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...60 if not os.path.exists(test_path):61 continue62"Scanning %s", test_path)63 tests = []64 tests = get_tests_from_fs(test_path, "^control.*",65 add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant)66 update_tests_in_db(tests, add_experimental=add_experimental,67 add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant,68 autotest_dir=autotest_dir)69 test_suite_path = os.path.join(autotest_dir, 'test_suites')70 if os.path.exists(test_suite_path):71"Scanning %s", test_suite_path)72 tests = get_tests_from_fs(test_suite_path, '.*',73 add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant)74 update_tests_in_db(tests, add_experimental=add_experimental,75 add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant,76 autotest_dir=autotest_dir)77 profilers_path = os.path.join(autotest_dir, "client/profilers")78 if os.path.exists(profilers_path):79"Scanning %s", profilers_path)80 profilers = get_tests_from_fs(profilers_path, '.*py$')81 update_profilers_in_db(profilers, add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant,82 description='NA')83 # Clean bad db entries84 db_clean_broken(autotest_dir)85def update_samples(autotest_dir, add_noncompliant, add_experimental):86 """87 Add only sample tests to the database from the filesystem.88 This function invoked when -S supplied on command line.89 Only adds tests to the database - does not delete any.90 Samples tests are formatted slightly differently than other tests.91 :param autotest_dir: prepended to path strings92 (see global_config.ini, COMMON, autotest_top_path).93 :param add_noncompliant: attempt adding test with invalid control files.94 :param add_experimental: add tests with experimental attribute set.95 """96 sample_path = os.path.join(autotest_dir, 'server/samples')97 if os.path.exists(sample_path):98"Scanning %s", sample_path)99 tests = get_tests_from_fs(sample_path, '.*srv$',100 add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant)101 update_tests_in_db(tests, add_experimental=add_experimental,102 add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant,103 autotest_dir=autotest_dir)104def db_clean_broken(autotest_dir):105 """106 Remove tests from autotest_web that do not have valid control files107 This function invoked when -c supplied on the command line and when108 running update_all(). Removes tests from database which are not109 found in the filesystem. Also removes profilers which are just110 a special case of tests.111 :param autotest_dir: prepended to path strings112 (see global_config.ini, COMMON, autotest_top_path).113 """114 for test in models.Test.objects.all():115 full_path = os.path.join(autotest_dir, test.path)116 if not os.path.isfile(full_path):117"Removing %s", test.path)118 _log_or_execute(repr(test), test.delete)119 # Find profilers that are no longer present120 for profiler in models.Profiler.objects.all():121 full_path = os.path.join(autotest_dir, "client", "profilers",122 if not os.path.exists(full_path):124"Removing %s", _log_or_execute(repr(profiler), profiler.delete)126def db_clean_all(autotest_dir):127 """128 Remove all tests from autotest_web - very destructive129 This function invoked when -C supplied on the command line.130 Removes ALL tests from the database.131 :param autotest_dir: prepended to path strings132 (see global_config.ini, COMMON, autotest_top_path).133 """134 for test in models.Test.objects.all():135"Removing %s", test.path)136 _log_or_execute(repr(test), test.delete)137 # Find profilers that are no longer present138 for profiler in models.Profiler.objects.all():139"Removing %s", _log_or_execute(repr(profiler), profiler.delete)141def update_profilers_in_db(profilers, description='NA',142 add_noncompliant=False):143 """144 Add only profilers to the database from the filesystem.145 This function invoked when -p supplied on command line.146 Only adds profilers to the database - does not delete any.147 Profilers are formatted slightly differently than tests.148 :param profilers: list of profilers found in the file system.149 :param description: simple text to satisfy docstring.150 :param add_noncompliant: attempt adding test with invalid control files.151 """152 for profiler in profilers:153 name = os.path.basename(profiler)154 if