439 cmdLineOptions.clear()440 conf.clear()441 kb.clear()442 conf.disableBanner = True443 main()444if __name__ == "__main__":445 try:446 main()447 except KeyboardInterrupt:448 pass449 except SystemExit:450 raise451 except:452 traceback.print_exc()453 finally:454 # Reference: if threading.activeCount() > 1:456 os._exit(getattr(os, "_exitcode", 0))457 else:458 sys.exit(getattr(os, "_exitcode", 0))459else:460 # cancelling postponed imports (because of Travis CI checks)...

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