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1# Copyright (C) 2013 Linaro Limited2#3# Author: Tyler Baker <>4#5# This file is part of LAVA Dispatcher.6#7# LAVA Dispatcher is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify8# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by9# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or10# (at your option) any later version.11#12# LAVA Dispatcher is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,13# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of14# MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the15# GNU General Public License for more details.16#17# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License18# along19# with this program; if not, see <>.20import logging21import contextlib22import subprocess23from lava_dispatcher.device.master import (24 MasterImageTarget25)26from lava_dispatcher.client.base import (27 NetworkCommandRunner,28)29from lava_dispatcher.utils import (30 finalize_process,31 connect_to_serial,32 extract_overlay,33 extract_ramdisk,34 create_ramdisk,35 ensure_directory,36 append_dtb,37 create_uimage,38 is_uimage,39)40from lava_dispatcher.errors import (41 CriticalError,42)43from lava_dispatcher.downloader import (44 download_image,45)46from lava_dispatcher import deployment_data47class BootloaderTarget(MasterImageTarget):48 def __init__(self, context, config):49 super(BootloaderTarget, self).__init__(context, config)50 self._booted = False51 self._reset_boot = False52 self._in_test_shell = False53 self._default_boot_cmds = 'boot_cmds_ramdisk'54 self._lava_nfsrootfs = None55 self._uboot_boot = False56 self._ipxe_boot = False57 self._uefi_boot = False58 self._boot_tags = {}59 self._base_tmpdir, self._tmpdir = self._setup_tmpdir()60 def _get_http_url(self, path):61 prefix = self.context.config.lava_image_url62 return prefix + '/' + self._get_rel_path(path, self._base_tmpdir)63 def _set_load_addresses(self, bootz):64 meta = {}65 if not bootz and self.config.u_load_addrs and len(self.config.u_load_addrs) == 3:66"Attempting to set uImage Load Addresses")67 self._boot_tags['{KERNEL_ADDR}'] = self.config.u_load_addrs[0]68 self._boot_tags['{RAMDISK_ADDR}'] = self.config.u_load_addrs[1]69 self._boot_tags['{DTB_ADDR}'] = self.config.u_load_addrs[2]70 # Set boot metadata71 meta['kernel-image'] = 'uImage'72 meta['kernel-addr'] = self.config.u_load_addrs[0]73 meta['initrd-addr'] = self.config.u_load_addrs[1]74 meta['dtb-addr'] = self.config.u_load_addrs[2]75 self.context.test_data.add_metadata(meta)76 elif bootz and self.config.z_load_addrs and len(self.config.z_load_addrs) == 3:77"Attempting to set zImage Load Addresses")78 self._boot_tags['{KERNEL_ADDR}'] = self.config.z_load_addrs[0]79 self._boot_tags['{RAMDISK_ADDR}'] = self.config.z_load_addrs[1]80 self._boot_tags['{DTB_ADDR}'] = self.config.z_load_addrs[2]81 # Set boot metadata82 meta['kernel-image'] = 'zImage'83 meta['kernel-addr'] = self.config.z_load_addrs[0]84 meta['initrd-addr'] = self.config.z_load_addrs[1]85 meta['dtb-addr'] = self.config.z_load_addrs[2]86 self.context.test_data.add_metadata(meta)87 else:88 logging.debug("Undefined u_load_addrs or z_load_addrs. Three values required!")89 def _get_uboot_boot_command(self, kernel, ramdisk, dtb):90 bootz = False91 bootx = []92 if is_uimage(kernel, self.context):93'Attempting to set boot command as bootm')94 bootx.append('bootm')95 else:96'Attempting to set boot command as bootz')97 bootx.append('bootz')98 bootz = True99 # At minimal we have a kernel100 bootx.append('${kernel_addr_r}')101 if ramdisk is not None:102 bootx.append('${initrd_addr_r}')103 elif ramdisk is None and dtb is not None:104 bootx.append('-')105 if dtb is not None:106 bootx.append('${fdt_addr_r}')107 self._set_load_addresses(bootz)108 return ' '.join(bootx)109 def _is_uboot(self):110 if self._uboot_boot:111 return True112 else:113 return False114 def _is_ipxe(self):115 if self._ipxe_boot:116 return True117 else:118 return False119 def _is_uefi(self):120 if self._uefi_boot:121 return True122 else:123 return False124 def _is_bootloader(self):125 if self._is_uboot() or self._is_ipxe() or self._is_uefi():126 return True127 else:128 return False129 def _set_boot_type(self, bootloadertype):130 if bootloadertype == "u_boot":131 self._uboot_boot = True132 elif bootloadertype == 'ipxe':133 self._ipxe_boot = True134 elif bootloadertype == 'uefi':135 self._uefi_boot = True136 else:137 raise CriticalError("Unknown bootloader type")138 def deploy_linaro_kernel(self, kernel, ramdisk, dtb, overlays, rootfs, nfsrootfs, image, bootloader, firmware, bl0, bl1,139 bl2, bl31, rootfstype, bootloadertype, target_type, qemu_pflash=None):140 if self.