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...47 return getattr(self, 'cmd_' + cmdname, None)48 def lookupRel(self, name, adaptTo, base=None):49 shell = self.shell50 if base is None:51 base = shell.get_pwd()52 if name is None:53 ob = base54 elif name[0] == '$':55 o = shell.getvar(name[1:])56 if type(o) is str:57 ob = base[name]58 else:59 ob = o60 else:61 ob = base[name]62 binding.suggestParentComponent(shell, None, ob)63 if adaptTo is None:64 aob = ob65 else:66 aob = adapt(ob, adaptTo, None)67 if aob is not None:68 binding.suggestParentComponent(shell, None, aob)69 return ob, aob70 class cmd_cd(ShellCommand):71 """cd [name-or-$var] -- change directory72 with name, change current context to one named73 without name, change current context back to startup context"""74 args = ('', 0, 1)75 def cmd(self, cmd, args, stderr, **kw):76 shell = self.shell77 interactor = self.interactor78 last = shell.get_pwd()79 if not args:80 c = shell.get_home()81 ob = adapt(c, naming.IBasicContext, None)82 else:83 try:84 c, ob = interactor.lookupRel(args[0], naming.IBasicContext)85 except KeyError:86 print >>stderr, '%s: %s: no such variable' % (cmd, args[0])87 return88 except exceptions.NameNotFound:89 print >>stderr, '%s: %s: not found' % (cmd, args[0])90 return91 if ob is None:92 print >>stderr, '(not a context... using alternate handler)\n'93 shell.do_cd(c)94 shell.handle(c)95 shell.do_cd(last)96 else:97 shell.do_cd(ob)98 cmd_cd = binding.Make(cmd_cd)99 class ls_common(ShellCommand):100 """ls [-1|-l] [-s] [-R] [-r] [name-or-$var] -- list namespace contents101-1\tsingle column format102-l\tlong format (show object repr)103-R\trecursive listing104-r\treverse order105-s\tdon't sort list106name\tlist object named, else current context"""107 args = ('1lRrs', 0, 1)108 def cmd(self, cmd, opts, args, stdout, stderr, ctx=None, **kw):109 shell = self.shell110 interactor = self.interactor111 name = None112 if args:113 name = args[0]114 try:115 ob, ctx = interactor.lookupRel(name, naming.IReadContext, base=ctx)116 except KeyError:117 print >>stderr, '%s: %s: no such variable' % (cmd, args[0])118 return119 except exceptions.NameNotFound:120 print >>stderr, '%s: %s not found' % (cmd, args[0])121 return122 if ctx is None:123 if args:124 print >>stdout, `ob`125 else:126 print >>stderr, \127 "naming.IReadContext interface not supported by object"128 return129 if '-l' in opts:130 w = l = [(str(k), `v`) for k, v in ctx.items()]132 if '-s' not in opts: l.sort()133 if '-r' in opts: l.reverse()134 kl = max([len(x[0]) for x in l])135 vl = max([len(x[1]) for x in l])136 if kl+vl >= w:137 if kl < 40:138 vl = w - kl - 2139 elif vl < 40:140 kl = w - vl - 2141 else:142 kl = 30; vl = w - kl - 2143 for k, v in l:144 print >>stdout, k.ljust(kl)[:kl] + ' ' + v.ljust(vl)[:vl]145 elif '-1' in opts:146 l = [str(x) for x in ctx.keys()]147 if '-s' not in opts: l.sort()148 if '-r' in opts: l.reverse()149 print >>stdout, '\n'.join(l)150 else:151 l = [str(x) for x in ctx.keys()]152 shell.printColumns(stdout, l, '-s' not in opts, '-r' in opts)153 if '-R' in opts:154 for k, v in ctx.items():155 v = adapt(v, naming.IReadContext, None)156 if v is not None:157 print >>stdout, '\n%s:\n' % str(k)158 self.cmd(cmd, opts, [], stdout, stderr, ctx)159 class cmd_l(ls_common):160 """l [-s] [-R] [-r] [name] -- shorthand for ls -l. 