How to use step_reinstall method in autotest

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...65def step_init():66 # a host object we use solely for the purpose of finding out the booted67 # kernel version, we use machines[0] since we already check that the same68 # kernel has been booted on all machines69 step_reinstall()70 if len(kernel_list) > 1:71 kernel_host = hosts.create_host(machines[0])72 for kernel_info in kernel_list:73 func = lambda machine: install_kernel(machine, kernel_info)74 good_machines = job.parallel_on_machines(func, machines)75 if len(good_machines) < num_machines_required:76 raise error.TestError(77 "kernel installed on only %%%%d of %%%%d machines."78 %%%% (len(good_machines), num_machines_required))79 # Replace the machines list that step_test() will use with the80 # ones that successfully installed the kernel.81 machines[:] = good_machines82 # have server_job.run_test() automatically add the kernel version as83 # a suffix to the test name otherwise we cannot run the same test on84 # different kernel versions85 if len(kernel_list) > 1:86 job.automatic_test_tag = kernel_host.get_kernel_ver()87 step_test()88def step_reinstall():89 def run(machine):90 host = hosts.create_host(machine, initialize=False)91 job.run_test('reinstall', host=host, disable_sysinfo=True)92 job.parallel_simple(run, machines)93def step_test():94""" % CLIENT_KERNEL_TEMPLATE95CLIENT_STEP_TEMPLATE = " job.next_step('step%d')\n"96SERVER_STEP_TEMPLATE = ' step%d()\n'97UPLOAD_CONFIG_FUNC = """98def upload_kernel_config(host, kernel_info):99 \"""100 If the kernel_info['config_file'] is a URL it will be downloaded101 locally and then uploaded to the client and a copy of the original102 dictionary with the new path to the config file will be returned....

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...70 # go to our build directory71 workdir(self.build_path)72 # run scons && scons install73 run(self.build_cmd)74 def step_reinstall(self):75 """Delete everything and start over"""76 # clear sources directories if needed77 run('rm -rf {}'.format(self.app_path))78 # Now run build root...

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