How to use _catch_test_status method in avocado

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...587 os.environ["AVOCADO_TEST_WORKDIR"] = self.workdir588 os.environ["AVOCADO_TEST_LOGDIR"] = self.logdir589 os.environ["AVOCADO_TEST_LOGFILE"] = self.logfile590 os.environ["AVOCADO_TEST_OUTPUTDIR"] = self.outputdir591 def _catch_test_status(self, method):592 """Wrapper around test methods for catching and logging failures."""593 try:594 method()595 if self.__log_warn_used and self.__status not in STATUSES_NOT_OK:596 raise exceptions.TestWarn(597 "Test passed but there were warnings "598 "during execution. Check the log for "599 "details."600 )601 except exceptions.TestBaseException as detail:602 self.__status = detail.status603 self.__fail_class = detail.__class__.__name__604 self.__fail_reason = astring.to_text(detail)605 self.__traceback = stacktrace.prepare_exc_info(sys.exc_info())606 except AssertionError as detail:607 self.__status = "FAIL"608 self.__fail_class = detail.__class__.__name__609 self.__fail_reason = astring.to_text(detail)610 self.__traceback = stacktrace.prepare_exc_info(sys.exc_info())611 except Exception as detail: # pylint: disable=W0703612 self.__status = "ERROR"613 tb_info = stacktrace.tb_info(sys.exc_info())614 self.__traceback = stacktrace.prepare_exc_info(sys.exc_info())615 try:616 self.__fail_class = astring.to_text(detail.__class__.__name__)617 self.__fail_reason = astring.to_text(detail)618 except TypeError:619 self.__fail_class = "Exception"620 self.__fail_reason = (621 "Unable to get exception, check the traceback for details."622 )623 for e_line in tb_info:624 self.log.error(e_line)625 def run_avocado(self):626 """627 Wraps the run method, for execution inside the avocado runner.628 :result: Unused param, compatibility with :class:`unittest.TestCase`.629 """630 self._setup_environment_variables()631 self._catch_test_status(self._run_test)632 self._catch_test_status(self._tearDown)633 whiteboard_file = os.path.join(self.logdir, "whiteboard")634 genio.write_file(whiteboard_file, self.whiteboard)635 self.__phase = "FINISHED"636 self._tag_end()637 self._report()638"")639 def _report(self):640 """641 Report result to the logging system.642 """643 if self.fail_reason is not None:644 self.log.error(645 "%s %s -> %s: %s",646 self.status,...

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