'help ls' for more."""161 args = ('Rrs', 0, 1)162 def cmd(self, cmd, opts, args, stdout, stderr, **kw):163 opts['-l'] = None164 self.interactor.ls_common.cmd(165 self, cmd, opts, args, stdout, stderr, **kw)166 cmd_dir = binding.Make(ls_common)167 cmd_ls = binding.Make(ls_common)168 cmd_l = binding.Make(cmd_l)169 class cmd_pwd(ShellCommand):170 """pwd -- display current context"""171 def cmd(self, **kw):172 print ``173 cmd_pwd = binding.Make(cmd_pwd)174 class cmd_python(ShellCommand):175 """python -- enter python interactor"""176 def cmd(self, **kw):177 cmd_py = binding.Make(cmd_python)179 cmd_python = binding.Make(cmd_python)180 class cmd_help(ShellCommand):181 """help [cmd] -- help on commands"""182 args = ('', 0, 1)183 def cmd(self, stdout, stderr, args, **kw):184 if args:185 c = self.interactor.command(args[0])186 if c is None:187 print >>stderr, 'help: no such command: ' + args[0]188 else:189 print c.__doc__190 else:191 print >>stdout, 'Available commands:\n'192 stdout, self.interactor.command_names(), sort=1)194 cmd_help = binding.Make(cmd_help)195 class cmd_rm(ShellCommand):196 """rm name -- unbind name from context"""197 args = ('', 1, 1)198 def cmd(self, cmd, stderr, args, **kw):199 c = c = adapt(c, naming.IWriteContext, None)201 if c is None:202 print >>stderr, '%s: context is not writeable' % cmd203 return204 try:205 del c[args[0]]206 except exceptions.NameNotFound:207 print >>stderr, '%s: %s: not found' % (cmd, args[0])208 cmd_rm = binding.Make(cmd_rm)209 class cmd_bind(ShellCommand):210 """bind name objectname-or-$var -- bind name in context to object"""211 args = ('', 2, 2)212 def cmd(self, cmd, stderr, args, **kw):213 c = c = adapt(c, naming.IWriteContext, None)215 if c is None:216 print >>stderr, '%s: context is not writeable' % cmd217 return218 try:219 ob, aob = self.interactor.lookupRel(args[1], None)220 except KeyError:221 print >>stderr, '%s: %s: no such variable' % (cmd, args[1])222 return223 except exceptions.NameNotFound:224 print >>stderr, '%s: %s not found' % (cmd, args[1])225 return226 c.bind(args[0], ob)227 cmd_bind = binding.Make(cmd_bind)228 class cmd_ln(ShellCommand):229 """ln -s target name -- create LinkRef from name to target"""230 args = ('s', 2, 2)231 def cmd(self, cmd, stderr, args, **kw):232 c = c = adapt(c, naming.IWriteContext, None)234 if c is None:235 print >>stderr, '%s: context is not writeable' % cmd236 return237 if '-s' not in args:238 print >>stderr, '%s: only symbolic links (LinkRefs) are supported' % (cmd, args[1])239 return240 c.bind(args[1], naming.LinkRef(args[2]))241 cmd_ln = binding.Make(cmd_ln)242 class cmd_mv(ShellCommand):243 """mv oldname newname -- rename oldname to newname"""244 args = ('', 2, 2)245 def cmd(self, cmd, stderr, args, **kw):246 c = c = adapt(c, naming.IWriteContext, None)248 if c is None:249 print >>stderr, '%s: context is not writeable' % cmd250 return251 c.rename(args[0], args[1])252 cmd_mv = binding.Make(cmd_mv)253 class cmd_quit(ShellCommand):254 """quit -- leave n2 naming shell"""255 def cmd(self, **kw):256 self.interactor.stop()257 cmd_quit = binding.Make(cmd_quit)258 class cmd_ll(ShellCommand):259 """ll name -- lookupLink name"""260 args = ('', 1, 1)261 def cmd(self, stdout, args, **kw):262 c = r = c.lookupLink(args[0])264 print `r`265 cmd_ll = binding.Make(cmd_ll)266 class cmd_commit(ShellCommand):267 """commit -- commit current transaction and begin a new one"""268 def cmd(self, **kw):269 storage.commit( storage.begin( cmd_commit = binding.Make(cmd_commit)272 class cmd_abort(ShellCommand):273 """abort -- roll back current transaction and begin a new one"""274 def cmd(self, **kw):275 storage.abort( storage.begin( cmd_abort = binding.Make(cmd_abort)278 class cmd_mksub(ShellCommand):279 """mksub name -- create a subcontext"""280 args = ('', 1, 1)281 def cmd(self, cmd, stderr, args, **kw):282 c = c = adapt(c, naming.IWriteContext, None)284 if c is None:285 print >>stderr, '%s: context is not writeable' % cmd286 return287 c.mksub(args[0])288 cmd_md = binding.Make(cmd_mksub)289 cmd_mkdir = binding.Make(cmd_mksub)290 cmd_mksub = binding.Make(cmd_mksub)291 class cmd_rmsub(ShellCommand):292 """rmsub name -- remove a subcontext"""293 args = ('', 1, 1)294 def cmd(self, cmd, stderr, args, **kw):295 c = c = adapt(c, naming.IWriteContext, None)297 if c is None:298 print >>stderr, '%s: context is not writeable' % cmd299 return300 c.rmsub(args[0])301 cmd_rd = binding.Make(cmd_rmsub)302 cmd_rmdir = binding.Make(cmd_rmsub)303 cmd_rmsub = binding.Make(cmd_rmsub)304 class cmd_show(ShellCommand):305 """show [varname] -- show variable varname, or list variables"""306 args = ('', 0, 1)307 def cmd(self, cmd, stdout, stderr, args, **kw):308 if args:309 try:310 ob =[0])311 except KeyError:312 print >>stderr, '%s: %s: no such variable' % (cmd, args[0])313 return314 stdout.write(`ob` + '\n')315 else:316 stdout,, sort=1)318 cmd_show = binding.Make(cmd_show)319 class cmd_unset(ShellCommand):320 """unset varname -- delete variable"""321 args = ('', 1, 1)322 def cmd(self, cmd, stderr, args, **kw):323[0])324 cmd_unset = binding.Make(cmd_unset)325 class cmd_set(ShellCommand):326 """set [-n] varname [$var|name|string] -- set variable327-n\ttreat non-variable value as a name to look up instead of as a string328An unspecified value sets varname to the current context."""329 args = ('n', 1, 2)330 def cmd(self, cmd, stderr, args, opts, **kw):331 if len(args) == 1 or args[1] == '$' or opts.has_key('-n'):332 try:333 ob, aob = self.interactor.lookupRel((args + [None])[1], None)334 except KeyError:335 print >>stderr, '%s: %s: no such variable' % (cmd, args[1])336 return337 except exceptions.NameNotFound:338 print >>stderr, '%s: %s not found' % (cmd, args[1])339 return340 else:341 ob = args[1]342 try:343[0], ob)344 except KeyError:345 print >>stderr, '%s: %s may not be set' % (cmd, args[0])346 cmd_set = binding.Make(cmd_set)347 def complete(self, s, state):348 if state == 0:349 import readline350 lb = readline.get_line_buffer()351 lbl = lb.lstrip()352 bidx = readline.get_begidx()353 if bidx <= (len(lb) - len(lbl)):354 self.matches = self.command_names()355 else:356 c = adapt(, naming.IReadContext, None)357 if c is None:358 self.matches = []359 else:360 self.matches = [str(x) for x in c.keys()]361 self.matches = [x for x in self.matches if x.startswith(s)]362 try:363 return self.matches[state]364 except IndexError:365 return None366protocols.declareAdapter(367 lambda ns, proto: NamingInteractor(),368 provides = [IN2Interactor],369 forProtocols = [naming.IBasicContext]370)

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...8def get_username():9 return "admin" + str(random.randint(1,1000))10# 生成密码11@pytest.fixture()12def get_pwd():13 return random.randint(100000,9999999999)14@pytest.fixture()15def get_login_data(get_username, get_pwd):16 return {"username": get_username, "pwd":get_pwd}17# 测试用例18def test_login(get_login_data):...

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