How to use should_log_message method in autotest

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...16 r'modify_.*',17 r'create.*']18FULL_REGEXP = '(' + '|'.join(LOGGING_REGEXPS) + ')'19COMPILED_REGEXP = re.compile(FULL_REGEXP)20def should_log_message(name):21 return COMPILED_REGEXP.match(name)22class RpcMethodHolder(object):23 'Dummy class to hold RPC interface methods as attributes.'24class RpcHandler(object):25 def __init__(self, rpc_interface_modules, document_module=None):26 self._rpc_methods = RpcMethodHolder()27 self._dispatcher = serviceHandler.ServiceHandler(self._rpc_methods)28 # store all methods from interface modules29 for module in rpc_interface_modules:30 self._grab_methods_from(module)31 # get documentation for rpc_interface we can send back to the32 # user33 if document_module is None:34 document_module = rpc_interface_modules[0]35 self.html_doc = pydoc.html.document(document_module)36 def get_rpc_documentation(self):37 return rpc_utils.raw_http_response(self.html_doc)38 def raw_request_data(self, request):39 if request.method == 'POST':40 return request.raw_post_data41 return urllib.unquote(request.META['QUERY_STRING'])42 def execute_request(self, json_request):43 return self._dispatcher.handleRequest(json_request)44 def decode_request(self, json_request):45 return self._dispatcher.translateRequest(json_request)46 def dispatch_request(self, decoded_request):47 return self._dispatcher.dispatchRequest(decoded_request)48 def log_request(self, user, decoded_request, decoded_result,49 log_all=False):50 if log_all or should_log_message(decoded_request['method']):51 msg = '%s:%s %s' % (decoded_request['method'], user,52 decoded_request['params'])53 if decoded_result['err']:54 msg += '\n' + decoded_result['err_traceback']55 rpcserver_logging.rpc_logger.error(msg)56 else:57 def encode_result(self, results):59 return self._dispatcher.translateResult(results)60 def handle_rpc_request(self, request):61 user = models.User.current_user()62 json_request = self.raw_request_data(request)63 decoded_request = self.decode_request(json_request)64 decoded_result = self.dispatch_request(decoded_request)...

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...9MAX_RETRIES = 510class LogBot(Bot):11 def __init__(self, slackconnection, botname):12 Bot.__init__(self, slackconnection, botname)13 def should_log_message(self, message):14 return True15 def append(self, chan, text, when):16 try:17 os.makedirs(LOG_DIR)18 except OSError:19 pass20 now_str = time.strftime(LOG_TIME_FORMAT, time.localtime(when))21 fname = LOG_DIR + '/' + self.lookup_user(chan) + '.txt'22 tries = MAX_RETRIES23 while True:24 try:25 with open(fname, 'a') as f:26 print >>f, "{}: {}".format(now_str, text)27 if tries != MAX_RETRIES:28 print >>sys.stderr, "retry success"29 break30 except IOError as e:31 if tries > 0:32 delay = 533 print >>sys.stderr, "couldn't save message: %s, retrying in %d..." % (e, delay)34 time.sleep(delay)35 tries -= 136 else:37 print >>sys.stderr, "\7couldn't save message: %s, giving up" % e38 def replace_text(self, text):39 def user_replace(match):40 grp = resolved = self.lookup_user(grp)42 if resolved != grp:43 return '@' + resolved44 return resolved45 return re.sub(r"<@U[A-Z0-9]+>", user_replace, text)46 def handle_message(self, message):47 if not self.should_log_message(message):48 return49 chan = user = self.lookup_user(message.user)51 text = self.replace_text(message.text)52 if message.thread_ts:53 self.append(54 chan,55 "thread {}, {}: {}".format(56 self.format_slack_time(LOG_TIME_FORMAT, float(message.thread_ts)),57 user,58 text59 ),60 message.when)61 else:...

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