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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #2# Copyright 2014 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.3#4# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");5# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.6# You may obtain a copy of the License at7#8# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software11# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,12# WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.13# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and14# limitations under the License.15"""Code that's shared between multiple backend-services subcommands."""16from __future__ import absolute_import17from __future__ import division18from __future__ import unicode_literals19from googlecloudsdk.calliope import exceptions20from googlecloudsdk.core import exceptions as core_exceptions21from googlecloudsdk.core import log22from googlecloudsdk.core import properties23class CacheKeyQueryStringException(core_exceptions.Error):24 def __init__(self):25 super(CacheKeyQueryStringException, self).__init__(26 'cache-key-query-string-whitelist and '27 'cache-key-query-string-blacklist may only be set when '28 'cache-key-include-query-string is enabled.')29# TODO(b/35086027) - Remove this30def IsDefaultRegionalBackendServicePropertyNoneWarnOtherwise():31 """Warns if core/default_regional_backend_service property is set."""32 default_regional = (33 properties.VALUES.core.default_regional_backend_service.GetBool())34 if default_regional is not None:35 # Print a warning if it is set.36 log.warning(37 'core/default_regional_backend_service property is deprecated and '38 'has no meaning.')39# TODO(b/35086027) - Remove this40def GetDefaultScope():41 """Gets the default compute flags scope enum value."""42 IsDefaultRegionalBackendServicePropertyNoneWarnOtherwise()43 return None44def GetIAP(iap_arg, messages, existing_iap_settings=None):45 """Returns IAP settings from arguments."""46 # --iap is specified as str in We do that and then re-parse47 # here instead of just setting the flag to ArgDict in the first place48 # to fix the autogenerated help text. TODO(b/34479878): Clean this up.49 subargs = iap_arg.split(',')50 iap_arg_parsed = {}51 for subarg in subargs:52 if not subarg:53 continue54 if '=' in subarg:55 subarg, value = subarg.split('=', 1)56 else:57 value = True58 def _Repr(s):59 r = repr(s)60 if r.startswith('u'):61 r = r[1:]62 return r63 if subarg in ('enabled', 'disabled', 'oauth2-client-id',64 'oauth2-client-secret'):65 if subarg in iap_arg_parsed:66 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(67 '--iap', 'Sub-argument %s specified multiple times' %68 _Repr(subarg))69 iap_arg_parsed[subarg] = value70 else:71 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(72 '--iap', 'Invalid sub-argument %s' % _Repr(subarg))73 if not iap_arg_parsed or not iap_arg:74 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(75 '--iap', 'Must provide value when specifying --iap')76 if 'enabled' in iap_arg_parsed and 'disabled' in iap_arg_parsed:77 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(78 '--iap', 'Must specify only one of [enabled] or [disabled]')79 iap_settings = messages.BackendServiceIAP()80 if 'enabled' in iap_arg_parsed:81 iap_settings.enabled = True82 elif 'disabled' in iap_arg_parsed:83 iap_settings.enabled = False84 elif existing_iap_settings is None:85 iap_settings.enabled = False86 else:87 iap_settings.enabled = existing_iap_settings.enabled88 if ('oauth2-client-id' in iap_arg_parsed or89 'oauth2-client-secret' in iap_arg_parsed):90 iap_settings.oauth2ClientId = iap_arg_parsed.get('oauth2-client-id')91 iap_settings.oauth2ClientSecret = iap_arg_parsed.get('oauth2-client-secret')92 # If either oauth2-client-id or oauth2-client-secret is specified,93 # then the other should also be specified.94 if not iap_settings.oauth2ClientId or not iap_settings.oauth2ClientSecret:95 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(96 '--iap',97 'Both [oauth2-client-id] and [oauth2-client-secret] must be '98 'specified together')99 return iap_settings100def IapBestPracticesNotice():101 return ('IAP only protects