How to use update_config method in autotest

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1"""2Utilities for comparing and updating configurations while keeping track of3changes in a way that can be easily reported in a state.4"""5def compare_and_update_config(config, update_config, changes, namespace=""):6 """7 Recursively compare two configs, writing any needed changes to the8 update_config and capturing changes in the changes dict.9 """10 if isinstance(config, dict):11 if not update_config:12 if config:13 # the updated config is more valid--report that we are using it14 changes[namespace] = {15 "new": config,16 "old": update_config,17 }18 return config19 elif not isinstance(update_config, dict):20 # new config is a dict, other isn't--new one wins21 changes[namespace] = {22 "new": config,23 "old": update_config,24 }25 return config26 else:27 # compare each key in the base config with the values in the28 # update_config, overwriting the values that are different but29 # keeping any that are not defined in config30 for key, value in config.items():31 _namespace = key32 if namespace:33 _namespace = "{}.{}".format(namespace, _namespace)34 update_config[key] = compare_and_update_config(35 value,36 update_config.get(key, None),37 changes,38 namespace=_namespace,39 )40 return update_config41 elif isinstance(config, list):42 if not update_config:43 if config:44 # the updated config is more valid--report that we are using it45 changes[namespace] = {46 "new": config,47 "old": update_config,48 }49 return config50 elif not isinstance(update_config, list):51 # new config is a list, other isn't--new one wins52 changes[namespace] = {53 "new": config,54 "old": update_config,55 }56 return config57 else:58 # iterate through config list, ensuring that each index in the59 # update_config list is the same60 for idx, item in enumerate(config):61 _namespace = "[{}]".format(idx)62 if namespace:63 _namespace = "{}{}".format(namespace, _namespace)64 _update = None65 if len(update_config) > idx:66 _update = update_config[idx]67 if _update:68 update_config[idx] = compare_and_update_config(69 config[idx],70 _update,71 changes,72 namespace=_namespace,73 )74 else:75 changes[_namespace] = {76 "new": config[idx],77 "old": _update,78 }79 update_config.append(config[idx])80 if len(update_config) > len(config):81 # trim any items in update_config that are not in config82 for idx, old_item in enumerate(update_config):...

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