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1from data.types import ModificationType2from data.parameters import MethodParameter3from utils.parsing import ParseMethod, ParseTestMethod, GetReturnType, GetAccessModifier, GetMethodName, \4 GetFullParameters5from typing import List, Tuple6import difflib7import re8java_test_annotations = ["@BeforeClass", "@AfterClass", "@Before", "@After", "@Test", "@Parameters",9 "@ParameterizedTest", "@MethodSource"]10modifiers = ["public", "protected", "private", "static", "final", "native", "synchronized", "abstract"]11class Method:12 """13 This class represents a method that contains various informations.14 """15 def __init__(self, func, sourceCode, commitInfo):16 = func.name17 self.long_name = func.long_name18 self.parameters = func.parameters19 self.start_line = func.start_line20 self.end_line = func.end_line21 self.length = func.length22 self.source_code = sourceCode23 self.file_name ="::")[0] + ".java"24 self.test_method = self.__IsTestMethod(self.source_code)25 self.commit = commitInfo26 @staticmethod27 def __IsTestMethod(source_code) -> bool:28 lines = source_code.splitlines()29 for line in lines:30 if any(annotation in line for annotation in java_test_annotations):31 return True32 return False33 @property34 def code_lines(self) -> List[Tuple[int, str]]:35 """Returns a list of code lines corresponding to (line number, actual line)."""36 code_lines = self.__CalculateCodeLines()37 return code_lines38 def __CalculateCodeLines(self) -> List[Tuple[int, str]]:39 lines = self.source_code.splitlines()40 lineNumber = self.start_line41 code_lines = []42 for line in lines:43 line = line.rstrip()44 if any(x in line for x in java_test_annotations):45 if any(y in line for y in modifiers):46 code_lines.append((lineNumber, line))47 lineNumber = lineNumber + 148 else:49 code_lines.append((lineNumber, line))50 lineNumber = lineNumber + 151 return code_lines52 @property53 def signature(self) -> str:54 """Returns the signature of a method."""55 lines = self.source_code.splitlines()56 if any(modifier in lines[0] for modifier in modifiers):57 signature = lines[0]58 else:59 if any(annotation in lines[0] for annotation in java_test_annotations):60 signature = lines[1]61 else:62 signature = lines[0]63 signature = re.sub("{", "", signature)64 signature = re.sub("@Test", "", signature)65 return signature66 @property67 def method_body(self) -> str:68 """Returns the body of a method."""69 method_body = ""70 match = re.findall(r'{(.+)}', self.source_code, re.S)71 for x in match:72 method_body += x73 return method_body74 @property75 def access_modifier(self) -> str:76 """Returns the qualifier of a method."""77 return GetAccessModifier(self.signature)78 @property79 def return_type(self) -> str:80 """Returns the return type."""81 return GetReturnType(self.signature)82 @property83 def full_parameters(self) -> List[MethodParameter]:84 """Returns a list of full parameters."""85 return GetFullParameters(self.signature)86 @property87 def parsed_method_name(self) -> str:88 """Returns the method name obtained fromm parsing."""89 return GetMethodName(self.signature)90class ModifiedMethod(Method):91 """92 This class represents a modified methods that contains various information about the modifications93 """94 def __init__(self, methodBefore=None, methodAfter=None, modificationType=None, ratio=None, lines=None):95 if methodAfter is not None and methodBefore is not None:96 super().__init__(methodAfter, methodAfter.source_code, methodAfter.commit)97 self.__source_code_after = methodAfter.source_code98 self.__source_code_before = methodBefore.source_code99 elif methodAfter is not None and methodBefore is None:100 super().__init__(methodAfter, methodAfter.source_code, methodAfter.commit)101 self.__source_code_after = methodAfter.source_code102 self.__source_code_before = ""103 elif methodAfter is None and methodBefore is not None:104 super().__init__(methodBefore, methodBefore.source_code, methodBefore.commit)105 self.__source_code_after = ""106 self.__source_code_before = methodBefore.source_code107 elif methodAfter is None and methodBefore is None:108 raise SystemExit("methodAfter and methodBefore are none")109 self._type = modificationType110 if lines is not None:111 self.__added_lines_from_diff = lines[0]112 self.