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...253 exists.return_value = True254 ovs.full_restart()255 service.assert_called_with('start', 'openvswitch-force-reload-kmod')256 @patch('subprocess.check_output')257 def test_port_to_br(self, check_output):258 check_output.return_value = b'br-ex'259 self.assertEqual(ovs.port_to_br('br-lb'),260 'br-ex')261 @patch('subprocess.check_output')262 def test_port_to_br_not_found(self, check_output):263 check_output.side_effect = subprocess.CalledProcessError(1, 'not found')264 self.assertEqual(ovs.port_to_br('br-lb'), None)265 @patch('subprocess.check_call')266 def test_enable_ipfix_defaults(self, check_call):267 ovs.enable_ipfix('br-int',268 '')269 check_call.assert_called_once_with([270 'ovs-vsctl', 'set', 'Bridge', 'br-int', 'ipfix=@i', '--',271 '--id=@i', 'create', 'IPFIX',272 'targets=""',273 'sampling=64',274 'cache_active_timeout=60',275 'cache_max_flows=128',276 ])277 @patch('subprocess.check_call')278 def test_enable_ipfix_values(self, check_call):...

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...79 import netifaces80 # NOTE(jamespage):81 # Older code supported addition of a linuxbridge directly82 # to an OVS bridge; ensure we don't break uses on upgrade83 existing_ovs_bridge = port_to_br(bridge)84 if existing_ovs_bridge is not None:85 log('Linuxbridge {} is already directly in use'86 ' by OVS bridge {}'.format(bridge, existing_ovs_bridge),87 level=INFO)88 return89 # NOTE(jamespage):90 # preserve existing naming because interfaces may already exist.91 ovsbridge_port = "veth-" + name92 linuxbridge_port = "veth-" + bridge93 if (len(ovsbridge_port) > MAX_KERNEL_INTERFACE_NAME_LEN or94 len(linuxbridge_port) > MAX_KERNEL_INTERFACE_NAME_LEN):95 # NOTE(jamespage):96 # use parts of hashed bridgename (openstack style) when97 # a bridge name exceeds 15 chars98 hashed_bridge = hashlib.sha256(bridge.encode('UTF-8')).hexdigest()99 base = '{}-{}'.format(hashed_bridge[:8], hashed_bridge[-2:])100 ovsbridge_port = "cvo{}".format(base)101 linuxbridge_port = "cvb{}".format(base)102 interfaces = netifaces.interfaces()103 for interface in interfaces:104 if interface == ovsbridge_port or interface == linuxbridge_port:105 log('Interface {} already exists'.format(interface), level=INFO)106 return107 log('Adding linuxbridge {} to ovsbridge {}'.format(bridge, name),108 level=INFO)109 check_for_eni_source()110 with open('/etc/network/interfaces.d/{}.cfg'.format(111 linuxbridge_port), 'w') as config:112 config.write(BRIDGE_TEMPLATE.format(linuxbridge_port=linuxbridge_port,113 ovsbridge_port=ovsbridge_port,114 bridge=bridge))115 subprocess.check_call(["ifup", linuxbridge_port])116 add_bridge_port(name, linuxbridge_port)117def is_linuxbridge_interface(port):118 ''' Check if the interface is a linuxbridge bridge119 :param port: Name of an interface to check whether it is a Linux bridge120 :returns: True if port is a Linux bridge'''121 if os.path.exists('/sys/class/net/' + port + '/bridge'):122 log('Interface {} is a Linux bridge'.format(port), level=DEBUG)123 return True124 else:125 log('Interface {} is not a Linux bridge'.format(port), level=DEBUG)126 return False127def set_manager(manager):128 ''' Set the controller for the local openvswitch '''129 log('Setting manager for local ovs to {}'.format(manager))130 subprocess.check_call(['ovs-vsctl', 'set-manager',131 'ssl:{}'.format(manager)])132def set_Open_vSwitch_column_value(column_value):133 """134 Calls ovs-vsctl and sets the 'column_value' in the Open_vSwitch table.135 :param column_value:136 See for137 details of the relevant values.138 :type str139 :raises CalledProcessException: possibly ovsdb-server is not running140 """141 log('Setting {} in the Open_vSwitch table'.format(column_value))142 subprocess.check_call(['ovs-vsctl', 'set', 'Open_vSwitch', '.', column_value])143CERT_PATH = '/etc/openvswitch/ovsclient-cert.pem'144def get_certificate():145 ''' Read openvswitch certificate from disk '''146 if os.path.exists(CERT_PATH):147 log('Reading ovs certificate from {}'.format(CERT_PATH))148 with open(CERT_PATH, 'r') as cert:149 full_cert = begin_marker = "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----"151 end_marker = "-----END CERTIFICATE-----"152 begin_index = full_cert.find(begin_marker)153 end_index = full_cert.rfind(end_marker)154 if end_index == -1 or begin_index == -1:155 raise RuntimeError("Certificate does not contain valid begin"156 " and end markers.")157 full_cert = full_cert[begin_index:(end_index + len(end_marker))]158 return full_cert159 else:160 log('Certificate not found', level=WARNING)161 return None162def check_for_eni_source():163 ''' Juju removes the source line when setting up interfaces,164 replace if missing '''165 with open('/etc/network/interfaces', 'r') as eni:166 for line in eni:167 if line == 'source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*':168 return169 with open('/etc/network/interfaces', 'a') as eni:170 eni.write('\nsource /etc/network/interfaces.d/*')171def full_restart():172 ''' Full restart and reload of openvswitch '''173 if os.path.exists('/etc/init/openvswitch-force-reload-kmod.conf'):174 service('start', 'openvswitch-force-reload-kmod')175 else:176 service('force-reload-kmod', 'openvswitch-switch')177def enable_ipfix(bridge, target):178 '''Enable IPfix on bridge to target.179 :param bridge: Bridge to monitor180 :param target: IPfix remote endpoint181 '''182 cmd = ['ovs-vsctl', 'set', 'Bridge', bridge, 'ipfix=@i', '--',183 '--id=@i', 'create', 'IPFIX', 'targets="{}"'.format(target)]184 log('Enabling IPfix on {}.'.format(bridge))185 subprocess.check_call(cmd)186def disable_ipfix(bridge):187 '''Diable IPfix on target bridge.188 :param bridge: Bridge to modify189 '''190 cmd = ['ovs-vsctl', 'clear', 'Bridge', bridge, 'ipfix']191 subprocess.check_call(cmd)192def port_to_br(port):193 '''Determine the bridge that contains a port194 :param port: Name of port to check for195 :returns str: OVS bridge containing port or None if not found196 '''197 try:198 return subprocess.check_output(199 ['ovs-vsctl', 'port-to-br', port]200 ).decode('UTF-8').strip()201 except subprocess.CalledProcessError:...

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