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...345class ErrorCode:6 @staticmethod7 def get_error(code: int, msg: str) -> dict:8 data = dict()9 data['error'] = code10 data['desc'] = msg11 return data1213 @staticmethod14 def unpack_error(msg: str) -> dict:15 return ErrorCode.get_error(10001, f'Binary Reader Error, {msg}')1617 @staticmethod18 def read_byte_error(msg: str) -> dict:19 return ErrorCode.get_error(10002, f'Binary Reader Error, {msg}')2021 @staticmethod22 def params_type_error(msg: str) -> dict:23 return ErrorCode.get_error(20000, 'Interface Error, ' + msg)2425 require_bool_params = get_error.__func__(20001, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be int.')26 require_int_params = get_error.__func__(20002, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be int.')27 require_float_params = get_error.__func__(20003, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be float.')28 require_str_params = get_error.__func__(20004, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be str.')29 require_bytes_params = get_error.__func__(20005, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be bytes.')30 require_list_params = get_error.__func__(20006, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be list.')31 require_tuple_params = get_error.__func__(20007, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be tuple.')32 require_set_params = get_error.__func__(20008, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be set.')33 require_dict_params = get_error.__func__(20009, 'Interface Error, the type of parameter should be dict.')34 require_control_params = get_error.__func__(20010, 'Interface Error, a Control object is required.')35 require_acct_params = get_error.__func__(20011, 'Interface Error, a Account object is required.')3637 invalid_b64_claim_data = get_error.__func__(21001, 'Interface Error, invalid base64 encode claim.')38 invalid_blk_proof = get_error.__func__(21002, 'Interface Error, invalid blockchain proof.')39 invalid_merkle_root = get_error.__func__(21003, 'Interface Error, invalid merkle root.')40 invalid_claim_type = get_error.__func__(21004, 'Interface Error, invalid claim type.')41 invalid_claim_alg = get_error.__func__(21004, 'Interface Error, invalid claim algorithm.')42 invalid_claim_head_params = get_error.__func__(21005, 'Interface Error, invalid claim head parameter.')4344 @staticmethod45 def invalid_ont_id_format(ont_id: str):46 return ErrorCode.get_error(30001, f'Identity Error, invalid OntId: {ont_id}')4748 invalid_ont_id_type = get_error.__func__(30002, 'Identity Error, invalid type of OntId')4950 @staticmethod51 def invalid_wallet_path(path: str):52 return ErrorCode.get_error(40001, f'WalletManager Error, invalid path: {path}')5354 @staticmethod55 def invalid_contract_address(contract_address: str):56 return ErrorCode.get_error(50001, f'NeoVm Error, invalid hex contract address: {contract_address}')5758 invalid_private_key = get_error.__func__(100001, 'Account Error, invalid private key.')59 unsupported_key_type = get_error.__func__(100002, 'Account Error, unsupported key type.')6061 invalid_message = get_error.__func__(100003, "Account Error, invalid message")62 without_private = get_error.__func__(100004, "Account Error, account without private key cannot generate signature")63 invalid_sm2_signature = get_error.__func__(100005,64 "Account Error, invalid SM2 signature parameter, ID (String) excepted")65 account_invalid_input = get_error.__func__(100006, "Account Error, account invalid input")66 account_without_public_key = get_error.__func__(100007,67 "Account Error, account without public key cannot verify signature")68 null_input = get_error.__func__(100009, "Account Error, null input")69 invalid_data = get_error.__func__(100010, "Account Error, invalid data")70 decoded_3bytes_error = get_error.__func__(100011, "Account Error, decoded 3 bytes error")71 decode_pri_key_passphrase_error = get_error.__func__(100012, "Account Error, decode prikey passphrase error.")72 pri_key_length_error = get_error.__func__(100013, "Account Error, Prikey length error")73 encrypted_pri_key_error = get_error.__func__(100014, "Account Error, Prikey length error")74 encrypted_pri_key_address_password_err = get_error.__func__(100015,75 "Account Error, encrypted private key address password not match.")76 encrypt_private_key_error = get_error.__func__(100016, "Account Error, encrypt private key error,")77 decrypt_encrypted_private_key_error = get_error.__func__(100017,78 "Account Error, decrypt encrypted private key error.")7980 param_length_err = get_error.__func__(200001, "Uint256 Error,param length error")81 checksum_not_validate = get_error.__func__(200002, "Base800 Error,Checksum does not validate")82 input_too_short = get_error.__func__(200003, "Base800 Error,Input too short")83 unknown_curve = get_error.__func__(200004, "Curve Error,unknown curve")84 unknown_curve_label = get_error.__func__(200005, "Curve Error,unknown curve label")85 unknown_asymmetric_key_type = get_error.