How to use upload_recipe_files method in autotest

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...382 def tear_down(self):383 '''called from complete and abort. clean up and shutdown'''384 self.kill_watchdog()385 if self.recipe_id != '0':386 self.upload_recipe_files()387 self.bkr_proxy.recipe_stop()388 os.remove(self.state_file)389 def start_watchdog(self, heartbeat):390 logging.debug('harness: Starting watchdog process, heartbeat: %d' % heartbeat)391 try:392 pid = os.fork()393 if pid == 0:394 self.watchdog_loop(heartbeat)395 else:396 self.watchdog_pid = pid397 logging.debug('harness: Watchdog process started, pid: %d', self.watchdog_pid)398 except OSError, e:399 logging.error('harness: fork in start_watchdog failed: %d (%s)\n' % (e.errno, e.strerror))400 def kill_watchdog(self):401 logging.debug('harness: Killing watchdog, pid: %d', self.watchdog_pid)402 utils.nuke_pid(self.watchdog_pid)403 self.watchdog_pid = None404 def watchdog_loop(self, heartbeat):405 while True:406 time.sleep(heartbeat)407'[-- MARK -- %s]' % time.asctime(time.localtime(time.time())))408 sys.exit()409 def get_processed_tests(self):410 tests = {}411 if not os.path.isfile(self.state_file):412 return tests413 f = open(self.state_file, 'r')414 lines = f.readlines()415 f.close()416 for line in lines:417 subdir, t_id = line.strip().split()418 # duplicates result from multiple writers419 # once during the conversion and then again420 # during an update of a test run421 # former has task ids, latter will not422 if subdir not in tests:423 tests[subdir] = t_id424 return tests425 def write_processed_tests(self, subdir, t_id='0'):426 f = open(self.state_file, 'a')427 f.write(subdir + ' ' + t_id + '\n')428 f.close()429 def upload_recipe_files(self):430 path = self.job.resultdir431 # refresh latest executed tests432 tests = self.get_processed_tests()433 logging.debug("Recipe filtering following tests: %s" % tests)434 for root, dirnames, files in os.walk(path):435 '''do not upload previously uploaded results files'''436 for d in dirnames:437 if d in tests:438 dirnames.remove(d)439 for name in files:440 # strip full path441 remotepath = re.sub(path, "", root)442 # The localfile has the full path443 localfile = os.path.join(root, name)...

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