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...49def _raise_serialization_error(text): # pragma: no cover50 raise TypeError(51 "cannot serialize {!r} (type {})".format(text, type(text).__name__)52 )53def _escape_cdata(text):54 # escape character data55 try:56 # it's worth avoiding do-nothing calls for strings that are57 # shorter than 500 character, or so. assume that's, by far,58 # the most common case in most applications.59 if "&" in text:60 # Only replace & when not part of an entity61 text = RE_AMP.sub('&amp;', text)62 if "<" in text:63 text = text.replace("<", "&lt;")64 if ">" in text:65 text = text.replace(">", "&gt;")66 return text67 except (TypeError, AttributeError): # pragma: no cover68 _raise_serialization_error(text)69def _escape_attrib(text):70 # escape attribute value71 try:72 if "&" in text:73 # Only replace & when not part of an entity74 text = RE_AMP.sub('&amp;', text)75 if "<" in text:76 text = text.replace("<", "&lt;")77 if ">" in text:78 text = text.replace(">", "&gt;")79 if "\"" in text:80 text = text.replace("\"", "&quot;")81 if "\n" in text:82 text = text.replace("\n", "&#10;")83 return text84 except (TypeError, AttributeError): # pragma: no cover85 _raise_serialization_error(text)86def _escape_attrib_html(text):87 # escape attribute value88 try:89 if "&" in text:90 # Only replace & when not part of an entity91 text = RE_AMP.sub('&amp;', text)92 if "<" in text:93 text = text.replace("<", "&lt;")94 if ">" in text:95 text = text.replace(">", "&gt;")96 if "\"" in text:97 text = text.replace("\"", "&quot;")98 return text99 except (TypeError, AttributeError): # pragma: no cover100 _raise_serialization_error(text)101def _serialize_html(write, elem, format):102 tag = elem.tag103 text = elem.text104 if tag is Comment:105 write("<!--%s-->" % _escape_cdata(text))106 elif tag is ProcessingInstruction:107 write("<?%s?>" % _escape_cdata(text))108 elif tag is None:109 if text:110 write(_escape_cdata(text))111 for e in elem:112 _serialize_html(write, e, format)113 else:114 namespace_uri = None115 if isinstance(tag, QName):116 # QNAME objects store their data as a string: `{uri}tag`117 if tag.text[:1] == "{":118 namespace_uri, tag = tag.text[1:].split("}", 1)119 else:120 raise ValueError('QName objects must define a tag.')121 write("<" + tag)122 items = elem.items()123 if items:124 items = sorted(items) # lexical order125 for k, v in items:126 if isinstance(k, QName):127 # Assume a text only QName128 k = k.text129 if isinstance(v, QName):130 # Assume a text only QName131 v = v.text132 else:133 v = _escape_attrib_html(v)134 if k == v and format == 'html':135 # handle boolean attributes136 write(" %s" % v)137 else:138 write(' {}="{}"'.format(k, v))139 if namespace_uri:140 write(' xmlns="%s"' % (_escape_attrib(namespace_uri)))141 if format == "xhtml" and tag.lower() in HTML_EMPTY:142 write(" />")143 else:144 write(">")145 if text:146 if tag.lower() in ["script", "style"]:147 write(text)148 else:149 write(_escape_cdata(text))150 for e in elem:151 _serialize_html(write, e, format)152 if tag.lower() not in HTML_EMPTY:153 write("</" + tag + ">")154 if elem.tail:155 write(_escape_cdata(elem.tail))156def _write_html(root, format="html"):157 assert root is not None158 data = []159 write = data.append160 _serialize_html(write, root, format)161 return "".join(data)162# --------------------------------------------------------------------163# public functions164def to_html_string(element):165 return _write_html(ElementTree(element).getroot(), format="html")166def to_xhtml_string(element):...

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...3# xml.etree.ElementTree as etree5from xml.etree.ElementTree import _escape_cdata, _raise_serialization_error6from mock import patch7def _escape_cdata(text):8 # escape character data9 try:10 # it's worth avoiding do-nothing calls for strings that are11 # shorter than 500 character, or so. assume that's, by far,12 # the most common case in most applications.13 if "&" in text:14 text = text.replace("&", "&amp;")15 if "<" in text:16 text = text.replace("<", "&lt;")17 if ">" in text:18 text = text.replace(">", "&gt;")19 if "'" in text:20 text = text.replace("'", "&apos;")21 if '"' in text:...

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