How to use set_file_privs method in autotest

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...149 """150 umask = os.umask(0)151 os.umask(umask)152 max_privs = 0777 & ~umask153 def set_file_privs(filename):154 file_stat = os.stat(filename)155 file_privs = max_privs156 # if the original file permissions do not have at least one157 # executable bit then do not set it anywhere158 if not file_stat.st_mode & 0111:159 file_privs &= ~0111160 os.chmod(filename, file_privs)161 for root, dirs, files in os.walk(dest, topdown=False):162 for dirname in dirs:163 os.chmod(os.path.join(root, dirname), max_privs)164 for filename in files:165 set_file_privs(os.path.join(root, filename))166 if os.path.isdir(dest):167 os.chmod(dest, max_privs)168 else:169 set_file_privs(dest)170 def get_file(self, source, dest, delete_dest=False, preserve_perm=True,171 preserve_symlinks=False):172 """173 Copy files from the remote host to a local path174 Directories will be copied recursively.175 Args:176 delete_dest: if it is true, the command will also clear out any177 old files at dest that are not in the source178 preserve_perm: tells get_file() to try to preserve the sources179 permissions on files and dirs180 preserve_symlinks: try to preserver symlinks instead of181 transforming them into files/dirs on copy182 Raiseds:183 the scp command failed...

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