name.endswith('.py'):155 name = name[:-3]156 if not profilers[profiler]:157 if add_noncompliant:158 doc = description159 else:160 logging.warn("Skipping %s, missing docstring", profiler)161 continue162 else:163 doc = profilers[profiler]164 model = models.Profiler.objects.get_or_create(name=name)[0]165 model.description = doc166 _log_or_execute(repr(model), update_tests_in_db(tests, dry_run=False, add_experimental=False,168 add_noncompliant=False, autotest_dir=None):169 """170 Scans through all tests and add them to the database.171 This function invoked when -t supplied and for update_all.172 When test code is discovered in the file system new tests may be added173 :param tests: list of tests found in the filesystem.174 :param dry_run: not used at this time.175 :param add_experimental: add tests with experimental attribute set.176 :param add_noncompliant: attempt adding test with invalid control files.177 :param autotest_dir: prepended to path strings178 (see global_config.ini, COMMON, autotest_top_path).179 """180 site_set_attributes_module = utils.import_site_module(181 __file__, 'autotest.utils.site_test_importer_attributes')182 for test in tests:183 # if test path is not inside base test dir, the subsequent184 # test load will fail so instead notify user right away185 if not test.startswith(autotest_dir):186 raise Exception('Test path ' +187 '%s not in %s, did you forget to use -z option?' %188 (test, autotest_dir))189 new_test = models.Test.objects.get_or_create(190 path=test.replace(autotest_dir, '').lstrip('/'))[0]191"Processing %s", new_test.path)192 # Set the test's attributes193 data = tests[test]194 _set_attributes_clean(new_test, data)195 # Custom Attribute Update196 if site_set_attributes_module:197 site_set_attributes_module._set_attributes_custom(new_test, data)198 # This only takes place if --add-noncompliant is provided on the CLI199 if not test_new_test = test.split('/')201 if test_new_test[-1] == 'control':202 = test_new_test[-2]203 else:204 control_name = "%s:%s"205 control_name %= (test_new_test[-2],206 test_new_test[-1])207 = control_name.replace('control.', '')208 # Experimental Check209 if not add_experimental and new_test.experimental:210 continue211 _log_or_execute(repr(new_test), add_label_dependencies(new_test)213 # save TestParameter214 for para_name in data.test_parameters:215 test_parameter = models.TestParameter.objects.get_or_create(216 test=new_test, name=para_name)[0]217 _set_attributes_clean(test, data):219 """220 First pass sets the attributes of the Test object from file system.221 :param test: a test object to be populated for the database.222 :param data: object with test data from the file system.223 """224 test_type = {'client': 1,225 'server': 2}226 test_time = {'short': 1,227 'medium': 2,228 'long': 3}229 test.test_type = test_type[data.test_type.lower()]230 test.test_time = test_time[data.time.lower()]231 string_attributes = ('name', 'author', 'test_class', 'test_category',232 'test_category', 'sync_count')233 for attribute in string_attributes:234 setattr(test, attribute, getattr(data, attribute))235 test.description = data.doc236 test.dependencies = ", ".join(data.dependencies)237 int_attributes = ('experimental', 'run_verify')238 for attribute in int_attributes:239 setattr(test, attribute, int(getattr(data, attribute)))240def add_label_dependencies(test):241 """242 Add proper many-to-many relationships from DEPENDENCIES field.243 :param test: test object for the database.244 """245 # clear out old relationships246 _log_or_execute(repr(test), test.dependency_labels.clear,247 subject='clear dependencies from')248 for label_name in test.dependencies.split(','):249 label_name = label_name.strip().lower()250 if not label_name:251 continue252 try:253 label = models.Label.objects.get(name=label_name)254 except models.Label.DoesNotExist:255 log_dependency_not_found(label_name)256 continue257 _log_or_execute(repr(label), test.dependency_labels.add, label,258 subject='add dependency to %s' % log_dependency_not_found(label_name):260 """261 Exception processing when label not found in database.262 :param label_name: from test dependencies.263 """264 if label_name in DEPENDENCIES_NOT_FOUND:265 return266"Dependency %s not found", label_name)267 DEPENDENCIES_NOT_FOUND.add(label_name)268def