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...10 Drone_utility is kicked off on each tick, so this logging config sets up11 the log file to timestamp by day and will create a daily log file.12 """13 @classmethod14 def get_timestamped_log_name(cls, base_name):15 """Generate a log file name based off of Today's Date.16 Normally the other processes in the infrastructure (like the scheduler)17 are kicked off once for long periods of time. However drone_utility is18 kicked off once per tick. Therefore get_timestamped_log_name is19 overloaded so the returned log name just includes the current date.20 @param base_name: String to start the log's filename with.21 @returns String of the base_name suffixed with a timestamp of today's22 date.23 """24 return '%s.log.%s' % (base_name, time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))25 def configure_logging(self, log_dir=None, logfile_name=None):26 """Configure logging for the Drones.27 If log_dir and logfile_name are not provided, it will request a28 timestamped log name with prefix 'drone'. Both the stdout and stderr29 logging handlers are disabled because drone_utility's output is parsed30 by the caller.31 This function is called by client/common_lib/ which32 manages a logging_config. For example if any modules want to adjust33 logging (enabling and/or disabling loggers) after drone_utility has34 started they will do so through the logging_manager.35 @param log_dir: Directory to store the log in. If none will use36 /usr/local/autotest/logs37 @param logfile_name: Name of the log file. If none it will be in the38 format of 'drone.log.YEAR-MONTH-DAY'39 """40 # Disable the default stdout/stderr handlers.41 self._clear_all_handlers()42 if log_dir is None:43 log_dir = self.get_server_log_dir()44 if not logfile_name:45 logfile_name = self.get_timestamped_log_name('drone')46 for level in (logging.DEBUG, logging.INFO, logging.WARNING,47 logging.ERROR, logging.CRITICAL):...

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