requests that go through the Cloud Load Balancer. '102 'See the IAP documentation for important security best practices: '103 '')104def IapHttpWarning():105 return ('IAP has been enabled for a backend service that does not use HTTPS. '106 'Data sent from the Load Balancer to your VM will not be encrypted.')107def _ValidateGroupMatchesArgs(args):108 """Validate if the group arg is used with the correct group specific flags."""109 invalid_arg = None110 if args.instance_group:111 if args.max_rate_per_endpoint is not None:112 invalid_arg = '--max-rate-per-endpoint'113 elif args.max_connections_per_endpoint is not None:114 invalid_arg = '--max-connections-per-endpoint'115 if invalid_arg is not None:116 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(117 invalid_arg,118 'cannot be set with --instance-group')119 elif args.network_endpoint_group:120 if args.max_rate_per_instance is not None:121 invalid_arg = '--max-rate-per-instance'122 elif args.max_connections_per_instance is not None:123 invalid_arg = '--max-connections-per-instance'124 if invalid_arg is not None:125 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(126 invalid_arg,127 'cannot be set with --network-endpoint-group')128def ValidateBalancingModeArgs(messages, add_or_update_backend_args,129 current_balancing_mode=None,130 supports_neg=False):131 """Check whether the setup of the backend LB related fields is valid.132 Args:133 messages: API messages class, determined by release track.134 add_or_update_backend_args: argparse Namespace. The arguments135 provided to add-backend or update-backend commands.136 current_balancing_mode: BalancingModeValueValuesEnum. The balancing mode137 of the existing backend, in case of update-backend command. Must be138 None otherwise.139 supports_neg: bool, if the args contains network endpoint group related140 args.141 """142 balancing_mode_enum = messages.Backend.BalancingModeValueValuesEnum143 balancing_mode = current_balancing_mode144 if add_or_update_backend_args.balancing_mode:145 balancing_mode = balancing_mode_enum(146 add_or_update_backend_args.balancing_mode)147 if supports_neg: # Validate flags are specified with the correct group.148 _ValidateGroupMatchesArgs(add_or_update_backend_args)149 invalid_arg = None150 if balancing_mode == balancing_mode_enum.RATE:151 if add_or_update_backend_args.max_utilization is not None:152 invalid_arg = '--max-utilization'153 elif add_or_update_backend_args.max_connections is not None:154 invalid_arg = '--max-connections'155 elif add_or_update_backend_args.max_connections_per_instance is not None:156 invalid_arg = '--max-connections-per-instance'157 elif (supports_neg and158 add_or_update_backend_args.max_connections_per_endpoint is not None):159 invalid_arg = '--max-connections-per-endpoint'160 if invalid_arg is not None:161 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(162 invalid_arg,163 'cannot be set with RATE balancing mode')164 elif balancing_mode == balancing_mode_enum.CONNECTION:165 if add_or_update_backend_args.max_utilization is not None:166 invalid_arg = '--max-utilization'167 elif add_or_update_backend_args.max_rate is not None:168 invalid_arg = '--max-rate'169 elif add_or_update_backend_args.max_rate_per_instance is not None:170 invalid_arg = '--max-rate-per-instance'171 elif (supports_neg and172 add_or_update_backend_args.max_rate_per_endpoint is not None):173 invalid_arg = '--max-rate-per-endpoint'174 if invalid_arg is not None:175 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(176 invalid_arg,177 'cannot be set with CONNECTION balancing mode')178 elif balancing_mode == balancing_mode_enum.UTILIZATION:179 if (supports_neg and180 add_or_update_backend_args.network_endpoint_group is not None):181 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(182 '--network-endpoint-group',183 'cannot be set with UTILIZATION balancing mode')184def UpdateCacheKeyPolicy(args, cache_key_policy):185 """Sets the cache_key_policy according to the command line arguments.186 Args:187 args: Arguments specified through command line.188 cache_key_policy: new CacheKeyPolicy to be set (or preexisting one if189 using update).190 """191 if args.cache_key_include_protocol is not None:192 