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...126 include_string=include_string,127 exclude_string=exclude_string)128 tarballs.append(tarball_path)129 return tarballs130def process_all_packages(pkgmgr, client_dir, remove=False):131 """Process a full upload of packages as a directory upload."""132 dep_dir = os.path.join(client_dir, "deps")133 prof_dir = os.path.join(client_dir, "profilers")134 # Directory where all are kept135 temp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()136 try:137 base_packages.check_diskspace(temp_dir)138 except error.RepoDiskFullError, e:139 print ("Temp destination for packages is full %s, aborting upload: %s"140 % (temp_dir, e))141 os.rmdir(temp_dir)142 sys.exit(1)143 # process tests144 tests_list = get_subdir_list('tests', client_dir)145 tests = ','.join(tests_list)146 # process site_tests147 site_tests_list = get_subdir_list('site_tests', client_dir)148 site_tests = ','.join(site_tests_list)149 # process deps150 deps_list = get_subdir_list('deps', client_dir)151 deps = ','.join(deps_list)152 # process profilers153 profilers_list = get_subdir_list('profilers', client_dir)154 profilers = ','.join(profilers_list)155 # Update md5sum156 if not remove:157 tar_packages(pkgmgr, 'profiler', profilers, prof_dir, temp_dir)158 tar_packages(pkgmgr, 'dep', deps, dep_dir, temp_dir)159 tar_packages(pkgmgr, 'test', site_tests, client_dir, temp_dir)160 tar_packages(pkgmgr, 'test', tests, client_dir, temp_dir)161 tar_packages(pkgmgr, 'client', 'autotest', client_dir, temp_dir)162 cwd = os.getcwd()163 os.chdir(temp_dir)164 client_utils.system('md5sum * > packages.checksum')165 os.chdir(cwd)166 pkgmgr.upload_pkg(temp_dir)167'rm -rf ' + temp_dir)168 else:169 process_packages(pkgmgr, 'test', tests, client_dir, remove=remove)170 process_packages(pkgmgr, 'test', site_tests, client_dir, remove=remove)171 process_packages(pkgmgr, 'client', 'autotest', client_dir,172 remove=remove)173 process_packages(pkgmgr, 'dep', deps, dep_dir, remove=remove)174 process_packages(pkgmgr, 'profiler', profilers, prof_dir,175 remove=remove)176# Get the list of sub directories present in a directory177def get_subdir_list(name, client_dir):178 dir_name = os.path.join(client_dir, name)179 return [f for f in180 os.listdir(dir_name)181 if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(dir_name, f))]182# Look whether the test is present in client/tests and client/site_tests dirs183def get_test_dir(name, client_dir):184 names_test = os.listdir(os.path.join(client_dir, 'tests'))185 names_site_test = os.listdir(os.path.join(client_dir, 'site_tests'))186 if name in names_test:187 src_dir = os.path.join(client_dir, 'tests')188 elif name in names_site_test:189 src_dir = os.path.join(client_dir, 'site_tests')190 else:191 print "Test %s not found" % name192 sys.exit(0)193 return src_dir194def main():195 # get options and args196 options, args = parse_args()197 server_dir = server_utils.get_server_dir()198 autotest_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(server_dir, '..'))199 # extract the pkg locations from global config200 repo_urls = settings.get_value('PACKAGES', 'fetch_location',201 type=list, default=[])202 upload_paths = settings.get_value('PACKAGES', 'upload_location',203 type=list, default=[])204 if options.repo:205 upload_paths.append(options.repo)206 # Having no upload paths basically means you're not using packaging.207 if not upload_paths:208 print("No upload locations found. Please set upload_location under"209 " PACKAGES in the global_config.ini or provide a location using"210 " the --repository option.")211 return212 client_dir = os.path.join(autotest_dir, "client")213 # Bail out if the client directory does not exist214 if not os.path.exists(client_dir):215 sys.exit(0)216 dep_dir = os.path.join(client_dir, "deps")217 prof_dir = os.path.join(client_dir, "profilers")218 if len(args) == 0 or args[0] not in ['upload', 'remove']:219 print("Either 'upload' or 'remove' needs to be specified "220 "for the package")221 sys.exit(0)222 if args[0] == 'upload':223 remove_flag = False224 elif args[0] == 'remove':225 remove_flag = True226 else:227 # we should not be getting here228 assert(False)229 pkgmgr = packages.PackageManager(autotest_dir, repo_urls=repo_urls,230 upload_paths=upload_paths,231 run_function_dargs={'timeout': 600})232 if options.all:233 process_all_packages(pkgmgr, client_dir, remove=remove_flag)234 if options.client:235 process_packages(pkgmgr, 'client', 'autotest', client_dir,236 remove=remove_flag)237 if options.dep:238 process_packages(pkgmgr, 'dep', options.dep, dep_dir,239 remove=remove_flag)240 if options.test:241 process_packages(pkgmgr, 'test', options.test, client_dir,242 remove=remove_flag)243 if process_packages(pkgmgr, 'profiler',, prof_dir,245 remove=remove_flag)246 if options.file:247 if remove_flag:...

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