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1from vowpalwabbit import pyvw2import json3import os4from pathlib import Path5def get_latest_tests(file_path=None):6 if file_path is None:7 test_ref_dir = Path(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)))8 file_path = Path(test_ref_dir).joinpath("core.vwtest.json")9 json_test_spec_content = open(file_path).read()10 tests = json.loads(json_test_spec_content)11 return [x.__dict__ for x in tests]12def get_all_options():13 return pyvw.get_all_vw_options()14def to_json():15 config = get_all_options()16 for name, config_group in config.items():17 for (group_name, options) in config_group:18 for option in options:19 option._type = str(type(option._default_value).__name__)20 import json21 with open("vw_options.json", "w") as f:22 f.write(json.dumps(config, indent=2, default=lambda x: x.__dict__))23def get_config_of_vw_cmd(test):24 vw = pyvw.Workspace(arg_str=test["vw_command"])25 config = vw.get_config()26 enabled_reductions = vw.get_enabled_reductions()27 vw.finish()28 return config, enabled_reductions29def update_option(config, name, group_name, option_name):30 for (g_n, options) in config[name]:31 if g_n == group_name:32 for option in options:33 if == option_name:34 option.value = True35 return config36def merge_config(tracker, b):37 for name, config_group in b.items():38 for (group_name, options) in config_group:39 for option in options:40 if option.value_supplied:41 tracker = update_option(tracker, name, group_name, return tracker43def print_non_supplied(config):44 with_default = []45 without_default = []46 for name, config_group in config.items():47 for (group_name, options) in config_group:48 for option in options:49 if not option.value_supplied:50 default_val_str = ""51 if option.default_value_supplied:52 default_val_str = ", BUT has default value"53 agg = with_default54 if len(config_group) <= 1:55 agg.append(name + ", " + + default_val_str)56 else:57 agg.append(58 name59 + ", "60 + group_name61 + ", "62 + option.name63 + default_val_str64 )65 agg = without_default66 for e in with_default:67 print(e)68 for e in without_default:69 print(e)70# this function needs more depedencies (networkx, matplotlib, graphviz)71def draw_graph(stacks):72 import networkx as nx73 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt74 from networkx.drawing.nx_agraph import write_dot, graphviz_layout75 G = nx.DiGraph()76 for l in stacks:77 reductions = l.split("->")78 for i, k in zip(reductions, reductions[1:]):79 G.add_edge(80 k.replace("cb_explore_adf_", ""), i.replace("cb_explore_adf_", "")81 )82 if len(reductions) == 1:83 G.add_node(reductions[0])84 plt.figure(num=None, figsize=(24, 12), dpi=120, facecolor="w", edgecolor="k")85 write_dot(G, "")86 pos = graphviz_layout(87 G,88 prog="dot",89 args='-Nfontsize=10 -Nwidth=".2" -Nheight=".2" -Nmargin=0 -Gfontsize=12',90 )91 nx.draw(G, pos, with_labels=True, arrows=True, node_size=1600)92 plt.savefig("reduction_graph.png")93def main():94 stacks = []95 allConfig = get_all_options()96 tests = get_latest_tests()97 for test in tests:98 # fails for unknown reasons (possibly bugs with pyvw)99 if test["id"] in [100 195,101 236,102 237,103 238,104 239,105 240,106 241,107 242,108 243,109 244,110 245,...

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...7class UserBehavior(TaskSet):8 # Number of different calls:9 # 3310 @task11 def get_latest_tests(self):12 base = random.choice(CURRENCY)13 self.client.get(14 "/latest?base=%s" % base,15 name="Get the latest currency")16 # Number of different calls:17 # 33 * 33 * 10 = 1089018 @task19 def get_convert_tests(self):20 currencyTo = random.choice(CURRENCY)21 currencyFrom = random.choice(CURRENCY)22 amount = random.randint(0, 9) # 0-923 self.client.get(24 "/convert?fromamount=%i&to=%s&from=%s" % (amount, currencyTo, currencyFrom),25 name="Convert amount of currencyFrom to currencyTo")...

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