cache_key_policy.includeProtocol = args.cache_key_include_protocol193 if args.cache_key_include_host is not None:194 cache_key_policy.includeHost = args.cache_key_include_host195 if args.cache_key_include_query_string is not None:196 cache_key_policy.includeQueryString = args.cache_key_include_query_string197 if not args.cache_key_include_query_string:198 cache_key_policy.queryStringWhitelist = []199 cache_key_policy.queryStringBlacklist = []200 if args.cache_key_query_string_whitelist is not None:201 (cache_key_policy.queryStringWhitelist202 ) = args.cache_key_query_string_whitelist203 cache_key_policy.includeQueryString = True204 cache_key_policy.queryStringBlacklist = []205 if args.cache_key_query_string_blacklist is not None:206 (cache_key_policy.queryStringBlacklist207 ) = args.cache_key_query_string_blacklist208 cache_key_policy.includeQueryString = True209 cache_key_policy.queryStringWhitelist = []210def ValidateCacheKeyPolicyArgs(cache_key_policy_args):211 # If includeQueryString is not set, it should default to True212 include_query_string = (213 cache_key_policy_args.cache_key_include_query_string is None or214 cache_key_policy_args.cache_key_include_query_string)215 if not include_query_string:216 if (cache_key_policy_args.cache_key_query_string_whitelist is not None or217 cache_key_policy_args.cache_key_query_string_blacklist is not None):218 raise CacheKeyQueryStringException()219def HasCacheKeyPolicyArgsForCreate(args):220 """Returns true if create request requires a CacheKeyPolicy message.221 Args:222 args: The arguments passed to the gcloud command.223 Returns:224 True if there are cache key policy related arguments which require adding225 a CacheKeyPolicy message in the create request.226 """227 # When doing create cache_key_include_host, cache_key_include_protocol,228 # and cache_key_include_query_string have defaults in the API set to True.229 # So only if the user specifies False for any of these or if the user has230 # specified cache_key_query_string_whitelist,231 # cache_key_query_string_blacklist we need to add a CacheKeyPolicy message232 # in the request.233 return (not args.cache_key_include_host or234 not args.cache_key_include_protocol or235 not args.cache_key_include_query_string or236 args.IsSpecified('cache_key_query_string_whitelist') or237 args.IsSpecified('cache_key_query_string_blacklist'))238def HasCacheKeyPolicyArgsForUpdate(args):239 """Returns true if update request requires a CacheKeyPolicy message.240 Args:241 args: The arguments passed to the gcloud command.242 Returns:243 True if there are cache key policy related arguments which require adding244 a CacheKeyPolicy message in the update request.245 """246 # When doing update, if any of the cache key related fields have been247 # specified by the user in the command line, we need to add a248 # CacheKeyPolicy message in the request.249 return (args.IsSpecified('cache_key_include_protocol') or250 args.IsSpecified('cache_key_include_host') or251 args.IsSpecified('cache_key_include_query_string') or252 args.IsSpecified('cache_key_query_string_whitelist') or253 args.IsSpecified('cache_key_query_string_blacklist'))254def GetCacheKeyPolicy(client, args, backend_service):255 """Validates and returns the cache key policy.256 Args:257 client: The client used by gcloud.258 args: The arguments passed to the gcloud command.259 backend_service: The backend service object. If the backend service object260 contains a cache key policy already, it is used as the base to apply261 changes based on args.262 Returns:263 The cache key policy.264 """265 cache_key_policy = client.messages.CacheKeyPolicy()266 if (backend_service.cdnPolicy is not None and267 backend_service.cdnPolicy.cacheKeyPolicy is not None):268 cache_key_policy = backend_service.cdnPolicy.cacheKeyPolicy269 ValidateCacheKeyPolicyArgs(args)270 UpdateCacheKeyPolicy(args, cache_key_policy)271 return cache_key_policy272def ApplyCdnPolicyArgs(client,273 args,274 backend_service,275 is_update=False,276 apply_signed_url_cache_max_age=False):277 """Applies the CdnPolicy arguments to the specified backend service.278 If there are no arguments related to CdnPolicy, the backend service remains279 