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1#!/usr/bin/python2# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-3# (c) 2013, Jimmy Tang <>4#5# This file is part of Ansible6#7# Ansible is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify8# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by9# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or10# (at your option) any later version.11#12# Ansible is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,13# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of14# MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the15# GNU General Public License for more details.16#17# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License18# along with Ansible. If not, see <>.19#20import fnmatch21DOCUMENTATION = '''22---23module: ceph_facts24short_description: Runs the I(ceph) monitoring programs on the remote system25description:26 - Runs the I(ceph) program to discover the filesystem status27 returning JSON data that can be useful for inventory purposes.28version_added: "1.1"29options:30 filter:31 description:32 - if supplied, only return facts that match this shell-style (fnmatch) wildcard.33 required: false34 default: '*' 35examples:36 - code: ansible monitor-ceph01.cluster -m ceph_facts37 description: "Get all the possible known information from ceph cluster"38 - code: ansible monitor-ceph01.cluster -m ceph_facts -a 'filter=quorum*'39 description: "Get all the information related to quorum status"40notes:41 - The facts are not very structured right now and requires more work.42requirements: [ "ceph" ]43author: Jimmy Tang44'''45try: 46 import json 47except ImportError: 48 import simplejson as json49def run_ceph_facts(module):50 setup_options = {}51 facts = {}52 # check for quorum of cluster, monmap53 cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "ceph", "quorum_status"]54 rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)55 quorum = True56 try:57 quorum_ds = json.loads(out)58 except:59 quorum = False60 if quorum:61 for (k,v) in quorum_ds.items():62 setup_options["quorum_status_%s" % k] = v63 # check for status of osd's64 cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "ceph", "osd", "dump", "--format=json"]65 rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)66 osd = True67 try:68 osd_ds = json.loads(out)69 except:70 osd = False71 if osd:72 for (k,v) in osd_ds.items():73 setup_options["osd_status_%s" % k] = v74 # check for status of mds's75 cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "ceph", "mds", "dump", "--format=json"]76 rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)77 mds = True78 try:79 mds_ds = json.loads(out)80 except:81 mds = False82 if mds:83 for (k,v) in mds_ds.items():84 setup_options["mds_status_%s" % k] = v85# # check for status of placement groups86# cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "ceph", "pg", "dump", "--format=json"]87# rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)88# pg = True89# try:90# pg_ds = json.loads(out)91# except:92# pg = False93# if pg:94# for (k,v) in pg_ds.items():95# setup_options["pg_%s" % k] = v96 # show osd tree97 cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "ceph", "osd", "tree", "--format=json"]98 rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)99 osd_tree = True100 try:101 osd_tree_ds = json.loads(out)102 except:103 osd_tree = False104 if osd_tree:105 for (k,v) in osd_tree_ds.items():106 setup_options["osd_tree_%s" % k] = v107 # show rados df108 cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "rados", "df", "--format=json"]109 rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)110 rados_df = True111 try:112 rados_df_ds = json.loads(out)113 except:114 rados_df = False115 if rados_df:116 for (k,v) in rados_df_ds.items():117 setup_options["rados_df_%s" % k] = v118 setup_options['rbd_images'] = {}119 for pool in setup_options.get('osd_status_pools', []):120 if 'rbd' in pool['application_metadata']:121 pool_name = pool['pool_name']122 setup_options['rbd_images'][pool_name] = {}123 cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "rbd", "list", pool_name, "--format=json"]124 rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)125 try:126 images = json.loads(out)127 except json.JsonDecodeError:128 continue129 for image in images:130 setup_options['rbd_images'][pool_name][image] = {}131 cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "rbd", "status", pool_name+'/'+image, "--format=json"]132 rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)133 try:134 setup_options['rbd_images'][pool_name][image]['status'] = json.loads(out)135 except json.JsonDecodeError:136 continue137 cmd = ["/usr/bin/env", "rbd", "info", pool_name+'/'+image, "--format=json"]138 rc, out, err = module.run_command(cmd, check_rc=True)139 try:140 setup_options['rbd_images'][pool_name][image]['info'] = json.loads(out)141 except json.JsonDecodeError:142 continue143 # business as usual144 for (k, v) in facts.items(): 145 setup_options["ansible_%s" % k.replace('-', '_')] = v146 ceph_facts_result = { 'ansible_facts': {} }147 for (k,v) in setup_options.items():148 if module.params['filter'] == '*' or fnmatch.fnmatch(k, module.params['filter']):149 ceph_facts_result['ansible_facts'][k] = v150 return ceph_facts_result151def main():152 global module153 module = AnsibleModule(154 argument_spec = dict(155 filter=dict(default="*", required=False),156 )157 )158 data = run_ceph_facts(module)159 module.exit_json(**data)160from ansible.module_utils.basic import *...

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1#!/usr/bin/env python2# This file is part of Xpra.3# Copyright (C) 2010-2013 Antoine Martin <>4# Xpra is released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2, or, at your option, any5# later version. See the file COPYING for details.6import glob7from distutils.core import setup8from distutils.extension import Extension9import py2app #@UnresolvedImport10assert py2app is not None11import subprocess, sys, traceback12import os.path13import stat14setup_options = {}15setup_options["name"] = "Xpra"16setup_options["author"] = "Antoine Martin"17setup_options["author_email"] = ""18setup_options["version"] = "0.8.0"19setup_options["url"] = ""20setup_options["download_url"] = ""21setup_options["description"] = """'screen for X' -- a tool to detach/reattach running X programs"""22data_files = []23setup_options["data_files"] = data_files24packages = ["osxxpra"]25setup_options["packages"] = packages26Plist = dict(CFBundleDocumentTypes=[27 dict(CFBundleTypeExtensions=["Xpra"],28 CFBundleTypeName="Xpra Session Config File",29 CFBundleName="Xpra",30 CFBundleTypeRole="Viewer"),31 ]32 )33setup_options["app"]= ["osxxpra/"]34includes = ["glib", "gio", "cairo", "pango", "pangocairo", "atk", "gobject", "gtk.keysyms",35 "osxxpra",36 "hashlib", "Image"]37py2app_options = {38 'iconfile': './xpra.icns',39 'plist': Plist,40 'site_packages': False,41 'argv_emulation': True,42 'strip': False,43 "includes": includes,44 'packages': packages,45 "frameworks": ['CoreFoundation', 'Foundation', 'AppKit'],46 }47print("")48print("py2app setup_options:")49for k,v in py2app_options.items():50 print("%s : %s" % (k,v))51print("")52setup_options["options"] = {"py2app": py2app_options}53xpra_src = "../src/"54data_files += [55 ("share/man/man1", [xpra_src+"man/xpra.1", xpra_src+"man/xpra_launcher.1"]),56 ("share/xpra", [xpra_src+"README", xpra_src+"COPYING"]),57 ("share/xpra/icons", glob.glob(xpra_src+"icons/*")),58 ("share/applications", [xpra_src+"xdg/xpra_launcher.desktop"]),59 ("share/applications", [xpra_src+"xdg/xpra.desktop"]),60 ("share/icons", [xpra_src+"xdg/xpra.png"])61 ]62data_files.append(('share/xpra/webm', [xpra_src+"xpra/codecs/webm/LICENSE"]))...

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