How to use find_repository_host method in autotest

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...37 _retrieve_dummy)38site_find_repository_host = utils.import_site_function(__file__,39 "autotest.tko.site_retrieve_logs", "site_find_repository_host",40 _retrieve_dummy)41def find_repository_host(job_path):42 '''43 Find the machine holding the given logs and return a URL to the logs44 :param job_path: when this was a CGI script, this value came from the45 'job' variable, which was usually composed of '/results/' +46 a path such as '1-autotest' or '1-autotest/status.log'47 :type job_path: str48 :returns: a tuple with three members: protocol (such as "http"), host49 (such as "") and a path such as "/results/1-autotest"50 :rtype: tuple or None51 '''52 site_repo_info = site_find_repository_host(job_path)53 if site_repo_info is not None:54 return site_repo_info55 results_repos = [RESULTS_HOST]56 for drone in DRONES.split(','):57 drone = drone.strip()58 if drone not in results_repos:59 results_repos.append(drone)60 if ARCHIVE_HOST and ARCHIVE_HOST not in results_repos:61 results_repos.append(ARCHIVE_HOST)62 for drone in results_repos:63 if drone == 'localhost':64 continue65 http_path = 'http://%s%s' % (drone, job_path)66 try:67'Attempting to access the selected results URL: "%s"',68 http_path)69 utils.urlopen(http_path)70 return 'http', utils.normalize_hostname(drone), job_path71 except urllib2.URLError:72 logging.error('Failed to access the selected results URL. '73 'Reverting to usual results location')74 pass75def get_full_url(info, log_path):76 '''77 Returns the full URL of the requested log path78 :param info: a 3 element tuple such with protocol, host and path, usually79 the output from the find_repository_host function.80 :type info: tuple81 :param log_path: when this was a CGI script, this value came from the82 'job' variable, which was usually composed of '/results/' +83 a path such as '1-autotest' or '1-autotest/status.log'84 :type log_path: str85 :returns: the full url of the log file or directory request86 :rtype: str87 '''88 if info is not None:89 protocol, host, path = info90 prefix = '%s://%s' % (protocol, host)91 else:92 prefix = ''93 path = log_path94 return prefix + path95def retrieve_logs(path):96 host = find_repository_host(path)97 if host is None:98'No special host was found holding the results')99 # It's not clear what was intended here. Maybe some custom action to100 # fetch/unpack the logs?101 site_retrieve_logs(path)102 results_url = get_full_url(host, path)103'Results url: %s', results_url)104 return results_url105if __name__ == '__main__':106 logging_manager.configure_logging(LoggingConfig(), verbose=True)107 if len(sys.argv) <= 1:108 logging.error('Usage: %s [log_path]', sys.argv[0])109 raise SystemExit110 path = sys.argv[1]...

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