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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2###3# Copyright (c) 2009-2010 by Elián Hanisch <>4#5# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify6# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by7# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or8# (at your option) any later version.9#10# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,11# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of12# MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the13# GNU General Public License for more details.14#15# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License16# along with this program. If not, see <>.17###18###19#20# Script for auto op/voice users.21#22# It uses expressions for match user's usermasks when they join. Use at your own risk.23#24# Commands:25# * /automode: see /help automode26#27# Settings:28# * plugins.var.python.automode.enabled:29# Self-explanatory, disables/enables automodes.30# Valid values: 'on', 'off' Default: 'on'31#32# 2011-09-2033# version 0.1.1: fix bug with channels with uppercase letters.34#35# 2014-04-1536# version 0.1.2: fix bug where mode commands weren't sent properly37#38# 2016-06-2839# version 0.1.3: support extended-join messages40#41# 2019-03-0942# version 0.1.4: support python343###44from __future__ import print_function45SCRIPT_NAME = "automode"46SCRIPT_AUTHOR = "Elián Hanisch <>"47SCRIPT_VERSION = "0.1.4"48SCRIPT_LICENSE = "GPL3"49SCRIPT_DESC = "Script for auto op/voice users when they join."50try:51 import weechat52 from weechat import prnt53 WEECHAT_RC_OK = weechat.WEECHAT_RC_OK54 import_ok = True55except ImportError:56 print ("This script must be run under WeeChat.")57 print ("Get WeeChat now at:")58 import_ok = False59from fnmatch import fnmatch60def debug(s, *args):61 if not isinstance(s, basestring):62 s = str(s)63 if args:64 s = s %args65 prnt('', '%s\t%s' % (script_nick, s))66# settings67settings = { 'enabled': 'on' }68################69### Messages ###70script_nick = SCRIPT_NAME71def error(s, buffer=''):72 """Error msg"""73 weechat.prnt(buffer, '%s%s %s' %(weechat.prefix('error'), script_nick, s))74def say(s, buffer=''):75 """normal msg"""76 weechat.prnt(buffer, '%s\t%s' %(script_nick, s))77##############78### Config ###79boolDict = {'on':True, 'off':False}80def get_config_boolean(config):81 value = weechat.config_get_plugin(config)82 try:83 return boolDict[value]84 except KeyError:85 default = settings[config]86 error("Error while fetching config '%s'. Using default value '%s'." %(config, default))87 error("'%s' is invalid, allowed: 'on', 'off'" %value)88 return boolDict[default]89def get_config_list(config):90 value = weechat.config_get_plugin(config)91 if value:92 return value.split(',')93 else:94 return []95#################96### Functions ###97def find_matching_users(server, channel, pattern):98 # this is for check patterns when they are added99 infolist = weechat.infolist_get('irc_nick', '', '%s,%s' %(server, channel))100 L = []101 while weechat.infolist_next(infolist):102 nick = weechat.infolist_string(infolist, 'name')103 host = weechat.infolist_string(infolist, 'host')104 userhost = '%s!%s' %(nick, host)105 if fnmatch(userhost.lower(), pattern):106 L.append(nick)107 weechat.infolist_free(infolist)108 return L109def get_userhost(server, channel, nick):110 try:111 infolist = weechat.infolist_get('irc_nick', '', '%s,%s' %(server, channel))112 while weechat.infolist_next(infolist):113 _nick = weechat.infolist_string(infolist, 'name').lower()114 if _nick == nick:115 host = weechat.infolist_string(infolist, 'host')116 userhost = '%s!%s' %(nick, host)117 return userhost.lower()118 finally:119 weechat.infolist_free(infolist)120def get_patterns_in_config(filter):121 d = {}122 infolist = weechat.infolist_get('option', '', 'plugins.var.python.%s.%s' %(SCRIPT_NAME, filter))123 while weechat.infolist_next(infolist):124 name = weechat.infolist_string(infolist, 'option_name')125 name = name[len('python.%s.' %SCRIPT_NAME):]126 # channels might have dots in their names, so we'll strip type from right and server127 # from left. Lets hope that users doesn't use dots in server names.128 name, _, type = name.rpartition('.')129 if type not in ('op', 'halfop', 'voice'):130 # invalid option131 continue132 server, _, channel = name.partition('.')133 value = weechat.infolist_string(infolist, 'value')134 if not value:135 continue136 else:137 value = value.split(',')138 key = (server, channel)139 if key not in d:140 d[key] = {type:value}141 else:142 d[key][type] = value143 weechat.infolist_free(infolist)144 return d145########################146### Script callbacks ###147def join_cb(data, signal, signal_data):148 #debug('JOIN: %s %s', signal, signal_data)149 prefix, _, channel = signal_data.split()[:3]150 prefix = prefix[1:].lower()151 if channel[0] == ':':152 channel = channel[1:]153 server = signal[:signal.find(',')]154 for mode_type, shorthand in {'op':'o', 'halfop':'h', 'voice':'v'}.items():155 l = get_config_list('.'