How to use get_boot_id method in autotest

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...39 assert TEST_BOOT_IDS == await # Boot ID query should not be run again, mock a failure for it to ensure41 journald_gateway.side_effect = TimeoutError()42 assert TEST_BOOT_IDS == await assert "b1c386a144fd44db8f855d7e907256f8" == await # -1 is previous boot. We have 2 boots so -2 is too far45 assert "b2aca10d5ca54fb1b6fb35c85a0efca9" == await with pytest.raises(ValueError):47 await # 1 is oldest boot and count up from there. We have 2 boots so 3 is too far49 assert "b2aca10d5ca54fb1b6fb35c85a0efca9" == await assert "b1c386a144fd44db8f855d7e907256f8" == await with pytest.raises(ValueError):52 await def test_identifiers(coresys: CoreSys, journald_gateway: MagicMock):54 """Test getting identifiers."""55 journald_gateway.return_value.__aenter__.return_value.text = AsyncMock(56 return_value=load_fixture("logs_identifiers.txt")57 )58 # Mock is large so just look for a few different types of identifiers59 for identifier in [60 "addon_local_ssh",61 "hassio_dns",62 "hassio_supervisor",63 "kernel",64 "os-agent",65 ]:66 assert identifier in await

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1import ctypes2import ctypes.util3import threading4import sqlite35import datetime6import sys7import re8import subprocess9import logging10import time11import socket12import uuid13import platform14import os15import stat16import errno17import copy18import traceback19from . import rpc20from . import client21from . import utils22from . import bsd23from . import fsevents24from . import hash25from . import metadata26from . import __version__27from .utils import (28 get_platform,29 get_cpu_arch,30 get_os_version,31 get_machine_id,32 get_hostname,33 get_user_name,34 get_rsync_version,35 get_ssh_version,36 get_python_version,37 get_system_uuid,38 get_boot_id,39 get_fqdn,40 get_kernel_version,41 get_kernel_name,42 get_kernel_release,43 get_kernel_version_tuple,44 get_kernel_release_tuple,...

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