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...87 # make sure this is a reboot line88 if self.testname != "reboot":89 return False90 # make sure this was not a failure91 if status_lib.is_worse_than_or_equal_to(current_status, "FAIL"):92 return False93 # it must have been a successful reboot94 return True95 def get_kernel(self):96 # get the base kernel version97 fields = self.optional_fields98 base = re.sub("-autotest$", "", fields.get("kernel", ""))99 # get a list of patches100 patches = []101 patch_index = 0102 while ("patch%d" % patch_index) in fields:103 patches.append(fields["patch%d" % patch_index])104 patch_index += 1105 # create a new kernel instance106 return kernel(base, patches)107 def get_timestamp(self):108 return tko_utils.get_timestamp(self.optional_fields,109 "timestamp")110# the default implementations from version 0 will do for now111patch = version_0.patch112class parser(base.parser):113 @staticmethod114 def make_job(dir):115 return job(dir)116 @staticmethod117 def make_dummy_abort(indent, subdir, testname, timestamp, reason):118 indent = "\t" * indent119 if not subdir:120 subdir = "----"121 if not testname:122 testname = "----"123 # There is no guarantee that this will be set.124 timestamp_field = ''125 if timestamp:126 timestamp_field = '\ttimestamp=%s' % timestamp127 msg = indent + "END ABORT\t%s\t%s%s\t%s"128 return msg % (subdir, testname, timestamp_field, reason)129 @staticmethod130 def put_back_line_and_abort(131 line_buffer, line, indent, subdir, timestamp, reason):132 logging.debug("Unexpected indent regression, aborting")133 line_buffer.put_back(line)134 abort = parser.make_dummy_abort(135 indent, subdir, subdir, timestamp, reason)136 line_buffer.put_back(abort)137 def state_iterator(self, buffer):138 line = None139 new_tests = []140 job_count, boot_count = 0, 0141 min_stack_size = 0142 stack = status_lib.status_stack()143 current_kernel = kernel("", []) # UNKNOWN144 current_status = status_lib.statuses[-1]145 current_reason = None146 started_time_stack = [None]147 subdir_stack = [None]148 running_test = None149 running_reasons = set()150 yield [] # we're ready to start running151 # create a RUNNING SERVER_JOB entry to represent the entire test152 running_job = test.parse_partial_test(self.job, "----", "SERVER_JOB",153 "", current_kernel,154 self.job.started_time)155 new_tests.append(running_job)156 while True:157 # are we finished with parsing?158 if buffer.size() == 0 and self.finished:159 if stack.size() == 0:160 break161 # we have status lines left on the stack,162 # we need to implicitly abort them first163 logging.debug('Unexpected end of job, aborting')164 abort_subdir_stack = list(subdir_stack)165 if self.job.aborted_by:166 reason = "Job aborted by %s" % self.job.aborted_by167 reason += self.job.aborted_on.strftime(168 " at %b %d %H:%M:%S")169 else:170 reason = "Job aborted unexpectedly"171 timestamp = line.optional_fields.get('timestamp')172 for i in reversed(xrange(stack.size())):173 if abort_subdir_stack:174 subdir = abort_subdir_stack.pop()175 else:176 subdir = None177 abort = self.make_dummy_abort(178 i, subdir, subdir, timestamp, reason)179 buffer.put(abort)180 # stop processing once the buffer is empty181 if buffer.size() == 0:182 yield new_tests183 new_tests = []184 continue185 # reinitialize the per-iteration state186 started_time = None187 finished_time = None188 # get the next line189 raw_line = status_lib.clean_raw_line(buffer.get())190 logging.debug('STATUS: %s', raw_line.strip())191 line = status_line.parse_line(raw_line)192 if line is None:193 logging.debug('non-status line, ignoring')194 continue195 # do an initial sanity check of the indentation196 expected_indent = stack.size()197 if line.type == "END":198 expected_indent -= 1199 if line.indent < expected_indent:200 # ABORT the current level if indentation was unexpectedly low201 self.put_back_line_and_abort(202 buffer, raw_line, stack.size() - 1, subdir_stack[-1],203 line.optional_fields.get("timestamp"), line.reason)204 continue205 elif line.indent > expected_indent:206 # ignore the log if the indent was unexpectedly high207 logging.debug("unexpected extra indentation, ignoring")208 continue209 # initial line processing210 if line.type == "START":211 stack.start()212 started_time = line.get_timestamp()213 if (line.testname is None and line.subdir is None and214 not running_test):215 # we just started a client, all tests are relative to here216 min_stack_size = stack.size()217 # start a "RUNNING" CLIENT_JOB entry218 job_name = "CLIENT_JOB.