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...148 # Then translate this into a reverse line number149 # (count newlines that occur afterward)150 reverse_lineno = target_data.count('\n', loc + len(lastlines))151 return reverse_lineno152def write_lastlines_file(lastlines_dirpath, path, data):153 """Write data to lastlines file for path.154 Args:155 lastlines_dirpath: str; Dirpath to store lastlines files to.156 path: str; Filepath to source file that data comes from.157 data: str;158 Returns:159 str; Filepath that lastline data was written to.160 """161 underscored = path.replace('/', '_')162 dest_path = os.path.join(lastlines_dirpath, underscored)163 open(dest_path, 'w').write(data)164 return dest_path165def nonblocking(pipe):166 """Set python file object to nonblocking mode.167 This allows us to take advantage of where we don't have to specify a buflen.169 Cuts down on a few lines we'd have to maintain.170 Args:171 pipe: file; File object to modify172 Returns: pipe173 """174 flags = fcntl.fcntl(pipe, fcntl.F_GETFL)175 fcntl.fcntl(pipe, fcntl.F_SETFL, flags| os.O_NONBLOCK)176 return pipe177def launch_tails(follow_paths, lastlines_dirpath=None):178 """Launch a tail process for each follow_path.179 Args:180 follow_paths: list;181 lastlines_dirpath: str;182 Returns:183 tuple; (procs, pipes) or184 ({path: subprocess.Popen, ...}, {file: path, ...})185 """186 if lastlines_dirpath and not os.path.exists(lastlines_dirpath):187 os.makedirs(lastlines_dirpath)188 tail_cmd = ('/usr/bin/tail', '--retry', '--follow=name')189 procs = {} # path -> tail_proc190 pipes = {} # tail_proc.stdout -> path191 for path in follow_paths:192 cmd = list(tail_cmd)193 if lastlines_dirpath:194 reverse_lineno = lookup_lastlines(lastlines_dirpath, path)195 if reverse_lineno is None:196 reverse_lineno = 1197 cmd.append('--lines=%d' % reverse_lineno)198 cmd.append(path)199 tail_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)200 procs[path] = tail_proc201 pipes[nonblocking(tail_proc.stdout)] = path202 return procs, pipes203def poll_tail_pipes(pipes, lastlines_dirpath=None, waitsecs=5):204 """Wait on tail pipes for new data for waitsecs, return any new lines.205 Args:206 pipes: dict; {subprocess.Popen: follow_path, ...}207 lastlines_dirpath: str; Path to write lastlines to.208 waitsecs: int; Timeout to pass to select209 Returns:210 tuple; (lines, bad_pipes) or ([line, ...], [subprocess.Popen, ...])211 """212 lines = []213 bad_pipes = []214 # Block until at least one is ready to read or waitsecs elapses215 ready, _, _ =, (), (), waitsecs)216 for fi in ready:217 path = pipes[fi]218 data = if len(data) == 0:220 # If no data, process is probably dead, add to bad_pipes221 bad_pipes.append(fi)222 continue223 if lastlines_dirpath:224 # Overwrite the lastlines file for this source path225 # Probably just want to write the last 1-3 lines.226 write_lastlines_file(lastlines_dirpath, path, data)227 for line in data.splitlines():228 lines.append('[%s]\t%s\n' % (path, line))229 return lines, bad_pipes230def snuff(subprocs):231 """Helper for killing off remaining live subprocesses.232 Args:233 subprocs: list; [subprocess.Popen, ...]234 """235 for proc in subprocs:236 if proc.poll() is None:237 os.kill(, signal.SIGKILL)238 proc.wait()239def follow_files(follow_paths, outstream, lastlines_dirpath=None, waitsecs=5):240 """Launch tail on a set of files and merge their output into outstream....

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