__deleted_lines_from_diff = lines[1]113 # TODO: summarize to properties?114 if modificationType == self.old_name = methodBefore.name116 self.old_long_name = methodBefore.long_name117 self.old_signature = methodBefore.signature118 self.multiple_renamed = False119 self.renamed_methods = []120 if ratio is not None:121 self.ratio_signature = ratio[0]122 self.ratio_method_body = ratio[1]123 self.__change_frequency = 0124 self.__added, self.__added_lines = self.__CalculateLines(methodAfter, self.__added_lines_from_diff)125 self.__deleted, self.__deletedLines = self.__CalculateLines(methodBefore, self.__deleted_lines_from_diff)126 self.__code_churn = self.__added + self.__deleted127 def __GetDiffLines(self, methodBefore, methodAfter):128 sourceCodeBefore = methodBefore.strip().splitlines()129 sourceCodeAfter = methodAfter.strip().splitlines()130 diff = difflib.unified_diff(sourceCodeBefore, sourceCodeAfter, fromfile=self.file_name, tofile=self.file_name,131 lineterm='')132 lines = list(diff)[2:]133 return lines134 @property135 def source_code_before(self) -> str:136 return self.__source_code_before137 @property138 def change_frequency(self) -> int:139 """Returns the change frequency."""140 return self.__change_frequency141 @change_frequency.setter142 def change_frequency(self, value):143 """Sets the change frequency."""144 self.__change_frequency = value145 @property146 def type(self) -> str:147 """Returns the change type."""148 if self._type is not None:149 return self._type150 else:151 return ModificationType.UNKOWN.name152 @property153 def diff(self) -> str:154 diff = ""155 lines = self.__GetDiffLines(self.__source_code_before, self.__source_code_after)156 for line in lines:157 if not line.startswith('@@'):158 diff = diff + line + "\n"159 return diff160 @property161 def added_lines(self) -> List[str]:162 return self.__added_lines163 @property164 def added(self) -> int:165 return self.__added166 @property167 def deleted_lines(self) -> List[str]:168 return self.__deletedLines169 @property170 def deleted(self) -> int:171 return self.__deleted172 @property173 def code_churn(self) -> int:174 return self.__code_churn175 @code_churn.setter176 def code_churn(self, value):177 self.__code_churn = value178 @property179 def parsed_method(self):180 """181 Returns information for methods obtained from parsing.182 """183 if not self.test_method:184 return ParseMethod(self.source_code)185 else:186 return ParseTestMethod(self.source_code)187 @staticmethod188 def __CalculateLines(method, lines):189 counter = 0190 modified_lines = []191 if method is not None:192 code_lines = method.code_lines193 for code_line in code_lines:194 if code_line in lines:195 counter += 1196 modified_lines.append(code_line)197 return counter, modified_lines198class SummarizedMethod:199 def __init__(self, methods, isTestMethod):200 self.isTestMethod = isTestMethod201 if isTestMethod:202 self.test_methods = methods203 self.summarized_test_method = methods[-1]204 else:205 self.methods = methods206 self.summarized_production_method = methods[-1]207 @property208 def name(self) -> str:209 if self.isTestMethod:210 names = [x.long_name for x in self.test_methods]211 else:212 names = [x.long_name for x in self.methods]213 if len(set(names)) <= 1:214 name = list(set(names))[0]215 return name216 else:217 print("something went wrong")218 @property219 def summarized_method(self) -> Method:220 if self.isTestMethod:221 # code_churn = self.__CalculateCodeChurn(self.test_methods)222 test_method = self.test_methods[-1]223 # test_method.code_churn = code_churn224 return test_method225 else:226 # code_churn = self.__CalculateCodeChurn(self.methods)227 method = self.methods[-1]228 # method.code_churn = code_churn...

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2sys.path.insert(0, 'lib')3def fixedGetTestCaseNames(self, testCaseClass):4 """Return a sorted sequence of method names found within testCaseClass5 """6 def isTestMethod(attrname, testCaseClass=testCaseClass, prefix=self.testMethodPrefix):7 attr = getattr(testCaseClass, attrname)8 if attrname.startswith(prefix) and callable(attr):9 return True10 return hasattr(attr, "_unittest_test")11 testFnNames = filter(isTestMethod, dir(testCaseClass))12 for baseclass in testCaseClass.__bases__:13 for testFnName in self.getTestCaseNames(baseclass):14 if testFnName not in testFnNames: # handle overridden methods15 testFnNames.append(testFnName)16 if self.sortTestMethodsUsing:17 testFnNames.sort(self.sortTestMethodsUsing)18 return testFnNames19unittest.TestLoader.getTestCaseNames = fixedGetTestCaseNames20def test(f):...

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