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...40 def decorator(test_item):41 if not isinstance(test_item, types.FunctionType):42 raise Exception('Decorator only supported for functions')43 @functools.wraps(test_item)44 def skip_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):45 with self.marionette.using_context('chrome'):46 multi_process_browser = not self.marionette.execute_script("""47 try {48 return Services.appinfo.browserTabsRemoteAutostart;49 } catch (e) {50 return false;51 }52 """)53 if multi_process_browser:54 raise SkipTest(reason)55 return test_item(self, *args, **kwargs)56 return skip_wrapper57 return decorator58def run_if_manage_instance(reason):59 """Decorator which runs a test if Marionette manages the application instance."""60 def decorator(test_item):61 if not isinstance(test_item, types.FunctionType):62 raise Exception('Decorator only supported for functions')63 @functools.wraps(test_item)64 def skip_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):65 if self.marionette.instance is None:66 raise SkipTest(reason)67 return test_item(self, *args, **kwargs)68 return skip_wrapper69 return decorator70def skip_if_chrome(reason):71 """Decorator which skips a test if chrome context is active."""72 def decorator(test_item):73 if not isinstance(test_item, types.FunctionType):74 raise Exception('Decorator only supported for functions')75 @functools.wraps(test_item)76 def skip_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):77 if self.marionette._send_message('getContext', key='value') == 'chrome':78 raise SkipTest(reason)79 return test_item(self, *args, **kwargs)80 return skip_wrapper81 return decorator82def skip_if_desktop(reason):83 """Decorator which skips a test if run on desktop."""84 def decorator(test_item):85 if not isinstance(test_item, types.FunctionType):86 raise Exception('Decorator only supported for functions')87 @functools.wraps(test_item)88 def skip_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):89 if self.marionette.session_capabilities.get('browserName') == 'firefox':90 raise SkipTest(reason)91 return test_item(self, *args, **kwargs)92 return skip_wrapper93 return decorator94def skip_if_e10s(reason):95 """Decorator which skips a test if e10s mode is active."""96 def decorator(test_item):97 if not isinstance(test_item, types.FunctionType):98 raise Exception('Decorator only supported for functions')99 @functools.wraps(test_item)100 def skip_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):101 with self.marionette.using_context('chrome'):102 multi_process_browser = self.marionette.execute_script("""103 try {104 return Services.appinfo.browserTabsRemoteAutostart;105 } catch (e) {106 return false;107 }108 """)109 if multi_process_browser:110 raise SkipTest(reason)111 return test_item(self, *args, **kwargs)112 return skip_wrapper113 return decorator114def skip_if_mobile(reason):115 """Decorator which skips a test if run on mobile."""116 def decorator(test_item):117 if not isinstance(test_item, types.FunctionType):118 raise Exception('Decorator only supported for functions')119 @functools.wraps(test_item)120 def skip_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):121 if self.marionette.session_capabilities.get('browserName') == 'fennec':122 raise SkipTest(reason)123 return test_item(self, *args, **kwargs)124 return skip_wrapper125 return decorator126def skip_unless_browser_pref(reason, pref, predicate=bool):127 """Decorator which skips a test based on the value of a browser preference.128 :param reason: Message describing why the test need to be skipped.129 :param pref: the preference name130 :param predicate: a function that should return false to skip the test.131 The function takes one parameter, the preference value.132 Defaults to the python built-in bool function.133 Note that the preference must exist, else a failure is raised.134 Example: ::135 class TestSomething(MarionetteTestCase):136 @skip_unless_browser_pref("Sessionstore needs to be enabled for crashes",137 "browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash",138 lambda value: value is True,139 )140 def test_foo(self):141 pass # test implementation here142 """143 def decorator(test_item):144 if not isinstance(test_item, types.FunctionType):145 raise Exception('Decorator only supported for functions')146 if not callable(predicate):147 raise ValueError('predicate must be callable')148 @functools.wraps(test_item)149 def skip_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):150 value = self.marionette.get_pref(pref)151 if value is None:152"No such browser preference: {0!r}".format(pref))153 if not predicate(value):154 raise SkipTest(reason)155 return test_item(self, *args, **kwargs)156 return skip_wrapper157 return decorator158def skip_unless_protocol(reason, predicate):159 """Decorator which skips a test if the predicate does not match the current protocol level."""160 def decorator(test_item):161 if not isinstance(test_item, types.FunctionType):162 raise Exception('Decorator only supported for functions')163 if not callable(predicate):164 raise ValueError('predicate must be callable')165 @functools.wraps(test_item)166 def skip_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):167 level = self.marionette.client.protocol168 if not predicate(level):169 raise SkipTest(reason)170 return test_item(self, *args, **kwargs)171 return skip_wrapper172 return decorator173def with_parameters(parameters):174 """Decorator which generates methods given a base method and some data.175 Acts like :func:`parameterized`, but define all methods in one call.176 Example::177 # This example will generate two methods:178 #179 # - MyTestCase.test_it_1180 # - MyTestCase.test_it_2...

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