__deployment_data__ is None:141 # Get deployment data142 logging.debug("Attempting to set deployment data")143 self.deployment_data = deployment_data.get(target_type)144 else:145 # Reset deployment data146 logging.debug("Attempting to reset deployment data")147 self.power_off(self.proc)148 self.__init__(self.context, self.config)149 # Get deployment data150 self.deployment_data = deployment_data.get(target_type)151 # We set the boot type152 self._set_boot_type(bootloadertype)153 # At a minimum we must have a kernel154 if kernel is None:155 raise CriticalError("No kernel image to boot")156 if self._is_uboot() or self._is_uefi() or self._is_ipxe():157 # Set the server IP (Dispatcher)158 self._boot_tags['{SERVER_IP}'] = self.context.config.lava_server_ip159 # We have been passed kernel image160 kernel = download_image(kernel, self.context,161 self._tmpdir, decompress=False)162 if self._is_uboot() or self._is_uefi():163 if self.config.uimage_only and not is_uimage(kernel, self.context):164 if len(self.config.u_load_addrs) == 3:165 if self.config.text_offset:166 load_addr = self.config.text_offset167 else:168 load_addr = self.config.u_load_addrs[0]169 kernel = create_uimage(kernel, load_addr,170 self._tmpdir, self.config.uimage_xip)171'uImage created successfully')172 else:173 logging.error('Undefined u_load_addrs, aborting uImage creation')174 self._boot_tags['{KERNEL}'] = self._get_rel_path(kernel, self._base_tmpdir)175 if ramdisk is not None:176 # We have been passed a ramdisk177 ramdisk = download_image(ramdisk, self.context,178 self._tmpdir,179 decompress=False)180 if overlays is not None:181 ramdisk_dir = extract_ramdisk(ramdisk, self._tmpdir,182 is_uboot=self._is_uboot_ramdisk(ramdisk))183 for overlay in overlays:184 overlay = download_image(overlay, self.context,185 self._tmpdir,186 decompress=False)187 extract_overlay(overlay, ramdisk_dir)188 ramdisk = create_ramdisk(ramdisk_dir, self._tmpdir)189 if self._is_uboot():190 # Ensure ramdisk has u-boot header191 if not self._is_uboot_ramdisk(ramdisk):192 ramdisk_uboot = ramdisk + ".uboot"193"RAMdisk needs u-boot header. Adding.")194 cmd = "mkimage -A arm -T ramdisk -C none -d %s %s > /dev/null" \195 % (ramdisk, ramdisk_uboot)196 r =, shell=True)197 if r == 0:198 ramdisk = ramdisk_uboot199 else:200 logging.warning("Unable to add u-boot header to ramdisk. Tried %s", cmd)201 self._boot_tags['{RAMDISK}'] = self._get_rel_path(ramdisk, self._base_tmpdir)202 if dtb is not None:203 # We have been passed a device tree blob204 dtb = download_image(dtb, self.context,205 self._tmpdir, decompress=False)206 if self.config.append_dtb:207 kernel = append_dtb(kernel, dtb, self._tmpdir)208'Appended dtb to kernel image successfully')209 self._boot_tags['{KERNEL}'] = self._get_rel_path(kernel, self._base_tmpdir)210 else:211 self._boot_tags['{DTB}'] = self._get_rel_path(dtb, self._base_tmpdir)212 if rootfs is not None:213 # We have been passed a rootfs214 rootfs = download_image(rootfs, self.context,215 self._tmpdir, decompress=False)216 self._boot_tags['{ROOTFS}'] = self._get_rel_path(rootfs, self._base_tmpdir)217 if nfsrootfs is not None:218 # Extract rootfs into nfsrootfs directory219 nfsrootfs = download_image(nfsrootfs, self.context,220 self._tmpdir,221 decompress=False)222 self._lava_nfsrootfs = self._setup_nfs(nfsrootfs, self._tmpdir)223 self._default_boot_cmds = 'boot_cmds_nfs'224 self._boot_tags['{NFSROOTFS}'] = self._lava_nfsrootfs225 if overlays is not None and ramdisk is None:226 for overlay in overlays:227 overlay = download_image(overlay, self.context,228 