get_tests_from_fs(parent_dir, control_pattern, add_noncompliant=False):269 """270 Find control files in file system and load a list with their info.271 :param parent_dir: directory to search recursively.272 :param control_pattern: name format of control file.273 :param add_noncompliant: ignore control file parse errors.274 :return: dictionary of the form: tests[file_path] = parsed_object275 """276 tests = {}277 profilers = False278 if 'client/profilers' in parent_dir:279 profilers = True280 for dir in [parent_dir]:281 files = recursive_walk(dir, control_pattern)282 for file in files:283 if '' in file or '.svn' in file:284 continue285 if not profilers:286 if not add_noncompliant:287 try:288 found_test = control_data.parse_control(file,289 raise_warnings=True)290 tests[file] = found_test291 except control_data.ControlVariableException, e:292 logging.warn("Skipping %s\n%s", file, e)293 except Exception, e:294 logging.error("Bad %s\n%s", file, e)295 else:296 found_test = control_data.parse_control(file)297 tests[file] = found_test298 else:299 tests[file] = compiler.parseFile(file).doc300 return tests301def recursive_walk(path, wildcard):302 """303 Recursively go through a directory.304 This function invoked by get_tests_from_fs().305 :param path: base directory to start search.306 :param wildcard: name format to match.307 :return: A list of files that match wildcard308 """309 files = []310 directories = [path]311 while len(directories) > 0:312 directory = directories.pop()313 for name in os.listdir(directory):314 fullpath = os.path.join(directory, name)315 if os.path.isfile(fullpath):316 # if we are a control file317 if, name):318 files.append(fullpath)319 elif os.path.isdir(fullpath):320 directories.append(fullpath)321 return files322def _log_or_execute(content, func, *args, **kwargs):323 """324 Log a message if dry_run is enabled, or execute the given function.325 Relies on the DRY_RUN global variable.326 :param content: the actual log message.327 :param func: function to execute if dry_run is not enabled.328 :param subject: (Optional) The type of log being written. Defaults to329 the name of the provided function.330 """331 subject = kwargs.get('subject', func.__name__)332 if DRY_RUN:333"Would %s: %s", subject, content)334 else:335 func(*args)336def _create_whitelist_set(whitelist_path):337 """338 Create a set with contents from a whitelist file for membership testing.339 :param whitelist_path: full path to the whitelist file.340 :return: set with files listed one/line - newlines included.341 """342 f = open(whitelist_path, 'r')343 whitelist_set = set([line.strip() for line in f])344 f.close()345 return whitelist_set346def update_from_whitelist(whitelist_set, add_experimental, add_noncompliant,347 autotest_dir):348 """349 Scans through all tests in the whitelist and add them to the database.350 This function invoked when -w supplied.351 :param whitelist_set: set of tests in full-path form from a whitelist.352 :param add_experimental: add tests with experimental attribute set.353 :param add_noncompliant: attempt adding test with invalid control files.354 :param autotest_dir: prepended to path strings355 (see global_config.ini, COMMON, autotest_top_path).356 """357 tests = {}358 profilers = {}359 for file_path in whitelist_set:360 if file_path.find('client/profilers') == -1:361 try:362 found_test = control_data.parse_control(file_path,363 raise_warnings=True)364 tests[file_path] = found_test365 except control_data.ControlVariableException, e:366 logging.warn("Skipping %s\n%s", file, e)367 else:368 profilers[file_path] = compiler.parseFile(file_path).doc369 if len(tests) > 0:370 update_tests_in_db(tests, add_experimental=add_experimental,371 add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant,372 autotest_dir=autotest_dir)373 if len(profilers) > 0:374 update_profilers_in_db(profilers, add_noncompliant=add_noncompliant,375 description='NA')376def main(argv):377 """Main function"""378 global DRY_RUN379 parser = optparse.OptionParser()380 parser.add_option('-c', '--db-clean-tests',381 dest='clean_tests', action='store_true',382 default=False,383 help='Clean client and server tests with invalid control files')384 parser.add_option('-C', '--db-clear-all-tests',385 dest='clear_all_tests', action='store_true',386 