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1#!/usr/bin/env python2"""Usage:3 [--follow] [--number=<n>] [--depth=<d>] [--max-column-length=<x>] [--profile=<profile>] <stack>4 [--postmortem] [--find-last-failure] [--show-all-failures] [--max-column-length=<x>] [--profile=<profile>] <stack>5Options:6 -f --follow Follow the stack events and output new ones as they are received.7 -p <p> --profile=<profile> The aws profile to use.8 -n <n> --number=<n> The number of lines to display. [default: 10]9 -d <d> --depth=<d> The maximum depth to get events for. Use -1 for unlimited depth. [default: 2]10 -m --postmortem Find the failures in the last stack update.11 --find-last-failure Search for the last rollback and show the failures from that update.12 By default --postmortem only looks at the latest stack update.13 -x <x> --max-column-length=<x> The maximum column length for tabular output.14 Defaults to 200 for postmortem, 40 otherwise.15 --show-all-failures Show all failures for the stack update, not just the one that caused the rollback.16 <stack> The top-level stack to get events for.17"""18import collections19import logging20import math21import sys22import time23import traceback24import eventlet25eventlet.monkey_patch()26import ansiwrap27import botocore.exceptions28import boto329import colorama30import docopt31import eventlet.greenpool32import tenacity33STACK_TYPE = "AWS::CloudFormation::Stack"34ELLIPSIS = u"\u2026"35LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)36def retry(func):37 tretry = tenacity.retry(38 wait=(tenacity.wait_random_exponential(multiplier=1, min=0.1, max=10)),39 after=tenacity.after_log(LOG, logging.WARNING),40 )41 def log_exc(*a, **k):42 try:43 return func(*a, **k)44 except Exception:45 LOG.exception("Exception calling %r" % (func,))46 raise47 return tretry(log_exc)48class Column(object):49 def __init__(self, mvl, ml):50 self.max_value_length = mvl51 self.max_length = ml52@retry53def get_stack(stack_name_or_arn):54 cf = boto3.resource("cloudformation")55 stack = cf.Stack(stack_name_or_arn)56 # Switch to the ARN if a stack name was passed in57 if stack.stack_id != stack_name_or_arn:58 stack = cf.Stack(stack.stack_id)59 return stack60# TODO: make the retries per-api-call rather than on this function to reduce repeated API calls61@retry62def get_nested_stacks(stack_name_or_arn, depth=None, status_check=None):63 stack = get_stack(stack_name_or_arn)64 stacks = {stack.stack_id: stack}65 if depth == 0:66 return stacks67 for sub in stack.resource_summaries.all():68 if sub.resource_type != STACK_TYPE:69 continue70 if status_check is not None and status_check(sub.resource_status):71 stacks.update(72 get_nested_stacks(73 sub.physical_resource_id,74 depth - 1 if depth is not None else None,75 status_check,76 )77 )78 return stacks79def get_stack_events(stack, limit=5, _mem={}):80 # TODO: preload _mem with the timestamp of the first event in the parent stack that caused us to add the stack81 pages = events = next_page(pages)83 if not events:84 if stack.stack_id in _mem:85 del _mem[stack.stack_id]86 return []87 events.sort(key=lambda e: e.timestamp)88 if stack.stack_id in _mem:89 while events[0].timestamp > _mem[stack.stack_id]:90 more = list(next(pages))91 if not more:92 break93 more.sort(key=lambda e: e.timestamp)94 events = more + events95 _mem[stack.stack_id] = events[-1].timestamp96 if stack.stack_id not in _mem:97 return events[-limit:]98 return events99def get_events(stacks, limit=5):100 all_events = []101 pool = eventlet.greenpool.GreenPool(5)102 remove_stacks = set()103 for stack_id, events in zip(104 list(stacks.keys()),105 pool.starmap(get_stack_events, ((s, limit) for s in list(stacks.values()))),106 ):107 if not events:108 remove_stacks.add(stack_id)109 continue110 all_events.extend(events)111 for stack_id in remove_stacks:112 del stacks[stack_id]113 all_events.sort(key=lambda e: e.timestamp)114 return all_events115def update_columns(columns, events):116 for event in events:117 for column in columns.keys():118 columns[column].max_value_length = max(119 columns[column].max_value_length, len(str(getattr(event, column)))120 )121def format_column(column_name, column, value):122 text = str(value)123 if column_name == "resource_status":124 uvalue = value.upper()125 if "FAIL" in uvalue:126 color = colorama.Fore.RED127 elif "ROLLBACK" in uvalue:128 color = colorama.Fore.YELLOW129 elif "IN_PROGRESS" in uvalue:130 color = colorama.Fore.BLUE131 elif uvalue == "DELETE_COMPLETE":132 color = colorama.Fore.LIGHTBLACK_EX133 elif "COMPLETE" in uvalue:134 color = colorama.Fore.GREEN135 