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1import sys2import time3from importlib import import_module4from django.apps import apps5from import (6 BaseCommand, CommandError, no_translations,7)8from import (9 emit_post_migrate_signal, emit_pre_migrate_signal,10)11from django.db import DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS, connections, router12from django.db.migrations.autodetector import MigrationAutodetector13from django.db.migrations.executor import MigrationExecutor14from django.db.migrations.loader import AmbiguityError15from django.db.migrations.state import ModelState, ProjectState16from django.utils.module_loading import module_has_submodule17from django.utils.text import Truncator18class Command(BaseCommand):19 help = "Updates database schema. Manages both apps with migrations and those without."20 requires_system_checks = []21 def add_arguments(self, parser):22 parser.add_argument(23 '--skip-checks', action='store_true',24 help='Skip system checks.',25 )26 parser.add_argument(27 'app_label', nargs='?',28 help='App label of an application to synchronize the state.',29 )30 parser.add_argument(31 'migration_name', nargs='?',32 help='Database state will be brought to the state after that '33 'migration. Use the name "zero" to unapply all migrations.',34 )35 parser.add_argument(36 '--noinput', '--no-input', action='store_false', dest='interactive',37 help='Tells Django to NOT prompt the user for input of any kind.',38 )39 parser.add_argument(40 '--database',41 default=DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS,42 help='Nominates a database to synchronize. Defaults to the "default" database.',43 )44 parser.add_argument(45 '--fake', action='store_true',46 help='Mark migrations as run without actually running them.',47 )48 parser.add_argument(49 '--fake-initial', action='store_true',50 help='Detect if tables already exist and fake-apply initial migrations if so. Make sure '51 'that the current database schema matches your initial migration before using this '52 'flag. Django will only check for an existing table name.',53 )54 parser.add_argument(55 '--plan', action='store_true',56 help='Shows a list of the migration actions that will be performed.',57 )58 parser.add_argument(59 '--run-syncdb', action='store_true',60 help='Creates tables for apps without migrations.',61 )62 parser.add_argument(63 '--check', action='store_true', dest='check_unapplied',64 help='Exits with a non-zero status if unapplied migrations exist.',65 )66 @no_translations67 def handle(self, *args, **options):68 database = options['database']69 if not options['skip_checks']:70 self.check(databases=[database])71 self.verbosity = options['verbosity']72 self.interactive = options['interactive']73 # Import the 'management' module within each installed app, to register74 # dispatcher events.75 for app_config in apps.get_app_configs():76 if module_has_submodule(app_config.module, "management"):77 import_module('.management', # Get the database we're operating from79 connection = connections[database]80 # Hook for backends needing any database preparation81 connection.prepare_database()82 # Work out which apps have migrations and which do not83 executor = MigrationExecutor(connection, self.migration_progress_callback)84 # Raise an error if any migrations are applied before their dependencies.85 executor.loader.check_consistent_history(connection)86 # Before anything else, see if there's conflicting apps and drop out87 # hard if there are any88 conflicts = executor.loader.detect_conflicts()89 if conflicts:90 name_str = "; ".join(91 "%s in %s" % (", ".join(names), app)92 for app, names in conflicts.items()93 )94 raise CommandError(95 "Conflicting migrations detected; multiple leaf nodes in the "96 "migration graph: (%s).