.join((server.lower(), channel.lower(), mode_type)))156 for pattern in l:157 #debug('checking: %r - %r', prefix, pattern)158 if fnmatch(prefix, pattern):159 buf = weechat.buffer_search('irc', '%s.%s' %(server, channel))160 if buf:161 weechat.command(buf, '/wait 1 /mode {} +{} {}'.format(channel, shorthand, prefix[:prefix.find('!')]))162 return WEECHAT_RC_OK163 return WEECHAT_RC_OK164def command(data, buffer, args):165 global join_hook166 if not args:167 args = 'list'168 channel = weechat.buffer_get_string(buffer, 'localvar_channel')169 server = weechat.buffer_get_string(buffer, 'localvar_server')170 args = args.split()171 cmd = args[0]172 try:173 if cmd in ('add', 'del'):174 if not weechat.info_get('irc_is_channel', channel):175 error("Not an IRC channel buffer.")176 return WEECHAT_RC_OK177 type, match = args[1], args[2:]178 if type not in ('op', 'voice', 'halfop'):179 raise ValueError("valid values are 'op', 'halfop' and 'voice'.")180 if not match:181 raise ValueError("missing pattern or nick.")182 match = match[0].lower()183 config = '.'.join((server, channel.lower(), type))184 L = get_config_list(config)185 if cmd == 'add':186 # check if pattern is a nick187 if weechat.info_get('irc_is_nick', match):188 userhost = get_userhost(server, channel, match)189 if userhost:190 match = userhost.lower()191 nicks = find_matching_users(server, channel, match)192 n = len(nicks)193 if n == 0:194 say("'%s' added, matches 0 users." %match, buffer)195 elif n == 1:196 say("'%s' added, matches 1 user: %s" %(match, nicks[0]),197 buffer)198 elif n > 1:199 say("'%s' added, matches %s%s%s users: %s" %(200 match, weechat.color('lightred'), n, color_reset,201 ' '.join(nicks)), buffer)202 if match not in L:203 L.append(match)204 elif cmd == 'del':205 if match not in L:206 say("'%s' not found in %s.%s" %(match, server, channel), buffer)207 else:208 say("'%s' removed." %match, buffer)209 del L[L.index(match)]210 if L:211 weechat.config_set_plugin(config, ','.join(L))212 else:213 weechat.config_unset_plugin(config)214 elif cmd == 'disable':215 if join_hook:216 weechat.unhook(join_hook)217 weechat.config_set_plugin('enabled', 'off')218 say("%s script disabled." %SCRIPT_NAME, buffer)219 elif cmd == 'enable':220 if join_hook:221 weechat.unhook(join_hook)222 join_hook = weechat.hook_signal('*,irc_in_join', 'join_cb', '')223 weechat.config_set_plugin('enabled', 'on')224 say("%s script enabled." %SCRIPT_NAME, buffer)225 elif cmd == 'list':226 if weechat.info_get('irc_is_channel', channel):227 filter = '%s.%s.*' %(server, channel)228 else:229 filter = '*'230 buffer = '' # print in core buffer231 if not get_config_boolean('enabled'):232 say('Automodes currently disabled.', buffer)233 patterns = get_patterns_in_config(filter)234 if not patterns:235 if buffer:236 say('No automodes for %s.' %channel, buffer)237 else:238 say('No automodes.', buffer)239 return WEECHAT_RC_OK240 for key, items in patterns.items():241 say('%s[%s%s.%s%s]' %(color_chat_delimiters,242 color_chat_buffer,243 key[0], key[1],244 color_chat_delimiters), buffer)245 for type, masks in items.items():246 for mask in masks:247 say(' %s%s%s: %s%s' %(color_chat_nick, type,248 color_chat_delimiters,249 color_reset,250 mask), buffer)251 else:252 raise ValueError("'%s' isn't a valid option. See /help %s" %(cmd, SCRIPT_NAME))253 except ValueError as e:254 error('Bad argument: %s' %e)255 return WEECHAT_RC_OK256 return WEECHAT_RC_OK257def completer(data, completion_item, buffer, completion):258 channel = weechat.buffer_get_string(buffer, 'localvar_channel')259 if not weechat.info_get('irc_is_channel', channel):260 return WEECHAT_RC_OK261 server = weechat.buffer_get_string(buffer, 'localvar_server')262 input = weechat.buffer_get_string(buffer, 'input')263 type = input.split()[2]264 patterns = get_patterns_in_config('%s.%s.