How to use get_xen_kernel_build_ver method in autotest

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...40 if self.kjob is None:41 # get xen kernel tree ready42 self.log("prep-ing xen'ified kernel source tree")43 utils.system('make prep-kernels')44 v = self.get_xen_kernel_build_ver()45 self.log('building xen kernel version: %s' % v)46 # build xen-ified kernel in xen tree47 kernel_base_tree = os.path.join(self.build_dir, \48 'linux-%s' % self.get_xen_kernel_build_ver())49 self.log('kernel_base_tree = %s' % kernel_base_tree)50 # fix up XENGUEST value in EXTRAVERSION; we can't have51 # files with '$(XENGEUST)' in the name, =(52 self.fix_up_xen_kernel_makefile(kernel_base_tree)53 # make the kernel job54 self.kjob = self.job.kernel(kernel_base_tree)55 # hardcoding dom0 config (no modules for testing, yay!)56 # FIXME: probe host to determine which config to pick57 c = self.build_dir + '/buildconfigs/linux-defconfig_xen0_x86_32'58 self.log('using kernel config: %s ' % c)59 self.kjob.config(c)60 # Xen's kernel tree sucks; doesn't use bzImage, but vmlinux61 self.kjob.set_build_target('vmlinuz')62 # also, the vmlinuz is not out in arch/*/boot, ARGH! more hackery63 self.kjob.set_build_image(self.job.tmpdir + '/build/linux/vmlinuz')64 self.job.logging.restore()66 xen_version = self.get_xen_build_ver()67 self.log('BUILD VERSION: Xen: %s Kernel:%s' % \68 (xen_version, self.kjob.get_kernel_build_ver()))69 def build_timed(self, *args, **kwds):70 raise NotImplementedError('build_timed() not implemented')71 def install(self, tag='', prefix = '/', extraversion='autotest'):72 """make install in the kernel tree"""73 self.log('Installing ...')74 os.chdir(self.build_dir)75 if not os.path.isdir(prefix):76 os.mkdir(prefix)77 self.boot_dir = os.path.join(prefix, 'boot')78 if not os.path.isdir(self.boot_dir):79 os.mkdir(self.boot_dir)80 # remember what we are going to install81 xen_version = '%s-%s' % (self.get_xen_build_ver(), extraversion)82 self.xen_image = self.boot_dir + '/xen-' + xen_version + '.gz'83 self.xen_syms = self.boot_dir + '/xen-syms-' + xen_version84 self.log('Installing Xen ...')85 os.environ['XEN_EXTRAVERSION'] = '-unstable-%s'% extraversion86 # install xen87 utils.system('make DESTDIR=%s -C xen install' % prefix)88 # install tools89 utils.system('make DESTDIR=%s -C tools install' % prefix)90 # install kernel91 ktag = self.kjob.get_kernel_build_ver()92 kprefix = prefix93 self.kjob.install(tag=ktag, prefix=kprefix)94 def add_to_bootloader(self, tag='autotest', args=''):95 """ add this kernel to bootloader, taking an96 optional parameter of space separated parameters97 e.g.: kernel.add_to_bootloader('mykernel', 'ro acpi=off')98 """99 # turn on xen mode100 self.job.bootloader.enable_xen_mode()101 # remove existing entry if present102 self.job.bootloader.remove_kernel(tag)103 # add xen and xen kernel104 self.job.bootloader.add_kernel(105 self.kjob.image, tag, initrd=self.kjob.initrd,106 xen_hypervisor=self.xen_image)107 # if no args passed, populate from /proc/cmdline108 if not args:109 args = open('/proc/cmdline', 'r').readline().strip()110 # add args to entry one at a time111 for a in args.split(' '):112 self.job.bootloader.add_args(tag, a)113 # turn off xen mode114 self.job.bootloader.disable_xen_mode()115 def get_xen_kernel_build_ver(self):116 """Check xen buildconfig for current kernel version"""117 version = patchlevel = sublevel = ''118 extraversion = localversion = ''119 version_file = self.build_dir + '/buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen'120 for line in open(version_file, 'r').readlines():121 if line.startswith('LINUX_VER'):122 start = line.index('=') + 1123 version = line[start:].strip() + "-xen"124 break125 return version126 def fix_up_xen_kernel_makefile(self, kernel_dir):127 """Fix up broken EXTRAVERSION in xen-ified Linux kernel Makefile"""128 xenguest = ''129 makefile = kernel_dir + '/Makefile'...

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