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...38from autotest.server import server_logging_config39from autotest.server import server_job, autoserv_parser40from autotest.server import autotest_remote41from autotest.client.shared import pidfile, logging_manager42def run_autoserv(pid_file_manager, results, parser):43 # send stdin to /dev/null44 dev_null =, os.O_RDONLY)45 os.dup2(dev_null, sys.stdin.fileno())46 os.close(dev_null)47 # Create separate process group48 os.setpgrp()49 # Implement SIGTERM handler50 def handle_sigterm(signum, frame):51 if pid_file_manager:52 pid_file_manager.close_file(1, signal.SIGTERM)53 os.killpg(os.getpgrp(), signal.SIGKILL)54 # Set signal handler55 signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, handle_sigterm)56 # Ignore SIGTTOU's generated by output from forked children.57 signal.signal(signal.SIGTTOU, signal.SIG_IGN)58 # Server side tests that call shell scripts often depend on $USER being set59 # but depending on how you launch your autotest scheduler it may not be set.60 os.environ['USER'] = getpass.getuser()61 if parser.options.machines:62 machines = parser.options.machines.replace(',', ' ').strip().split()63 else:64 machines = []65 machines_file = parser.options.machines_file66 label = parser.options.label67 group_name = parser.options.group_name68 user = parser.options.user69 client = parser.options.client70 server = parser.options.server71 install_before = parser.options.install_before72 install_after = parser.options.install_after73 verify = parser.options.verify74 repair = parser.options.repair75 cleanup = parser.options.cleanup76 no_tee = parser.options.no_tee77 parse_job = parser.options.parse_job78 execution_tag = parser.options.execution_tag79 if not execution_tag:80 execution_tag = parse_job81 host_protection = parser.options.host_protection82 ssh_user = parser.options.ssh_user83 ssh_port = parser.options.ssh_port84 ssh_pass = parser.options.ssh_pass85 collect_crashinfo = parser.options.collect_crashinfo86 control_filename = parser.options.control_filename87 # can't be both a client and a server side test88 if client and server:89 parser.parser.error("Can not specify a test as both server and client!")90 if len(parser.args) < 1 and not (verify or repair or cleanup or91 collect_crashinfo):92 parser.parser.error("Missing argument: control file")93 # We have a control file unless it's just a verify/repair/cleanup job94 if len(parser.args) > 0:95 control = parser.args[0]96 else:97 control = None98 if machines_file:99 machines = []100 for m in open(machines_file, 'r').readlines():101 # remove comments, spaces102 m = re.sub('#.*', '', m).strip()103 if m:104 machines.append(m)105 print "Read list of machines from file: %s" % machines_file106 print ','.join(machines)107 if machines:108 for machine in machines:109 if not machine or'\s', machine):110 parser.parser.error("Invalid machine: %s" % str(machine))111 machines = list(set(machines))112 machines.sort()113 if group_name and len(machines) < 2:114 parser.parser.error("-G %r may only be supplied with more than one machine."115 % group_name)116 kwargs = {'group_name': group_name, 'tag': execution_tag}117 if control_filename:118 kwargs['control_filename'] = control_filename119 job = server_job.server_job(control, parser.args[1:], results, label,120 user, machines, client, parse_job,121 ssh_user, ssh_port, ssh_pass, **kwargs)122 job.logging.start_logging()123 job.init_parser()124 # perform checks125 job.precheck()126 # run the job127 exit_code = 0128 try:129 try:130 if repair:131 elif verify:133 job.verify()134 else:135, install_before, install_after,136 only_collect_crashinfo=collect_crashinfo)137 finally:138 while job.hosts:139 host = job.hosts.pop()140 host.close()141 except Exception:142 exit_code = 1143 traceback.print_exc()144 if pid_file_manager:145 pid_file_manager.num_tests_failed = job.num_tests_failed146 pid_file_manager.close_file(exit_code)147 job.cleanup_parser()148 sys.exit(exit_code)149def main():150 # grab the parser151 parser = autoserv_parser.autoserv_parser152 parser.parse_args()153 if len(sys.argv) == 1:154 parser.parser.print_help()155 sys.exit(1)156 if parser.options.no_logging:157 results = None158 else:159 output_dir = settings.get_value('COMMON', 'test_output_dir', default="")160 results = parser.options.results161 if not results:162 results = 'results.' + time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H.