self._tmpdir,229 decompress=False)230 extract_overlay(overlay, self._lava_nfsrootfs)231 if bootloader is not None:232 # We have been passed a bootloader233 bootloader = download_image(bootloader, self.context,234 self._tmpdir,235 decompress=False)236 self._boot_tags['{BOOTLOADER}'] = self._get_rel_path(bootloader, self._base_tmpdir)237 if firmware is not None:238 # We have been passed firmware239 firmware = download_image(firmware, self.context,240 self._tmpdir,241 decompress=False)242 self._boot_tags['{FIRMWARE}'] = self._get_rel_path(firmware, self._base_tmpdir)243 if self._is_uboot():244 self._boot_tags['{BOOTX}'] = self._get_uboot_boot_command(kernel,245 ramdisk,246 dtb)247 def deploy_linaro(self, hwpack, rfs, dtb, rootfstype, bootfstype,248 bootloadertype, qemu_pflash=None):249 self._uboot_boot = False250 super(BootloaderTarget, self).deploy_linaro(hwpack, rfs, dtb,251 rootfstype, bootfstype,252 bootloadertype, qemu_pflash=qemu_pflash)253 def deploy_linaro_prebuilt(self, image, dtb, rootfstype, bootfstype, bootloadertype, qemu_pflash=None):254 self._uboot_boot = False255 if self._is_ipxe():256 if image is not None:257 self._ipxe_boot = True258 # We are not booted yet259 self._booted = False260 # We specify OE deployment data, vanilla as possible261 self.deployment_data = deployment_data.oe262 # We have been passed a image263 image = download_image(image, self.context,264 self._tmpdir,265 decompress=False)266 image_url = self._get_http_url(image)267 # We are booting an image, can be iso or whole disk268 self._boot_tags['{IMAGE}'] = image_url269 else:270 raise CriticalError("No image to boot")271 else:272 super(BootloaderTarget, self).deploy_linaro_prebuilt(image,273 dtb,274 rootfstype,275 bootfstype,276 bootloadertype,277 qemu_pflash=qemu_pflash)278 def _run_boot(self):279 self._load_test_firmware()280 self._enter_bootloader(self.proc)281 boot_cmds = self._load_boot_cmds(default=self._default_boot_cmds,282 boot_tags=self._boot_tags)283 # Sometimes a command must be run to clear u-boot console buffer284 if self.config.pre_boot_cmd:285 self.proc.sendline(self.config.pre_boot_cmd,286 send_char=self.config.send_char)287 self._customize_bootloader(self.proc, boot_cmds)288 self._monitor_boot(self.proc, self.tester_ps1, self.tester_ps1_pattern)289 def _boot_linaro_image(self):290 if self.proc:291 if self.config.connection_command_terminate:293 self.proc.sendline(self.config.connection_command_terminate)294 finalize_process(self.proc)295 self.proc = None296 self.proc = connect_to_serial(self.context)297 if self._is_bootloader() and not self._booted:298 if self.config.hard_reset_command or self.config.hard_reset_command == "":299 self._hard_reboot(self.proc)300 self._run_boot()301 else:302 self._soft_reboot(self.proc)303 self._run_boot()304 self._booted = True305 elif self._is_bootloader() and self._booted:306 self.proc.sendline('export PS1="%s"'307 % self.tester_ps1,308 send_char=self.config.send_char)309 else:310 super(BootloaderTarget, self)._boot_linaro_image()311 def is_booted(self):312 return self._booted313 def reset_boot(self, in_test_shell=True):314 self._reset_boot = True315 self._booted = False316 self._in_test_shell = in_test_shell317 @contextlib.contextmanager318 def file_system(self, partition, directory):319 if self._is_bootloader() and self._reset_boot:320 self._reset_boot = False321 if self._in_test_shell:322 self._in_test_shell = False323 raise Exception("Operation timed out, resetting platform!")324 if self._is_bootloader() and not self._booted:325 self.context.client.boot_linaro_image()326 if self._is_bootloader() and self._lava_nfsrootfs:327 path = '%s/%s' % (self._lava_nfsrootfs, directory)328 ensure_directory(path)329 yield path330 elif self._is_bootloader():331 pat = self.tester_ps1_pattern332 incrc = self.tester_ps1_includes_rc333 runner = NetworkCommandRunner(self, pat, incrc)334 with self._busybox_file_system(runner, directory) as path:335 yield path336 else:337 with super(BootloaderTarget, self).file_system(338 partition, directory) as path:339 yield path...

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