%s' %(server, channel, type))265 if not patterns:266 return WEECHAT_RC_OK267 for mask in patterns[(server, channel)][type]:268 weechat.hook_completion_list_add(completion, mask, 0, weechat.WEECHAT_LIST_POS_END)269 return WEECHAT_RC_OK270if __name__ == '__main__' and import_ok and \271 weechat.register(SCRIPT_NAME, SCRIPT_AUTHOR, SCRIPT_VERSION, SCRIPT_LICENSE,272 SCRIPT_DESC, '', ''):273 # colors274 color_chat_delimiters = weechat.color('chat_delimiters')275 color_chat_nick = weechat.color('chat_nick')276 color_reset = weechat.color('reset')277 color_chat_buffer = weechat.color('chat_buffer')278 # pretty [automode]279 script_nick = '%s[%s%s%s]%s' %(color_chat_delimiters,280 color_chat_nick,281 SCRIPT_NAME,282 color_chat_delimiters,283 color_reset)284 for opt, val in list(settings.items()):285 if not weechat.config_is_set_plugin(opt):286 weechat.config_set_plugin(opt, val)287 global join_hook288 if get_config_boolean('enabled'):289 join_hook = weechat.hook_signal('*,irc_in_join', 'join_cb', '')290 else:291 join_hook = ''292 weechat.hook_completion('automode_patterns', 'automode patterns', 'completer', '')293 weechat.hook_command(SCRIPT_NAME, SCRIPT_DESC ,294 "[ (add|del) <type> <nick|expression> | list | disable | enable ]",295 " add: Adds a new automode for current channel. If a nick is given instead of an"296 " expression, it will use nick's exact usermask.\n"297 " del: Removes an automode in current channel.\n"298 " type: Specifies the user mode, it should be either 'op', 'halfop' or 'voice'.\n"299 "expression: Case insensible expression for match users when they join current channel."300 " It should be of the format 'nick!user@host', wildcards '?', '*', and character groups"301 " are allowed.\n"302 " list: List automodes for current channel, or all automodes if current buffer"303 " isn't an IRC channel. This is the default action if no option is given.\n"304 " disable: Disables the script.\n"305 " enable: Enables the script.\n"306 "\n"307 "Be careful with the expressions you use, they must be specific and match only one"308 " user, if they are too vague, like 'nick!*' you might op users you don't want and lose"309 " control of your channel.",310 "add op|halfop|voice %(nicks)"\311 "||del op|halfop|voice %(automode_patterns)"\...

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1import warnings2from abc import ABC, abstractmethod3from typing import List4import torch5import torch.distributed as dist6class _JoinHook(ABC):7 r"""8 This defines a join hook, which provides two entry points in the join9 context manager: a main hook, which is called repeatedly while there exists10 a non-joined process, and a post-hook, which is called once all processes11 have joined.12 To implement a join hook for the generic join context manager, define a13 class that inherits from :class:`_JoinHook`, override ``main_hook()`` and14 ``post_hook()`` as appropriate, and override ``device()`` and15 ``process_group()`` to provide the device and process group information,16 respectively, which are needed for the join context manager implementation.17 """18 def main_hook(self):19 r"""20 This hook is called repeatedly while there exists a non-joined process21 to shadow collective communications in the forward pass, backward pass,22 and optimizer.23 """24 ...25 def post_hook(self, is_last_joiner: bool):26 r"""27 This hook is called after all processes have joined. It is passed an28 additional ``bool`` argument ``is_last_joiner``, which indicates if the29 rank is one of the last to join.30 Arguments:31 is_last_joiner (bool): ``True`` if the rank is one of the last to32 join; ``False`` otherwise.33 """34 ...35 @property36 @abstractmethod37 def device(self):38 r"""39 Returns the device from which to perform collective communications40 needed for the join context manager implementation itself.41 """42 ...43 @property44 @abstractmethod45 def process_group(self):46 r"""47 Returns the process group for join-related collective communications.48 """49 ...50class _Join():51 r"""52 This class defines the generic join context manager, which allows custom53 hooks to be called after a process joins. These hooks should shadow the54 collective communications of non-joined processes to prevent hanging and55 erroring and to ensure algorithmic correctness. Refer to :class:`_JoinHook`56 for details about the hook definition.57 .. warning::58 The context manager requires a ``dist.all_reduce(torch.ones(1))`` to be59 called on every non-joined process each time before it performs its60 collective communications in order to indicate that the process has not61 yet joined. For example, this can occur at the beginning of the forward62 pass.63 .. warning::64 If ``throw_on_early_termination`` is enabled, then the context manager65 additionally requires every non-joined process to participate in an66 all-reduce before it performs its collective communications