default=False,387 help='Clear ALL client and server tests')388 parser.add_option('-d', '--dry-run',389 dest='dry_run', action='store_true', default=False,390 help='Dry run for operation')391 parser.add_option('-A', '--add-all',392 dest='add_all', action='store_true',393 default=False,394 help='Add site_tests, tests, and test_suites')395 parser.add_option('-S', '--add-samples',396 dest='add_samples', action='store_true',397 default=False,398 help='Add samples.')399 parser.add_option('-E', '--add-experimental',400 dest='add_experimental', action='store_true',401 default=True,402 help='Add experimental tests to frontend')403 parser.add_option('-N', '--add-noncompliant',404 dest='add_noncompliant', action='store_true',405 default=False,406 help='Add non-compliant tests (i.e. tests that do not '407 'define all required control variables)')408 parser.add_option('-p', '--profile-dir', dest='profile_dir',409 help='Directory to recursively check for profiles')410 parser.add_option('-t', '--tests-dir', dest='tests_dir',411 help='Directory to recursively check for control.*')412 parser.add_option('-r', '--control-pattern', dest='control_pattern',413 default='^control.*',414 help='The pattern to look for in directories for control files')415 parser.add_option('-v', '--verbose',416 dest='verbose', action='store_true', default=False,417 help='Run in verbose mode')418 parser.add_option('-w', '--whitelist-file', dest='whitelist_file',419 help='Filename for list of test names that must match')420 parser.add_option('-z', '--autotest-dir', dest='autotest_dir',421 default=os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '..'),422 help='Autotest directory root, or base test directory')423 options, args = parser.parse_args()424 logging_manager.configure_logging(TestImporterLoggingConfig(),425 verbose=options.verbose)426 DRY_RUN = options.dry_run427 if DRY_RUN:428 logging.getLogger().setLevel(logging.WARN)429 # Make sure autotest_dir is the absolute path430 options.autotest_dir = os.path.abspath(options.autotest_dir)431 if len(args) > 0:432 logging.error("Invalid option(s) provided: %s", args)433 parser.print_help()434 return 1435 if options.verbose:436 logging.getLogger().setLevel(logging.DEBUG)437 if len(argv) == 1 or (len(argv) == 2 and options.verbose):438 update_all(options.autotest_dir, options.add_noncompliant,439 options.add_experimental)440 db_clean_broken(options.autotest_dir)441 return 0442 if options.clear_all_tests:443 if (options.clean_tests or options.add_all or options.add_samples or444 options.add_noncompliant):445 logging.error(446 "Can only pass --autotest-dir, --dry-run and --verbose with "447 "--db-clear-all-tests")448 return 1449 db_clean_all(options.autotest_dir)450 whitelist_set = None451 if options.whitelist_file:452 if options.add_all:453 logging.error("Cannot pass both --add-all and --whitelist-file")454 return 1455 whitelist_path = os.path.abspath(options.whitelist_file)456 if not os.path.isfile(whitelist_path):457 logging.error("--whitelist-file (%s) not found", whitelist_path)458 return 1459"Using whitelist file %s", whitelist_path)460 whitelist_set = _create_whitelist_set(whitelist_path)461 update_from_whitelist(whitelist_set,462 add_experimental=options.add_experimental,463 add_noncompliant=options.add_noncompliant,464 autotest_dir=options.autotest_dir)465 if options.add_all:466 update_all(options.autotest_dir, options.add_noncompliant,467 options.add_experimental)468 if options.add_samples:469 update_samples(options.autotest_dir, options.add_noncompliant,470 options.add_experimental)471 if options.tests_dir:472 options.tests_dir = os.path.abspath(options.tests_dir)473 tests = get_tests_from_fs(options.tests_dir, options.control_pattern,474 add_noncompliant=options.add_noncompliant)475 update_tests_in_db(tests, add_experimental=options.add_experimental,476 add_noncompliant=options.add_noncompliant,477 autotest_dir=options.autotest_dir)478 if options.profile_dir:479 profilers = get_tests_from_fs(options.profile_dir, '.*py$')480 update_profilers_in_db(profilers,481 add_noncompliant=options.add_noncompliant,482 description='NA')483 if options.clean_tests:484 db_clean_broken(options.autotest_dir)485if __name__ == "__main__":...

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