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1#!/usr/bin/env python32# coding=utf-834#5# Copyright (c) 2020 Huawei Device Co., Ltd.6# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");7# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.8# You may obtain a copy of the License at9#10# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software13# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,14# WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.15# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and16# limitations under the License.17#1819import os20import copy21from core.utils import get_file_list_by_postfix22from core.config.config_manager import FilterConfigManager23from xdevice import platform_logger2425TESTFILE_TYPE_DATA_DIC = {"DEX": [], "HAP": [], "PYT": [],26 "CXX": [], "BIN": []}27FILTER_SUFFIX_NAME_LIST = [".TOC", ".info", ".pyc"]282930class TestCaseManager(object):31 case_log = platform_logger("TestCaseManager")3233 def get_test_files(self, test_case_path, options):34"test case path: " + test_case_path)35"test type list: " + str(options.testtype))36 suit_file_dictionary = copy.deepcopy(TESTFILE_TYPE_DATA_DIC)37 if os.path.exists(test_case_path):38 if len(options.testtype) != 0:39 test_type_list = options.testtype40 suit_file_dictionary = self.get_test_file_data(test_case_path,41 test_type_list,42 options)43 else:44 self.case_log.error("%s is not exist." % test_case_path)45 return suit_file_dictionary4647 def get_test_file_data(self, test_case_path, test_type_list, options):48 suit_file_dictionary = copy.deepcopy(TESTFILE_TYPE_DATA_DIC)49 for test_type in test_type_list:50 temp_dictionary = \51 self.get_test_file_data_by_test_type(test_case_path,52 test_type,53 options)54 for key, value in suit_file_dictionary.items():55 suit_file_dictionary[key] = value + temp_dictionary[key]56 return suit_file_dictionary5758 def get_test_file_data_by_test_type(self, test_case_path,59 test_type, options):60 suit_file_dictionary = copy.deepcopy(TESTFILE_TYPE_DATA_DIC)61 test_case_out_path = os.path.join(test_case_path, test_type)62 if os.path.exists(test_case_out_path):63"The test case directory: %s" %64 test_case_out_path)65 return self.get_all_test_file(test_case_out_path, options)66 else:67 self.case_log.error("The test case directory does not exist. %s" %68 test_case_out_path)69 return suit_file_dictionary7071 def get_all_test_file(self, test_case_out_path, options):72 suite_file_dictionary = copy.deepcopy(TESTFILE_TYPE_DATA_DIC)73 filter_list_subsystem = FilterConfigManager().get_filtering_list(74 "subsystem_name", options.productform)75 filter_list_test_file = FilterConfigManager().get_filtering_list(76 "testfile_name", options.productform)7778 for subsystem_name in os.listdir(test_case_out_path):79 subsystem_case_dir = os.path.join(test_case_out_path,80 subsystem_name)81 if not os.path.isdir(subsystem_case_dir):82 continue8384 if subsystem_name in filter_list_subsystem:85 continue8687 suit_file_list = get_file_list_by_postfix(subsystem_case_dir)88 for suite_file in suit_file_list:89 if -1 != suite_file.replace(test_case_out_path, "").find(90 os.sep + "resource" + os.sep):91 continue9293 file_name = os.path.basename(suite_file)94 if file_name in filter_list_test_file:95 continue9697 _, suffix_name = os.path.splitext(file_name)98 if suffix_name in FILTER_SUFFIX_NAME_LIST:99 continue100101 if not self._get_valid_suite_file(test_case_out_path,102 suite_file,103 options.subsystem,104 options.testmodule,105 options.testsuit):106 continue107108 if suffix_name == ".dex":109 suite_file_dictionary["DEX"].append(suite_file)110 elif suffix_name == ".hap":111 suite_file_dictionary["HAP"].append(suite_file)112 elif suffix_name == ".py":113 if not self._check_python_test_file(suite_file):114 continue115 suite_file_dictionary["PYT"].append(suite_file)116 elif suffix_name == "":117 suite_file_dictionary["CXX"].append(suite_file)118 elif suffix_name == ".bin":119 suite_file_dictionary["BIN"].append(suite_file)120121 return suite_file_dictionary122123 @classmethod124 def _get_valid_suite_file(cls,125 test_case_out_path,126 suit_file,127 test_subsystem,128 test_module,129 test_suit):130 is_valid_status = False131 if suit_file.startswith(test_case_out_path):132 if test_suit == "":133 suite_file_sub_path = suit_file.replace(134 test_case_out_path, "").strip(os.sep)135 if test_subsystem != "":136 if test_module != "":137 if suite_file_sub_path.startswith(test_subsystem +138 os.sep +139 test_module +140 os.sep):141 is_valid_status = True142 else:143 if suite_file_sub_path.startswith(144 test_subsystem + os.sep):145 is_valid_status = True146 else:147 if test_module != "":148 dir_item_list = suite_file_sub_path.split(os.sep)149 if len(dir_item_list) > 2 \150 and test_module == dir_item_list[1]:151 is_valid_status = True152 else:153 is_valid_status = True154 else:155 short_name, _ = os.path.splitext(156 os.path.basename(suit_file))157 if short_name == test_suit:158 is_valid_status = True159 return is_valid_status160161 @classmethod162 def _check_python_test_file(cls, suite_file):163 if suite_file.endswith(".py"):164 filename = os.path.basename(suite_file)165 if filename.startswith("test_"):166 return True ...

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1from unittest.mock import Mock23import pytest45from tasks.utils.models.task import Task6from tasks.utils.exceptions import StatusError789@pytest.fixture10def task() -> Task:11 return Task(Mock(), Mock())121314@pytest.mark.parametrize(15 'is_valid_status, status',16 (17 (True, 'done'),18 (True, 'Done'),19 (True, 'DONE'),20 (True, 'failed'),21 (False, 'seeing'),22 )23)24def test_task_add_status(is_valid_status: bool, status: str, task: Task) -> None:25 if not is_valid_status:26 with pytest.raises(StatusError):27 task.add_status(status)28 else:29 task.add_status(status) ...

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