in order to67 check if it should terminate due to detecting uneven inputs. This all-68 reduce should be of the form ``dist.all_reduce(torch.zeros(1))``; if69 the result is positive, then the process should terminate.70 .. warning::71 The context manager requires that all ``process_group`` attributes in72 the ``_JoinHook`` objects are the same. If there are multiple73 ``_JoinHook`` objects, then the ``device`` of the first is used. The74 process group and device information is used for checking for non-75 joined processes and for notifying processes to terminate if76 ``throw_on_early_termination`` is eanbled, both of which using an all-77 reduce.78 Arguments:79 join_hooks (List[_JoinHook]): a list of the :class:`_JoinHook` s to80 use; the hooks are iterated over in the given order.81 enable (bool): a flag enabling uneven input detection; setting to82 ``False`` disables the context manager's functionality and should83 only be set when the user knows the inputs will not be uneven84 (default: ``True``).85 throw_on_early_termination (bool): a flag controlling whether to raise86 an exception upon detecting uneven inputs (default: ``False``).87 """88 def __init__(89 self,90 join_hooks: List[_JoinHook],91 enable: bool = True,92 throw_on_early_termination: bool = False,93 ):94 if len(join_hooks) == 0:95 raise ValueError("The join context manager requires at least one join hook")96 self._join_hooks = join_hooks97 self._enable = enable98 self._throw_on_early_termination = throw_on_early_termination99 self._extract_dist_info()100 def _extract_dist_info(self):101 r"""102 Extracts the process group and device information from the join hooks.103 Preconditions:104 ``self._join_hooks`` is not ``None`` and is non-empty.105 Raises:106 ValueError107 If there are multiple conflicting ``process_group`` attributes108 among the ``_JoinHook`` objects.109 NOTE: The context manager uses the first specified device.110 """111 process_group = None112 device = None113 for join_hook in self._join_hooks:114 if process_group is None:115 process_group = join_hook.process_group116 elif process_group != join_hook.process_group:117 raise ValueError("Using join context manager with multiple process groups")118 if device is None:119 device = join_hook.device120 self._process_group = process_group121 self._rank = dist.get_rank(self._process_group)122 self._device = device123 def __enter__(self):124 ...125 def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):126 r"""127 Repeatedly runs the main hooks until all processes join; then, runs128 the post-hooks.129 Raises:130 RuntimeError131 If ``throw_on_early_termination`` is enabled.132 """133 if not self._enable or type:134 return # propagate the exception directly if one was raised135 all_procs_joined = False136 is_last_joiner = True137 i = 0138 WARN_THRESHOLD = 1000139 warnings.simplefilter("once")140 while not all_procs_joined:141 if i > WARN_THRESHOLD:142 warnings.warn(143 "Detected uneven input skew of greater than "144 f"{WARN_THRESHOLD}. This means that rank "145 f"{self._rank} has at least {WARN_THRESHOLD} "146 f"fewer inputs than other currently-active ranks. "147 "This level of skew could lead to performance "148 "degradataion during training."149 )150 # Shadow the all-reduce in non-joined processes151 num_nonjoined_procs = self._get_num_nonjoined_procs()152 if num_nonjoined_procs == 0:153 all_procs_joined = True154 else:155 if self._throw_on_early_termination:156 self._notify_procs_to_terminate()157 # Run main hooks158 for join_hook in self._join_hooks:159 join_hook.main_hook()160 is_last_joiner = False161 i += 1162 # Run post-hooks163 for join_hook in self._join_hooks:164 join_hook.post_hook(is_last_joiner)165 def _get_num_nonjoined_procs(self):166 r"""167 Returns the number of non-joined processes by shadowing an all-reduce168 in the non-joined processes.169 """170 num_nonjoined_procs = torch.zeros(1, device=self._device)171 dist.all_reduce(num_nonjoined_procs, group=self._process_group)172 return num_nonjoined_procs.item()173 def _notify_procs_to_terminate(self):174 r"""175 Schedules an all-reduce to notify non-joined processes to terminate176 and raises a ``RuntimeError`` indicating that the current process has177 exhausted its inputs.178 """179 ones = torch.ones(1, device=self._device)180 dist.all_reduce(ones, group=self._process_group)181 # NOTE: Raising `StopIteration` does not throw an error in Python 3.6182 # and throws a `RuntimeError` in Python 3.7+ (PEP 479), so we just183 # raise a `RuntimeError` here...

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