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1# v.0.12.42import os, re, sys3try:4 from kodi_six import xbmcvfs5 isXBMC = True6except ImportError:7 isXBMC= False8if isXBMC:9 _mkdirs = xbmcvfs.mkdirs10 _rmdir = xbmcvfs.rmdir11 _exists = xbmcvfs.exists12 _delete = xbmcvfs.delete13 _copy = xbmcvfs.copy14 _open = xbmcvfs.File15 _rename = xbmcvfs.rename16else:17 import shutil18 _mkdirs = os.makedirs19 _rmdir = os.rmdir20 _exists = os.path.exists21 _delete = os.remove22 _copy = shutil.copyfile23 _open = open24 _rename = os.rename25def checkPath( thepath, createdir=True ):26 log_lines = []27 log_lines.append( 'checking for %s' % thepath )28 if not _exists( thepath ):29 if createdir:30 log_lines.append( '%s does not exist, creating it' % thepath )31 _mkdirs( thepath )32 else:33 log_lines.append( '%s does not exist' % thepath )34 return False, log_lines35 else:36 log_lines.append( '%s exists' % thepath )37 return True, log_lines38def copyFile( thesource, thedest ):39 log_lines = []40 if _exists( thesource ):41 log_lines.append( 'copying file %s to %s' % (thesource, thedest) )42 try:43 _copy( thesource, thedest )44 except IOError:45 log_lines.append( 'unable to copy %s to %s' % (thesource, thedest) )46 return False, log_lines47 except Exception as e:48 log_lines.append( 'unknown error while attempting to copy %s to %s' % (thesource, thedest) )49 log_lines.append( e )50 return False, log_lines51 return True, log_lines52 else:53 log_lines.append( '%s does not exist' % thesource )54 return False, log_lines55def deleteFile( thesource ):56 return deleteFolder( thesource, thetype='file')57def deleteFolder( thesource, thetype='folder' ):58 log_lines = []59 if _exists( thesource ):60 if thetype == 'folder':61 #in Mac OSX the .DS_Store file, if present, will block a folder from being deleted, so delete the file62 try:63 _delete( os.path.join( thesource, '.DS_Store' ) )64 except IOError:65 log_lines.append( 'unable to delete .DS_Store file' )66 except Exception as e:67 log_lines.append( 'unknown error while attempting to delete .DS_Store file' )68 log_lines.append( e )69 _action = _rmdir70 else:71 _action = _delete72 log_lines.append( 'deleting %s %s' % (thetype, thesource) )73 try:74 if isXBMC:75 if not _action( thesource ):76 raise IOError( 'unable to delete item' )77 else:78 _action( thesource )79 except IOError:80 log_lines.append( 'unable to delete %s' % thesource )81 return False, log_lines82 except Exception as e:83 log_lines.append( 'unknown error while attempting to delete %s' % thesource )84 log_lines.append( e )85 return False, log_lines86 return True, log_lines87 else:88 log_lines.append( '%s does not exist' % thesource )89 return False, log_lines90def listDirectory( thesource, thefilter='all' ):91 log_lines = []92 log_lines.append( 'getting contents of folder %s' % thesource )93 if isXBMC:94 try:95 dirs, files = xbmcvfs.listdir( thesource )96 except OSError:97 log_lines.append( 'OSError getting directory list' )98 return [], log_lines99 except Exception as e:100 log_lines.append( 'unexpected error getting directory list' )101 log_lines.append( e )102 return [], log_lines103 if thefilter == 'files':104 log_lines.append( 'returning files from %s' % thesource )105 log_lines.append( files )106 return files, log_lines107 elif thefilter =='folders':108 log_lines.append( 'returning folders from %s' % thesource )109 log_lines.append( dirs )110 return dirs, log_lines111 else:112 log_lines.append( 'returning files and folders from %s' % thesource )113 log_lines.append( files + dirs )114 return files + dirs, log_lines115 else:116 try:117 contents = os.listdir( thesource )118 except OSError:119 log_lines.append( 'OSError getting directory list' )120 return [], log_lines121 except Exception