How to use _as_list method in avocado

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...27 if depfile:28 self.variable('depfile', depfile, indent=1)29 def build(self, outputs, rule, inputs=None, implicit=None, order_only=None,30 variables=None):31 outputs = self._as_list(outputs)32 all_inputs = self._as_list(inputs)[:]33 if implicit:34 all_inputs.append('|')35 all_inputs.extend(self._as_list(implicit))36 if order_only:37 all_inputs.append('||')38 all_inputs.extend(self._as_list(order_only))39 self._line('build %s: %s %s' % (' '.join(outputs),40 rule,41 ' '.join(all_inputs)))42 if variables:43 for key, val in variables:44 self.variable(key, val, indent=1)45 return outputs46 def include(self, path):47 self._line('include %s' % path)48 def subninja(self, path):49 self._line('subninja %s' % path)50 def _line(self, text, indent=0):51 """Write 'text' word-wrapped at self.width characters."""52 leading_space = ' ' * indent53 while len(text) > self.width:54 # The text is too wide; wrap if possible.55 # Find the rightmost space that would obey our width constraint.56 available_space = self.width - len(leading_space) - len(' $')57 space = text.rfind(' ', 0, available_space)58 if space < 0:59 # No such space; just use the first space we can find.60 space = text.find(' ', available_space)61 if space < 0:62 # Give up on breaking.63 break64 self.output.write(leading_space + text[0:space] + ' $\n')65 text = text[space+1:]66 # Subsequent lines are continuations, so indent them.67 leading_space = ' ' * (indent+2)68 self.output.write(leading_space + text + '\n')69 def _as_list(self, input):70 if input is None:71 return []72 if isinstance(input, list):73 return input74 return [input]75def escape(string):76 """Escape a string such that it can be embedded into a Ninja file without77 further interpretation."""78 assert '\n' not in string, 'Ninja syntax does not allow newlines'79 # We only have one special metacharacter: '$'....

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