How to use get_job_dirs method in autotest

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...20 job result directories.21 Example:"""22PUBLISH_FLAGFILE = '.tko_published'23RSYNC_COMMAND = 'rsync -aqz "%s" "%s"'24def get_job_dirs(path):25 regex = re.compile('[1-9][0-9]*-')26 jobdirs = []27 for dir in os.listdir(path):28 # skip directories not matching the job result dir pattern29 if not regex.match(dir):30 continue31 dir = os.path.join(options.resultsdir, dir)32 if (os.path.isdir(dir)33 and not os.path.exists(os.path.join(dir, PUBLISH_FLAGFILE))):34 jobdirs.append(dir)35 return jobdirs36def publish_job(jobdir):37 cmd = RSYNC_COMMAND % (jobdir, options.dest)38 utils.system(cmd)39 # mark the jobdir as published40 fd = open(os.path.join(jobdir, PUBLISH_FLAGFILE), 'w')41 fd.close()42 print 'Published', jobdir43def main():44 jobdirs = get_job_dirs(options.resultsdir)45 afe = frontend.AFE()46 # the way AFE API is right now is to give a whole list of jobs and can't47 # get specific jobs so minimize the queries caching the result48 finished_jobs = afe.get_jobs(finished=True)49 if options.jobname_pattern:50 jobname_pattern = re.compile(options.jobname_pattern)51 else:52 jobname_pattern = None53 # for each unpublished possible jobdir find it in the database and see54 # if it is completed55 for jobdir in jobdirs:56 job_id = int(os.path.basename(jobdir).split('-')[0])57 job = [job for job in finished_jobs if == job_id]58 if len(job) != 1:...

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...4REQUIRED_FILES = {CI_JOB_NAME, CI_WORKFLOW_NAME, "", "Dockerfile"}5def check_missing_files() -> List[Tuple[str, Set[str]]]:6 """Check all job directories for missing files."""7 failed_jobs = []8 for job_dir in get_job_dirs():9 files = { for content in job_dir.glob("*") if content.is_file()}10 missing_files = REQUIRED_FILES - files11 if len(missing_files) > 0:12 failed_jobs.append((, missing_files))13 print(f"{} missing files: {', '.join(missing_files)}")14 return failed_jobs15if __name__ == "__main__":...

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