How to use stop_logging method in autotest

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...43 self._collector.set_output(outpath)44 self._collector.reset()45 self.logger.debug("Acquiring serial port ({})".format(self.serial_port))46 if self._collector.collecting:47 self.stop_logging(context)48 self._collector.start()49 def stop_logging(self, context, identifier="job"):50 self.logger.debug("Releasing serial port ({})".format(self.serial_port))51 if self._collector.collecting:52 self._collector.stop()53 data = self._collector.get_data()54 for l in data: # noqa: E74155 context.add_artifact("{}_serial_log".format(identifier),56 l.path, kind="log")57 def on_run_start(self, context):58 self.start_logging(context, "preamble_serial.log")59 def before_job_queue_execution(self, context):60 self.stop_logging(context, "preamble")61 def after_job_queue_execution(self, context):62 self.start_logging(context, "postamble_serial.log")63 def on_run_end(self, context):64 self.stop_logging(context, "postamble")65 def on_job_start(self, context):66 self.start_logging(context)67 def on_job_end(self, context):68 self.stop_logging(context)69 @hostside70 def before_reboot(self, context):...

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1#!/usr/bin/env python2# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-3import zmq4import threading5import logging6import logging.handlers7import util8class Logger(threading.Thread):9 """logger for all messages and events"""10 def __init__(self, stop_logging, filename='bus.log'):11 super(Logger, self).__init__()12 self.filename = filename13 self.stop_logging = stop_logging14 # receiving socket15 self.context = zmq.Context.instance()16 self.log_in = self.context.socket(zmq.PAIR)17 self.log_in.connect("inproc://logging")18 self.log_in.setsockopt(zmq.RCVTIMEO, 1000)19 # logger parameters for stdout and compressed file20 log_format = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s [%(levelname)s] %(message)s')21 file_log_handler = util.TimedCompressingRotatingFileHandler(self.filename, when='midnight', backupCount=7)22 file_log_handler.setFormatter(log_format)23 stream_log_handler = logging.StreamHandler()24 stream_log_handler.setFormatter(log_format)25 self.logger = logging.getLogger('logger')26 self.logger.setLevel(logging.INFO)27 self.logger.addHandler(file_log_handler)28 self.logger.addHandler(stream_log_handler)29 def run(self):30 while not self.stop_logging.is_set():31 try:32 # receive message33 message = self.log_in.recv_multipart()34 if len(message) > 1:35 # message with content36 [topic, contents] = message37"[msg] {%s} %s", topic, contents)38 else:39 # subscribe/unsubscribe40 message = message[0]41 topic = message[1:]42 if message.startswith(b'\x00'):43 # unsubscribe44"[unsub] {%s}", topic)45 elif message.startswith(b'\x01'):46 # subscribe47"[sub] {%s}", topic)48 else:49 self.logger.warning("[unknown message] %s", message)50 except zmq.ZMQError as e:51 if e.errno == zmq.ETERM:52 self.logger.error("socket error, stopped logging")53 break54 elif e.errno == zmq.EAGAIN:55 pass56 else:57 print(e)58 self.logger.error("unknown error occurred during logging")59def main():60 context = zmq.Context.instance()61 # socket facing clients62 frontend = context.socket(zmq.XSUB)63 frontend.bind("tcp://*:5559")64 # socket facing services65 backend = context.socket(zmq.XPUB)66 backend.bind("tcp://*:5560")67 # log socket68 log_out = context.socket(zmq.PAIR)69 log_out.bind("inproc://logging")70 # start logging thread71 stop_logging = threading.Event()72 logger = Logger(stop_logging)73 logger.start()74 try:75 zmq.proxy(frontend, backend, log_out)76 except KeyboardInterrupt:77 print("shutting down")78 finally:79 frontend.close()80 backend.close()81 stop_logging.set()82 logger.join()83if __name__ == "__main__":...

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