\nTo fix them run "97 "'python makemigrations --merge'" % name_str98 )99 # If they supplied command line arguments, work out what they mean.100 run_syncdb = options['run_syncdb']101 target_app_labels_only = True102 if options['app_label']:103 # Validate app_label.104 app_label = options['app_label']105 try:106 apps.get_app_config(app_label)107 except LookupError as err:108 raise CommandError(str(err))109 if run_syncdb:110 if app_label in executor.loader.migrated_apps:111 raise CommandError("Can't use run_syncdb with app '%s' as it has migrations." % app_label)112 elif app_label not in executor.loader.migrated_apps:113 raise CommandError("App '%s' does not have migrations." % app_label)114 if options['app_label'] and options['migration_name']:115 migration_name = options['migration_name']116 if migration_name == "zero":117 targets = [(app_label, None)]118 else:119 try:120 migration = executor.loader.get_migration_by_prefix(app_label, migration_name)121 except AmbiguityError:122 raise CommandError(123 "More than one migration matches '%s' in app '%s'. "124 "Please be more specific." %125 (migration_name, app_label)126 )127 except KeyError:128 raise CommandError("Cannot find a migration matching '%s' from app '%s'." % (129 migration_name, app_label))130 targets = [(app_label,]131 target_app_labels_only = False132 elif options['app_label']:133 targets = [key for key in executor.loader.graph.leaf_nodes() if key[0] == app_label]134 else:135 targets = executor.loader.graph.leaf_nodes()136 plan = executor.migration_plan(targets)137 exit_dry = plan and options['check_unapplied']138 if options['plan']:139 self.stdout.write('Planned operations:', if not plan:141 self.stdout.write(' No planned migration operations.')142 for migration, backwards in plan:143 self.stdout.write(str(migration), for operation in migration.operations:145 message, is_error = self.describe_operation(operation, backwards)146 style = if is_error else None147 self.stdout.write(' ' + message, style)148 if exit_dry:149 sys.exit(1)150 return151 if exit_dry:152 sys.exit(1)153 # At this point, ignore run_syncdb if there aren't any apps to sync.154 run_syncdb = options['run_syncdb'] and executor.loader.unmigrated_apps155 # Print some useful info156 if self.verbosity >= 1:157 self.stdout.write("Operations to perform:"))158 if run_syncdb:159 if options['app_label']:160 self.stdout.write(161" Synchronize unmigrated app: %s" % app_label)162 )163 else:164 self.stdout.write(165" Synchronize unmigrated apps: ") +166 (", ".join(sorted(executor.loader.unmigrated_apps)))167 )168 if target_app_labels_only:169 self.stdout.write(170" Apply all migrations: ") +171 (", ".join(sorted({a for a, n in targets})) or "(none)")172 )173 else:174 if targets[0][1] is None:175 self.stdout.write(176' Unapply all migrations: ') +177 str(targets[0][0])178 )179 else:180 self.stdout.write( " Target specific migration: ") + "%s, from %s"182 % (targets[0][1], targets[0][0])183 )184 pre_migrate_state = executor._create_project_state(with_applied_migrations=True)185 pre_migrate_apps = pre_migrate_state.apps186 emit_pre_migrate_signal(187 self.verbosity, self.interactive, connection.alias, apps=pre_migrate_apps, plan=plan,188 )189 # Run the syncdb phase.190 if run_syncdb:191 if self.verbosity >= 1:192 self.stdout.write("Synchronizing apps without migrations:"))193 if options['app_label']:194 self.sync_apps(connection, [app_label])195 else:196 self.sync_apps(connection, executor.loader.unmigrated_apps)197 # Migrate!198 if self.verbosity >= 1:199 self.stdout.write("Running migrations:"))200 if not plan:201 if self.verbosity >= 1:202 self.stdout.write(" No migrations to apply.")203 # If there's changes that aren't in migrations yet, tell them how to fix it.204 autodetector = MigrationAutodetector(205 executor.loader.project_state(),206 ProjectState.from_apps(apps),207 )208 changes = autodetector.changes(graph=executor.loader.graph)209 if changes:210 self.stdout.write( " Your models in app(s): %s have changes that are not "212 "yet reflected in a migration, and so won't be "213 "applied." % ", ".join(repr(app) for app in sorted(changes))214 ))215 self.stdout.write( " Run ' makemigrations' to make new "217 "migrations, and then re-run ' migrate' to "218 "apply them."219 ))220 fake = False221 fake_initial = False222 else:223 fake = options['fake']224 fake_initial = options['fake_initial']225 post_migrate_state = executor.migrate(226 targets, plan=plan, state=pre_migrate_state.clone(), fake=fake,227 fake_initial=fake_initial,228 )229 # post_migrate signals have access to all models. Ensure that all models230 # are reloaded in case any are delayed.231 post_migrate_state.clear_delayed_apps_cache()232 post_migrate_apps = post_migrate_state.apps233 # Re-render models of real apps to include relationships now that234 # we've got a final state. This wouldn't be necessary if real