How to use set_fs_options method in autotest

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...276 eventually the test277 """278 # setup the filesystem parameters for all the partitions279 for p in partitions:280 p.set_fs_options(fs_opt)281 # make and mount all the partitions in parallel282 parallel(partitions, 'setup_before_test', mountpoint_func=mountpoint_func)283 mountpoint = mountpoint_func(partitions[0])284 # run the test against all the partitions285 job.run_test(test, tag=tag, partitions=partitions, dir=mountpoint, **dargs)286 parallel(partitions, 'unmount') # unmount all partitions in parallel287 if do_fsck:288 parallel(partitions, 'fsck') # fsck all partitions in parallel289 # else fsck is done by caller290class partition(object):291 """292 Class for handling partitions and filesystems293 """294 def __init__(self, job, device, loop_size=0, mountpoint=None):295 """296 @param job: A L{client.bin.job} instance.297 @param device: The device in question (e.g."/dev/hda2"). If device is a298 file it will be mounted as loopback.299 @param loop_size: Size of loopback device (in MB). Defaults to 0.300 """301 self.device = device302 = os.path.basename(device)303 self.job = job304 self.loop = loop_size305 self.fstype = None306 self.mountpoint = mountpoint307 self.mkfs_flags = None308 self.mount_options = None309 self.fs_tag = None310 if self.loop:311 cmd = 'dd if=/dev/zero of=%s bs=1M count=%d' % (device, loop_size)312 utils.system(cmd)313 def __repr__(self):314 return '<Partition: %s>' % self.device315 def set_fs_options(self, fs_options):316 """317 Set filesystem options318 @param fs_options: A L{FsOptions} object319 """320 self.fstype = fs_options.fstype321 self.mkfs_flags = fs_options.mkfs_flags322 self.mount_options = fs_options.mount_options323 self.fs_tag = fs_options.fs_tag324 def run_test(self, test, **dargs):325 self.job.run_test(test, dir=self.get_mountpoint(), **dargs)326 def setup_before_test(self, mountpoint_func):327 """328 Prepare a partition for running a test. Unmounts any329 filesystem that's currently mounted on the partition, makes a...

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