unmodified.280 Args:281 client: The client used by gcloud.282 args: The arguments passed to the gcloud command.283 backend_service: The backend service object.284 is_update: True if this is called on behalf of an update command instead285 of a create command, False otherwise.286 apply_signed_url_cache_max_age: If True, also adds the287 signedUrlCacheMaxAgeSec parameter to the CdnPolicy if present in the input288 arguments.289 """290 cdn_policy_args = {}291 add_cache_key_policy = (HasCacheKeyPolicyArgsForUpdate(args) if is_update else292 HasCacheKeyPolicyArgsForCreate(args))293 if add_cache_key_policy:294 cdn_policy_args['cacheKeyPolicy'] = GetCacheKeyPolicy(295 client, args, backend_service)296 if apply_signed_url_cache_max_age and args.IsSpecified(297 'signed_url_cache_max_age'):298 cdn_policy_args['signedUrlCacheMaxAgeSec'] = args.signed_url_cache_max_age299 if cdn_policy_args:300 backend_service.cdnPolicy = client.messages.BackendServiceCdnPolicy(301 **cdn_policy_args)302def ApplyFailoverPolicyArgs(messages, args, backend_service):303 """Applies the FailoverPolicy arguments to the specified backend service.304 If there are no arguments related to FailoverPolicy, the backend service305 remains unmodified.306 Args:307 messages: The avalible API proto messages.308 args: The arguments passed to the gcloud command.309 backend_service: The backend service proto message object.310 """311 if ((args.connection_drain_on_failover is not None or312 args.drop_traffic_if_unhealthy is not None) and313 backend_service.loadBalancingScheme ==314 messages.BackendService.LoadBalancingSchemeValueValuesEnum.EXTERNAL):315 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(316 '--load-balancing-scheme',317 'can only specify --connection-drain-on-failover or '318 '--drop-traffic-if-unhealthy if the load balancing scheme is INTERNAL.')319 if (args.connection_drain_on_failover is not None and320 backend_service.protocol !=321 messages.BackendService.ProtocolValueValuesEnum.TCP):322 raise exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(323 '--protocol', 'can only specify --connection-drain-on-failover '324 'if the protocol is TCP.')325 if (args.connection_drain_on_failover is not None or326 args.drop_traffic_if_unhealthy is not None or args.failover_ratio):327 failover_policy = (backend_service.failoverPolicy328 if backend_service.failoverPolicy else329 messages.BackendServiceFailoverPolicy())330 if args.connection_drain_on_failover is not None:331 failover_policy.disableConnectionDrainOnFailover = (332 not args.connection_drain_on_failover)333 if args.drop_traffic_if_unhealthy is not None:334 failover_policy.dropTrafficIfUnhealthy = args.drop_traffic_if_unhealthy335 if args.failover_ratio:336 failover_policy.failoverRatio = args.failover_ratio...

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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2#3# test_db_manager.py4#5# The module is part of pydavis.6#7"""8Testing of DatabaseManager.9"""10__author__ = 'Severin E. R. Langberg'11__email__ = ''12__status__ = 'Operational'13import pytest14import as ntools15import mocks16from datetime import datetime17from pytest_mock import mocker18from pydavis import utils19from pydavis import DatabaseManager20class TestDatabaseManager:21 """Testing the DatabaseManager."""22 testing_class = DatabaseManager23 @pytest.fixture24 def manager(self):25 """Returns a database manager instance for test purposes."""26 return self.testing_class('test', 'test')27 def test_update_limit_varchars(self, manager):28 """Test changing the character limit of carchar variables."""29 test_limit = 3030 with pytest.raises(AssertionError):31 ntools.eq_(manager.limit_varchars, test_limit)32 manager.update_limit_varchars(test_limit)33 ntools.eq_(manager.limit_varchars, test_limit)34 def test_init_status(self, manager):35 """Tests initial status of attributes."""36 attributes = [manager.connection, manager.current_db, manager.query]37 assert all(attribute is None for attribute in attributes)38 def test_connection(self, manager, mocker):39 """Test no error is raised if existing connetion."""40 # Mocking a connection.41 mocker.patch('pydavis.db_manager.DatabaseManager.connection',42 