__func__(200006, "keyType Error,unknown asymmetric key type")86 invalid_signature_data = get_error.__func__(200007,87 "Signature Error, invalid signature data: missing the ID parameter for SM3withSM2")88 invalid_signature_data_len = get_error.__func__(200008, "Signature Error, invalid signature data length")89 malformed_signature = get_error.__func__(200009, "Signature Error, malformed signature")90 unsupported_signature_scheme = get_error.__func__(200010, "Signature Error, unsupported signature scheme:")91 data_signature_err = get_error.__func__(200011, "Signature Error, Data signature error.")92 un_support_operation = get_error.__func__(200012, "Address Error, UnsupportedOperationException")9394 # Core Error95 tx_deserialize_error = get_error.__func__(300001, "Core Error, Transaction deserialize failed")96 block_deserialize_error = get_error.__func__(300002, "Core Error, Block deserialize failed")9798 # merkle error99 merkle_verifier_err = get_error.__func__(400001, "Wrong params: the tree size is smaller than the leaf index")100 target_hashes_err = get_error.__func__(400002, "targetHashes error")101102 @staticmethod103 def constructed_root_hash_err(msg: str) -> dict:104 return ErrorCode.get_error(400003, "Other Error, " + msg)105106 assert_failed_hash_full_tree = get_error.__func__(400004, "assert failed in hash full tree")107 left_tree_full = get_error.__func__(400005, "left tree always full")108109 # SmartCodeTx Error110 send_raw_tx_error = get_error.__func__(800001, "SmartCodeTx Error, sendRawTransaction error")111 type_error = get_error.__func__(800002, "SmartCodeTx Error, type error")112113 # OntIdTx Error114 null_code_hash = get_error.__func__(800003, "OntIdTx Error, null codeHash")115 param_error = get_error.__func__(800004, "param error")116117 @staticmethod118 def param_err(msg: str):119 return ErrorCode.get_error(800005, msg)120121 did_null = get_error.__func__(800006, "OntIdTx Error, SendDid or receiverDid is null in metaData")122 not_exist_claim_issuer = get_error.__func__(800007, "OntIdTx Error, Not exist claim issuer")123 not_found_public_key_id = get_error.__func__(800008, "OntIdTx Error, not found PublicKeyId")124 public_key_id_err = get_error.__func__(800009, "OntIdTx Error, PublicKeyId err")125 block_height_not_match = get_error.__func__(800010, "OntIdTx Error, BlockHeight not match")126 nodes_not_match = get_error.__func__(800011, "OntIdTx Error, nodes not match")127 result_is_null = get_error.__func__(800012, "OntIdTx Error, result is null")128 create_ont_id_claim_err = get_error.__func__(800013, "OntIdTx Error, createOntIdClaim error")129 verify_ont_id_claim_err = get_error.__func__(800014, "OntIdTx Error, verifyOntIdClaim error")130 write_var_bytes_error = get_error.__func__(800015, "OntIdTx Error, writeVarBytes error")131 send_raw_transaction_pre_exec = get_error.__func__(800016, "OntIdTx Error, sendRawTransaction PreExec error")132 sender_amt_not_eq_password_amt = get_error.__func__(800017,133 "OntIdTx Error, senders amount is not equal password amount")134 expire_err = get_error.__func__(800017, "OntIdTx Error, expire is wrong")135136 @staticmethod137 def get_status_err(msg: str) -> dict:138 return ErrorCode.get_error(800017, "GetStatus Error," + msg)139140 # OntAsset Error141 asset_name_error = get_error.__func__(800101, "OntAsset Error, asset name error")142 did_error = get_error.__func__(800102, "OntAsset Error, Did error")143 null_pk_id = get_error.__func__(800103, "OntAsset Error, null pkId")144 null_claim_id = get_error.__func__(800104, "OntAsset Error, null claimId")145 amount_error = get_error.__func__(800105, "OntAsset Error, amount or gas is less than or equal to zero")146 param_length_not_same = get_error.__func__(800105, "OntAsset Error, param length is not the same")147148 # RecordTx Error149 null_key_or_value = get_error.__func__(800201, "RecordTx Error, null key or value")150 null_key = get_error.__func__(800202, "RecordTx Error, null key")151152 # OntSdk Error153 web_socket_not_init = get_error.__func__(800301, "OntSdk Error, web socket not init")154 conn_restful_not_init = get_error.__func__(800302, "OntSdk Error, connRestful not init")155156 # abi error157 set_params_value_value_num_error = get_error.__func__(800401, "AbiFunction Error, setParamsValue value num error")158 connect_url_err = get_error.__func__(800402, "Interfaces Error, connect error:")159160 @staticmethod161 def connect_err(msg: str) -> dict:162 return ErrorCode.get_error(800403, "connect error: " + msg)163164 # WalletManager Error165 get_account_by_address_err = get_error.__func__(800501, "WalletManager Error, get account by address error")166 get_default_account_err = get_error.__func__(800502, "WalletManager Error, get default account error")167 get_account_by_index_err = get_error.__func__(800503, 'WalletManager Error, get account by index error')168169 @staticmethod170 def other_error(msg: str) -> dict: ...

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