How to use get_testsuite method in autotest

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...9import HTMLTestRunner # 第一种 不好看的报告10from utils.config_util import cfg11from utils import HTMLTestReportCN12# 加载测试集合13def get_testsuite():14 discover ='./testcases',15 pattern='*',16 top_level_dir='./testcases')17 all_suite = unittest.TestSuite()18 all_suite.addTest(discover)19 return all_suite20# 执行方式一:HTMLTestRunner21# now_time = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S') #不覆盖:按日期生成22# html_report = os.path.join(cfg.report_path,'result_%s.html'%now_time)23# file = open(html_report,'wb') #html文件必须以二进制方式写入,wb24# html_runner = HTMLTestRunner.HTMLTestRunner(stream=file,25# title='API测试',26# description='测试描述')27# 执行方式二:HTMLTestReportCN执行测试用例29report_dir = HTMLTestReportCN.ReportDirectory(cfg.report_path+'/') # 自定义测试报告目录30report_dir.create_dir("API_TEST")# 创建目录31dir_path = HTMLTestReportCN.GlobalMsg.get_value('dir_path') #报告的目录32report_path = HTMLTestReportCN.GlobalMsg.get_value('report_path')33fp = open(report_path, 'wb')34runner = HTMLTestReportCN.HTMLTestRunner(stream=fp,35 title="API_TEST",36 description="Newdream_p1",37 tester='qch')

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2import unittest3from tools.test_areas import TestAreasTools4from tools.test_geofile import TestGeofileTools5from tools.test_settings import TestSettings6def get_testsuite(*testcases: unittest.TestCase):7 def import_testcase(tests_class: unittest.TestCase):8 return unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(tests_class)9 test_case = [import_testcase(testcase) for testcase in testcases]10 test_suite = unittest.TestSuite(test_case)11 return test_suite12if __name__ == "__main__":13 testsuite = get_testsuite(TestSettings, TestGeofileTools, TestAreasTools)14 runner = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=2)15 test_results = if not test_results.wasSuccessful():...

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