How to use set_vlanmode method in autotest

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...153 def add_port_tag(self, port_name, tag):154 raise NotImplementedError()155 def add_port_trunk(self, port_name, trunk):156 raise NotImplementedError()157 def set_vlanmode(self, port_name, vlan_mode):158 raise NotImplementedError()159 def check_port_in_br(self, br_name, port_name):160 raise NotImplementedError()161class OpenVSwitchControlDB_140(OpenVSwitchControl):162 """163 Don't use this class directly. This class is automatically selected by164 OpenVSwitchControl.165 """166 @classmethod167 def _is_right_ver(cls):168 """169 Check condition for select control class.170 :param version: version of OpenVSwtich171 """172 version = cls.get_version()173 if version is not None:174 int_ver = cls.convert_version_to_int(version)175 if int_ver >= 140:176 return True177 return False178 # TODO: implement database manipulation methods.179class OpenVSwitchControlDB_CNT(VersionableClass):180 __master__ = OpenVSwitchControlDB_140181class OpenVSwitchControlCli_140(OpenVSwitchControl):182 """183 Don't use this class directly. This class is automatically selected by184 OpenVSwitchControl.185 """186 @classmethod187 def _is_right_ver(cls):188 """189 Check condition for select control class.190 :param version: version of OpenVSwtich191 """192 version = cls.get_version()193 if version is not None:194 int_ver = cls.convert_version_to_int(version)195 if int_ver >= 140:196 return True197 return False198 def ovs_vsctl(self, params, ignore_status=False):199 return'%s --db=unix:%s %s' %200 (path.find_command("ovs-vsctl"),201 self.db_socket, " ".join(params)), timeout=10,202 ignore_status=ignore_status, verbose=False)203 def status(self):204 return self.ovs_vsctl(["show"]).stdout205 def add_br(self, br_name):206 self.ovs_vsctl(["add-br", br_name])207 def add_fake_br(self, br_name, parent, vlan):208 self.ovs_vsctl(["add-br", br_name, parent, vlan])209 def del_br(self, br_name):210 try:211 self.ovs_vsctl(["del-br", br_name])212 except process.CmdError, e:213 logging.debug(e.result)214 raise215 def br_exist(self, br_name):216 try:217 self.ovs_vsctl(["br-exists", br_name])218 except process.CmdError, e:219 if e.result.exit_status == 2:220 return False221 else:222 raise223 return True224 def list_br(self):225 return self.ovs_vsctl(["list-br"]).stdout.splitlines()226 def add_port(self, br_name, port_name):227 self.ovs_vsctl(["add-port", br_name, port_name])228 def del_port(self, br_name, port_name):229 self.ovs_vsctl(["del-port", br_name, port_name])230 def add_port_tag(self, port_name, tag):231 self.ovs_vsctl(["set", "Port", port_name, "tag=%s" % tag])232 def add_port_trunk(self, port_name, trunk):233 """234 :param trunk: list of vlans id.235 """236 trunk = map(lambda x: str(x), trunk)237 trunk = "[" + ",".join(trunk) + "]"238 self.ovs_vsctl(["set", "Port", port_name, "trunk=%s" % trunk])239 def set_vlanmode(self, port_name, vlan_mode):240 self.ovs_vsctl(["set", "Port", port_name, "vlan-mode=%s" % vlan_mode])241 def list_ports(self, br_name):242 return self.ovs_vsctl(["list-ports", br_name]).stdout.splitlines()243 def port_to_br(self, port_name):244 """245 Return bridge which contain port.246 :param port_name: Name of port.247 :return: Bridge name or None if there is no bridge which contain port.248 """249 bridge = None250 try:251 bridge = self.ovs_vsctl(["port-to-br", port_name]).stdout.strip()252 except process.CmdError, e:253 if e.result.exit_status == 1:...

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