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...18import time19import urllib20from lucifer import autotest21from lucifer import results22def is_hostless(job):23 """Return True if the job is hostless.24 @param job: frontend.afe.models.Job instance25 """26 return not hostnames(job)27def hostnames(job):28 """Return a list of hostnames for a job.29 @param job: frontend.afe.models.Job instance30 """31 hqes = job.hostqueueentry_set.all().prefetch_related('host')32 return [ for hqe in hqes if is not None]33def is_aborted(job):34 """Return if the job is aborted.35 (This means the job is marked for abortion; the job can still be36 running.)37 @param job: frontend.afe.models.Job instance38 """39 return job.hostqueueentry_set.filter(aborted=True).exists()40def is_server_job(job):41 """Return whether the job is a server job.42 @param job: frontend.afe.models.Job instance43 """44 return not is_client_job(job)45def is_client_job(job):46 """Return whether the job is a client job.47 If the job is not a client job, it is a server job.48 (In theory a job can be neither. I have no idea what you should do49 in that case.)50 @param job: frontend.afe.models.Job instance51 """52 CONTROL_TYPE = autotest.load('client.common_lib.control_data').CONTROL_TYPE53 return CONTROL_TYPE.get_value(job.control_type) == CONTROL_TYPE.CLIENT54def needs_ssp(job):55 """Return whether the job needs SSP.56 This also looks up the config for jobs that do not have a value57 specified.58 @param job: frontend.afe.models.Job instance59 """60 return (_ssp_enabled()61 and is_server_job(job)62 # None is the same as True.63 and job.require_ssp != False)64def _ssp_enabled():65 """Return whether SSP is enabled in the config."""66 global_config = autotest.load('client.common_lib.global_config')67 return global_config.global_config.get_config_value(68 'AUTOSERV', 'enable_ssp_container', type=bool,69 default=True)70def control_file_path(workdir):71 """Path to control file for a job.72 This makes more sense in the old Autotest drone world. The73 scheduler has to copy the control file to the drone. It goes to a74 temporary path `drone_tmp/attach.N`.75 The drone is then able to run `autoserv <args> drone_tmp/attach.N`.76 But in the Lucifer world, we are already running on the drone, so we77 don't need to rendezvous with a temporary directory through78 drone_manager first.79 So pick an arbitrary filename to plop into the workdir. autoserv80 will later copy this back to the standard control/control.srv.81 """82 return os.path.join(workdir, 'lucifer', 'control_attach')83def prepare_control_file(job, workdir):84 """Prepare control file for a job."""85 with open(control_file_path(workdir), 'w') as f:86 f.write(job.control_file)87def prepare_keyvals_files(job, workdir):88 """Prepare Autotest keyvals files for a job."""89 keyvals = job.keyval_dict()90 keyvals['job_queued'] = \91 int(time.mktime(job.created_on.timetuple()))92 results.write_keyvals(workdir, keyvals)93 if is_hostless(job):94 return95 for hqe in job.hostqueueentry_set.all().prefetch_related('host'):96 results.write_host_keyvals(97 workdir,, _host_keyvals( write_aborted_keyvals_and_status(job, workdir):99 """Write the keyvals and status for an aborted job."""100 aborted_by = 'autotest_system'101 aborted_on = int(time.time())102 for hqe in job.hostqueueentry_set.all():103 if not hasattr(hqe, 'abortedhostqueueentry'):104 continue105 ahqe = hqe.abortedhostqueueentry106 aborted_by = ahqe.aborted_by107 aborted_on = int(time.mktime(ahqe.aborted_on.timetuple()))...

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