'test_connection')43 manager.connect()44 def test_no_connection(self, manager):45 """Tests if error is raised should if no connection exists."""46 with pytest.raises(utils.DatabaseConnectionError):47 manager.connect()48 with pytest.raises(utils.DatabaseConnectionError):49 manager.execute()50 def test_no_database(self, manager):51 """Tests if error is raised should no working database be set."""52 with pytest.raises(utils.MissingDatabaseError):53 manager.create_table('test', 'test')54 with pytest.raises(utils.MissingDatabaseError):55 manager.drop_table('test')56 with pytest.raises(utils.MissingDatabaseError):57 manager.describe_table('test')58 with pytest.raises(utils.MissingDatabaseError):59 manager.insert_values('test', 'test')60 def test_invalid_args(self, manager, mocker):61 """Tests if error is raised as invalid arguments are passed."""62 # Mocking a working database63 mocker.patch('pydavis.db_manager.DatabaseManager.current_db', 'test')64 invalid_args = [1, 1.0, {}, [], (), None, False, True]65 for invalid_arg in invalid_args:66 with pytest.raises(TypeError):67 manager.create_database(invalid_arg)68 manager.use_database(invalid_arg)69 manager.drop_database(invalid_arg)70 manager.create_table(invalid_arg, invalid_arg)71 manager.insert_values(invalid_arg, invalid_arg)72 manager.create_table('', invalid_arg)73 manager.insert_values('', invalid_arg)74 manager.drop_table(invalid_arg)75 manager.describe_table(invalid_arg)76 def test_create_database(self, manager):77 """Test database creation query."""78 # Mocking query.79 target_query = mocks.MockCreateDB('test')80 manager.create_database('test')81 ntools.eq_(manager.query, target_query())82 def test_use_database(self, manager):83 """Test use database query."""84 # Mocking query.85 target_query = mocks.MockUseDB('test')86 manager.use_database('test')87 ntools.eq_(manager.query, target_query())88 def test_drop_database(self, manager):89 """Test drop database query."""90 # Mocking query.91 target_query = mocks.MockDropDB('test')92 manager.drop_database('test')93 ntools.eq_(manager.query, target_query())94 def test_create_table(self, manager, mocker):95 """Test table creation query."""96 # Mocking a working database97 mocker.patch('pydavis.db_manager.DatabaseManager.current_db', 'test')98 # Mocking query.99 target_query = mocks.MockCreateTable(100 'test', ['ColA', 'ColB', 'ColC'],101 ['INT', 'FLOAT', 'VARCHAR({})'.format(manager.limit_varchars)]102 )103 manager.create_table('test', {'ColA': int, 'ColB': float, 'ColC': str})104 ntools.eq_(manager.query.strip(), target_query().strip())105 def test_convert_dtypes(self, manager):106 """Test conversion of Python data types to MySQL data types."""107 target_dtypes = [108 'INT', 'FLOAT', 'DATETIME',109 'VARCHAR({})'.format(manager.limit_varchars)110 ]111 valid_dtypes = [int, float, datetime, str]112 transformed_dtypes = manager.convert_dtypes(valid_dtypes)113 for target, transformed in zip(target_dtypes, transformed_dtypes):114 ntools.eq_(target, transformed)115 with pytest.raises(TypeError):116 manager.convert_dtypes[()]117 manager.convert_dtypes[[]]118 def test_drop_table(self, manager, mocker):119 """Test drop table query."""120 # Mocking a working database121 mocker.patch('pydavis.db_manager.DatabaseManager.current_db', 'test')122 # Mocking query.123 target_query = mocks.MockDropTable('test')124 manager.drop_table('test')125 ntools.eq_(manager.query, target_query())126 def test_describe_table(self, manager, mocker):127 """Test describe table query."""128 # Mocking a working database129 mocker.patch('pydavis.db_manager.DatabaseManager.current_db', 'test')130 # Mocking query.131 target_query = mocks.MockDescribeTable('test')132 manager.describe_table('test')133 ntools.eq_(manager.query, target_query())134 def test_insert_values(self, manager, mocker):135 """Test insertin into table query."""136 # Mocking a working database137 mocker.patch('pydavis.db_manager.DatabaseManager.current_db', 'test')138 # Mocking query.139 target_query = mocks.MockInsertValues(140 'test', ['ColA', 'ColB', 'ColC'], ['1', '2', '3']141 )142 manager.insert_values('test', {'ColA': 1, 'ColB': 2, 'ColC': 3})...

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