%d" % job_count219 running_client = test.parse_partial_test(self.job, None,220 job_name,221 "", current_kernel,222 started_time)223 logging.debug("RUNNING: %s", running_client.status)224 logging.debug("Testname: %s", running_client.testname)225 new_tests.append(running_client)226 elif stack.size() == min_stack_size + 1 and not running_test:227 # we just started a new test, insert a running record228 running_reasons = set()229 if line.reason:230 running_reasons.add(line.reason)231 running_test = test.parse_partial_test(self.job,232 line.subdir,233 line.testname,234 line.reason,235 current_kernel,236 started_time)237 logging.debug("RUNNING: %s", running_test.status)238 logging.debug("Subdir: %s", running_test.subdir)239 logging.debug("Testname: %s", running_test.testname)240 logging.debug("Reason: %s", running_test.reason)241 new_tests.append(running_test)242 started_time_stack.append(started_time)243 subdir_stack.append(line.subdir)244 continue245 elif line.type == "INFO":246 fields = line.optional_fields247 # update the current kernel if one is defined in the info248 if "kernel" in fields:249 current_kernel = line.get_kernel()250 # update the SERVER_JOB reason if one was logged for an abort251 if "job_abort_reason" in fields:252 running_job.reason = fields["job_abort_reason"]253 new_tests.append(running_job)254 continue255 elif line.type == "STATUS":256 # update the stacks257 if line.subdir and stack.size() > min_stack_size:258 subdir_stack[-1] = line.subdir259 # update the status, start and finished times260 stack.update(line.status)261 if status_lib.is_worse_than_or_equal_to(line.status,262 current_status):263 if line.reason:264 # update the status of a currently running test265 if running_test:266 running_reasons.add(line.reason)267 running_reasons = tko_utils.drop_redundant_messages(268 running_reasons)269 sorted_reasons = sorted(running_reasons)270 running_test.reason = ", ".join(sorted_reasons)271 current_reason = running_test.reason272 new_tests.append(running_test)273 logging.debug("update RUNNING reason: %s",274 line.reason)275 else:276 current_reason = line.reason277 current_status = stack.current_status()278 started_time = None279 finished_time = line.get_timestamp()280 # if this is a non-test entry there's nothing else to do281 if line.testname is None and line.subdir is None:282 continue283 elif line.type == "END":284 # grab the current subdir off of the subdir stack, or, if this285 # is the end of a job, just pop it off286 if (line.testname is None and line.subdir is None and287 not running_test):288 min_stack_size = stack.size() - 1289 subdir_stack.pop()290 else:291 line.subdir = subdir_stack.pop()292 if not subdir_stack[-1] and stack.size() > min_stack_size:293 subdir_stack[-1] = line.subdir294 # update the status, start and finished times295 stack.update(line.status)296 current_status = stack.end()297 if stack.size() > min_stack_size:298 stack.update(current_status)299 current_status = stack.current_status()300 started_time = started_time_stack.pop()301 finished_time = line.get_timestamp()302 # update the current kernel303 if line.is_successful_reboot(current_status):304 current_kernel = line.get_kernel()305 # adjust the testname if this is a reboot306 if line.testname == "reboot" and line.subdir is None:307 line.testname = "boot.%d" % boot_count308 else:309 assert False310 # have we just finished a test?311 if stack.size() <= min_stack_size:312 # if there was no testname, just use the subdir313 if line.testname is None:314 line.testname = line.subdir315 # if there was no testname or subdir, use 'CLIENT_JOB'316 if line.testname is None:317 line.testname = "CLIENT_JOB.%d" % job_count318 running_test = running_client319 job_count += 1320 if not status_lib.is_worse_than_or_equal_to(321 current_status, "ABORT"):322 # a job hasn't really failed just because some of the323 # tests it ran have324 current_status = "GOOD"325 if not current_reason:326 current_reason = line.reason327 new_test = test.parse_test(self.job,328 line.subdir,329 line.testname,330 current_status,331 current_reason,332 current_kernel,333 started_time,334 finished_time,...

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...5def is_worse_than(lhs, rhs):6 """ Compare two statuses and return a boolean indicating if the LHS status7 is worse than the RHS status."""8 return (statuses.index(lhs) < statuses.index(rhs))9def is_worse_than_or_equal_to(lhs, rhs):10 """ Compare two statuses and return a boolean indicating if the LHS status11 is worse than or equal to the RHS status."""12 if lhs == rhs:13 return True14 return is_worse_than(lhs, rhs)15DEFAULT_BLACKLIST = ('\r\x00',)16def clean_raw_line(raw_line, blacklist=DEFAULT_BLACKLIST):17 """Strip blacklisted characters from raw_line."""18 return re.sub('|'.join(blacklist), '', raw_line)19class status_stack(object):20 def __init__(self):21 self.status_stack = [statuses[-1]]22 def current_status(self):23 return self.status_stack[-1]...

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