else:136 color = colorama.Fore.WHITE137 text = "%s%s%s" % (color, value, colorama.Style.RESET_ALL)138 if ansiwrap.ansilen(text) > column.max_length:139 half_length = (column.max_length - 1) / 2.0140 output_text = "%s%s%s" % (141 text[: int(math.floor(half_length))],142 ELLIPSIS,143 text[-int(math.ceil(half_length)) :],144 )145 else:146 output_text = text147 padding = " " * max(148 0,149 min(column.max_value_length, column.max_length) - ansiwrap.ansilen(output_text),150 )151 return "%s%s" % (padding, output_text)152def output_events(columns, events):153 for e in events:154 fmt = " ".join("%s" for _ in columns.values())155 print(156 fmt157 % tuple([format_column(n, c, getattr(e, n)) for n, c in columns.items()])158 )159def update_stacks_from_events(stacks, events, main_stack, max_depth=None):160 cf = boto3.resource("cloudformation")161 to_remove = set()162 to_add = set()163 # NOTE: Assuming that events are in proper order here164 for event in events:165 if event.resource_type == STACK_TYPE:166 if event.resource_status.endswith("COMPLETE"):167 # print('Stack %s COMPLETE' % (event.physical_resource_id,))168 if event.physical_resource_id in to_add:169 to_add.remove(event.physical_resource_id)170 to_remove.add(event.physical_resource_id)171 # if event.physical_resource_id not in stacks:172 # print('Stack %s COMPLETE but not in stack list' % (event.physical_resource_id,))173 else:174 if event.physical_resource_id in to_remove:175 to_remove.remove(event.physical_resource_id)176 if not event.physical_resource_id:177 LOG.debug(178 "stack event has an empty physical_resource_id: %r", event179 )180 continue181 to_add.add(event.physical_resource_id)182 # if event.physical_resource_id not in stacks:183 # print('Found new substack %s' % (event.physical_resource_id,))184 for stack_id in to_remove:185 if stack_id != main_stack.stack_id and stack_id in stacks:186 if len(stacks) != 1:187 del stacks[stack_id]188 # else:189 # print('Final stack COMPLETE')190 for stack_id in to_add:191 if stack_id not in stacks and (192 max_depth is None or len(stack_id.split("-")) - 1 <= max_depth193 ):194 stack = cf.Stack(stack_id)195 # Force loading with a retry as it can incur a potentially-failing API call196 retry(lambda: stack.stack_id)()197 # try:198 # get_stack_events(stack, 1)199 # except botocore.exceptions.ClientError:200 # continue201 stacks[stack_id] = stack202def do_tail_stack_events(main_stack, num, columns, headers, max_depth, follow):203 stacks = get_nested_stacks(204 main_stack.stack_id, status_check=lambda status: "IN_PROGRESS" in status205 )206 print("Getting events...")207 events = get_events(stacks, limit=num)208 outputted = set( for e in events)209 update_columns(columns, events[-num:])210 update_stacks_from_events(stacks, events, main_stack, max_depth=max_depth)211 output_events(columns, [headers])212 output_events(columns, events[-num:])213 last_event_timestamp = events[-1].timestamp214 if not follow:215 return216 # TODO: Keep track of last updated timestamp for each stack and don't ask for more events217 # if it hasn't changed?218 # This would require updating the stack every time, though, which means adding another API call.219 while True:220 try:221 time.sleep(5)222 events = get_events(stacks)223 new_events = []224 for event in events:225 # Don't re-ouput events and don't output events older than the latest event shown (not doing this means226 # we can get events from the previous stack updates, which we don't want).227 if in outputted or event.timestamp < last_event_timestamp:228 continue229 new_events.append(event)230 if not new_events:231 continue232 last_event_timestamp = new_events[-1].timestamp233 update_stacks_from_events(stacks, events, main_stack, max_depth=max_depth)234 # TODO: If an event for a stack comes in that isn't in stacks, add it to stacks.235 # TODO: Remove a stack from stacks if there is an "end" event? DELETE_COMPLETE or UPDATE_COMPLETE perhaps?236 # If adding a stack is implemented this should be fine.237 update_columns(columns, new_events)238 # TODO: Only output headers if the column width has changed or we've output more than X rows since the last239 # header.240 output_events(columns, [headers])241 output_events(columns, new_events)242 for event in new_events:243 # TODO: outputted grows constantly over time, it needs to be culled at some point.244 # Potential fix: outputted is replaced each time we loop with only the ids from the loop.245 outputted.add( except Exception:247 traceback.print_exc()248@retry249def next_page(pages):250 try:251 return list(next(pages))252 except