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...20 if not isdir( return21 if not exists(self.shelvepath): return22 if not isfile(self.shelvepath): return23 with LockFile(self.shelvepath, timeout=10) as lock:24 shelve = shelve_open(self.shelvepath)25 try:26 if set(shelve.keys()) != set(['individuals', 'functionals', 'removed', 'added', 'new']):27 raise RuntimeError('{0} is not a GA SHELVECAR file.'.format(self.shelvepath))28 finally: shelve.close()29 @property30 def success(self): return False31 @property32 def directory(self):33 """ Directory where output should be found. """34 return self._directory.path35 @property36 def shelvepath(self):37 """ Directory where output should be found. """38 from os.path import join39 from .functional import Functional40 return join(, Functional.SHELVECAR)41 @property42 def functionals(self):43 """ Functionals at each generation. """44 from shelve import open as shelve_open45 from ..misc import LockFile46 with LockFile(self.shelvepath, timeout=10) as lock:47 try:48 shelve = shelve_open(self.shelvepath)49 return shelve['functionals']50 finally: shelve.close()51 @property 52 def populations(self):53 """ Populations at each generation. """54 return [func.population for func in self.functionals]55 @property56 def functional(self):57 """ Return current functional. """58 return self.functionals[-1]59 @property60 def generation(self):61 """ Returns current generation. """62 return self.functional.generation63 @property64 def population(self):65 """ Returns current population. """66 return self.functional.population67 @property68 def offspring(self):69 """ Returns current population. """70 return self.functional.offspring71 72 @property 73 def added(self):74 """ Individuals added at each generation. """75 from shelve import open as shelve_open76 from ..misc import LockFile77 with LockFile(self.shelvepath, timeout=10) as lock:78 try:79 shelve = shelve_open(self.shelvepath)80 result = []81 for add in shelve['added']:82 result.extend(shelve['individuals'][i] for i in add)83 return result84 finally: shelve.close()85 @property 86 def removed(self):87 """ Individuals removed at each generation. """88 from shelve import open as shelve_open89 from ..misc import LockFile90 with LockFile(self.shelvepath, timeout=10) as lock:91 try:92 shelve = shelve_open(self.shelvepath)93 result = []94 for r in shelve['removed']:95 result.extend(shelve['individuals'][i] for i in r)96 return result97 finally: shelve.close()98 def best(self, n=10): 99 """ Current n best individuals. 100 :param int n: 101 Number of individuals to print.102 """103 from operator import itemgetter104 from ..jobfolder.forwarding_dict import ForwardingDict105 individuals = self.individuals106 fitness = sorted( [(name, for name, u in individuals.iteritems()],\107 key=itemgetter(1) )[:n]108 result = ForwardingDict(readonly=True, ordered=False)109 for key, value in fitness: result[key] = individuals[key]110 return result111 112 @property113 def individuals(self):114 """ Dictionary containing all individuals. """115 from shelve import open as shelve_open116 from ..misc import LockFile117 with LockFile(self.shelvepath, timeout=10) as lock:118 try: shelve = shelve_open(self.shelvepath)119 except: raise120 else: return shelve['individuals']...

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...8# global config9BRANCHES = ["refs/heads/master", "refs/heads/km"]10DEPLOY_KEY = "[ci deploy]"11@contextlib.contextmanager12def shelve_open(name, **kwargs):13 try:14 db =, **kwargs)15 yield db16 finally:17 db.close()18def incr(key, record):19 with shelve_open("shelve.db") as db:20 db[key] += 121 db["last_time"] = str( db_records = db["records"]23 db_records.append(record)24 db["records"] = db_records25def fetch_stats():26 with shelve_open("shelve.db") as db:27 return dict(db)28class MainHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):29 def get(self):30 self.write(fetch_stats())31 def post(self):32 print(self.request.body)33 data = json.loads(self.request.body)34 action = data.get("object_kind")35 if action == "push":36 target_branch = data.get("ref")37 if target_branch not in BRANCHES:38 self.write("branch skipped")39 return40 last_commit = data.get("commits")[0]41 last_commit_message = last_commit["message"]42 if DEPLOY_KEY not in last_commit_message:43 self.write("push skipped")44 return45 deploy_cmd = "python xxx"46 subprocess.Popen(deploy_cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)47 incr(48 "total", [data["user_name"], action, target_branch, last_commit_message,49 last_commit["timestamp"], ],50 )51 elif action == "merge_request":52 object_attributes = data["object_attributes"]53 target_branch, title = object_attributes["target_branch"], object_attributes["title"]54 if target_branch not in BRANCHES:55 self.write("target_branch skipped")56 return57 if object_attributes["state"] != "merged":58 self.write("not merged skipped")59 return60 if DEPLOY_KEY not in object_attributes["title"]:61 self.write("title skipped")62 return63 deploy_cmd = "python xxx"64 subprocess.Popen(deploy_cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)65 incr(66 "total",67 [object_attributes["user"]["name"], action, target_branch, title,68 object_attributes["updated_at"], ],69 )70 self.write("success")71def make_app():72 return tornado.web.Application([(r"/", MainHandler), ])73if __name__ == "__main__":74 app = make_app()75 app.listen(8888)76 # store task stats in shelve.db77 with shelve_open("shelve.db", writeback=True) as db:78 if not db.keys():79 db.update(last_time=None, total=0, succeed=0, failed=0, records=[])80 print("please visit http://localhost:8888")...

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