as e:122 log_lines.append( 'unexpected error getting directory list' )123 log_lines.append( e )124 return [], log_lines125 log_lines.append( 'returning files and folders from %s' % thesource )126 return contents, log_lines127def moveFile( thesource, thedest ):128 log_lines = []129 cp_loglines = []130 dl_loglines = []131 success = False132 if _exists( thesource ):133 cp_success, cp_loglines = copyFile( thesource, thedest )134 if cp_success:135 dl_success, dl_loglines = deleteFile( thesource )136 if dl_success:137 success = True138 else:139 log_lines.append( '%s does not exist' % thesource)140 success = False141 return success, log_lines + cp_loglines + dl_loglines142def _atoi( text ):143 return int(text) if text.isdigit() else text144def naturalKeys( thelist ):145 # from return [ _atoi( c ) for c in re.split( r'(\d+)', thelist ) ]147def osPathFromString( spath, sep='/' ):148 pathlist = spath.split( sep )149 if spath.startswith( sep ):150 pathlist.insert( 0, os.sep )151 pathlist[2] = pathlist[2] + os.sep152 return os.path.join(*pathlist)153def readFile( filename ):154 log_lines = []155 if _exists( filename ):156 try:157 if sys.version_info >= (3, 0):158 with _open( filename, 'r') as thefile:159 thedata = else:161 thefile = _open( filename, 'r' )162 thedata = thefile.close()164 except IOError:165 log_lines.append( 'unable to read data from ' + filename )166 return log_lines, ''167 except Exception as e:168 log_lines.append( 'unknown error while reading data from ' + filename )169 log_lines.append( e )170 return log_lines, ''171 return log_lines, thedata172 else:173 log_lines.append( '%s does not exist' % filename )174 return log_lines, ''175def renameFile ( thesource, thedest ):176 log_lines = []177 log_lines.append( 'renaming file %s to %s' % (thesource, thedest) )178 try:179 _rename( thesource, thedest )180 except IOError:181 log_lines.append( 'unable to rename %s to %s' % (thesource, thedest) )182 return False, log_lines183 except Exception as e:184 log_lines.append( 'unknown error while attempting to rename %s to %s' % (thesource, thedest) )185 log_lines.append( e )186 return False, log_lines187 return True, log_lines188def _remove_trailing_dot( thename, endreplace='' ):189 if thename[-1] == '.' and len( thename ) > 1 and endreplace != '.':190 return _remove_trailing_dot( thename[:-1] + endreplace )191 else:192 return thename193def setSafeName( thename, illegalchars='<>:"/\|?*', illegalreplace='_', endreplace='' ):194 loglines = []195 if not thename:196 loglines.append( 'name is empty, returning it' )197 return thename, loglines198 s_name = ''199 loglines.append( 'started with %s' % thename )200 loglines.append( 'the illegal characters are %s and the replacement is %s' % (illegalchars, illegalreplace) )201 for c in list( _remove_trailing_dot( thename, endreplace=endreplace ) ):202 if c in illegalchars:203 s_name = s_name + illegalreplace204 else:205 s_name = s_name + c206 loglines.append( 'finished with %s' % s_name )207 return s_name, loglines208def writeFile( data, filename, wtype='wb' ):209 log_lines = []210 if type(data).__name__=='unicode':211 data = data.encode('utf-8')212 try:213 if sys.version_info >= (3, 0):214 with _open( filename, wtype) as thefile:215 thefile.write( data )216 else:217 thefile = _open( filename, wtype )218 thefile.write( data )219 thefile.close()220 except IOError as e:221 log_lines.append( 'unable to write data to ' + filename )222 log_lines.append( e )223 return False, log_lines224 except Exception as e:225 log_lines.append( 'unknown error while writing data to ' + filename )226 log_lines.append( e )227 return False, log_lines228 log_lines.append( 'successfuly wrote data to ' + filename )...

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