How to use undo_redirect method in autotest

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...128 manager.redirect_to_stream(self._log1)129 self._say(3)130 manager.tee_redirect_to_stream(self._log2)131 self._say(4)132 manager.undo_redirect()133 self._say(5)134 manager.undo_redirect()135 self._say(6)136 manager.stop_logging()137 self._say(7)138 def _grab_fd_info(self):139 command = 'ls -l /proc/%s/fd' % os.getpid()140 proc = subprocess.Popen(command.split(), shell=True,141 stdout=subprocess.PIPE)142 return proc.communicate()[0]143 def _compare_logs(self, log_buffer, expected_text):144 actual_lines = log_buffer.getvalue().splitlines()145 expected_lines = expected_text.splitlines()146 if self._real_system_calls:147 # because of the many interacting processes, we can't ensure perfect148 # interleaving. so compare sets of lines rather than ordered lines.149 actual_lines = set(actual_lines)150 expected_lines = set(expected_lines)151 self.assertEquals(actual_lines, expected_lines)152 def _check_results(self):153 # ensure our stdout was restored154 self.assertEquals(self.stdout, self._original_stdout)155 if self._real_system_calls:156 # ensure FDs were left in their original state157 self.assertEquals(self._grab_fd_info(), self._fd_info)158 self._compare_logs(self.stdout, _EXPECTED_STDOUT)159 self._compare_logs(self._log1, _EXPECTED_LOG1)160 self._compare_logs(self._log2, _EXPECTED_LOG2)161 def test_logging_manager(self):162 self._run_test(logging_manager.LoggingManager)163 self._check_results()164 def test_fd_redirection_logging_manager(self):165 self._real_system_calls = True166 self._fd_info = self._grab_fd_info()167 self._run_test(logging_manager.FdRedirectionLoggingManager)168 self._check_results()169 def test_tee_redirect_debug_dir(self):170 manager = self._setup_manager()171 manager.start_logging()172 manager.tee_redirect_debug_dir('/fake/dir', tag='mytag')173 print >>self.stdout, 'hello'174 manager.undo_redirect()175 print >>self.stdout, 'goodbye'176 manager.stop_logging()177 self._compare_logs(self.stdout,178 'INFO: mytag : hello\nINFO: goodbye')179 self._compare_logs(self._config_object.log, 'hello\n')180class MonkeyPatchTestCase(unittest.TestCase):181 def setUp(self):182 filename = os.path.split(__file__)[1]183 if filename.endswith('.pyc'):184 filename = filename[:-1]185 self.expected_filename = filename186 def check_filename(self, filename, expected=None):187 if expected is None:188 expected = [self.expected_filename]...

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...27 decode += fallback28 send_answer(f'{ch} {decode}\n')29async def get_next_element():30 return q.get()31async def undo_redirect(main, url, domain):32 return main.undo_redirect(url, domain)33async def do_redirect(main, url, domain):34 return main.do_redirect(url, domain)35async def do_work(main, loop):36 while True:37 try:38 item = await get_next_element()39 if not item:40 break41 clean_line = item.strip()42 if not clean_line:43 q.task_done()44 continue45 data = dict(zip(label, clean_line.split(b' ')))46 scheme, domain, path = main.split_url(data['URL'])47 channel = data['CHANNEL'].decode(generic_encoding)48 if main.get_suffix() in domain:49 new_domain = await undo_redirect(main, data['URL'], domain)50 if new_domain:51 await send_rewrite(channel, new_domain)52 q.task_done()53 continue54 elif b'/login' in path:55 # LATER checagem de usuario/senha aqui?56 # negativo, o ponto correto eh na57 # liberacao_ip sem a senha correta n58 # deveria nem chegar nesse ponto!59 temp = main.extract_url_from_path(path, scheme)60 (ok, new_domain) = await do_redirect(main, temp, domain)61 if new_domain:62 await send_redirect(channel, new_domain)63 q.task_done()...

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