botocore.exceptions.ClientError:253 return None254 # traceback.print_exc()255 except StopIteration:256 return None257def get_stack_failure_events(stack, columns, headers, start_func=None):258 pages = events = []260 end = False261 ready = start_func is None262 first = True263 while not end:264 page = next_page(pages)265 # update_columns(columns, page)266 # output_events(columns, [headers])267 # output_events(columns, page)268 # print(page)269 # print(stack.stack_id)270 if not page:271 break272 for event in page:273 events.append(event)274 if not ready:275 if start_func(event):276 ready = True277 continue278 elif (279 event.resource_type == STACK_TYPE280 and event.resource_status.upper().endswith("COMPLETE")281 and event.physical_resource_id == stack.stack_id282 and (283 not first284 or event.resource_status.upper() != "UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE"285 )286 ):287 end = True288 break289 first = False290 # update_columns(columns, events)291 # output_events(columns, [headers])292 # output_events(columns, events)293 events = sorted(294 (event for event in events if "FAIL" in event.resource_status.upper()),295 key=lambda e: e.timestamp,296 )297 # update_columns(columns, events)298 # output_events(columns, [headers])299 # output_events(columns, events)300 return events301def do_postmortem(302 stack, columns, headers, search_for_failure=False, show_all_failures=False303):304 print("Getting events...")305 start_func = (306 (307 lambda event: (308 event.resource_type == STACK_TYPE309 and event.resource_status.upper() == "UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE"310 and event.physical_resource_id == stack.stack_id311 )312 )313 if search_for_failure314 else None315 )316 top_level = True317 events = []318 while True:319 new_events = get_stack_failure_events(320 stack, columns, headers, start_func=start_func321 )322 if not new_events:323 if top_level:324 print(325 "The last stack update succeeded or there is an ongoing update which has no failures yet."326 )327 sys.exit(1)328 else:329 print("No failure events found in nested stack %r." % (stack,))330 break331 if not show_all_failures:332 new_events = [new_events[0]]333 events.extend(new_events)334 fail_event = new_events[0]335 if (336 fail_event.resource_type != STACK_TYPE337 or "failed to" not in fail_event.resource_status_reason.lower()338 ):339 break340 start_func = lambda event: event.timestamp <= fail_event.timestamp341 stack = get_stack(fail_event.physical_resource_id)342 events.sort(key=lambda e: e.timestamp, reverse=show_all_failures)343 update_columns(columns, events)344 output_events(columns, [headers])345 output_events(columns, events)346def main():347 args = docopt.docopt(__doc__)348 if args["--profile"]:349 boto3.setup_default_session(profile_name=args["--profile"])350 postmortem = args["--postmortem"]351 max_column_length = args["--max-column-length"]352 if max_column_length is None:353 max_column_length = 200 if postmortem else 40354 max_column_length = int(max_column_length)355 columns = collections.OrderedDict(356 [357 ("timestamp", Column(0, max_column_length)),358 ("stack_name", Column(0, max_column_length)),359 # ('stack_id', Column(0, max_column_length)),360 ("resource_type", Column(0, max_column_length)),361 ("logical_resource_id", Column(0, max_column_length)),362 # ('physical_resource_id', Column(0, max_column_length)),363 ("resource_status", Column(0, max_column_length)),364 ("resource_status_reason", Column(0, max_column_length)),365 ]366 )367 headers = collections.namedtuple("Headers", columns.keys())(368 *[369 colorama.Style.BRIGHT + t + colorama.Style.RESET_ALL370 for t in [371 "Timestamp",372 "Stack Name",373 # 'Stack ID',374 "Resource Type",375 "Logical Resource ID",376 # 'Physical Resource ID',377 "Status",378 "Reason",379 ]380 ]381 )382 update_columns(columns, [headers])383 print("Getting stack...")384 main_stack = get_stack(args["<stack>"])385 if postmortem:386 do_postmortem(387 main_stack,388 columns,389 headers,390 search_for_failure=args["--find-last-failure"],391 show_all_failures=args["--show-all-failures"],392 )393 else:394 num = int(args["--number"])395 max_depth = int(args["--depth"])396 if max_depth == -1:397 max_depth = None398 do_tail_stack_events(399 main_stack, num, columns, headers, max_depth, args["--follow"]400 )401if __name__ == "__main__":402 try:403 main()404 except KeyboardInterrupt:...

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...76 action_obj.output(results)77 except Exception:78 traceback.print_exc()79 finally:...

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