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...9import os10import re11from autotest.client import os_dep12from autotest.client.shared import utils, error13def iscsi_get_sessions():14 """15 Get the iscsi sessions activated16 """17 cmd = "iscsiadm --mode session"18 output = utils.system_output(cmd, ignore_status=True)19 sessions = []20 if "No active sessions" not in output:21 for session in output.splitlines():22 ip_addr = session.split()[2].split(',')[0]23 target = session.split()[3]24 sessions.append((ip_addr, target))25 return sessions26def iscsi_get_nodes():27 """28 Get the iscsi nodes29 """30 cmd = "iscsiadm --mode node"31 output = utils.system_output(cmd)32 pattern = r"(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+|\W:{2}\d\W):\d+,\d+\s+([\w\.\-:\d]+)"33 nodes = []34 if "No records found" not in output:35 nodes = re.findall(pattern, output)36 return nodes37def iscsi_login(target_name):38 """39 Login to a target with the target name40 :param target_name: Name of the target41 """42 cmd = "iscsiadm --mode node --login --targetname %s" % target_name43 output = utils.system_output(cmd)44 target_login = ""45 if "successful" in output:46 target_login = target_name47 return target_login48def iscsi_logout(target_name=None):49 """50 Logout from a target. If the target name is not set then logout all51 targets.52 :params target_name: Name of the target.53 """54 if target_name:55 cmd = "iscsiadm --mode node --logout -T %s" % target_name56 else:57 cmd = "iscsiadm --mode node --logout all"58 output = utils.system_output(cmd)59 target_logout = ""60 if "successful" in output:61 target_logout = target_name62 return target_logout63def iscsi_discover(portal_ip):64 """65 Query from iscsi server for available targets66 :param portal_ip: Ip for iscsi server67 """68 cmd = "iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p %s" % portal_ip69 output = utils.system_output(cmd, ignore_status=True)70 session = ""71 if "Invalid" in output:72 logging.debug(output)73 else:74 session = output75 return session76class Iscsi(object):77 """78 Basic iscsi support class. Will handle the emulated iscsi export and79 access to both real iscsi and emulated iscsi device.80 """81 def __init__(self, params, root_dir="/tmp"):82 os_dep.command("iscsiadm")83 = params.get("target")84 self.export_flag = False85 if params.get("portal_ip"):86 self.portal_ip = params.get("portal_ip")87 else:88 self.portal_ip = utils.system_output("hostname")89 if params.get("iscsi_thread_id"):90 = params.get("iscsi_thread_id")91 else:92 = utils.generate_random_string(4)93 self.initiator = params.get("initiator")94 if params.get("emulated_image"):95 self.initiator = None96 os_dep.command("tgtadm")97 emulated_image = params.get("emulated_image")98 self.emulated_image = os.path.join(root_dir, emulated_image)99 self.emulated_id = ""100 self.emulated_size = params.get("image_size")101 self.unit = self.emulated_size[-1].upper()102 self.emulated_size = self.emulated_size[:-1]103 # maps K,M,G,T => (count, bs)104 emulated_size = {'K': (1, 1),105 'M': (1, 1024),106 'G': (1024, 1024),107 'T': (1024, 1048576),108 }109 if self.unit in emulated_size:110 block_size = emulated_size[self.unit][1]111 size = int(self.emulated_size) * emulated_size[self.unit][0]112 self.create_cmd = ("dd if=/dev/zero of=%s count=%s bs=%sK"113 % (self.emulated_image, size, block_size))114 def logged_in(self):115 """116 Check if the session is login or not.117 """118 sessions = iscsi_get_sessions()119 login = False120 if in map(lambda x: x[1], sessions):121 login = True122 return login123 def portal_visible(self):124 """125 Check if the portal can be found or not.126 """127 return bool(re.findall("%s$" %,128 iscsi_discover(self.portal_ip), re.M))129 def login(self):130 """131 Login session for both real iscsi device and emulated iscsi. Include132 env check and setup....

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