%M.%S')163 if output_dir:164 results = os.path.join(output_dir, results)165 results = os.path.abspath(results)166 resultdir_exists = False167 for filename in ('control.srv', 'status.log', '.autoserv_execute'):168 if os.path.exists(os.path.join(results, filename)):169 resultdir_exists = True170 if not parser.options.use_existing_results and resultdir_exists:171 error = "Error: results directory already exists: %s\n" % results172 sys.stderr.write(error)173 sys.exit(1)174 # Now that we certified that there's no leftover results dir from175 # previous jobs, lets create the result dir since the logging system176 # needs to create the log file in there.177 if not os.path.isdir(results):178 os.makedirs(results)179 logging_manager.configure_logging(180 server_logging_config.ServerLoggingConfig(), results_dir=results,181 use_console=not parser.options.no_tee,182 verbose=parser.options.verbose,183 no_console_prefix=parser.options.no_console_prefix)184 if results:185"Results placed in %s" % results)186 # wait until now to perform this check, so it get properly logged187 if parser.options.use_existing_results and not resultdir_exists:188 logging.error("No existing results directory found: %s", results)189 sys.exit(1)190 if parser.options.write_pidfile:191 pid_file_manager = pidfile.PidFileManager(parser.options.pidfile_label,192 results)193 pid_file_manager.open_file()194 else:195 pid_file_manager = None196 autotest_remote.BaseAutotest.set_install_in_tmpdir(197 parser.options.install_in_tmpdir)198 exit_code = 0199 try:200 try:201 run_autoserv(pid_file_manager, results, parser)202 except SystemExit as e:203 exit_code = e.code204 except Exception:205 traceback.print_exc()206 # If we don't know what happened, we'll classify it as207 # an 'abort' and return 1.208 exit_code = 1209 finally:210 if pid_file_manager:211 pid_file_manager.close_file(exit_code)...

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...8import common9from autotest_lib.server import server_logging_config10from autotest_lib.server import server_job, utils, autoserv_parser, autotest11from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import pidfile, logging_manager12def run_autoserv(pid_file_manager, results, parser):13 # send stdin to /dev/null14 dev_null =, os.O_RDONLY)15 os.dup2(dev_null, sys.stdin.fileno())16 os.close(dev_null)17 # Create separate process group18 os.setpgrp()19 # Implement SIGTERM handler20 def handle_sigterm(signum, frame):21 if pid_file_manager:22 pid_file_manager.close_file(1, signal.SIGTERM)23 os.killpg(os.getpgrp(), signal.SIGKILL)24 # Set signal handler25 signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, handle_sigterm)26 if parser.options.machines:27 machines = parser.options.machines.replace(',', ' ').strip().split()28 else:29 machines = []30 machines_file = parser.options.machines_file31 label = parser.options.label32 group_name = parser.options.group_name33 user = parser.options.user34 client = parser.options.client35 server = parser.options.server36 install_before = parser.options.install_before37 install_after = parser.options.install_after38 verify = parser.options.verify39 repair = parser.options.repair40 cleanup = parser.options.cleanup41 no_tee = parser.options.no_tee42 parse_job = parser.options.parse_job43 execution_tag = parser.options.execution_tag44 if not execution_tag:45 execution_tag = parse_job46 host_protection = parser.options.host_protection47 ssh_user = parser.options.ssh_user48 ssh_port = parser.options.ssh_port49 ssh_pass = parser.options.ssh_pass50 collect_crashinfo = parser.options.collect_crashinfo51 # can't be both a client and a server side test52 if client and server:53 print "Can not specify a test as both server and client!"54 sys.exit(1)55 if len(parser.args) < 1 and not (verify or repair or cleanup56 or collect_crashinfo):57 print parser.parser.print_help()58 sys.exit(1)59 # We have a control file unless it's just a verify/repair/cleanup job60 if len(parser.args) > 0:61 control = parser.args[0]62 else:63 control = None64 if machines_file:65 machines = []66 for m in open(machines_file, 'r').readlines():67 # remove comments, spaces68 m = re.sub('#.*', '', m).strip()69 if m:70 machines.append(m)71 print "Read list of machines from file: %s" % machines_file72 print ','.join(machines)73 if machines:74 for machine in machines:75 if not machine or'\s', machine):76 print "Invalid machine %s" % str(machine)77 sys.exit(1)78 machines = list(set(machines))79 machines.sort()80 if group_name and len(machines) < 2:81 print ("-G %r may only be supplied with more than one machine."82 % group_name)83 sys.exit(1)84 job = server_job.server_job(control, parser.args[1:], results, label,85 user, machines, client, parse_job,86 ssh_user, ssh_port, ssh_pass,87 group_name=group_name, tag=execution_tag)88 job.logging.start_logging()89 # perform checks90 job.precheck()91 # run the job92 exit_code = 093 try:94 try:95 if repair:96 elif verify:98 job.verify()99 else:100, install_before, install_after,101 only_collect_crashinfo=collect_crashinfo)102 finally:103 while job.hosts:104 host = job.hosts.pop()105 host.close()106 except:107 exit_code = 1108 traceback.print_exc()109 if pid_file_manager:110 pid_file_manager.num_tests_failed = job.num_tests_failed111 pid_file_manager.close_file(exit_code)112 job.cleanup_parser()113 sys.exit(exit_code)114def main():115 # grab the parser116 parser = autoserv_parser.autoserv_parser117 parser.parse_args()118 if len(sys.argv) == 1:119 parser.parser.print_help()120 sys.exit(1)121 if parser.options.no_logging:122 results = None123 else:124 results = parser.options.results125 if not results:126 results = 'results.' + time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H.%M.%S')127 results = os.path.abspath(results)128 resultdir_exists = os.path.exists(os.path.join(results, 'control.srv'))129 if not parser.options.collect_crashinfo and resultdir_exists:130 error = "Error: results directory already exists: %s\n" % results131 sys.stderr.write(error)132 sys.exit(1)133 # Now that we certified that there's no leftover results dir from134 # previous jobs, lets create the result dir since the logging system135 # needs to create the log file in there.136 if not os.path.isdir(results):137 os.makedirs(results)138 logging_manager.configure_logging(139 server_logging_config.ServerLoggingConfig(), results_dir=results,140 use_console=not parser.options.no_tee,141 verbose=parser.options.verbose,142 no_console_prefix=parser.options.no_console_prefix)143 if results:144"Results placed in %s" % results)145 if parser.options.write_pidfile:146 if parser.options.collect_crashinfo:147 pidfile_label = 'collect_crashinfo'148 else:149 pidfile_label = 'autoserv'150 pid_file_manager = pidfile.PidFileManager(pidfile_label, results)151 pid_file_manager.open_file()152 else:153 pid_file_manager = None154 autotest.BaseAutotest.set_install_in_tmpdir(155 parser.options.install_in_tmpdir)156 exit_code = 0157 try:158 try:159 run_autoserv(pid_file_manager, results, parser)160 except SystemExit, e:161 exit_code = e.code162 except:163 traceback.print_exc()164 # If we don't know what happened, we'll classify it as165 # an 'abort' and return 1.166 exit_code = 1167 finally:168 if pid_file_manager:169 pid_file_manager.close_file(exit_code)170 sys.exit(exit_code)171if __name__ == '__main__':...

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