apps235 # models were rendered with relationships in the first place.236 with post_migrate_apps.bulk_update():237 model_keys = []238 for model_state in post_migrate_apps.real_models:239 model_key = model_state.app_label, model_state.name_lower240 model_keys.append(model_key)241 post_migrate_apps.unregister_model(*model_key)242 post_migrate_apps.render_multiple([243 ModelState.from_model(apps.get_model(*model)) for model in model_keys244 ])245 # Send the post_migrate signal, so individual apps can do whatever they need246 # to do at this point.247 emit_post_migrate_signal(248 self.verbosity, self.interactive, connection.alias, apps=post_migrate_apps, plan=plan,249 )250 def migration_progress_callback(self, action, migration=None, fake=False):251 if self.verbosity >= 1:252 compute_time = self.verbosity > 1253 if action == "apply_start":254 if compute_time:255 self.start = time.monotonic()256 self.stdout.write(" Applying %s..." % migration, ending="")257 self.stdout.flush()258 elif action == "apply_success":259 elapsed = " (%.3fs)" % (time.monotonic() - self.start) if compute_time else ""260 if fake:261 self.stdout.write(" FAKED" + elapsed))262 else:263 self.stdout.write(" OK" + elapsed))264 elif action == "unapply_start":265 if compute_time:266 self.start = time.monotonic()267 self.stdout.write(" Unapplying %s..." % migration, ending="")268 self.stdout.flush()269 elif action == "unapply_success":270 elapsed = " (%.3fs)" % (time.monotonic() - self.start) if compute_time else ""271 if fake:272 self.stdout.write(" FAKED" + elapsed))273 else:274 self.stdout.write(" OK" + elapsed))275 elif action == "render_start":276 if compute_time:277 self.start = time.monotonic()278 self.stdout.write(" Rendering model states...", ending="")279 self.stdout.flush()280 elif action == "render_success":281 elapsed = " (%.3fs)" % (time.monotonic() - self.start) if compute_time else ""282 self.stdout.write(" DONE" + elapsed))283 def sync_apps(self, connection, app_labels):284 """Run the old syncdb-style operation on a list of app_labels."""285 with connection.cursor() as cursor:286 tables = connection.introspection.table_names(cursor)287 # Build the manifest of apps and models that are to be synchronized.288 all_models = [289 (290 app_config.label,291 router.get_migratable_models(app_config, connection.alias, include_auto_created=False),292 )293 for app_config in apps.get_app_configs()294 if app_config.models_module is not None and app_config.label in app_labels295 ]296 def model_installed(model):297 opts = model._meta298 converter = connection.introspection.identifier_converter299 return not (300 (converter(opts.db_table) in tables) or301 (opts.auto_created and converter(opts.auto_created._meta.db_table) in tables)302 )303 manifest = {304 app_name: list(filter(model_installed, model_list))305 for app_name, model_list in all_models306 }307 # Create the tables for each model308 if self.verbosity >= 1:309 self.stdout.write(' Creating tables...')310 with connection.schema_editor() as editor:311 for app_name, model_list in manifest.items():312 for model in model_list:313 # Never install unmanaged models, etc.314 if not model._meta.can_migrate(connection):315 continue316 if self.verbosity >= 3:317 self.stdout.write(318 ' Processing %s.%s model' % (app_name, model._meta.object_name)319 )320 if self.verbosity >= 1:321 self.stdout.write(' Creating table %s' % model._meta.db_table)322 editor.create_model(model)323 # Deferred SQL is executed when exiting the editor's context.324 if self.verbosity >= 1:325 self.stdout.write(' Running deferred SQL...')326 @staticmethod327 def describe_operation(operation, backwards):328 """Return a string that describes a migration operation for --plan."""329 prefix = ''330 is_error = False331 if hasattr(operation, 'code'):332 code = operation.reverse_code if backwards else operation.code333 action = (code.__doc__ or '') if code else None334 elif hasattr(operation, 'sql'):335 action = operation.reverse_sql if backwards else operation.sql336 else:337 action = ''338 if backwards:339 prefix = 'Undo '340 if action is not None:341 action = str(action).replace('\n', '')342 elif backwards:343 action = 'IRREVERSIBLE'344 is_error = True345 if action:346 action = ' -> ' + action347 truncated = Truncator(action)...

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